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Spin Doctors at the end

Friday, November 04, 2011

Muslims bless French satirist by an arson attack.

And in Libya , the "rebels" shoot each other on who's'd thought up in the hospital.

How connected the two messages?

They show where we stand. (more ...)

From the Lost

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

By the loss of both the sense of ethnicity, family, as by a lack of individual self-confidence, creates the hohlköpfichte pseudo-tribalism, which we perceive more and more.

It is proud to be a (virtual) community feels belonging. Inaction by any or a ridiculous, infantile, for heroism glorified Tun (more ...)

FAZ: three times murky pond

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Web edition of FAZ today brings the following survey (one of the three answers is to click):

"There are very few women at the top - who is to blame?

The men. They block and keep women small

The women. They often lack the bite

The State. It saves on childcare "

That's funny.

"? Whose fault": First, the question implies two things that can not be simply assumed so.

Namely, that there must necessarily be a deplorable state when there are very few women at the top (which is the politically correct person must of course answer yes, whether he likes it or not), then, the fact that someone must especially be "to blame" under three a responsible group was to find villains.

(The irony of fate that a certain Hammelburger full post at Mark accidentally nor the third answer mitanklickte ...)

Men blame / women blame themselves / State debt: At this level, (more ...)

From Berlin II

Monday, August 09, 2010

Particularly pleasing to Berlin is the low traffic; except in peak hours on major highways very moderate: parking spaces are scarce, many people can not afford a car anyway, and many other voluntarily forego given the day and night very speedy and reliable, everywhere developed, moreover Berlin cheap local transport service.

And not only that, but of course also by rehabilitating and improving heating systems, such as the geographical location and structural spaciousness, the once legendary Berliner Luft my feeling for a world city is nevertheless remarkable.

In the fast food restaurants ostiasatischen the pasta and Wokbrutzler seem to have the Turkish kebab stands as perhaps the German curry and Bockwurst- and meatball stalls decreased market share, shops everywhere.

The American burger chains are found with all his might probably sometimes saw today as a "restaurant" at Alexanderplatz, (more ...)

Death Parade: disgrace for Germany

Sunday, July 25, 2010

For the Love Parade tragedy I wrote yesterday that I hardly could a twenty-meter-wide tunnel view as a bottleneck, because a lot of people fit through.

However, since I did not know that this tunnel was ONLY ON AND OUTPUT for perhaps a million people, because then the bill is different.

Alone the fact that the city of Duisburg for this quite expected million (some spoke of 1.4 million "guests") participants an area of ​​230,000 square meters provided for, so hardly a square for four people, I mean to the arithmetic mean, is evidence of the grossest negligence, absolute irresponsibility, you could also say sheer idiocy (if you want criminal plead insanity).

It does not take a degree in Mobologe to know that, especially if most fanatical-disinhibited, the majority full of drugs and alcohol can be dangerous uncontrollable.

What then shall become a thousand or even ten thousand policemen and Ordungskräfte align against a million course boomed and drunks, if something goes wrong?

With machine guns into hold, or what? (more ...)

OILBAMA: "Yes, we ran!"

Sunday, 04 July 2010

In connection with the preceding article "Gift Golf: atomic bomb cheap solution" is becoming increasingly clear why the U.S. government all leaves as much as possible BP: You will have been responsible in the end for nothing and no one kicked the bucket there.

"Yes, we ran!"

This strategy is in a way mean that I personally consider them for high treason against the American people (in Germany treason shall be punished with less than ten years in prison, I do not know what it is in the USA).

Of course, for high treason against the whole of humanity, which will pay for bitter.

Obama has shown his true colors in this context: He's a walking teleprompter, a gepushte doll, managed by Rahm Emanuel in terms of the interests of Goldman Sachs and the rest of the Wallstreet- and banksters guild.

This man is worse for the planet than George Bush, (more ...)


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Yesterday I read on the net that irgendsoein climate cheese Kasper Reverend thought of and science (its name, which stands for all the gossips of this kind, I will not honor here by reference), he was pretty confident that we would know in about 20-30 years whether the earth actually Heat.

Where this Master Augur from the chair of all seers, soothsayers, and prophets Mantiker this ingenious, irrefutable perspective probably has come from?

Already permanently drunk makes a glass of Himalayan glacier melt water, we provided only enough believe in it?

When may we perceive the recent revelations, the definitive Deliria this pseudo-scientific brandy noses?

Technique aghast (death leap through technology)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Although I own for a few years no car, had it before but managed personally and professionally conditioned, everything to get over twenty years without an accident pretty much once under her butt, which may be moved without the truck or bus driver's license, of the old Kastenente about pretty much all car brands and types of any size and engine, to the Methuselah 7.5 tonner, old, worn-out platform tubs, often with a trailer ... (my preferences I name them now like, but this is not the place for advertising).

Which Mobile me, the famous wild horses not behind the wheel would bring, not even if the Pope next prayed for us, those are the modern luxury sedans that not only have power steering, cruise control, ABS and such useful facilities, but on an on-board computer, the GAS OR BRAKE THERE WHEN HE (!) THE RIGHT FOR KEEPS!

Not since the death of Jörg Haider (more ...)

Memorial Day

Sunday, November 15, 2009

About the suicide of Robert Enke, for today held a large funeral in Hannover, much has been written.

As a Gelegenheitsfußballfan (exactly every two years to the European and World Championships), I barely followed his career and will definitely not want to judge here on this desperate man.

But a question for our society is yet permitted me.

Who leaves his wife as a successful athlete with 32 years committed suicide with a small child, must have suffered extremely; I do not want to think or speculate what this means especially for the widow about it here.

However, I do not understand why even a platoon leader, thus its members, must atone for the suffering of Robert Enke, as he ran over him as completely uninvolved.

There are other ways to end a life itself, without an impartial third party to draw in this way in his fate.

Therefore, mingles in the mourning Robert Enke, in the pomp of the funeral, in the tears of many who did not even know him, for me, a question mark.

Addendum to "World Men's Day"

Wednesday 04 November 2009

We need comprehensive protection zones and breeding areas for non-gay Europeans before the rest of the inventory is sold off in black markets.


Monday 02 November 2009

In today's Mirror explains Henryk M. Broder, who makes the first Narcissus among German Jews the "gelled nuisance" the Friedman rank dispute ("obviously I had the German public G-spot hit"), under the title "The ideal candidate "that he no longer seeks the office of President of the Zentalrates.

He sees his mission as fulfilled, basks in its chutzpah and closes his mocking to all sides essay with the founded words: "Do not worry. I'm not doing it. I am not a megalomaniac nor hedonistic. "

Very the question: his playfulness, he has undermined the authority of the Central specifically to his jokes, without, however, to save on malice towards the "non-Jews".

Suppose the thing sporty: In its hubris Broder makes not only himself ridiculous, but also his employer, the mirror, the German sheep medium par excellence.

And when one of the smartest Jews in Germany, then Mr. Sarrazin may have been just a little miscalculated so that Eastern Jews bring an increase of 15 points racial average IQ than autochthonous German.

The German public as an unsatisfied, sexually emaciated woman in need of a Broders, who really takes time dimension, which is in fact a so narcissistic as hochnotköstliches image.

Obama gets the Nobel Prize War

Friday, October 09, 2009

A good choice: The man who has greatly expanded the wars in Afghanistan and Pakistan and not finished in Iraq, Guantanamo continues to operate, the Patriot Act was in force, Iran constantly threatens war and covered him long leads against Israel in its wars Palestinians and Lebanese has always supported, can use up masses of uranium munitions to poison all the peoples and lands and permanently contaminate, this man has the war Nobel Prize truly like no other deserves!


FDP idea

Tuesday 06 October 2009

The FDP wants a standardized citizen's income for the unemployed instead of Hartz IV, actually at first glance a reasonable idea.

However, it is so then in the Lausitz compared to Munich because of the rent and other living expenses out fine.

The thing would be a real economic program for depressed areas, each of which can then delay (especially since there the "ARGE" also annoys even less, since it is anyway no work).

Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Hamburg, etc. would depopulate itself, because it is not enough there for life.

Somehow something crass.

Grönemeyer's lyrics

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

"It's ok, I'm equally hurt" - that Herbert Grönemeyer sings of life.

I like it quite: but of course that is arrant nonsense.

It does namely - fortunately - not quite evenly hurt, but sometimes bloody and sometimes not, and everything in between also (with five good bottles of wine and an even better woman in bed, for example.).

But the bard wanted us still say something: Life is pain-driven, as much as driving and driven, and yet understand driven at a few.

Love of course it helped: Therefore, one who can sing so badly, sing well.

Vacation is good

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Should it be on the earth two or three degrees colder instead of warmer (which it is not since 1998, so that the Klimawandlerkatastropheten already half despair of it) it would be really bad: That meant famine in biblical proportions.

Fortunately currently makes up about any concerns.

These climate types are really unlucky: After predicting an ice age to today in the seventies, it was warmer as if by magic, and have switched to interglacial doom for them, it will suddenly but not warmer, as if the Hex 'behind Booking per hour' .

I argue for a permanent unpaid leave for these Middle Ages Barker.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Some years ago a man I take very seriously especially if his undeniable cultural merits said to me, you must be able to also hate.

I still do not know whether I should agree with him.

Maybe he's right, and I'm just too soft.

Joke of America

Saturday 08 August 2009

Two bent, somewhat dull in the radiance swastikas meet on 42nd Street. The one to the other: "You look like Limbaugh, the Rightist Fascist Council!"

The other homeless swastika on it: "You look like Hillary, the Socialist Nazi OBAMANIST!"

Both had no Renminbi to go drink a reconciliation.

"Kant does not come to Kunduz"

Monday, August 03, 2009

Today I want to explicitly call for at least partial reading of Spiegel this week.

Not only that the magazine "Business with the syringe" the zuwenigst grossly negligent swine flu Impfwahn critically examined under the title, also it appears an interview with the "Inglourious Basterds" director (the film that revolves around cheerful Nazi slaughter) Tarantino which I will analyze in another article here separately.

And moreover, we find the essay "cowardice before the people" from the pen of Richard David Precht, of the folly and hypocrisy of the Afghanistan war and Germany's involvement focuses in a way that I take my hat. ( read more ...)

Swine Flu: What's that?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Since the matter assumes the swine flu hysteria always monstrous trains (you only watch once in after), I began anew to research and came at once to the current online contributions of F. William Engdahl , Gerhard Wisnewski and Michael Grandt on the network side of the Kopp-Verlag , to which I would like to expressly point.

As these authors so clearly show the current problem already, that I better not to see myself in the position I want it today, except for a small personal comment left at this urgent recommendation to inform themselves there.

(I sit below an at least rudimentary reading of the articles mentioned authors advance.) (more ...)

XXI aphorisms

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Second World War brought Germany liberation: we need to do more "for the good" fight wars; evil only a refusal would mitzutun our part here.

Afghanistan and no end

Friday, July 17, 2009

Today I read in the newspaper that this month for NATO was the largest loss in 2001 since the beginning of the war in Afghanistan already. 54 dead was the speech.

One should however have in mind that in the excellent medical supplied NATO troops should come at least 3-5 seriously injured on a dead (we are told not too much about it), and again several minor injuries (which are soldiers, the only two fingers have lost).

But then followed by a message. The losses of the Afghan police and security forces went monthly in the hundreds.

That makes Ms. Merkel of course nothing, because it is otherwise virtually not reported, and it must not regret on television, because it is merely Afghans.

As you continue to assume that the NATO forces militarily superior to the opponents far are (in terms of firepower, anyway) kill a lot more enemies than they suffer losses, the death toll is likely to be a total tremendously there.

But they tell us little, as is usual in wars that are going badly. (more ...)

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