From Bußplaneten: Karma prison camp ground

I'm sorry that I have to bother you again, but I just do not get so easily in my skull Swabia, as should work with the Karma and the reward or Bußinkarnationen.

Let's look at the current approximately seven billion inhabitants of the earth, so are probably a few handful of them - people like Buffett, Gates, the Emir of Qatar and the Saudi king - even Buddha, Jesuses, Krishnamurti, perhaps Herculeses have been so spiritual as energetic leader of mankind toward the good; a second group, depending on how strictly considered, 1% to 10% of the people who were their brave servants, so that they can now live very good to decent; the third, perhaps 20%, krattelt somehow so by because not all Advance hare was pure; 30% are more bad than good to make ends meet, because it really has no shortage of negative Karma now; the rest, ie all those who formerly always oppressed the good nefarious, lives at best from hand to mouth, starving and starving in slums and kraals.

Somehow, the bill does not fit. Or this is a Bußplanet, will mean that you have imported all of us major villains from here to far behind the Aldebaran to detention?

I admit that I do not always easily lay down a one in the differential and integral calculus, as still in elementary school math. It should, however, as the theory goes, to turn simple arithmetic, most simple fraction calculation, which I even today both in the head or with pencil and paper perfectly mastered.

The vast majority of all assholes with the negative karma must therefore be aliens. No wonder that people constantly see UFOs. You carts day and night all worst scum of the galaxy here, because otherwise, understandably, no one wants to have somewhere. Hosts of the worst, loosest rabble.

Yes, so it must be. Otherwise the common reincarnation and karma doctrine would be wrong. And that can not be.

A Karma prison camp Planet. Called Earth. From space, although quite pretty to look at, but basically a prison for all varieties of the worst scoundrels in a few thousand light years radius.

No wonder, then, that we lived Swabia earlier in caves under the Alb. Since we had to not see all day.

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