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Woman philosopher Hendricks trumps

Monday, February 10, 2014

"Powerful contain" will be the new German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks (SPD) in the EU voting for the approval of GM maize variety 1507th

Berlin appendix sets of Goldman Sachs & Co. So still falls a more extra-fine bullshit.

Soon you will be powerful not drink glasses and in court when charged with failure to assist, simply say that you've been watching but powerful.

I'm just not in the best forces in doing something powerful, but still powerful öberste in idleness tip.

In doing nothing nothing remains undone: The already said Lao Tzu.

In this respect we have for this woman minister dealing with a bona fide philosopher.

The Denkmalmeißler should ever begin to conserve their tools powerful.

Nazi salute

Sunday, December 29, 2013

It is true, as so often, almost everything not, and for that you will then certainly still blackened. The world is bad.

2014 as in the coming Yottajahren

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Now even a minimal positive views of the year 2014th

For the horse-dealer in the network could crack a tough year.

I mean first not Facebook, Apple, Google, NSA & Cie.

There are paid submarine hacks in the forums, there are especially those "alternative" Pages that an increasingly adult audience confronted, the only right and still looks just the gift horse in the mouth.

Although more and more money is for the cyber armies, working with text and videos, with commentary and denigration, output, you do not sleep, refines the decomposition and disinformation methods, the disavowal of pages and authors, but it looks but not look, such as whether they made too much progress in this area. On the contrary.

Where to conduct its own pages, aims to provide an interactive communication, usually sinnigerweise must, therefore, allow comments, because you are exposed as a rule, at least by some success occurs through censorship made as soon as really critical questions arise.

And if you are now already great among the little ones, then speaks the already very fast around. Let's see who will earn the title himself in 2014 to be the "alternative TIME", as those publication that censored at three stupid test.

Censorship in "alternative" media comes of course from genuine ideological reasons masse before. Then there are but special religious and esoteric and somewhat sparkling sides, rather no major platforms.

A lot exposure as could take place without GPS Schmerzphonortung without account number along with fingerprint, simply by way of the called honesty. The youngest of all the virtues, as it identifies Nietzsche's Zarathustra.

A orderd Text is reported if not ordered in the sense that a Dostoijewski can keep his gambling addiction only by delivery of continuations of his story in the newspaper about viable to recognize very quickly as only one such. At least then a text string.

How many professional trolls will you probably employ worldwide?

No idea.

But the really good one has, depending on the quality scale, at most a few thousand.

The rest can usually not much more than those who simply beyond the normal programs, so practically by itself, work.

The problem for a top troll or its customer is that he must indeed deliver at some point results, orders may accept only after preliminary examination, rather declines when he knows that he here, even with a lot of hard work, even suddenly hard on the nose fall or even could be pushed to the brink of what happened, too negligently put his reputation on the line.

Indeed, it is quite so that experienced Mitforisten, nor do under the umbrellas of a skilled administrators from a troll in a class at the end of a relative buffoon, yet is without this previously noted its voltes and appeals to the best spice the debate beiziehend with Plaisir.

Who do you need, what you need, as a troll in a class?

Basically you need one, which it almost does not exist. He was supposed to be at best an apparent and an excellent scholar who knows more and so to pose as a bit goofy if necessary, on a linguistic as on the level of content that does not realize yet the Gewitzteste. Cervantes was something. He had, however, not only studied, but fencing also lost an arm against the Turks and then already learned as a young man in captivity in Algiers under the daily life danger. It does not matter. To my knowledge, it is so or not so available.

There are also 2014 not decide any case bits and bytes.

This applies anyway, at least, for the coming Yottajahre.

Terms, runes, logic and "Divine Source" (II)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Terms are not given to man. Originally certainly did not.

Yes: The child will be given words, approximate terms. Sometimes beaten into.

Well, a rabbit is a rabbit, regardless of whether the Spaniard just calls him liebre.

Terms but as "love", "freedom", "virtue" ...: All abstract terms only by a whole network of other concepts to concepts associated with them.

The mature thinker can be seen almost because he always cautious skepticism is facing this, because each one weighted differently in different cultures, they are in completely different concept braids.

So abstract concepts are time and again to question yourself.

Friedrich Nietzsche was not only like no other recognized, but also showed obvious.

Whether one doing a "Divine Source" is able to help? Perhaps. If faith once again not sit there mountains where there are none.

But a good resource on this cruise by human thought and feeling are all the runes. They are namely faith as little to do as a lame jakutisches Reindeer on the run with a Friedrich Schiller, when the place just to his sublime verses.

As German we have the great advantage that our language is a lexically very transparent. The word families are so umfässlich as a rule logically stable. This also helps in the detection of semantic fields.

And in the creation of meaningful new terms. In the evaluation of terms. Just read Nietzsche's Zarathustra.

English in this respect, compared with the Germans, a mean disaster. Everything is buzzing somehow messed up, often very disjointed, unconnected, opaque. Maybe that's why, each English. Or should at least speak English. At least passably.

Here also belongs on this page have variously set forth observation that educated people who are really good at English (inalsoweit the possible), to include in their spoken and written German much less English fashion concepts and brain crack as "downloaded" etc., as the plebs in politics, the media and advertising industries as well as teenagers who know still no longer set of content to formulate clean.

It's not about "purity" of the German language. Language develops. It's about them not graus to distort, to make mischief and Suelz and Halblug the guiding principle of his own speech.

A baguette is a baguette, a pizza is a pizza, and may have even become a model of the mannequin. What does it matter. I also like to drink a cappuccino times. Rather than a Broken Chino anyway. Chutzpah, Schmock and meschugge belong to my applied vocabulary.

But I'm just not intentionally ridiculously down. Just like other people. Tool-free underperformers. I do this in most of satire and cabaret. As part toward something.

Terms, runes, logic and "Divine Source"

Monday 09 December 2013

Yes, I love words.

What I do not like is when terms are made to smoke candles.

No, I will not talk of "tolerance" of "Europe", of "freedom of speech" and the like today.

With the so-called "spirituality" I'm through.

Suppose we now look at "Divine Source" before.

Since it always bubbles out, quite pure, divine even.

The thing therefore is self-explanatory. Whoever then around it referred to as just the ramblings ramblings, thus demonstrating one hundred percent that he is either a stubborn, unholy gate, or just a bad guy.

First time but I do not know where the "The" is coming.

Why there should be only one divine source? Must it be so? Why?

And why "source"? Could it not be a divine volcano that donates not constantly water (which is the obvious association with "source"), but from time to time spewing fiery primal energy?

Or a divine air pump? The will be drawn?

Or a divine Erdschleuder? She wants to be stretched?

A divine Ätherodrom?

And why "divine"? Why not Urquelle? Why not the original source? - Sounds to me at least grippy, less verschwurbelt.

Yes, less verschwurbelt so less spiri less eso, less effective in soul fish.

The original would still prefer it. You could explain that this is not the Rindviech is meant more educated yes.

And again would rather have the "Ha!". For that is undoubtedly the human Urlaut, Erstlaut.

Oh well. Just not the divine. Which is apparently a gurgling, splashing, hissing. A Fontainieren.

Of course I know that people who love to wallow in lofty terms, have no time for it to reside with logical or even runic trifles. The swollen breasts is important, who wants to be cared for.

Names are Quall and upsetting jaja. That the word "salvation" an emanation of H (a) -Rune is standing for the whole cosmic order, who must know, who cares something.

Yes you have to be to be only just equal to not deal with the various spheres and their associated terms: one has "The Divine Source".

Moreover, one has quantum for several decades. These then came the computer. And because this is a difficult to understand, the other can expect fabulously fast, it now has the "quantum computer", the so about the whole thing should be constantly fed by the divine source, that is not quite the whole: But who keeps have this kind of bumps on?


Oh yes, there it is again, the evil ego. Like as if runes and logic and semantics were not already reprehensible enough. Deibel well.

It is about time that I take off the kid gloves three times again.

Not that I'm still confused with the divine source.

From the medial inflection

Friday 08 November 2013

I will not say specifically again to the right and left and in the middle today. For this purpose there is certainly opportunity again soon. I have a small list again.

The prayer leader all the Alternativlosigkeiten ble and imbecility, who worked in the great financed by compulsory levy broadcasters and in the mainstream media, see now not only facing a considerable number of small and medium-sized media and persistent individual fighters. Cross Party.

I came to give for the first time the word phalanx to mind.

The EU NSA Bilderberg Goldman Sachs media whores cartel has an increasingly difficult position.

About former "flagship of liberal democracy", now times as an example only time will only abgelästert in many forums, not only their censorship practice sake, scorn and derision are spreading.

Therefore, not only therefore, is already thinking about, for example, criticism of Islam be punishable to promote generally financially (because of tolerance, horny joke, wat?), But also systemically relevant media, other flat close to the (desired) "journalistic standards "as they call it is unable to comply.

Similar to the banks. No matter what the Säugesindel costs: the main thing it is systemically important, so untouchable. Who does not like it, which is a madman, a paranoid, it's about "national security" (which hardly exist before the EU anyway) even a terrorism supporter.

You begin to take off the gloves so far, because you also have a serious problem.

And this is very much that of the opponent, the free media professionals, are not easily store using a large raiding, unless you could drop the last masks with one blow.

Also intimidation and fear mongering gradually work for those who here now at work, only to a limited extent.

And decapitation is not possible because there is no master. We have many heads, with different emphases and merits. There is no central organization, and this is very probably a good thing. Nevertheless, everyone knows each other.

One stands, even if there are of course individual conflicts in doubt at. Each, as he can.

In this respect one hand, the term "phalanx" acts out of place and meets the other way around also turn to.

As previously killed people with spears a mammoth, which could not be easily lured into a pit?

Each took up where he could. Man jumped nimbly to the side when he attacked by two sides poked sensitive again. We rushed him, tired him, eventually hit a one eye. Furious, he became weaker and weaker, perhaps finally driven into a swamp.

Or it hit after the first eye of a ear hole, pretty deep. Already again a piece of the brain.

Then it did not take long.

Let us now go away from this stone-age picture.

Think not only to the professional but also times to the private sphere of people who justify it, that human rights can occur in terms of human rights underfoot, systematically expropriated for the benefit of "the economy" people uprooted cultures, even terrorists en masse aussbildet and unleashing that one pretends to fight, always propagate the new wars for peace.

There will be armed, in the pub, at home. People will eventually turn away, say: "With you I do not drink more beer" With you I share no longer the bed "" What are you for a lying, corrupt scoundrel! "" Daddy, how you can still for these! assholes to work! I take off, and if I have to clean toilets! "

I believe that this factor is already much stronger than perceived, as we think of the manipulated still suggested as real superiority ago.

Also, none is so easily admit, sure.

There is already a lot together. There must be more. Let us work.

"NSA, NSDAP and Zionazis" (II)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yes: One compares all the time with the Incomparable.

Many find that even more "cool", keep still even for brave dessenthalben.

Constantly compare something with something else that can not be compared fairly because of speech prohibitions.

And whether this bold comparison still feel as a hero and freedom fighter. Oh dear.

What else?

Yes: That's yet.

So be your slaves.

Not even idiots, because an idiot can certainly be quite free.

You do not realize how broadly you have you mentally enslaved.

So are you dolls.

And if you think your the only ye were so accidentally, so like that of you a piece of her vote far (cowardice is not always a mistake), from the other side but this is not true determined.

Starting in kindergarten. Perhaps there at least once Frau Holle. If that is not politically correct enough, sufficiently kosher and halal.

From the struggle for the terms (the Duck voice)

Friday, September 27, 2013

I just reread considerations for obtaining a stronger position in social discourse, which amounted to the fact that we all terms besatzt entspechend unilaterally by the mainstream, twisted, or taboo, should avoid to offer so no surface.

This is of course naive beyond measure. How am I supposed to talk for example of Europe without saying Europe, as Monsanto or Goldman Sachs or the Bilderbergers or 9.11 without calling a spade a spade?

How do I express myself critical of Islam without saying Islam?

As I say Rheinwiesenlager without saying it?

Of course, fell to me because in all cases something a. I can from the western end of the Eurasian - speak continent, well, of the countries north of the Mediterranean - damn. Then, not by the company with the GM maize, that bank which owns the majority of politicians, the annual meeting of influential personalities who did not exist since the fifties until recently, that Drillingsturmzerstieben, the religion of nichtmosaischen (the word "Jewish" to need) Non-pork eaters, the post-war soldiers leisure.

Something may well sometimes make sense, especially in a satire, but otherwise leads nowhere. One may possibly make even more suspicious. Or ridiculous.

That the struggle for some terms, many are tired, that approach understandable, therefore, does not change the fact that he continues to lead. And, outside of satire, by clearly understandable, appropriate use.

This has, because of the countless pitfalls and ropes that are waiting everywhere, of course, quite to do with filigree Applied Linguistics. Since it is a paid nothing in fact.

Let's take the term racism. The suffers in many places already in mind that, for example, rejection of Islam is called a racist, a mostly unwidersprochenes Absurdum. Then, my many (many places it is almost a dogma) that there is only evil racists, but no races. These assholes are formed the only one. These white assholes. Were the coffee-brown to mix (Coudenhove- Calergi et al.) So that finally stops. (more ...)

From Googlegeschlunze

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Google is, at least for me, hard on the ass.

For some time he lists so uncoordinated and Zwerch that it has not even looks as if it were on purpose. And it would be intention, so they would run raggedly.

Besides my current stuff pushes the monster any old junk from my (journalistic) life forward, ranking and thus weighting is nigh ridiculous.

Dear Google: Do you think about that I was of your grace?

Do you mean that it uses your business in the long term, which shabbily thrown together information you define your customers regarding my now are bidding?

Either you've got a specific disorder - because your offer was even comprehensible - or I have been pleased with you in disgrace. What now not particularly surprised me, because after all, you are a kind of offshoot of the NSA. Alswelche know I none of her ardent supporters.

I'm going to do with security but not the Tort to annoy me about your inept business practices. That would be the shells around the pearls before Hängebauchsäue.

Your small electric Krämer have still not understood what spirit, what ersynapst itself. Specifically: It should not be.

Almost your acts already alswie a Dying, a Vorfossil, a data crocodile, the danebenverschluckt yourself. So a quivering ending thingy in irgendsoeinem abgewurstelten Hollywood movies. A crash avatar. A Golem in his piss. A hippopotamus, the horrible uncomfortable on Spitsbergen. Zero clock in Ulan Bator. Toads mud. "Do not be evil: Be dumb!" Jaja. So it goes when decadence corporate identity chosen. You fackt so from beautiful, better, lubricates in the Schlunz that the German laughs.

It is now times to suspect that your not just my data so shabby, so under shabby managed; and it would only mean so strange, which, as I said, hardly likely, as already showed that the pitting, the green mold that infest you hard.

Takes me doing just that I think of any hearty curse words to you. At least not the one I deeply care about, when I'm dealing with unrelieved rabble, wants to bring this clearly to expression. What's in it already, if someone people as "Loser" means? Where's the pizzazz? And for scoundrels, but your also not fit. Those were the bandits with sharp daggers, really sneaky, of whom one had to beware, if you wanted to survive between the Black Forest and Pomerania. You are indeed not even rogues, so the gesittetere variant of scoundrels. Only small weight counterfeiters. Not even for money counterfeiting you have the guts.

Datenzersabbler. Endabständigsteszusammenklauber. Garbage hustler and -riesler. Bauxitletztverfluorer. Marginal farmers of stupidity. Peeping Haeger. Steinverschnapser. Abkasper. Goals grove Heger.

May I very much so, just honored dessenthalben that I succumbed to your Ohngnad?

No, so far I do not wanna go. Reptiles has rarely raised one. One step up to übelen slimes as far as possible over, kick, where this is unavoidable, only carefully into it, keep his boots thereat always well greased.

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections: Who chooses, selects against himself!

Thursday 04 July 2013

I hereby unequivocally call for a boycott of parliamentary elections.

At the same time, I call on boycotting all this, choosing to boycott active.

What this means is that you may other, ask in person, by means of leaflets and posters, in the network, via advertisements, comments, until the demonstrations and the appearance before the polling stations with signs etc. to every means within the law, also to boycott the election, as this was the only reasonable step to show the corrupt Recorder parties, where the people are.

ALL parties in the Bundestag namely working AGAINST German interests.

Germany's UN-enemy state, has no peace treaty, no makeup, no self-determination.

In contrast, none of the parties desires to, not even the AfD or pirates, and as long as that's the case, just not for us is German, is not selectable, any such election no real choice.

To show that we have understood that all these parties only agents of foreign interests, especially the United States, we German in this respect not even such let us continue nasführen to find those legitimacy, all set against the country's welfare and working , active, open abstention is now the way.

Who chooses, selects against himself!

Who chooses, selects slavery!

Who chooses, selects ESM, EU Commissioners and the NSA!

Who chooses, selects the treason!

Who chooses, elects liars and cowards!

Who selects proves his stupidity!

Who chooses, can not know what he's doing!

Who chooses, selects his sellout to the banks!

Who chooses, selects global killer program of USA!

Who chooses, selects submission!

And: Who selects open and loud and not justified, chooses not right!

Because he chooses not out of laziness or frustration not, but as a clear protest vote in the non-election! Get up!

He just chooses not therefore BECAUSE he is politically interested and informed!

He's the one who likes to have a real choice, except the non-election!

But he will not participate in any election that is no!

He will not make the supporting Hampelmann a choice that a complete farce!

None of these parties is "only" for freedom of expression and against the sexual organ mutilation of defenseless boy!


A non-voters have yours safe!


The above text is in the public domain unchanged and stating "" and "Magnus Wolf Goeller" as the source and author.

From our "national epic"

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Goethe's Faust is ultimately a selfish, narcissistic, pompous, conceited, ruthless, greedy, gehabsüchtiger, futile, vain, brutal, gossipy blessed, stupid and greedy scabby little schmuck.

Absolute double-talk (II)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A case of absolute Doublespeak we find also in the context of religions and the words "respect" and "tolerance".

I do not want that male children may be garbled in Germany legally in the sex part, so desfalls intentional serious bodily injury must be committed to protection commanded minors, so I am "intolerant", I show lack of respect for two "world religions". Some then lay still the accusation of "racism" to Judaism although lineage committed or conditionally, Islam did not.

I once had the police at the door, was that of a caring neighbors summoned the officer and the officer lay my two boys a little grin bringing to the threshold, apparently unhurt, just keep them from entering without a search warrant in my apartment because it in Indeed, but only when the two were fighting without end, had come to noisy references from my page.

That obviously nothing was out of the roar of my hand, happen, did not change the fact that I got missed with two children a forced appointment at the Youth Office, provision, the two officials, my crabs thought seeing by both the meantime laughing, had to achwas, all fours, just not me, where I fortunately on an understanding lady came, however, in turn, provision had to keep one year on a kind Watchlist me.

If I had my boys mutilated genitals, so that the Indicating hinwiederum would have been no problem, a master Disrespectful-Intolerant. A Muslim hater and anti-Semite.

Ebensoso: No one should be discriminated against because of his race, etc., says the Basic Law. Boys should be blended, not girls. Women and migrants with or without a German passport are already set preferred in many cases. Who but a job ad on, in which he (and it was that he was not paying attention only in the formulation) a man, a German, looking to fall quickly into severe water. The so-called family ministry called exactly: "Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth" ("and against men" is, in fact, at least not explicitly here).

Freedom of speech is propagated. But at the University of Cologne already watching an entire Guardian about the fact that "gender neutral" Newspeak is enforced everywhere.

The woman officer of the City of Stuttgart (not just this lousy Swabia nest) is also the Equal Opportunity Officer. Under the heading "Men Supervisor (r)" finds only those Zürcher, who was sacked soon.

Too bad Lady Before Zuger interior that not only is your gender lousy voice, but you can not make it in the literature, as desired, to bring women seriously in the forehand.

The will you, as long as men left no prohibition on writing, in five hundred years of the "Girls' Day" and sponsored by the Family Ministry creative writing courses for women, single award prices, regardless of frippery, not create them.

You do not even notice that your damage much more with all this shite your wards, than those against whom ye rise. (more ...)

Cowardice, thy name is man

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Several times already, just again, I heard the complaint that women are so much less against the world financial madness, the warmongering, the technotronic indoctrination of children, and what to madness and evil left in the world, presented as men.

Although the observation as such is certainly true; but the action is totally inappropriate, even naive.

I can not this quite common complaints, sometimes wailing of men, the women would take so very little merely sponges with the stream, only the explanation is that these, even if they reject the Geschlechtergleichmacherei otherwise, just that propaganda unnoticed just yet to a considerable extent have been misled.

How to get (in this case man) to expect from women a comparable risk-taking and leadership, alswie of men?

A similar ability to clear, persuasive speech? (Yes: women can speak well, especially since much is known how many really are capable speakers.?)

How many Hildegard it was in the story, how many victorious armies Amazon?

Women to the front, or what?

And the men do then for the wounded inside the sick brothers? (more ...)

Darkness casts no shadow (II)

Sunday 05 May 2013

After the first part of "darkness casts no shadow" to a sometimes heated debate led to even enjoyable, I feel an opportunity to reload.

That only light, but not darkness, to to produce shadows in a position, therefore, is evident as explained sufficiently.

In yin and yang symbols you can see very well how light and shadow are mutually penetrate. As per a germ of a plugged in the other. This throws light also the inevitable shadow. And only the shade makes the light visible.

The Esoterem "light casts no shadow" but is obviously so sweetly, that it is not even like licking. It is also clear why. It suggests a paradise.

It is a kind verzückender spell that relieves the world. Alltriumph of light.

Actually, I could not care this saying. Just as "My kingdom is not of this world".

Yes, it could be me regardless. (more ...)

From the bad habit of sensitive

Friday, April 26, 2013

I let continuous sensitive here in comments only still go through, because I only censor if this concerns areas or decency toward other participants is injured over the measure.

That to me but hardly something so very missbehagt as this naughty habit, that I will make here again clearly.

It is not about moralizing, but simply about the anti-social in the sense behavior of this Use ends that he - there may be exceptions, but then please be entitled literary - willfully, deliberately against the habit of reading other breach so bold as pointless.

I've been wondering if I this kind unseemly insolence that bring to nothing thing, except that they get angry, although still not clear away, as the other blogger do understandably, but in principle not against with your comment.

Why should I respond to someone who willfully spits me on the table? (more ...)

Darkness casts no shadow!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

"Light casts no shadow." - ???

This Esoterem sounds as beautiful on as stupid. (more ...)

Different mighty nothings (zeros, infinitely small small features)?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I would really like Once a reasonable explanation (except that the zero for the production of a coordinate plane very convenient), which is why mathematicians treat zero as a number, but not infinity.

Zero is yes, as infinitely small, only the equivalent of, the reciprocal of infinity, so infinite. So to speak, one (divided by infinity or whatever rational or irrational, real finite number) through infinity.

Or does there but one that the nothing really there? (more ...)

From Bußplaneten: Karma prison camp ground

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm sorry that I have to bother you again, but I just do not get so easily in my skull Swabia, as should work with the Karma and the reward or Bußinkarnationen.

Let's look at the current approximately seven billion inhabitants of the earth, so are probably a few handful of them - people like Buffett, Gates, the Emir of Qatar and the Saudi king - even Buddha, Jesuses, Krishnamurti, perhaps Herculeses have been so spiritual as energetic leader of mankind toward the good; a second group, depending on how strictly considered, 1% to 10% of the people who were their brave servants, so that they can now live very good to decent; the third, perhaps 20%, krattelt somehow so by because not all Advance hare was pure; 30% are more bad than good to make ends meet, because it really has no shortage of negative Karma now; the rest, ie all those who formerly always oppressed the good nefarious, lives at best from hand to mouth, starving and starving in slums and kraals.

Somehow, the bill does not fit. Or this is a Bußplanet, will mean that you have imported all of us major villains from here to far behind the Aldebaran to detention? (more ...)

Irritated Until Viertelswut

Sunday, March 17, 2013

It has actually done it once again, to provoke me to Viertelswut. After all, that is to say, though, that I'm still alive.

How? With what?

Two things that ultimately only the usual, nothing new: The accusation that I do not think what I should, therefore, be a ohngeistiger Spast, also the usual rhetorical tricks down puller.

I'm annoyed so because I wonder why I still abgebe with such. About myself. There is no doubt what to change. I'm too soft, too gentle, too merciful. It reached me with the Esoscheiße. Anyway, if it comes as it is wont to do that often. Untruthful, cowardly, sly, deceitful, vicious, mean, bottomless and still natural.

I know very well why this crisis there. The but I will not explain. Who has sufficient understanding, will open it easily. The rest need not know.

The other day was one of those evenings. A meeting asked, I came, grabbed the lady again in one of the lowest Depp drawers. Tried her shabby game with me. After several more quiet declarations gross insolence towards I was finally angry, somewhat angry. It arrived. (more ...)

Stupid Studies

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The term "stupid studied" today was the occasion of a comment on again, after he had already been pretty basic in this article:

When I look at what economists studied in Brusttone convinced recite ("The niederiger wages, the better for the economy, including the People!") Or politicians ("Islam is an asset to our country!") or physician ("Immunization against everything!"), or anthropologists and biologists ("There are no human races, only racism!"), or gender buttons ("The differences between the Gechlechtern are only instilled!"), or psychologist ("ADHD and DMDD, Tirili help drugs, baa! "), or sociologists (" family is living if somebody with anyone on a budget! "), or educators (" frontal teaching is old-fashioned Faschistoidoscheiße! "), or physicist (" Since Einstein is only Einstein to prove and explain! "), or philologists (" The sign is arbitrary! "), or journalists (" We know in the quality media that virtually all blogs just crap! "), or Klimoten (" If the Earth does not heat up, it heats up because of CO2 but! "), or educationalists (" The earlier the child by the parents separated, the better! "), or a neuroscientist (" From twenty degrades the spirit! "), or , or, or ... Then the conclusion can only be that the stupid Study has become an interdisciplinary endemic, perhaps with the exception of mathematics and technical disciplines.

Why is that? (more ...)

Von einer der übelsten “pädagogischen” Lügen

Sonntag, 10. März 2013

Man pflegt jungen Menschen stets zu erzählen, dass es “zu etwas bringe”, wer sehr Gutes, Herausragendes, gar Einzigartiges leiste.

Das ist eine Lüge, eine der geläufigsten, verbreitetsten Lügen, die dem Nachwuchse aufgetischt werden. Ich nenne mal nur die Namen Heinrich von Kleist und Vincent van Gogh.

Die Grundmotivation für diese “pädagogische Lüge” ist klar: Der junge Mensch soll sich anstrengen, an Erfolg durch beharrliche Arbeit glauben. Hiemit auch an die Gerechtigkeit und Wohlgeordnetheit der Gesellschaft.

Nur: Sei diese Lüge auch noch so wohlwollend und edel gemeint, so stellt sich doch die Frage, ob sie deshalb gerechtfertigt sei.

Gerade viele der Begabtesten werden nämlich nicht über lange feststellen, dass sie dort, wo sie lediglich Überdurchschnittliches leisten, recht zügig vorankommen, andererseits gerade mit dem nicht, worin sie besonders begabt und ambitioniert.

Das lässt sie dann leicht am Werte ihres Werkes zweifeln, an der Gesellschaft, den Umständen, gar verzweifeln.

Es wirkt natürlich durchaus auf viele Menschen geradezu subversiv, sagt man zu Heranwachsenden: “Du musst damit rechnen, dass man dir eben auf jenem Felde, wo du Außergewöhnliches leistest, die größten Steine in den Weg legt, dich gnadenlos an die Seite drängt, bekämpft, verleumdet, zum Spinner, zum Versager erklärt, dich ignoriert, dich deswegen mundtot macht, für verrückt erklären lässt, in eine Nervenheilanstalt oder ein reguläres Gefängnis einweist, vielleicht gar umbringt.”

Eine zwar wahrhaftige und vielfach belegbare Aussage, doch zunächst wenig ermutigend; zudem fragt zumal der begabte junge Mensch sich wie den also Sprechenden, auch andere, sofort, jedenfalls, sobald er den Hinweis auf seine Gültigkeit geprüft, weshalb das denn so sei: ob diese menschliche Gesellschaft denn mindestens teilwiese geistfeindlich aufgebaut. Ein klares Ja ergibt sich als Antwort bald. Es sei denn, er verdrängt die Realität, blendet die Wirklichkeit aus seiner Wahrnehmung aus.

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