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Arms Schafsschrappler!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The thing with Ukraine is a warning sign.

Or a clarion call.

The Brzezinski Doctrine in accordance with the violent encirclement of Russia, China, ultimately, operate, Putin called arsonists, the facts simply put on the head, seem to think that because they have equal-connected media, no notice.

Or they feel already so lie sure that they do not care how many remember that?

Meanwhile, irony of history, talk about certain people, for example, in the Forum of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, already of Putin as his fifth column, an armada installed in paid writers, and there are probably mass imbeciles, the lemming way went the Russian propaganda machine on the glue.

Alas! (more ...)

No right to speak for Schröder and Merkel

Thursday, March 13, 2014

"The European Parliament regrets the statements of former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder on the crisis in Ukraine, said that he should not make any public statements on issues related to Russia, since he, due to its relationship with the company Gazprom, which is one of the most important foreign policy instruments representing Russia, is in a unique conflict of interest. "

So a common Amendment by Conservatives and Greens.

Wonderful. Allow the pants down completely. Or take off your gloves. As you want.

Once you have prepared and supported the violent coup in Ukraine by all means, should now get a voice ban the former chancellor.

Well, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, alswelche in Kiev in association with Western services mitmischte strong, but is probably - as the latter are - somehow assign our Chancellor, they also alswomit is in a clear conflict of interest. So also for Ukraine should keep his mouth shut when it comes afterwards.

By the DC circuit of the sheep media - the media system - hardly ever so obvious as to the events in the Ukraine, as if that was not enough, censorship and self-censorship everywhere, even the.

Yes no notice, is not it? (more ...)

From the upcoming aristocratic revolution (III)

Sunday, February 16, 2014

The aristocratic revolution is already well on my still leis made soles.

It spreads as I know, already under the oh-so-underrated youth from.

You can tell already there, such as a set Totalversklavung wollentlich the factory.

Still potter people like Julie toe or Sascha Lobo around helplessly in the matter.

But partly also set the already signs that, like these two, sheep media have spread.

These have of course only because they do not touch the core, the core of the matter.

Already clear. (more ...)

From the upcoming aristocratic revolution

Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's all on the head.

In business, the bankers are the masters of the world, the work of God verrichtend by creating anything real.

When it comes to information, the world network, the administrator, distributor, Verhunzer Verzwunzer and apply those more than those who actually deliver information.

Even the semi're most electrical box fuzzy feeling, measured even on a veritable productive artist, as Hermes Trismegistus.

Whole skyscrapers full of trolls, Abschakale, Hacker: As the masters of this world.

That will not last. (more ...)

Censorship in the "alternative media": The user must set it

Sunday 08 December 2013

That the so-called MSM media, the traditional media sheep, reader comments censor what it's worth, is also known as little surprise.

Less well known but somewhat surprising, at least at first glance, how many massively censor "alternative" portals, nachlöschen, lock.

I myself have had similar experience, but heard again and again very credible from that I'm not the only colorful dog whose objections are apparently not so rare perceives alswie the horse apple on the white tablecloth.

We are talking here of course only of contributions as far as free speech in Germany legally, the operator has therefore to not protect themselves as the commentators, and of those that do not contain coated insults or vulgarities or so off-topic, perhaps only to advertising purposes, just purely arbitrary, simply because the operator of the content does not fit, the light of the world network may not see.

Witziger- or sadly, as one might see it appear, often straight, so not squeamish deal operators, especially the rant loudly about media manipulation with their own clientele.

What of the ox shall not (to denounce in the media sheep), which is probably the Jupiter bargain.

Jupiter texts can in fact have no gross inconsistencies noticed a reader Jupiter, sure.

It seems actually to go to a kind of nimbus of Gurutums: you have to can be easily criticized by every running up Schlunz.

Often it may be shrewd calculation: I banish these commentators prefer the same, or teach him Mores.

On the whole, it is but one way or another, to a modulation of the herd to followers.

One has, as measured by the real or supposed benefits, usually little damage to it. Because few dare to know to effectively defend themselves, to spread the myth, whosoever where what. Many are too cowardly, others want to be a traitor to possibly put himself in an oblique light by the reflection of the Guru trailer almost certainly in the direction goes, the Censored had just misbehaved accordingly.

And also: "The man does make good, important work, we must not tear yourself!"

So stigmatized is fast that which points to censorship, and not the censor.

But too many fig. Again and again I read the whining, one was there and there were some jokes often sound. Why then is he always go back and try their luck, each time to the smaller, again?

Can he not rightly zuwenigst suspect that it is with others as well? That, when probably the most comment anyway anonymously, then censored nor will, alsomit published opinion deliberately manipulated, you (almost?) Must already speak of a kind of black Bude, on whose prosperity he as Unterstmöchtegernadept, he yet at the end conducive involved?

It is often enough obviously, only one other guru who is close to the operator guru, or the guru is to be doubted that the lever is folded.

People who act in a way which I definitely do not want to be governed instead of those who currently see them at the helm, I will in no weighty responsibility. Because they are responsible not. And best of cowardice or blind followers. Otherwise, from "real" base motives.

Users have to judge it.

You can adjust namely not only comment but also on other pages of their censorship experience, very concretely report.

This seems already increasingly occur.

More of it.

Blogs: From alarming and pleasing

Tuesday 03 December 2013

What do I mean almost less, well, I understand it from certain motives ago already, as that middle three comments as blog author in reader comments, is that you suddenly just closes a comment strand.

In a MSM newspaper (a sheep medium) i like to understand much easier that yes; you want to have the matter of the jaw; may have arrived a few comments that you would rather not have seen, but also not verwagte to censor. Since this is the simple solution.

I have been making a single comment string in almost five years. Am I stupid?

Could be. But I have seen again and again - it is well known search engines and other ways, the later on an article or the comments can lead to one - that only Alleweil months later came weighty. I was then the always happy, sometimes inspired in such a way to take me a almost forgotten topic again.

I'm not "cool". I never wanted to be. At most, sometimes left, but now there was no longer a smooth young man.

Why close the door?

Managed as laziness? A "What I care about my talk of yesterday?" Arrogance? Is one might simply not the grown what he wrote before? Cowardice?

All right. Everyone does it, as he wants to. There are fortunately no rules to it. It would be even worse.

I see it but this: Either let your comments to, or allowed it.

There may even be an article to which you want to publish any comments. Has not yet occurred to me: I can understand that but occasionally.

I think where we do not speak of the sheep media, that a kind of sublimity is to be distributed, usually at least if one says: ". So kiddies, this is now nothing more to say"

An open mind, of the world turns out, there may be exceptions, in my opinion, really unworthy.

No one forces the author to respond again. Many authors are anyway not very interactive. There is nothing to complain about. I think it is indeed different, but quite understand if someone 'simply left to stand as his property, other talk, even nothing more to say.

I "had" not many regular commentators, often get little, often no comment in.

But are those who enter, often wake up calls. At least indications of weight.

And sometimes damn good lyrics are. As someone has really thought what. These are some of the nicest moments.

Enough bitching. It moves a lot.

When I started, it was not usual that blog authors downright talked with their commentators. Really exchanged. Not in the sense of one "chats". Seriously. Exactly. Think about it.

That has changed. A very positive development.

To write again.

And trying to write correctly.

A quite significant cultural development.

From the medial inflection

Friday 08 November 2013

I will not say specifically again to the right and left and in the middle today. For this purpose there is certainly opportunity again soon. I have a small list again.

The prayer leader all the Alternativlosigkeiten ble and imbecility, who worked in the big funded by compulsory levy broadcasters and in the mainstream media, see now not only facing a considerable number of small and medium-sized media and persistent individual fighters. Cross Party.

I just came about for the first time the word phalanx in mind.

The EU NSA Bilderberg Goldman Sachs media whores cartel has an ever more difficult position.

About former "flagship of liberal democracy", now times as an example only time will only abgelästert in many forums, not only their censorship practice sake, scorn and ridicule are spreading.

Therefore, not only therefore, is already thinking about, for example, criticism of Islam be punishable to promote generally financially (because of tolerance, horny joke, wat?), But also systemically relevant media, other flat close to the (desired) "journalistic standards "as they call it so is unable to comply.

Similar to the banks. No matter what the Säugesindel costs: the main thing it is relevant to the system, thus inviolable. Who does not like it, which is a madman, a paranoid, it's about "national security" (which hardly exist before the EU anyway) even a supporter of terrorism.

You begin to take off the gloves so far, because you also have a serious problem.

And this is very much that of the opponent, the free media professionals, are not easily store using a large roll commands, unless you could drop the last masks with one blow.

Also intimidation and fear mongering gradually work in those who are at work here now, only conditionally.

And decapitation is not possible because there is no master. We have many heads, with different emphases and merits. There is no central organization, and this is very probably a good thing. Nevertheless, everyone knows each other.

One stands, even if there are of course individual conflicts, even when in doubt. Each as he can.

In this respect one hand, the term "phalanx" acts out of place and meets the other way around also turn to.

As previously killed people with spears a mammoth, which could not be easily lured into a pit?

Each took up where he could. Man jumped nimbly aside when he attacked by two sides poked sensitive again. We rushed him, tired him, eventually hit a one eye. Furious, he became weaker and weaker, perhaps finally driven into a swamp.

Or it met after the first eye of a ear hole, pretty deep. Already again a piece of the brain.

Then it did not take long.

Let us now go away from this stone-age image.

Consider not only the professional, but also sometimes to the private sphere of people who justify it, that human rights can occur in terms of human rights underfoot, systematically expropriated for the benefit of "the economy" people, uprooted cultures, even terrorists en masse aussbildet and unleashing that one pretends to fight, always propagate the new wars for peace.

There will be armed, in the pub, at home. People will eventually turn away, say: "With you I do not drink more beer" With you, I share no longer the bed "" What are you for a lying, corrupt scoundrel! "" Dad, how can you still for this! assholes work! I take off, and if I have to clean toilets! "

I believe that this factor is already much stronger than perceived, as we think of the manipulated still suggested as real superiority ago.

Also, none is so easily admit, sure.

There is already a lot together. There must be more. Let us work.

Obama in the self-imposed pressure to act

Thursday, August 29, 2013

The Obama administration war logic to Syria:

"Veeery sure it was the regime. Sure. Virtually certain. Virtually certain. In any case, by the logic. So, we have come to the conclusion. And if it was so, then we have to react. "

Apart from the fact that the UN initially an earlier use of poison gas on the part of the "rebels" noted alswelches judgment then quickly placed in the sinking: With that declaration of a "red line" in the event of such use by President Obama this, regardless of whether its ally (possibly with the help of Western and Arab forces golf) have committed the war crime or the regular Syrian army, is exposed to the pressure to act ( see also here: ), in where he is now. And he will, now at least, well actually not purely with US ground forces, so that the Islamist terrorists and murderers from their own pack that you used to be shot himself in the back. (more ...)

Dama gas Kiss

Monday, August 26, 2013

They had "little doubt" that Assad had used in Syria massive poison gas, but unfortunately, it adds - Mr Cameron Mrs. Merkel as you taking on board - a precaution that probably no "hard evidence" were to determine more.

Also, of course, by the war, as in the case of Libya, is excellent in Stokes of England and France fro, so that the poor Americans, because the even poorer Saudis and Qatarer, in the absence of its own efficient army, only to Allah, so to nothing, made little, called in Zwerch but also, a single vertigo.

But you do not and nowhere speaks yes, in the sheep media, politicians in the mouth, of war, but of possible or necessary military operations. Because of humanity, whatever.

Everyone knows that is not blind, deaf and dumb, that this war was instigated only by those forces, very significantly, Turkey by trained each variety bandits and fanatics, paid and fitting out, to clear out of the way Assad conditions Tehran and to expel the Russians from the Mediterranean to meet one more step of the Brzezinski doctrine. Only, unfortunately, you have probably thought it a bit too little to the Syrians. The fact seem to have figured out very majority, which resist the old order incited a killer riff-raff, so that the various groups of "rebels" just does not have the necessary support of the population, their mission of breaking Syria, under annihilation and expulsion of the remaining Christians and Alawites, finally, to bring through the West, alone successfully finished even with the best weapons. They had thought of everything so beautiful. Only, it did not work. You probably wanted to own not "ran". So one but bad luck.

And exactly at this point, as ordered, should Assad, highly self in Damascus, the "red line" of, have exceeded cocky world Saviour Nobel Peace Prize Barack Hussein Obama, the first black US president with a white mother, probably because it someone best ten grams done in the Lebanese red tea. (more ...)

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (VI)

Sunday 07 July 2013

Well, finally, after it (where it some time was actually not, but you just ignored largely what Professor Josef Foschepoth found) no longer hold under the blanket that since Adenauer all Chancellor Germans lied what the monitoring powers of the Western Allies concerned, hereby with respect to the non-sovereign status of our country, takes itself today under the title "The big brother" of the subject to; and as I have read some of the comments, my five-cycle appears to boycott the general election not more ridiculous, as some think in that direction, or at least recommend to choose anything else, as the traitors who sit in parliament.

The Goeller was just so again faster. (more ...)

Magnus Goeller is an "international quality medium"! (It's about time that the last one noted.)

Monday, June 10, 2013

On the page "" has my blog an unusual (poisoned?) Learn praise by left outside (where else?) Sorted (here often called "Sheep media" ...) in the compass of the most exciting prospects "international quality media", such as addressed the following:

'Yawn. So the blog comments the media response to the Data affair and the image will be drawn from the "Holy Santa Obama, Mr Nobel Peace Prize, Saint Transparency". Another Bush? This is Obama not only in terms of digital surveillance, but also "in terms of terrorist support, drone attacks and the performing covert wars." Wen surprised because even the NSA scandal? '

(Under the heading "concept" explains the side so:

"Every day we compile analyzes and comments from home and abroad on topics from politics, economy and society. Our products provide the most exciting prospects of international quality media directly opposite. The result: compact, informative summaries of the key positions on current events ").

I as a clear left wing, just above me, the world and the LATimes, the right-wing New York Times, German wave, Süddeutsche Zeitung and TAZ significantly below me.

After all, someone seems to have realized that a pronounced Patriot neither right nor must be down.

Now, however, beyond this quite serious small Scherzleins: This compilation is well made. The concept of the people of (I have the page otherwise not studied in detail, it exists only since this year) could well rise in the long term.

I thank you in any case at this point, for a fair and clean content and wish to mention colleagues continued success.

Sibylle: Böckin in the Sheepfold

Sunday 09 June 2013

Actually I wanted not again einschafen a sheep ichtes quote from the sheep might schafichsten all media, SPON, but Sibylle has bleated it virtually here:

"The fact that there is no difference between men, women or even people who know they are neither of the two sexes belonging, that we will learn as much as others."

No, dear wife Sibylle, although it may well be that you will "learn" the still itself, but I hardly.

I will continue to not confuse namely not only testes with wombs.

Not that I was looking at me more closely which of the one or the other more often. (more ...)

Bilderberg 2013: Aliens take part

Saturday 08 June 2013

Participate that aliens in this year's Bilderberg conference, is evident if only from the fact that the sheep media hardly report. There is nothing more to say.

About radicals against the "middle"

Sunday 02 June 2013

We must at all that far to find out safely assume that the escalation in the Blockupy demonstration yesterday in Frankfurt police had other plans in advance. Apparently nothing was particularly happened questionable, as the state power created a cauldron. It had disguised inadmissible with umbrellas and sunglasses, it said. What can I say?

On the other hand, suffer peacefully giving organizations such as the Left Party, attacking, and Verdi, extremist groups not only no, they are partly funded quite generously. This has been known for years, but no one minds, well, what else, because State and Protection of the Constitution and the compliant mass media, so eager to watch closely.

Organizations such as "Good Night White Pride" may live out clearly violent favorable anti white racism in this republic, no problem.

If the logo on the floor face Stepped, a possible murder victim ie, a Jew, a Muslim or Black, these people lead directly to jail. But that's okay.

Too many people do not see the closer, deeper connections, they do not want to see. Anti-racists are racists and anti-fascists think and act like fascists, and you want the same way, and who deals with this, no matter how obvious it is that is even labeled as the racists and fascists, so that makes a little. (On the robbers ass I will not let the Wortvergifter of the line.)

Here reigns, among other things, what is usually called the "deep state" in Turkey, and even displace millions of these facts. (more ...)

Leave media sheep left

Monday, May 13, 2013

To let the sheep media always lie further to the left, one must not take a step to the right; only stet straight ahead.

"NSU" killings: From journalists Pack

Saturday 04 May 2013

I am now only on this interview to the so-called NSU murders on Ken-FM, with Jürgen Elsässer, encountered:

It's been a few weeks old, but it has lost none of its relevance. Who does not know, I recommend you to take the hour.

Of all the theories, the spread of Alsace, I was a little bumpy as only those on that first doner murders mentioned deeds were first carried out for purely criminal motives, not political.

Why should namely be a widespread organization, if there was not even a long-term account is opened - after all, probably for some of the murders, as Alsatian says - such unprofessional Tinker as the two order-oriented Uwes have tied to the leg? Assuming so unprofessional before, if you gradually, purposeful, liquidated people? (more ...)

NSU Trial: The mixture (II)

Thursday 02 May 2013

The Zschäpe NSU Kafkaesque process carries trains even before its official launch.

When I compared the Kafka just remembered I was looking for, if he had already fallen, and found already by 4.4. (!) This, the already catchy folly in dealing with the (already accredited) Press lighting:

It is shrouded in more explicable, teilerklärliche and inexplicable perversion of justice and fractures, strange events surrounding this thing, now places are hawked, as though one of the last beer was, after a tankard still won the lots, so that you may get the impression a proper investigation of the case is completely irrelevant.

On the other hand, the machinery does not run so smoothly and naturally as in Kafka. (more ...)

Syria: Why this war?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Alleged statement by a Syrian doctor, just read on SPON:

"The government Luftwaffe tried from time to time to meet our hospital. I have now been here for two months and have not seen my family who lives on the other side of the front at this time. If the henchmen of the regime to find out that I work here, it happened to my family. Therefore you must not take pictures here, and no one will give you his real name. "

As far as I know, Syria has a fairly large, some very modern air force. Es stimmt zwar, je heikler es wird, umso öfter, nicht, was man auf Wikipedia findet, der Link hierzu sei aber trotzdem angegeben:äfte

Wieso schafft die syrische Luftwaffe es “immer mal wieder” (das heißt, indem sie es nicht selten probiert; oder kann ich nicht lesen?) nicht, ein Krankenhaus zu treffen? Was ist denn einfacher zu treffen, als ein großes, unbewegliches Ziel?

White reporters Kurt Pelda, of which it is, he reports for over 20 years from war zones, does not? Drinking Assad "thugs" (which is the standard term in SPON and other MSM for the Syrian government soldiers) always two bottles of raki before they sit down in a MIG or a helicopter gunship? Or build yourself, because a good Muslim not only in the service of non-alcoholic drinks for the purpose of also always fires three grams best Lebanese red one?

The "war reporting" from Syria, as previously in the case of Libya, which, after it had been the richest country in Africa now largely destroyed, severely predominantly one-sided propaganda. This is just a small, but bezeichnedes example.

But still I do not understand what you getting at in Syria. (In Libya, it was pretty clear.) What promises to be one of them, to plunge the country into chaos, deliver it to Islamist, Sunni extremists? (more ...)

From the growth of the new middle

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meanwhile, the allusurpatorische Globalistengesindel actually has a serious problem. More and more are left - in simple terms - nationally, so right, and more and more rights are international, so left.

The center, those pseudo-liberal, pampered by the globalists center, thins out not only always on; it threatens even their loss of status, that it is seen more widespread because already, as rückstandig, marginal, and that no matter how much the media praise sheep whose ostensible rationality daily.

Immer häufiger sieht man Libertäre, echte Konservative, Sozialisten, Patrioten, wirkliche Menschenrechtler, Christen, Nietzscheaner, weiß der Deibel was für traditionell kaum Zusammenzuführende, auf gemeinsamen Podien, erörternd, wie die Hydra entmachtet werden könne.

Die allfälligen Vorwürfe von Seiten der Systemmmedien, man pflege, da eine bessere, gerechtere Geld- und Wirtschaftsordnung anstrebend, Nazi-Gedankengut, träume internationalsozialistischer Spinnerei, sei bestenfalls geistig etwas minderbemittelt, greifen immer mehr ins Leere. Man kennt diesen immergleichen Geifer wider jeden, der es auch nur wagt, öffentlich daran zu denken, dass, wie sich aus der herrschenden totalen Finanzschakalerei, in der Gewinne global zugunsten weniger privatisiert, Verluste auf dem Rücken aller sozialisiert werden, zu befreien sei. More and more people can not be more impressed by this obviously crucial orchestrated controlled agitation.

So the new center is growing daily. And the old one is always senile, ridiculous, fackt in their idiocy, senile eyes rolling, its economic policy to the rollator own end pushing, always visible further. (more ...)

Karen Horn (FAZ) reißt Larven ab

Montag, 11. März 2013

Wie im folgenden anzitiert, empfehle ich einen heute erschienenen Artikel von Karen Horn auf , welchen ich gymnasialen Oberstufen und entsprechenden Universitätsfakultäten überdies zur grundlegenden Lektüre anriete, denn er hält, was er in Überschrift und Vorspann verspricht:

“Libertärer Paternalismus
Sklavenhalter der Zukunft

11.03.2013 · Der libertäre Paternalismus weiß genau, was für den Menschen gut ist. Er handelt zum Wohl der Bürger und bringt sie auf den rechten Weg. Oberflächlich betrachtet entfaltet dieses Modell enormen Charme – in Wahrheit ist es ein Anschlag auf die Freiheit.
Von Karen Horn”

Bei allem, was an der FAZ zweifellos scharf zu kritisieren bleibt: Seit einiger Zeit, so auch mit diesem Beitrag, hat sich die Zeitung wieder klar an die Spitze der sogenannten “Qualitätsmedien” gesetzt (die ich aus guten Gründen meist “Schafsmedien” heiße).

Man scheint am Untermain begriffen zu haben, dass man seinen Lesern mehr bieten muss, als politisch korrektes Geblürb, will man nicht den Weg der Rundschau und anderer gehen. (weiterlesen…)

Syria: Allah and the NWO streams of blood

Saturday 09 March 2013

Syrian regime holds by a surprisingly long time.

At the end, but it will be very likely overthrown by the support of NATO and the Gulf States jihadists.

Massive executions by the "rebels" have long been on the agenda. Mit einem großen Blutrausch ist zu rechnen.

You know exactly. It has obviously already "priced in" in the bill.

Well, rather badly: What do they want? (more ...)

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