Darkness casts no shadow!

"Light casts no shadow." -?

This Esoterem sounds as beautiful on as it stupid.

Except where light is nothing, so only ES as one, nothing Second, of course there are no shadows.

Where, however, a second, that can arise shadow on the side facing away from the light of any other, because the light is at least as for the cause, even causal, as that second.


So it must be, if ever, hot!

For in the darkness can stand around a thousand people without any of them, even those dumbest yet, would be able to cast a shadow!

Without light, there CAN be no shade! Understand this banality finally one of those, the ACH! Magic also has weißdermephistophelesgoethewas studied, "with ardor keen!"?

If I, as often is converted into the darkness, I saw not only a shadow, but it was not! BECAUSE WHERE?

We have it with this Proverbs that throw light no shade to do with one of the world arglistigsten this question misleading.

Such evil mischief you learn in the monastery, in secret lodges under obscurantist: exactly where the shadow of governing.

What for?

For people to confuse and catch. To hoodwink. Even to make Abluminaten.


But not here with me.

Here namely the cudgel of clear thinking goes between the dry and black bilious, nonsensical, hypocritical knuckles!

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21 Responses to "darkness casts no shadow!"

  1. Dude says:

    "This Esoterem sounds as beautiful on as stupid."

    This statement is stupid - but it is based in complete incomprehension of apolarity.

    You have to consider the symbolic light!

    Overcome the materialism faith and you will find the knowledge to the deep, hidden meaning of this statement!

    Vital help bring the following:
    Or preferably direct the masterpiece:



    No, it is the result of the physical dogmas nahaftenden, shadow-casting object ...

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I clearly said above that this saying applies here, where the only light available. Then, later, I spoke of THIS world.

    About some imaginary ideal world everyone can secrete stout sayings. I'll save me right now to give his five or eight samples.

    That I should consider the term "light" symbolic in this context, do you think, would, it was clear from the outset. What is this saying to me but its absoluteness? He brings nothing, possibly shading, because it is oriented beyond.

    One would see, by the way, where only light would be, nothing more, not even the stars at night. (The moon just manages occasionally to shine so bright that it casts shadows.)

    What should me a so-called "spirituality", which already begins with a powerful, senseless clamor, a logical-linguistic mumbo-jumbo?

    You should bring me light of knowledge, captivate me there, that I can no longer think clearly. That is their function. And as the evil Magnus does not. (Similar to the zero, infinity is discriminated against the absurd.)

    The risk, I have viewed a video of him that I had already mentioned in another Strange, is not a real stupid man, I do not know if he himself believes in the sense of this nonsensical award. If so, then he has since learned back down to the southeast bottom line much. If no, then it is a normal esoteric charlatan.

    Jesus is also - like - have said: "My kingdom is not of this world."

    Oh great. Soon, I say this - for fun - sometimes still. Sometimes it seems to me that even when I see how people even before elementary logic, this still modest, but basal part of my world run away immediately zerstobenen lemurs.

    Only clear thinking is to learn. Then follow, step by step, direct association, more direct forms of knowledge. (There are of course also media, hypnotized people, hindurchkanalt by anyone anything. These are certainly interesting phenomena that have some interesting messages in the luggage., But I want to join any of those groups knows exactly why.)

    I'd rather let myself hundreds of millions of lunatics who circumcise their children (hygiene does not matter: this is nonsense, it comes to psycho-physical manipulation, what for "spirituality" hold), pure fry them any Hennenseich of any dens of criminal incarnations derdeibelwas as a blasphemous asshole verfehmen, because I myself, as many do, after all, desperate, self anschlösse any obscurantist or even purely speculative faith.

    I speculate what spiritual things is concerned, quite like his, what could be, but then I do not believe this, just what I like best. Anyway, as best I can the. That, to me that is an unforgivable breach - Nietzsche called it the "youngest of all the virtues" - honesty.

    I know why I'm a linguist, not priest was.

    If I want to spin around, then I write sometimes. That looks but everyone, it is so obvious that it, like a clowns, a proposal, a game, maybe even a musical.

    I'm for sure - so sure I can be as a result of my experiences, my thoughts, my life so far - to the still point out that in the most powerful black artists in the world, organized in all sorts abluminatischen curators, etc. and conditioned (the really clever of them give a damn at least the greatest part there Diffuse, use only what they can get from it), not cope with it is that it taps into some Esoteremfallen itself, but by when that one, especially since what spiritual things concerned, tough especially against themselves sorted out what does not fit, builds, so what to do.

  3. Thomas says:

    If those where only light, light looks, he has an amazing grasp. And his Ubik is assumed.

  4. Dude says:

    "I've even looked at a video of him"

    But since it was not about LwkS, but polarity vs.. Duality.

    The links you have ... I do not come so soon to write an article about it ... but is on the list ... but now I have no time anyway, because the World Cup takes place ... ;-)

    Ps How can there be in intangible, eternal apolarity moon and stars, or other shapes and colors gebenn?
    Short versinnbildlichend ...
    When the sun shines, it plays a role in the shining sun sets whether an object between them and the Earth, and this casts a shadow? No, it seems unabated.

    Light casts no shadow!

  5. Dude says:

    pps. and how do you come now to the vultures on the connection between spirituality and schwanzverstümmelern? and what the hell? I think you have a really full picture verqueres (verges on "rumspinnen", sorry), if you verabsolutierend throws everything into a pot ...
    and lost when you think seriously, you canst authorized based on this ten-minute clips abkanzeln, then you have nasty cut you ... as I said read dsa book, then you tscheckst's maybe sometime, but I fear there is a result of drawing hop and malt


  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    You have not recorded again what I have said.
    I also think now that you do not want that. This is supported by how angry you get, if your like Lisa it name them (perhaps even no more), "beliefs" are challenged. Not the first time since you even leaves uppercase and lowercase letters and you'll sometimes quite unfairly aggressive.
    At least, you do to me not a good advertisement for Risi's theses.
    Explain it to me once, beyond the award discussed in three to five well-weighed sets. (They may also be a bit longer. All right, seven sets.)
    I'm interested in what you have read then, I might be interested Risi's "masterpiece". Previously not likely. Namely, I am not one of the good and just.
    And, to my hand, a little mischievous hardness contribute time, I studied such things already when you still were trying your first article, get added to some extent.
    So butter fish please.
    I'm not just me bawl out. I can also back tolerances. What I do not like, not long. For that, I'm not into.

  7. Jochen says:

    It is easier to tame a madman than a normal.

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Because now I want to dig deeper still: What does "due to write"?
    Do you want me now, because you obviously think otherwise not much light, pure rotate the still visible after-effects of my accident as a child?
    If this is meant - I just remembered not, what else - I can assure you that this kind for a long time no longer affects me, but I still earnestly, as here, dawiderrede.
    If I do not "ch corner", with me desbezüglich "hop and malt" should be lost, it was out of this unpleasant fact, I do not understand why a man who preaches to the world of light over such a poor Tropfe and gates again, when it turns to this subject area, heavy curses (I'm on my statement yet no evidence from the past call in), will even personally degrading abusive.
    I have, as already mentioned, met a very dear gifted young Muslim who seriously believes in the Koran crap, which I've already talked about why I think the Koran for unfüglich, but has so much human size, as you Mr. Risi et al. have obviously not learned, I therefore despise not fucking. Therefore, the above comparison with those who leave their children the Intersect.
    He thinks that it is only God to let me burn in hell (even him, he would do me in, because of unbelief something, because it was generally only God, and he deserved it when he an innocent person, even if in disbelief, arbitrarily antäte something) when the so consider this properly.
    To that extent you're lying with your faith, at least in your practice towards me, and also of love and mercy, as I believe this abrahamitisch misguided young man, a good 15 years younger than you.
    You may criticize my ideas fiercely, so I like the (what was there with freedom of speech?) Relating to the Abrahamic religions as well as others do, of course.
    Why do I but, personally ad-hominem arguments, which you should ask yourself again, because of my unbelief, whether contradictions, being attacked by you, as you probably unternähmest it in any Muslim, Jewish or Christian or Hindu or Buddhist.
    I could easily tell you.
    Meanwhile, it is but so far, I only do that if you ask me submissive afterwards.

  9. Thomas says:

    Now you get back on - I'll buy the wine. ;) Now that alcoholics are back on the wagon here (now what you have to you to unite against me in dispute) and are therefore grumble at each other ...

    That you must always fight you to do things that the universe is not interested anyway. You always end up with me all the death. Then you'll know soon enough who probably was right at the end. Until then, please stay calm, the time is too short for quarrels. Künnt eh vo ALLEH.

  10. Dude says:

    @ Magnus

    No drawing was purely based on the spiritual level ..

  11. Dude says:

    or psychologically considered ...

    sorry have no time to comment here ... am currently in sheffield ..

  12. Dude says:

    do you like to focus on another rant from me, if you do not TONE, or at least before Seriously read what he says!

    pps. and as I said to gibts times NEN detailed article .. but not before sheffield .. However operate also ne side, and must not only act as author ..

  13. Dude says:

    oh yeah and if you still think god would have anything to do with religion constructs the hell out of the man-made, can you hear me einfch not .. you can do it here in the comments of my read, I'll have it already xgang ausführlichh and declared clean and I am just too stupid

  14. Jochen says:

    @ Thomas

    "You always end up with me all together in death."

    Then would "demise" supposed to be a place where all meet again. That would be the same idea as the matter of the paradise.

    Why do not you call it the right name - nothing.

    Nothing in it is no coincidence. How could there be any that too?

    Where does the fear of man which drives him to invent something that is not easy to have to disappear into nothingness after death? Only this fear caused people to heaven (which stands for the afterlife) and to invent hell (also available for the afterlife, albeit as a life in torment).

    And what touches all, the crown, the fixation on a person who is the only way to the afterlife. It knows every child today, that the only way out of this world get out of here is death.

    Is Jesus the death? No, of course not, because he is supposed to have said that he is life. For this purpose he is still THE truth and he said: I am the light of the world, he said: I am the door he said: I am the resurrection, and he said: I am the true vine, and my Father is the gardener, and he said: I am the root and the offspring of David, the bright morning star, and everything he said in summary - Jesus said, I am he;

    The Anybody can say.

    "I am" of the Jews is the same as YHWH (or YHVH) and represents their god.

    In Acts 9:5 says "I am" his name, he says, "I am Jesus."

    Jesus: "When he said unto them, It is I! dodged them all back and fell to the ground. "

    Absurdly, you can not play theater.

  15. Jochen says:

    @ Dude

    "Short versinnbildlichend ...
    When the sun shines, it plays a role in the shining sun sets whether an object between them and the Earth, and this casts a shadow? No, it seems unabated.

    Light casts no shadow! "

    True, light casts no shadow. But if only the light exists, what it has to exist of it? Can it even exist alone?

    Darkness casts no shadow!

    True, darkness casts no shadow. But if only the darkness exists, what it has to exist of it? Can the darkness even exist alone?

    The spirit casts its shadow!

    By the Spirit of light to what it is and also is the spirit the darkness to what it is.
    Can the mind exist alone?

    For heaven and spiritual poverty is required for the death of spiritual wealth.

    What is Heaven? In the light you can see it with the naked eye no further than to the sun: In the dark you can see nowadays supposedly with the best telescopes to the edge of the universe. The rich do not see further than their nose up to. The poor only see the bigger picture of the rich from the outside. The bigger picture is the Alpha and the Omega of the world. The bigger casts its shadow.

    A fly overcomes the box like nothing. But who is able to do to overcome the spirit?

  16. Dude says:

    @ Jochen

    If you are not material but symbolic look at the light, you know. Then there is this paradox described by you no more ... can not give ...

    @ Magnus (ps. you do not have the unlock actually goes only to you, but regardless, it's when you're doing)

    You're an asshole. And I'm just an asshole like you! This is bad, we have to be assholes in this sanatorium of the cosmos! But honestly, I find it stupid if we follow each other shit shit for us so here is the turnip. It is unnecessary. You're wasting your talent to one who has not deserved it, although there were instead countless which you rhetorically through your meat grinder could unbeatable! Do you want an example? How about Nestle, Glencore, UBS, Citibank, Barclays, Bilderberg, CFR, TC, or what do I know? Why did you fuck over it constantly on risk? What brings it to you? I think I know what it brings you. You think I was on the wrong track. And want to help me to escape from this by you, the 42 Stratagem in perfect harmony with the 41st apply at least to me. Stupid, that did you cut it, because you really should know that me these stratagems are well known.

    The point is that you can act so perfectly still, you will not manage to convince you that one of the biggest risks not me - if not the largest in the German speaking! - Living philosophers on earth. I would even go so far as to compare it with Nietzsche, though, or especially because he drives a very different track.

    If you give me his argument in 'light casts no shadows' time point by point (by individual 1-1-quotes) apart take, and can show me that that risk is on the wrong track with the spiritual philosophy, then I'll believe you. Not before. If you want to accept this quest, so you can put yourself in the least 1000Mann an ever-hour stint (and yes, I trust YOU to even create it in 700 ...) to set, and write a detailed article. But I do not that you want that, yet you have the time for it.

    So why do you want to waste your talent?

    Do you have a risk eg Bibi fan? * Lol *

    He's just an anti powers as you and I! So you please focussed but beautiful on the right goals, thank you!

  17. Dude says:

    Addendum @ Jochen

    Keyword: non-polar light (symbolic)!

  18. Thomas says:

    @ Jochen: Obviously, this is symbolized. ;) Wow, what can symbolize everything ... when I say, the Magnus lift and the dude in the discussions from then on, I mean even the versinndingsbumst. Ah yes, the Sinnpupserei is already a great thing you can verunsinnieren everything. In the end, it just lacks entirely the basis for discussion.

    But again back to your throw: How do you know? We go into space? I can not say with certainty where our previous knowledge suggests that. Dude could just as well be right, or you ... therefore I would like to bring to expression, that my versinnwurscheltes image absolutely could correspond to reality and seems to be in order not completely astray.

  19. Thomas says:

    Versinnblindlicht I like best so far ...

  20. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I will spread my usual pleasantries course again in other directions than here.

    I can complete work Risis in fact not judge merely took note of the well-known maxim on the grain.

    If I made an ass of myself so that is my problem. If Risis philosophy (it seems to me rather a religion) is good, the little donkey is crying will not harm her.

    Why do I do that?

    It's simple: I have met countless Esos, read them, etc., by people using wacky concepts especially of himself (or herself from herself) abbrachten, so that the work of those who cause the big smut, ultimately zuwenigst indirectly befördernd.

    Many of them also hung, it was a little bit about the band, more or less knowingly with those together, or represented, a closer look, very similar ideologies or their ideas are not soaked insignificant.

    Therefore I take from time to time if I just get bored again, my hammer and knock out exactly as it where a kind of enthusiasm is widespread, I suspect, where messages are disseminated that seem hard to captivate, garnished with even Locksprüchen , after just the unemployed just philologist finally finds a job again, which he sees as falling into his subject.

    Incidentally, I have not even mentioned in the above article Mr. risk. I only discussed the spell.

  21. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    Thanks for your beneficial sarcastic accompany this small spontaneous drama.

    After all, dude thinks now that I was not only an asshole, but he himself. You could have a little good will call back or a step forward to a fair and reasonable communication.

    I do not want to annoy the dude now but again even more, because he has gotten in my opinion, enough already. Up to a point, because his light itself earned him the shadow of an asshole. Q. ed

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