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Saturday, April 27, 2013

"Künnst's gor nit loss hiegeschreib hoh gemoch."

(The above Unterfrankophorismus is created on purpose so that he even for those between Hätzfeld, Mürscht, Böscheme, Rahrbi, Ünneröschabich, Frommerschbich, Karscht, Hedefeld, Ronnerschogger, Arnsteh, Gemünne and any other in the world little known, but some quite respectable Käffer grown properly, not to process all at once.)

9/11 and the Germans: almost 90% conspiracy theorists

Monday 05 September 2011

This cynical Anenzephalenkalauer of comment to 9.11 and the glor- and victorious war consequences may express Himself, who loves to laugh about even the saddest horribly mischief.

Here but it is exciting, because the stupid conspiracy theorists are once again in the series.

Where there is objective even after mocking the beginning and a few skeptics as Benesch, Janich Bröckers and have their say.

Perhaps the most remarkable quote from the author of the text itself:

"It is not only the global community of conspiracy believers who doubt, the acceptance of the values ​​given by Governments explanation for 9/11 go far back. Nearly 90 percent of Germans think aloud an Emnid survey in January 2011 that the U.S. government is not telling the whole truth about the attacks. "

This means that almost nine out of ten Germans belong to the "global community of conspiracy believers." (more ...)

Construction finished soon

Saturday 04 December 2010

At every 9/11 goats tip and Schafsseckel: The construction of your Pferches making good progress.

Understandable but naive

Tuesday 09 March 2010

I just read again in a longer power debate around that Europe's problems with Islam was specifically the subject.

Of the many arguments to the - whether or eingebrodert versteinfeldet us - were replaced recently, I noticed one particularly, which was indeed already taken up by Lafontaine, but so far results in a relative shadows.

It is very scarce (and now I heard the like also of "rights"!): "Islam provides community safety and cohesion, commands, to share with the poor, and he knows the prohibition of interest, therefore, provides the main enemy of capitalism forehead, which not more obvious assets we decadent westerners. "(So he is good ...)

This is already a unique blend of fact and fiction, which I consider to be worthy to be considered a bit more detail. (more ...)

Kowtow II

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

After a few following posts I put on my comments today for Muhammad cartoons debate nor the following one (explanation see the article "kowtow"):

Magnus Goeller wrote on 02/03/2010 at 23:17
What is remarkable about this discussion here, that has, with the exception of yours truly so far explicitly position relative no discussant on whether the Mohammed cartoons, regardless of their aesthetic or personal-moral judgment itself were admissible and were thus to defend in terms of freedom of expression or not; thus became the key question for the crux, to the essential of thing, with different accents though, simply said nothing Binding.
It is a bit of, but also a bit too much against freedom of expression, all the back doors remain open to general tells of respect and intercultural dialogue, but rather lies times no commitments.
This is not surprising: Although you have probably legitimately speak no great fear that soon millions of offended Göllers flags and embassies light and show up with axes, but in the face of a religion that is as Left except for the aspects of racism and nationalism (which the Koran to my knowledge actually not pretending) in almost all aspects traditionally considered "fascist" or outright would understand fascist, alone whether their totalitarian claim to absoluteness and the position of women seems a but to be quite nervous, what but again should not really admit in the sense of that a clear dividing line would be drawn, and since you obviously do not even want to attract negative attention.
So you lose yourself in Üngefähren, "somehow left" filibustert and betting that you've actually not really have anything to do with the topic, calls of their own society tolerance and again empathy, while the opposite side no clear signals are set, where is their desire for hegemony in culture and right at us actually end.
I call the dialectic blackout.


Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I have "The Danish apology" by Lars Eriksen, issued on 1.3.10 to "" the following comments set today on the occasion of the article there, which I would like to share my blog readers.

(Background is the excuse of the Danish newspaper "Politiken" in eight Muslim organizations for the reprint of Prophet Muhammad cartoons by the Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard, who recently narrowly escaped the assassination of a Muslim fanatic. The quote at the beginning of the second addendum was the end of Holger Hutt translated into German article Eriksen.

Magnus Goeller wrote on 01/03/2010 at 23:33
While Agitation, Schimpf- and Schandkanonaden against us Westerners, all "infidels" taught in countless madrassas and preached in thousands of mosques, studiously ignored or dismissed as folklore, "excused", now a Danish newspaper for publication of cartoons , which many Muslims as unacceptable, in the wake of death threats, boycott against an entire country, an assassination.
This is allowed by the policy completely in the lurch, so on the one hand of course as the other hand shamefully.
In Afghanistan, young German will bleed to thousands of kilometers away from home, ostensibly to protect women's rights, etc., while it is only about geostrategic interests in reality, and at home there is no (un) responsible politician is straight and explains that with us should just make it universally not only about the here much longer worshiped Jesus Christ and the Pope and Christianity, but also just about Muhammad and Islam jokes or assault the sharp and satirical.
Certainly one must in the Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries not (more ...)

Embarrassing unit

Saturday 05 December 2009

At the conclusion of our left but want to see any more women stoned as our rights.

What does this teach us?

Cui Bono?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Not only in retrospect, I feel the whole hypocrisy of the death of Robert Enke, the garish Roadshow the media, given joined and unthinking followers, the hulking mass, as distasteful to disgusting.

The man was now times no woman, and so his end was just not a typical female.

Better by far.

But z. B. a Theo Zwanziger cooked his special Psycho soup it says at least on this particularly disgusting hypocrites lot.

PS: I would create myself, perhaps experienced similar setbacks, tomorrow is "clean", ie no innocent drivers, I would unasked hingezwungen for performers from the world, not only because no cock crowed then, because I'm sure not the best German Soccer goalkeeper am, and maybe not even the best German "blogger"; Permitted to me as bad marketable, only because I would have left two children shameful, and they hid me as soon as possible as an embarrassing accident fortunately rare human derailment.

The dangerous Tumbheit the middle

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

That which is called by us the political center, is in truth the greatest threat to our communities, much worse than lefts and rights.

The so-called middle swallows everything: be it war for the Americans, guns gifts to Israel, Islamization, Air Koller, surveillance state, swine flu rip off, Finanzhaiwirtschaft, gender mainstreaming, Sprachvermanschung, opinion prohibitions child's soul desecration by original sin, children drugs, EU disenfranchisement, gay marriage, women in War, Internet censorship, dismissal because of a cold residual meat Klopses, millions of bonuses from tax money, Pharma rip off, starvation wages, corrupt doctors and accountants, stock market manipulation through the Plunge Protection Team, Genfutter, enemy states clause, Obama Nobel Peace Prize, criminalization of potheads, fuel from food, privatization of basic infrastructure, circumcision and shafts, kinderschändende priest, prohibition of words and symbols, defamation of displaced persons, falsification of history, blood and feces theater as an expression of high culture, boys discrimination, seed monopolies, discrimination laws, agents provocateur of the secret service, state-subsidized "anti-fascists" as Autoabfackler and throwing stones against policemen character assassination campaigns against dissidents, Verbachelorung our universities, a guilty conscience for every fart, botmäßige afraid of any propagated just crap, everything.

Just do not notice till you drop.

Decreed decadence

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The whole debate about Islam and Muslims in Germany drips only seems like hypocrisy.

A religion whose claims are unconstitutional in many parts is referred to as "cultural enrichment", whose followers are even expressly welcomed by the Christian German Interior Minister welcome.

Greens and Liberals especially, as a hypocrite as a textbook, falling over themselves against claims for tolerance; rather they lead war in Afghanistan, let compatriots bleed pointless in Central Asia, because they address these issues in the home measures against the oppression of girls and women. (more ...)

Children criminals soul Climate Killer

Monday, October 12, 2009

The British government is now for first six million pounds in the early evening a letter addressed to children minute horror video broadcast: "The bed-time story on climate change".

I can recommend to anyone under the search term to open the concoction once and watch.

Who something planted in the souls of children because of the CO2-climate propaganda war against the skeptical adult does not run as expected, which is capable of anything (the official reason for the action is, that there are still too many doubters in the UK would be).

To traumatize children even using tax money specifically and deliberately incite against their parents, is simply criminal.

Many British newspapers are also, as far as I could sift through so far, not overly amused; it will be interesting to extensions.