Gold and Silver: Gigantic dizziness?

Everyone wants gold and silver.

So it seems at least.

Very few question the gold and silver rush.

The main argument quite valid for the purchase of precious metals is that the currencies of paper as a whole is not to be trusted.

Well, that makes sense.

Each, the outrageous financial manipulations of recent years - just back the soundsovielste "Euro-rescue" - did not completely go by his perception.

What now speaks against the supposedly safe investment?

First of gold and silver 2002-2011 of US $ 300 per ounce in 1400, respectively 2003 $ 5 to $ 36 currently have increased.

So almost a five-fold increase or more than a sevenfold increase of the values ​​in dollars took place in a period of nine or eight years.

Something called financial experts, if not z. B. a fundamental invention, a completely new situation creates (say, an extremely rare, irreplaceable, and not artificially producible material, yet hardly important, allowed the construction of a warp drive and so interstellar travel ), normally an "irrational exuberance" or "bubble" (which must burst sooner or later).

As far as I know, but crucial new technical applications have been discovered, so that their intrinsic value has not changed in this period should neither for gold nor for silver.

It is therefore by definition classical long a merely self-nourishing "boom" a "hype", in which typically the end still wants to earn Jane Smith, after Hammel stove principle. Economic history is full of examples of this tart. (Incidentally, it must at every gold and silver purchase also give a salesperson who looks at the sale price than favorably. All idiots? Or are they all about distressed sales? Hardly.)

And since it seems but inherently suspicious that in the sheep media hardly voices are being heard that fact and make reasonable doubts about how long could it still "going to work".

Much worse, much sillier still: In the so-called alternative media, where one may suspect but that they (all) are not dancing to the tune of high finance, you will find even less critical voices.

On the contrary, who is skeptical, is portrayed as narrow-minded, idiot, or even one that was only bought to drive down prices, in reality for Rothschild & Cie. was working as a disinformation jackal.

And every time gold and silver times not shoot upwards, even times fall short, goes the conspiracy theory that would artificially depressed prices.

The idea that someone who knows that the sauce does not last long, just do not know how long exactly, quite reasonably, confident and thoughtful simply a good time to (at least partially) Disembark and rearranging could have used, quite banal, it seems to come (almost) none.

Taken together, this makes me enormously suspicious.

It should each independently thinking people then bring to scratch once firmly on the head.

If all experience, all the usual logic is set in such a spooky manner override normally needs to be a little lazy.

It was me, anyway none yet - whether "Illuminate", Obscurat, master of argumentation and rhetoric or Otto neighbor - to the effect enlighten (or should I say less posh, bebrabbeln?), So this should be different in this case.

The whole thing smells like a gigantic global Depp female asses.

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90 Responses to "Gold and Silver: Gigantic swindle?"

  1. Tick ​​says:

    On the gold side of this earth again and again the well-established historic scale "one ounce of gold buys 1 x the Dow Jones" on. It is safe no matter whether in the future the Dow falls to Gold level or an ounce on Downiveau rises (perhaps meet up so well in the center). From this equality it is (apart from the many other, good, mentioned proposals for Gold rating) has ceased to be any meaningful gold than optimal memory. At least for me, this ratio is a certain orientation. High praise for this good, critical blog!

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Tick

    Thank you!

  3. Dude says:

    I praise the closing me :)

    And the topic was my turn to be noted, though I would by no means scold historians that gold for a very long time a gladly seen "thing" was. They adorned themselves with it boasted one decorated and built even whole palaces.

    What now today relates to the practical benefits in a allfällig arriving in the near future worst-case scenario, it does not particularly great value, if any.

    So it is smarter to stick with the safety equipment in practically meaningful objects to be ready ...

    ... Corresponding to each his own means ...

    Ps. The trading in general, and in particular the derivatives trading is a simple method within a very short time to multiply his fortune into the ludicrous, provided, of course, one is willing to abandon his conscience and condemn his soul voluntarily ....

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    What if some people have no soul?

    Maybe we did not all.

    It does not matter.

    Otherwise, d'accord.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude


    I do not mean it as bad as it may seem.

    Forgive my incredulity.

    I do not just get to the faith.

    That there is more than flesh, but speaks much.

    Even much-experienced personally.

    But why I make ideas and interpretations not as secure really on.

  6. Dude says:


    No one HAS a soul! The soul has the body!
    She IS forever = time-off!

    The road is a rocky, but passable.

    Ps. Have the now construed in any way as malicious, so there's nothing to forgive, but thank you anyway :)

    Faith does everyone only are the various faiths because of the simultaneous oneness and individual customization Various-being also located infinitely different ...

    Therefore monotheism and religion constructs are indeed generally, or even scientifically-dogmatic atheism atheist as well as monism or dualistic constructs ultimately complete nonsense.

    But I have now realized that they can be useful crutches for quite some. As long as they remain free in the spirit they are certainly not bad - quite the contrary.

    But I remain still propagated at my holistic nihilism in love.

    Wishes joyful sunny day for the family.

  7. Dude says:


    That's it ...

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I wanted you to make a little annoyed, so I said well now that you probably abgäbest a pretty good priest.

    But I do not want to, I'm just saying that I get along much better with linguistics and philosophy as with religion.

    The latter may give many people something: I do not.

    Religion is too dishonest and cowardly.

    I've tried this as a kid so short, but felt myself always as a miserable bastard of an idiot and a beggar and correspondingly ridiculous to me and that was pretty embarrassing.

    If there is a God, so there can only be characterized him so that he does not exist.

    The time now understand, who wants.

    Oh, we are here so the gold.

    Nietzsche says in Zarathustra to gold had come to the highest values, since it is always give.

    I doubt even in the case that have understood it already too many.

  9. Tick ​​says:

    Almost everyone carries himself with the thought to make a major purchase - say a house for 150,000 paper money to buy - and no lottery win, no rich grandparents or both, has thus defines their way a savings plan in paper money. By so just saves only be cumbersome Deserved, he will find after 10 years of saving, that the above investment property costs at once 300,000 in paper money - then he übelegt, I've done something wrong here? But in some cases it is then as in my case to the knowledge, okay I'll ripped on many levels while saving!
    I have chosen the example of "home" because I personally (especially autarges - ie rental free) Living for a basic need and at the same time for an increase of freedom (especially in the retirement age, if not more of a highly doped himself a rent by searching can adjust Jobs) hold. When I realized 10 years ago that credit money is scooped unsparbar, I wondered whether there was must necessarily be that I have a third party (ie a bank loan) must use to me to fulfill this basic need. Sure, they offered me to meet my basic need "living" the same, but you did not understand that zumnest my basic need is not just "live" but "autarges Living" or better living without broadest access of third parties on this basic need is. I also did not understand why I have to do my work for two humpback crooked houses (for over 30 years repayment term come together), even though I only need a house. So I looked for alternatives of saving, the value transportation, relocating from spending in the future - if I thus, how it's seems a dying, ridiculed species in this society am. So there I was, a need to save something for my work hump is not all too crooked. Also, I found the consideration of the Bank, whose power was so only in my printed paper that it previously did not exist to give (ie at best credit made paper money), for the prompt "my hump 15 years longer for a house more" to make crooked as a bad deal. Somehow I ended up at that time, after many attempts savings of try / error is that this is the gold. I'm just a (working) life! Still, I think I can save so - nothing is infinite!

  10. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Tick

    Gold does not cost as much as long.

    Therefore: sell.

  11. Tick ​​says:

    Dear Mr. Gollner,
    I am not yet removed from my savings target several miles and naturally ask me (and despite the above Dow-Gold Ratio) whether there are similarly robust alternatives or diversifications. Do they have suggestions (apart from the already mentioned silver or rare earth)? How expensive because good Loes floor is exactly? Is there a chart in relation to other value and save Where exactly can the Republic in our colorful (if not has already bought up all the Fiel man) still acquire low?

  12. Tick ​​says:

    Sorry for the "small Salutation"!

  13. Dude says:


    Religion is harmful from the point where the Guru principle makes its appearance, therefore priests would work - and i still have so much talent for it - exactly wrong, because I would promote this principle so. Once the equivalence of individuals is undermined, which quickly passes through the Guru principle, which leads to the cleavage. Moreover, it detracts from the individually unique diamonds, your own mind, and the conscious (or unconscious)) connection to the source itself.

    Moreover, not everything that glitters is gold:-D

  14. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Tick

    Good soil is of course always a good idea.

    However, the only thing brings, if you manage it yourself or lease (what the farmer received only in the long term).

    Where and at what prices you get Lössäcker with 1 credit, I do not know; but he probably everywhere in D cost about the same (had only prices from 15 years ago in the head).

    I think the forest for the privateer for better, provided he can deal with a chainsaw and heated with wood. (Forest does work.)

    Since you can already get a pretty decent piece for 10 to 20,000 Euros.

    Otherwise, if you have space, certainly cheap stocklots of tools not bad, to stainless steel screws, brackets, etc.

    Does not break, is always needed, always retains its value.

  15. Thomas says:

    Waaa but since I have an issue fully overlooked! : D

    Here's what the Goeller:

    The first two chart images likely to interest you. Inflation-adjusted charts.
    Where there are gold and silver in a bubble?

  16. Thomas says:

    And yet what is found randomly. One of my favorites, Prof. Bocker.
    The first few minutes are interesting for / against your thesis.

  17. mapleleaf says:

    Gold and silver are in a bubble? Gold and silver are not in a bubble! Gold and silver were in a bubble, if the Euro or the dollar would be a stable currency. The price of gold is measured in dollars. If you paid attention in mathematics education halfway must not give the nakedness and "questioning" a rise in the gold price in the last cycle of a fiat money system. If there are 10 times as many dollars in 10 years, the price of gold / demand factors must also be 10 times as high, completely independent of any offer. Bread prices, electricity prices and cigarette prices doubled since 2000. Mineral oil more than doubled, etc.

    "There must be Dealer whatsoever. All idiots? "- Yes, all except the air companies.

    "Economic history is full of examples .." - on what you have there especially designed? but probably not to 1948 where Jane Smith had the dubious pleasure of 100 marks to swap in 6.50 Mark and probably not in 1923 where Stamps SALE were, Mr. Miller had saved 1921 RM 100 from his salary he had in late 1923 further 19,999. RM 999,900.00 afford to send a letter - so much for Depp female asses;)

    Conclusion: The price of gold is uninteresting! The gold value or purchasing power is crucial. The price of gold has risen sharply in a short time. The value of gold has not changed much during this time. Only when the price of gold moves in the bladder area, possibly the value of gold rises sharply, because for the present prosperity more money is spent, will be as safe in a coming crisis for an indefinite period, gold as a means of payment.

  18. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Mapleleaf

    I do not have now taken the trouble to elicit exact numbers, what gold "worth" is currently.

    Eben course not, say, the dollar price of 2000 measured, but the equivalent in wheat, steel, oil and whatever else is really needed so the people of today.

    Here we see a huge increase. (Probably because you "mapleleaf" call themselves, you have good statistics on that.)

    This can not continue indefinitely. From the gold sellers but the often claimed. Only against this obvious nonsense I turn.

    Compare the price history of wheat, fair enough crude steel, some basic goods in dollars or euros or some other currency with that of gold; because of the lies the rub.

    Maybe I should have made that clear above; but I assumed that these counter-statements each gold and silver man was familiar.

    Everywhere I can, if I have gold, this exchange in Euros and, yet, according to buy something for it. Or do I pay the same in gold, the seller expects it to. Be there. In square meters Floor, Swiss knife, in donkey or whatever In virtually all cases, the gold price / value has increased enormously. This is indisputable.

    Eventually the end of the story will be achieved. No more and no less what I said.

    That one does not want to hear, although there is no reasonable argument against it, because I've gotten used to.

    For the gold believers (or the gold hagglers) is gold, if the entire cotton crop of the United States gets an ounce, certainly still an asset for boarding. Anyway, has never been one of those called me a point where gold in his view, would probably not more valuable.

    Clear that those who have the gold, have gold to sell, want, seek to suggest to others that at some point of a gram which can live for three years in the lap of luxury, in Monaco, overlooking the sea.


    If you, dear mapleleaf want to know how you redeploy your gold in my opinion, time wise, tailored to your personal situation, so I give you gladly Council. The fee for this is measured in percentage gradually decreased from a base amount according to the scale.

  19. Thomas says:

    Well, Magnus ... the wheat production is also increased enormously in the last few (dozen) years. Gold production in relation to it rather less. Therefore, more wheat for the same amount of gold.

    Of course you're right in some ways: Precious metals currently enjoying an increase in demand, which, due to the imminent end system, will increase. Of course increasing demand means a higher price when demand returns, may fall again and will. This price may actually not be measured in dollars or euros for the known reasons. Wheat lends itself, in fact more like, but only the course of, say past 30 years that provide a suitably technologically highly armed and reasonably consistent production volume. If there is now gold has risen efficient the last 10 years, then that is already on the growing demand for gold as a safe haven. Ergo, the price of gold, measured in wheat, fall again sometime. But this decline will be far less than the loss of purchasing power of fiat currencies in the near future. Therefore: Gold is not measured in money, and certainly not measured in wheat in a bubble. The bladder, measured in money will come. The measured in wheat is inevitable. There it is, if the paper money crisis is over, a normal downward correction give a somewhat stronger initial rash but will level off again. At the end you get (times except bad harvests), which is due to the lower demand for gold as soon as the money system reboots for the same amount of gold in the future a little less wheat than it is today.

    Gold sellers are claiming only a price increase in money. But that the value or purchasing power of gold by not necessarily conceal it rises naturally.

  20. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    Exactly to the content of your final sentence, it is essential.

  21. Thomas says:

    I know, just wanted the rest is also shown clearly again. )

  22. mapleleaf says:

    @ Magnus Wolf Goeller

    My perception on the subject of gold is as follows:

    It is connected to the prime-time television advertising, the population with the argument that the gold price is currently high, "entgoldet" - of all the future prices of gold, nothing is said here.

    In any cheese sheet displays the local jewelers are to be found, the "entgolden" the population - projections for the future price of gold can not be found here.

    While surfing on websites with the topic of gold and silver you will be bombarded with ads of Onlinehaendlern; in rare cases, even personalized advertisements on other websites - and here I will only buy and not to inquire about any price targets.

    These are all signs that you currently can with the trade of gold and silver make a killing on - and more not first.

    However, they question whether this is not a hype or even a hoax and Goldkaeufer will fail to invest long term. You can make it short: This question will only be able to answer in the future, how to evaluate all investments in retrospect. From this wisdom you take in your item but a precautionary distance, because otherwise the question would not even arise for the reader: "No gold ??? - Yes because then what ??? "

    For some time now I have got used the "Qui bono?" Question to ask automatically whenever it comes to financial matters of any kind.

    When I'm on your article applying this question I realize quickly the problem-solution-stitch:

    1. A short stem confirms the reader in his fear for the future of paper money
    2. An emotional confusion on structured, fact-retardant chain of reasoning to the media, whether mainstream or alternatively leave, retire as a source of information
    3. own interpretation of the previously created confusion

    Although you tried to gleam above with economic punditry, I venture the following bet:

    I bet no bet on your part a 1/4 ounce of fine silver that you have no verifiable argument in favor of a significant loss of purchasing power of gold and silver within the next 36,000 years - apart from a world government dictatorship including a despotic out, digital payments, in the me any other investment, you would now probably like to put my heart, also could no longer contribute to my physical self-realization.


  23. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Mapleleaf

    Too much honor.

    So, as my article describing my stratagems, I would have become it already rich.

    However, you will, sir, in the course of your argument quite silly; because a significant loss of purchasing power of gold and silver, as in previous centuries, without this kind of dictatorship or Pipapoh, occur at any time. The ranges as "argument". Others were already mentioned.

    Your quarter ounce of silver I do not accept however.

    The are currently seven or eight euros, and to which I want someone who is not able to look from here to there, now not really facilitate.

    Should you however have really thick, so you may like to support me financially. Sponsors are always welcome. I have two boys who do not eat just a little. After all, there is something to read from my pen, for each, sometimes probably are remarkable, for free.

    I do not want to offend you by my clear speech; but who told me he knew that there would be for gold and silver in the next 36 000 years ago, where not a constraint holds sway, no significant loss of purchasing power, I can not take seriously unfortunately.

    Yet to clarify: I think twenty to thirty percent atoned for already significant. A bisection of a value more than ever. As you come in the event of there quickly. Dream on.

  24. Thomas says:

    "I think twenty to thirty percent atoned for already significant." The question still remains: What are the alternatives to precious metals in terms of purchasing power storage in our time?

    I "believe" in mind that precious metals will be in 1000 years if found not an inexhaustible energy source (or permitted), have received their value largely be. If you put on today 100,000 euros for your descendants in money, has this in 1000 years determined 8-12 currency reforms behind is not even an entry more in the bank account worth. What are adopted as 30% loss in gold? 30% loss of purchasing power in euros you on the current state roughly every 6 years ...

  25. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    It is clear that gold, as long as you can not produce cheap it (a few atoms can erballern well already, but this is far too expensive), a safer investment (if one does not become detached from any bandits or the State as a senior bandits) as any kind of paper.

    The long faces I did but I probably look at it, when the industrial production of gold suddenly only (calculated in today's money) costs ten Euros per gram. And then five, finally, two ...

    Conversely, gold of course, if you can only dig weiterhn, rankommt no planet where the stuff mass-looking present (as the Spaniards, as they plundered South America, there was a real price drop in Europe), but conversely, industrial use ( warp drive or something) is found, which makes the metal much prized, also again go "through the roof", as one so beautifully expressed.

    Then the gold people had really good laugh.

    Unless, as I said, all the gold would deliver in planetary space agency, or the death penalty ...

  26. mapleleaf says:

    @ Magnus Wolf Goeller

    Now I'll tell you something: my precious metal component is zero grams of gold and silver 323,4g {10 Maples, Mexico Libertad 1/10, 1/20 and 1/4 oz Mexico Libertad Noah's Ark, which would be already on the way, if you had not lost the bet)

    How you had to use your best chance ..?

    You had me a kind of scientific logic or can at least provide a historically verifiable reason, by the well I would have my doubts on the current gold rush - but now I do not know still why precious metals should be re worthless soon ...

    I had already expressed above, that you want to do with the deliberate, public Geringwertschaetzen and bad-mouthing of the precious metal Invest just a quick additional marks by specifying an even better investment and sometimes at all times to know one. Part of this theory is the assumption that you have themselves already covered quite well with precious metals.

    If this theory is wrong is my diagnosis: On the topic of "work force over time save in rare AND precious metals" are you a fundamentalist. A look at the recent past and more often cited reasons - especially the low speculative aspect - you can not convince them of gold.

    I try yes you hineinzuversetzten why gold and silver does not "go ran" to you and it occurred to me that I would never, for example, investing in precious stones and indeed from a whole list of reasons.

    If someone would give me a white card, in a small plastic capsule is incorporated in a naturally grown, flawless, originally from South Africa, white 1 carat diamond follows the call of gravity forward, and I make them available for 25.000 € for sale - would I refuse politely.
    Intuitively, I would not have value in the stone look without the large turn ratio {that would result from your perspective anyway to a different conclusion) - Perhaps you will enjoy so if they hold a 1000g gold bullion in the hands.

    The conclusion that it is a matter of taste also not true but, as you can weigh all Save Value "pro" and "contra" and the "pro" list in precious metals easily convinced by their length and gleams through the millennia no longer occurred speculation with gold.

    PS 20-30% loss is of course significantly but this value would be anyway only come into play if I had heard of you something that speaks for it!

  27. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Mapleleaf

    They seem to have not even noticed that I have made no bet with you.

    Historically verifiable example is with the Spaniards, what I wrote above.

    I also do not understand how you reinhängen so, since you have only silver worth perhaps 300 euros pretend. But that may well be purely scientifically driven altruism.

    Also I do not understand how you find the conjecture, I would have a lot of precious metal: Why should I perpetuate the same my skepticism about the durable values ​​then?

    The value of what I own, write down?

    Why would I do that?

    It is, I repeat, only skepticism.

    I consider myself in the near future nor to know to how the medium and long term.

    Troubles down quietly to lead me on a Glatteise: it does not bother me.

    At best, if you think of anything better than that brought up, I do not answer.

  28. mapleleaf says:

    @ Magnus Wolf Goeller

    I do not want anyone to lead a black ice - I'm desperate and so far fruitless search for gold and silver-cons.

    About me: I'm 23 and studying electrical engineering, this Geldsystem- / Kaufkrafterhaltungs- / inflation stories interested me only incidentally!

    My last Christmas money I have parked in the noise of the arguments of various monetary system theorists and Edelmetallhaendler, in the said 10 Silver Maple Leafs.

    Then I noticed that I have not done just because of where and that thought did not like me!

    I then "arguments against gold" googled and I landed on your article. There I found only a question mark in the heading and your little emotional sounding aversion to Invest precious metal.

    I then tried a plausible for me gold and silver "contra" to provoke - this is the state of things.

    Sorry I tried to knock you the arguments of gold and silver missionaries around the ears but I thought it may be closer to me looking for the counter-argument - I do not trust their prophesied peace of course.

    I do not know whether you have personally precious metals, is also interesting for me. Only drives us all the misery anxiety for finding meaningful value stores - want to know if you can live by a deciduous forest; I want to know whether I should buy again ten Maples or sometime even some gold.


  29. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ mapleleaf

    Nun, wenn Sie mich lediglich testen wollten, der Prüfe halber, so ist das völlig in Ordnung.

    Sie sprechen (wir können auch Du sagen) oben selbst vom “momentanen Goldrausch”. Das hieß für mich gleich, dass Du der Sache selbst nicht traust oder aber Deine Sprache diesbezüglich nicht im Griff hast. Denn was ein Rausch ist, weiß man ja gemeinhin schon mit 16 oder 18.

    Ich habe meine skeptische Stimme ins Spiel gebracht, weil ich über einige Zeit nicht nur den beschriebenen extremen Anstieg von Gold und Silber gegenüber notwendigeren Gütern sah, zudem die Angstmacherei dabei, das Messianische, geradezu ein pfäffisches Verhalten der Verkäufer (die immer sagen, dass es morgen nix mehr gebe, ihre Seiten aber mit Goldverkaufswerbung zupflastern, sodann die ihnen gläubig nachrennende Herde).

    Wenn derlei mehrere Faktoren zusammenkommen, kratze ich mich nunmal am Kopfe. Und das sage ich auch.

    Gut, wenn Du Elektrotechnik studierst.

    Ich verrate Dir jetzt nämlich die beste Wertanlage: Es ist die ins eigene Wissen und Können.

    Was einer weiß, daran trägt er nicht schwer. Selbst 500 000 neue Gehirnzellen (Neuversynapsung, ein durchaus auch elektrischer Vorgang, dürfte noch weniger wiegen), die man sich, wie man inzwischen weiß (ich glaubte den Scheiß vom immer Dümmerwerden noch nie), selbst bis ins Alter schaffen kann, dürften kaum ein zusätzliches Gramm auf die Nackenmuskeln lasten.

    Auch sicher kein Fehler, wenn man etwas Silber hat. Für Deine zehn Unzen wird es im Zweifel wahrscheinlich wenigstens einige Zeit für Brot reichen. Also das Wichtigste, außer Hirn und Gesundheit, anständigen Stiefeln und einer guten Jacke, wenn es wirklich eng wird.

  30. mapleleaf sagt:

    @ Magnus

    10.000€ sind nur solange viel Geld, solange man ein regelmaeßiges Einkommen hat. Wenn das Einkommen wegbricht sehen die 10.000€ sehr schnell nach Schwundgeld aus, bis sie schließlich zur schwarzen Null mutieren.

    Allein diese “Weisheit” oder Erfahrung deutet darauf hin, dass Dein letzter Anlagetipp ins Können und Wissen, der Wahrheit und der Vernunft am naechsten ist. Sein Einkommen schöpft schließlich jeder im Alter zwischen ca. 20 und ca. 65 aus seinem Können oder Wissen.

    Darin besteht wahrscheinlich auch Dein Hauptkritikpunkt, dass die dem Gold nachrennende Herde vor lauter Vermögenssicherung ganz die Einkommenssicherung übersieht. Das Stichwort hierzu waere jetzt irgendwie “Weltwirtschaftskrise und Massenarbeitslosigkeit”…

    Naja… dann versuche ich mich mal mit meinen 300 Gramm Silber und meinem hoffentlich bis ins hoffentlich hohe Alter linear ansteigendem Wissen stets über Wasser zu halten und auch Dir wünsche ich dabei weder Miss- noch Teilerfolge;)


  31. Thomas sagt:

    Mapleleaf: Es schadet auf keinen Fall, deinen Silberbestand nochmal aufzustocken. Gründe dafür sind vor Allem:

    - Man hat es physisch in der Hand
    - Es wird niemals wertlos werden (vgl. Euro)
    - Es ist Industriemetall und wird tatsächlich auch unwiederbringlich verbraucht
    - Es gab noch nie ein Silberverbot
    - Silber ist mit großer Wahrscheinlichkeit von geringerer direkter Verfügbarkeit als Gold

    Nachteile gibt es nur wenige:
    - Silber hat im Moment weniger Wertdichte als Gold, dh es wird schon bei verhältnismäßig kleinen Geldsummen relativ viel im Tresor. Als theoretisches Fluchtgeld eher ungeeignet.
    - Der Silbermarkt ist stark manipulierbar. Man sollte es nicht als kurzfristiges Investment sehen, das könnte starke Nerven erfordern.

    Mehr fällt mir im Moment dazu gar nicht ein.

  32. Thomas says:

    Ich kann dir dazu das hier ans Herz legen. Es behandelt die Geschichte der Edelmetalle genauso wie die aktuelle Situation. Äußerst lesenswertes Buch:

  33. mapleleaf sagt:

    @ Thomas

    Das Buch kenn ich schon, bzw. ich weiß, von seiner Existenz, gelesen hab ich es NOCH nicht – trotzdem vielen Dank für den Link:)

    Wenn der Euro an Weihnachten naechstes Jahr noch was wert ist, denke ich über eine Aufstockung nach – vielleicht stoße ich ja noch auf ein eindeutiges Silber-Contra, was mich dann wiederum neu abwegen ließe.

    Wie Sie vielleicht ja oben mitgelesen haben, bin ich regelrecht auf der Suche nach Gründen gegen Edelmetalle.

    Magnus hatte oben so ein Beispiel angeführt, dass wenn es eine neue Technologie gibt, die Gold verbraucht – ja dann würde der Goldpreis steigen – das trifft halt beim Silber genau zu, deshalb haette ich als Silber-Contra sowas gelten lassen wie:

    - es gibt die und die Zukunftstechnologie, die deshalb und dieshalb sehr wichtig ist und die das und jenes, wofür heute ein Großteil des Silbers hingeht, so und so schnell verdraengen würde…
    - es gibt Anzeichen, dass es bald ein neues Scheideverfahren beim Einschmelzen von Stahlschrott gibt…
    - irgendwelche geographischen Fakten, die von den Edelmetallfans absichtlich oder aus Unwissenheit zurückgehalten und nie erwaeht werden wie zB “die Menge Silber, die bei der Kupfergewinnung “anfaellt” steigt mit der Abbautiefe immer weiter an…”

    sowas oder irgendwas anderes Einleuchtendes suche ich!

    Wenn das naemlich so ist, dass man über Silber oder Gold nichts Schlechtes sagen kann, wieso wissen das dann so wenige und wie von Magnus oben schon gefragt – wieso gibt´s dann überhaupt an jeder Ecke was zu kaufen für Hinz und Kunz in allen möglichen Größen und Formen???
    Und wieso kauft dann nicht die Silberverarbeitende Industrie die ganze Comex leer oder hat sie schon laengst leer gekauft…- gut das behaupten ja einige, dass das zu 99,2% Leerverkaeufe sind und die dann mit einigen zusaetzlichen Dollars ruhig gestellt werden…?!?

    Naja ich behalt die 10 Maples erstmal aber trotzdem finde ich, dass die ganzen Informationen vorallem zu “Silber kaufen ja/nein” etwas widersprüchlich erscheinen und es keine Leute gibt die eben abraten und dafür auch Gründe nennen…


  34. Thomas sagt:

    Vielleicht ist es hier ausnahmsweise mal so einfach: Weil es keine Gründe dagegen gibt. )
    In jedem Handy, in jedem Fernseher, in jeder PV-Zelle wird Silber verwendet. Silber leitet Strom besser als jedes andere Metall. Silber ist 15mal häufiger als Gold in der Erde zu finden, wird aber in weit höherem Maße verbraucht. Bei Palladium und anderen Metallen, die noch überhaupt keiner auf dem Schirm hat, ist die Situation ähnlich.
    Und selbst wenn alles grober Unfug wäre: Das Zeug wird niemals wertlos. Und das ist heute leider das Wichtigste.
    Schönen Gruß auch dir.

  35. Martin Hark sagt:

    Sehr guter Artikel! Aktuell ist der Silberpreis jedoch noch stark von der Industrienachfrage und somit von der wirtschaftlichen Lage abhängig. Aus diesem Grund muss man das Jahr 2013 sicherlich noch genau betrachten, wie es wirtschaftlich läuft bzw. welchen Einfluss dies auf den Silberpreis hat. Durch die sinkenden Silberreserven wird jedoch auch der Zeitpunkt kommen wo Silber nicht mehr von der wirtschaftlichen Entwicklung abhängig ist. Spätestens dann erkennt man dass der Silberboom eingesetzt hat!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Ich kann aus eigenem Erleben 2 Sachen zum Thema beisteuern:

    1) Die Gold-Handelsfreigabe für Bürger der USA, die seit dem zweiten Weltkrieg keine Geld besitzen oder kaufen durften. Zum 1.1.1977 fiel diese Beschränkung. Ich kann mich noch erinnern, dass der Leiter meiner Kreissparkasse Ende 1966 fragte, ob ich nicht auch Gold kaufen wolle, der Kurs würde doch per 1.1.1977 sicher anziehen, weil viele US-Amerikaner dann Gold kaufen würden. Ich habe gelacht und prophezeit, dass genau das Gegenteil passieren wird, viele Amerikaner werden altes Zahngold, kaputten Goldschmuck etc. Dann endlich verkaufen können und dijenigen, die Gold haben wollen, haben das längst im Ausland gekauft. Dann werden die europäischen Spekulanten nervös werden und der Goldpreis wird fallen und dann gilt es “einzusteigen”, um an dem “Unterschwinger” des Marktes bei massiven Verkäufen mit verdienen zu können. Es passierte genau, was ich voraus gesagt hatte bis auf einen Punkt, Gold wurde NICHT billiger, der Rücknahmepreis für Mehrwertsteuere freie Krügerrands fiel und fiel und der Verkaufspreis blieb “oben” Die DEGUSSA wollte das Geschäft alleine machen und die Spekulanten abzocken. Mein Schluss daraus Einen “Marktpreis” gibt es in Deutschland nicht, die DEGUSSA legt den Goldpreis so fest, dass sie daran maximal verdient.

    2) Ich hatte einen Kommilitonen, der Elektroingenieur war und Geophysik bzw. Geologie studierte und in den Semesterferien bei Schlumberger anheuerte und in die United Emirates geschickt wurde. Der wusste nun zu berichten, da würde Gold die Hälfte von dem in Deutschland kosten. Deshalb würden alle Passagiere die aus den United Emirates kommen vom Deutschen Zoll fast bis auf die Unterhose ausgezogen und gefilzt damit die ja kein Gold mitbringen und die Gewinnpolitik der DEGUSSA stören.

    Wer unter diesen Umständen Gold in Deutschland kauft und hofft, wenn er schon nichts daran verdient, wenigstens eine Wert beständige Anlage erworben zu haben, ist es selber schuld !

  37. Thomas sagt:

    @Anon: Abwarten.

    Das eine ist der vielleicht von Degussa manipulierte Goldpreis. Das andere ist der unvermeidliche Verfall der Währungen. Wer auf FIAT setzt, der hat -wie schon seit mindestens 30 Jahren in D- schon verloren und wird auch in Zukunft verlieren. Es sei denn er hat wesentlich mehr FIAT als er zum Leben braucht.

    Kein Edelmetall zu haben in der heutigen Situation ist keine gute Idee. Gewinn ist das eine, Sicherheit das andere.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Das jünste Gerücht :

    14.03.2013 · Nach dem Skandal um getürkte Zinsen untersucht die amerikanische Terminbösenaufsicht nun den Goldpreis auf Manipulationen. Der kleine Entscheiderkreis legt den Verdacht nahe.

    die Links :,2828,888805,00.html

    Wie soll es zu einem Marktpreis kommen, wenn es keinen freien Markt gibt ? Siehe meine Einlassungen oben.

  39. Dude says:

    “…untersucht die amerikanische Terminbösenaufsicht nun den Goldpreis auf Manipulationen.”

    Man lasse sich den göttlichen Vertippser im Munde zergehen… …köstlichst! Sowas bräucht's wirklich mal. )

  40. Anonymous says:

    Tatsache ist, 2001 lag der Goldpreis pro Feinunze bei 250 $.

    Damals war von einer Krise im Goldbergbau keine Rede, also war das im Fall ein auskömmlicher Preis Goldbergbau zu betreiben. Heute ist der Preis 5 mal so hoch. Die Differenz ist Spekulation und heisse Luft, sonst nichts.

    Wenn sich Alle und Alles wieder beruhigt hat, geht der Preis auch wieder dahin zurück oder noch weiter. Da muss im Fall schon sehr viel passieren, bis der Euro weniger als 1/5 seines heutigen Wertes hat, erst dann hätte die Wette auf Gold Sinn gemacht. Ich glaube es mal weniger.

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