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Circumcision of boys: Breeding a sick, steerable warrior caste

Thursday 06 February 2014

"Otherwise, the baby roar due to lack of or no anesthesia performed mutilation not worth mentioning against the fact that in this way are maimed for life deprived of a part of your sexuality and punished with partial numbness."

That just wrote earlier the laudable loyal reader and commentator "Anonymous" for circumcision of boys, in the pre-Range commenting.


He mentioned the topic of censorship.

That's because, of course, of course.

We're not even to get to that one says to all mankind the truth about such a big part of herself!

Not an idiot would think not from something. Odder? (more ...)

Absolute double-talk (II)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A case of absolute Doublespeak we find also in the context of religions and the words "respect" and "tolerance".

I do not want that male children may be garbled in Germany legally in the sex part, so desfalls intentional serious bodily injury must be committed to protection commanded minors, so I am "intolerant", I show lack of respect for two "world religions". Some then lay still the accusation of "racism" to Judaism although lineage committed or conditionally, Islam did not.

I once had the police at the door, was that of a caring neighbors summoned the officer and the officer lay my two boys a little grin bringing to the threshold, apparently unhurt, just keep them from entering without a search warrant in my apartment because it in Indeed, but only when the two were fighting without end, had come to noisy references from my page.

That obviously nothing was out of the roar of my hand, happen, did not change the fact that I got missed with two children a forced appointment at the Youth Office, provision, the two officials, my crabs thought seeing by both the meantime laughing, had to achwas, all fours, just not me, where I fortunately on an understanding lady came, however, in turn, provision had to keep one year on a kind Watchlist me.

If I had my boys mutilated genitals, so that the Indicating hinwiederum would have been no problem, a master Disrespectful-Intolerant. A Muslim hater and anti-Semite.

Ebensoso: No one should be discriminated against because of his race, etc., says the Basic Law. Boys should be blended, not girls. Women and migrants with or without a German passport are already set preferred in many cases. Who but a job ad on, in which he (and it was that he was not paying attention only in the formulation) a man, a German, looking to fall quickly into severe water. The so-called family ministry called exactly: "Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth" ("and against men" is, in fact, at least not explicitly here).

Freedom of speech is propagated. But at the University of Cologne already watching an entire Guardian about the fact that "gender neutral" Newspeak is enforced everywhere.

The woman officer of the City of Stuttgart (not just this lousy Swabia nest) is also the Equal Opportunity Officer. Under the heading "Men Supervisor (r)" finds only those Zürcher, who was sacked soon.

Too bad Lady Before Zuger interior that not only is your gender lousy voice, but you can not make it in the literature, as desired, to bring women seriously in the forehand.

The will you, as long as men left no prohibition on writing, in five hundred years of the "Girls' Day" and sponsored by the Family Ministry creative writing courses for women, single award prices, regardless of frippery, not create them.

You do not even notice that your damage much more with all this shite your wards, than those against whom ye rise. (more ...)

According lies

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

One lies further: "Muslims". It's called Muslims.

Westerwelle "understands" Muslims, betrays the freedom

Friday, September 14, 2012

"I understand the outrage felt by many devout Muslims in the face of become known anti-Islamic film material. But: This outrage can not be a justification for violence. "

So, as I read up, our Foreign Minister Westerwelle on embassy storming and murdering Moslemmob.

I have not seen a second of this incriminating video, I am also really care alswie Ziegenschiet; and it would be me also plenty of the same, "insulting" to the measured Mohammed much closer related Odin (to which I also still do not think what a fortune, and if so would it be me anyway pig care less) I for one hundred thousandth time.

Why Verständis?

What is this? (more ...)

Are most Muslims Jews?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The provocative title stems from my thinking about the circumcision of boys practice.

I read several times - and was in self-reading anything about it, although I did not got through the whole book - that in the Koran there was nothing to find a duty to circumcision of boys, most Muslims this cruelty on own child but still thought was commanded and ran.

In the most important Jewish book, however, the matter is clear: "Must be circumcised!"

Mohammed Simply ever forgotten a verse, or a not unimportant part of it?

Then the book would be unholy, and that's probably can not want to have.

Have those Muslims ever thought that they could do with the circumcision ritual to quasi Jews? (more ...)

German 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In 2012, makes a German patriots crucial that it does not even grind between Muslims and Jews.

Hetzer and spin doctors among themselves (II)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I put here right now still separately after.

It almost does not matter who you talk to: the "moderate" Muslim, Christians or Jews. (more ...)

Hetzer and spin doctors among themselves

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It is these things which dominate our time, so it does not help to ignore them. (more ...)

Nathan the Wise keel up

Monday, January 11, 2010

If I were a Christian ...

Then I would consider it any longer. (more ...)

Pro Bono

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am after a long day mild: The Jews like Muslims are and thereto together with them Christian.

Afterwards the Christians behave decently towards the rest of humanity.

Everything will be fine.

Of the three good

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Once you have me now made it clear that Friedrich Nietzsche was not a true philosopher lack of systematics, ie only a more or less prosaic entertaining talkers, I need to keep the less with my still much more modest ineptitude behind the mountains themselves.

So please read the following text only if you are of age and in good health.

"The Three Good", hereby Judaism, Christianity and Islam, are undoubtedly saugut; (more ...)

Or maybe he rotates through ...

Monday, November 09, 2009

On the occasion of the killing spree of a Muslim American military psychiatrist with thirteen dead and thirty injured told the German Minister of Justice in Sunday Bavarian Frensehfrühschoppen, one must certainly individual cases as to think about letting Muslim Bundeswehr soldiers do home service, instead of against their conviction against fellow Muslims in the combat . Send

Nevermind the fact that only voluntary professional soldiers who have their vow to defend Germany bravely saved, are obliged to do.

What if a Christian says he does not fight against Christians (or turn might otherwise be), a gay man, he did not shoot at men (or turn might otherwise be), a Hindu, he did not shoot at vegetarians (or turn might otherwise through)? (more ...)

Aphorisms 49

Sunday, October 25, 2009

I think - as a heathen - that Christians are on average happier than Jews and Muslims: you have given up their claim to world domination and allowed to eat and drink what they want.

Strange phalanx selective Prosemiten

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

What Thilo Sarrazin, Geert Wilders, Henryk M. Broder and Ralph Giordano have in common?

They are similar selectivity which arrives Vollsemiten (Arabs) and general Muslims and contrast partly Semites and Jews: the former are lazy, stupid, backward and intolerant; latter hardworking, intelligent, modern and tolerant.

Something they will think at it.

Earthly grace

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A German Christian, an Arab Muslim and a Jew aschkenazischer discuss the state of the nation on television. The latter complain alternately on anti-Islamism and anti-Semitism. The Christian is to be severely affected and publicly apologized.

Suddenly, it still is a dispute. The Muslim annoyed the Jews with Gaza, Lebanon, the Nakba (the expulsion and murder of the Palestinians), after that has applied the Muslim so that Muslims tried perfidious in a sacrificial role that not theirs by.

The terrified Christian committed immediately as the escalation guilty and tries to make the situation to calm down. (more ...)


Thursday, July 30, 2009

I read again today a newspaper article that especially given the increased importance of Sino-US relations (the lazy over-eaten man the industrious thin man owes a lot of money and can it not just for kill) the declining weight of Europe complained meant was the EU .

The author, I here want to punish non mentioning, because he well known as a de facto U.S. Agent on German soil was, of course, once seen primarily Military, a non-convulsive direct use of power, so more martial vassalage on behalf Washington. (more ...)

Poor Christians?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Substituting once the case, I blasphemed here grossly Jesus, the cross (the one without the hook), Christianity altogether from, seasoned with all sorts Blutallegorien and denouncing sexual perversion etc etc .: it would happen nothing, except that I might be a few readers would lose and possibly for a few would gain.

I did like, and lose myself while Mohammed and Islam according to the breast, so I would have as safe as the Amen in church death threats on the neck, which I speak "own fault" would, because I would have had to know that you can not so easily hurt the feelings of the sublime Muslims, and would probably otherwise abused in every imaginable way.

Finally fell to me in a similar way about the Jewish faith, Judaism, move here, I would have to expect to get 5 years in jail. (more ...)

For "All and None"

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I try again to clarify it a little.

Who "the reader" writes is either recruiter or journalist or children's book author or someone who wants to sell his books necessarily.

Here something else takes place.

"Uninhibited - Uncensored" The idea does not even come from me, but I liked it, so I took the motto.

But what does that mean?

This means that I seek here to breed no clientele who, whether Muslim, Jew, Christian, pagan, agnostic, atheist, Hindu, Buddhist or sonstnochwas can expect to always by the expected and in various forms reliably satisfied Aufgegeigte therein be that once a practiced writes something they want to hear. (more ...)

Funny Hesse Hampeln

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I wish all readers who are interested in the following topic en detail, not bothering with a series of quotations from the FAZ today's date and refer to the article titled "A German tragedy" of Lorenz Jäger on "faz.net" .

I therefore summarize the postmodern comedy together content short and rezensiere it alongside.

The Board of Trustees, which decides on the awarding of the annual "Hessian Culture Prize", came up with the most original idea, but to elect a Catholic, a Lutheran, a Jew and a Muslim.

All were informed of their Mitpreisträger in advance in knowledge (!), Hence yes no one could be offended.

Everything appeared scratched, but then the Muslim excited about the comments of the Jews on the Gaza war by suggesting that he would not accept the price together.

Unpleasant, but of course they found a replacement Moslem, against the first had none of the other objections.

Everything now seemed happy ausgekungelt. (more ...)

Teaching of Islam?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The discussion continues.

In fact, many good arguments for a German-led teaching of Islam in this country, which I will not repeat here.

I just wonder how state-paid teachers will explain the Muslim children and young people, why women according to the Quran only half the inheritance entitled as men, as the thing with Aishe, the child wife of Muhammad, polygamy or the death penalty for Muslims who depart from the faith, lane (more ...)