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From the upcoming aristocratic revolution

Sunday, February 16, 2014

It's all on the head.

In business, the bankers are the masters of the world, the work of God verrichtend by creating anything real.

When it comes to information, the world network, the administrator, distributor, Verhunzer Verzwunzer and apply those more than those who actually deliver information.

Even the semi're most electrical box fuzzy feeling, measured even on a veritable productive artist, as Hermes Trismegistus.

Whole skyscrapers full of trolls, Abschakale, Hacker: As the masters of this world.

That will not last. (more ...)

Google does not yet Allah

Saturday, February 15, 2014

By Google under my Image Search to Magnus Goeller still assigns a Hitler image, while the other search result is still more ridiculous and irrelevant, I was told very firmly that I should not be sitting on me, I should, no, I had the "Report inappropriate photo" in Google at least report the better send equal a juicy e-mail, even better, with lawyer threat.

I beg your pardon? What should I do?


At the company, the German free tutoring takes many years for me, me for me initially quite weighed (as I said, until recently was little to complain about in the classifieds), now treated as a Unterpariah of Netzsubprekariats?

Should I beg these wayward giant squid about? (more ...)

The Big Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Friday 03 January 2014

Lichtenberg said that he will never get bored, because he look in doubt, just in people's faces.

At that time there was still no power, only the people on the street.

Their faces may have been more expressive than those of people today. I dont know.

Maybe I have it too easy.

I just need SPON open, and it is almost guaranteed that I perceive grandiose nonsense, often so strong that it really lights up the boredom, even longer than a quarter of an hour.

It is also similar to the aphorism, or observations that Lichtenberg from the window of his house made in winter, as people do in a strange behavior the morning with fresh snow square cross diagonally until after Voreingewöhnung, then obediently.

He sees already, repeatedly astonished thereat, how little reasonable man yet. Especially in the herd.

And with what people love and benevolence but all he sees!

He is the stupidity of people not angry. You only surprised him, and he does his expression.

One of our Great, when the still sprout from the time of every German angle.

Wistful from the Tintenmeisterei

Thursday 02 January 2014

It may well be that the schwächlichste all suggestion to write an article that consists in wanting to actually refer only to another, not even their own, but even on those of another, who wrote in about what you yourself like would have said so well, which is why I now only just quite do it:

The contribution of Jermain encounters in me the memory of those brave strange bird of perhaps sixty years, I really alone in the local fiction sometimes together with Konstantin Eulenspiegel, as the guest of me in Stuttgart, in a more or less notorious local encountered.

I even remember what his name is, probably better, ie what already mention in my underground name memory itself: The first syllable of two-syllable name also speaks exactly like those of Jermain. Nice coincidence.

In any case, it was this fellow who once recited an impressive longer poem, a private, I asked afterwards whether he was also something else, write and whether it probably would be something to read.

He only compose poetry. Never else. And to read there was nothing. Only a few selected people, which I had not previously. Why? He had always lived in the shadow.

At least times be marketing worked perfectly: I was reading love to his poems. And finally Constantine himself was very impressed by the sovereign nature of the men in black.

I also feel just quite personally approached by what Jermain there are the best by it crystallizes the contrast between self-referentiality and Verhangensein outdoors, at the hacks.

He's so right, that you do not want to know usually.

On the other hand, I'll probably still at least for the foreseeable future not so hold as the black-clad, just yet outwardly as bear appearance to inside and from there again even External Affairs over the outside.

Hopefully Jermain keeps it as well.

2013: The year of inner liberation

Sunday, December 22, 2013

We had here some already in Forum: The Brzezinski Plan NWO cabal running out of air.

As you Libya meal ended, because you could feel the last time quite large. What has been gained, we now see from Mali to Niger to Central Africa.

We also wanted to scrap Syria. It has also produced many deaths, much ruined, but is unsuccessful. Better to have a predictable, all ethnic groups and denominations protective autocrat, as thousands of jihadist bandits and mercenaries and smugglers and each variety vermin from around the world: It's become clear to the Syrians well.

And behind the scenes, Russia has expressed not only a serious warning about Syria, but is also assumed that it has made clear, together with China, that Iran is not invaded. The fifth U.S. fleet is in Bahrain selbsteingekesselt quickly at the bottom of the Persian Gulf.

In Germany later this year, many who still somehow, propaganda controlled by something like a sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany believer, if not totally blind and deaf, woke up, found that they still only in a besatzten vassal state, if required also UN-enemy state, as may US-quasi-colony, live.

Even many on the left find the, to use a modern expression, suboptimal.

Western Europe is to hold out much longer in the EU prison. The people want to belong again myself. You do not need Commissariat monster to know that you are Europeans and to act accordingly.

The downright delusional plans to repressive, violent enforcement of "tolerance", tolerance of EU-reading, planned most senior are to understand as the last, already delirious convulsions of the delusional system.

Even though the historical joke that about $ 30 trillion, so at least the theoretical potential value of all the debts of the states around the world, to "offshore" accounts are floating around, have some already understood.

The FED is when I really know it, tomorrow hundred. The hundred it creates probably.

"It has been achieved an enormous amount": If our new defense minister, I hear on the radio just to have said in Afghanistan and why we naturally not completely depart, give up everything again.

Those who believe such a shite yet? Who?

Which the lie itself invented?

Even more especially young women wake up, remember that today's feminism women robbed womanhood.

So take more and more of the main and Subagenden always clear before the wall, and still more assurances that they had only transient problems, do not do better.

It has even, and as long as you felt amazingly safe, the issue of racism messed up. It has anti-white racism encouraged so bold so far that the noticed more and more people. Since the cork is already out of the bottle. Stupid lied gone stupid.

It has also long been known as extensively monitored electronically, then, caught, so damn stupid the unsuspecting, the full idiots play that also was not lost on anyone allzumal when nothing substantially new learned in view of the "revelations" of Snowden, As a layman, like me, having only heard what supposed experts told a long time.

Yet another saudummer dizziness.

Even with the legalization of voluntary mutilation on boys sex part has not covered itself with glory. Just looking quickly durchgebimst a basically untenable and also completely unclear law. A Schandblatt.

Ach. We breathe times by a bit.

As we have just between parked in Germany: Our language in many places developed again very creative and free-spirited; this sets free forces; Knowledge is not only a joke.

Of all the countries that were at the front and stand in the Kabale - I leave now Israel as a special case outside before - are the ones who were always at the forefront, the USA and Great Britain, now inwardly rotten, than most other, much less prey did.

The industries of these countries, is counted as the financial industry appropriately enough as an industry, conceived either scarcely available or in other descents from a few areas, the infrastructure scruffy ever.

So now speaks already in Britain and in the beautiful USA around that we ended up not come off as well as a champion and spearhead the NWO, as a promise that, in some places the whole roast is also smelled.

I mean, 2013 was the year of inner liberation.

The thing in itself as a noun

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A few days ago I saw through a text, a homework assignment of a high school student, but in some strange unique nouns were lowercased; but right on the head suggested to me that the third or fourth time are also to be the word "thing" was affected by the reduction in the free state, whereupon it occurred to me spontaneously, laughing, that surely "thing" the größtzuschreibende word all great ascribe Pronunciations for words must be.

Also my protege understood and laughed with.

"Thing" is so to speak the noun itself.

Maybe deserves "thing" to be as important as a thing.

But not determined greater.

Gerhard Mersmann year plan view 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

The special Year in Review, probably better year plan look, I found earlier on Dudes page where it "The Power and the bill" the excellent article linked below - the title could hardly be better chosen - by Gerhard Mersmann zweitpubliziert.

I commented at Mersmann so:

"I have way here through Dudes page and will now first here to express my appreciation. The article, refreshing and just kept on point, however linguistically very articulated, appears, certainly deliberately, waiving examples and Détails.
I especially like the summary conclusion, in which the reality of life is placed against the run mystification.
Plane for the first time on this site, I'll look around here now more accurate. The above post, I will certainly recommend to my blog and link, but probably with its own, worthy of forming Anmoderation and two or three own observations to it. This can therefore still take a bit (at least until later in the evening).
LG "

And the Dude:

"I have just spoken Gerhard Mersmann on his blog my appreciation.
A crisp text, indeed, you realize the masterpiece. Relentlessly to the point. And with a clear, elegant style with which pervades the whole post next to its contents as another thread.
Hats off. "

A longer quote from the text itself, the penultimate section:

"We saw (we saw us last year from our own eyes -. Note from me) the differences of the monetary and spiritual wealth. And we saw the development of the expansion of the monetary prosperity and the tendency of the spiritual well-being. The increased nearly comprehensive digitized timing of our work processes would namely exposed from the entire ideological nonsense of autonomy and identified as what it actually is: the expansion and perfected control, the liquidation of any self-determination and the inquisitorial persecution of free will. It would show how uniform the digitized era has become, where each remote and each sensor lurks a program that standardized and unified. And it would fall from the eyes like the scales that at all Individualisierungsbrimborium only standard stereotypes be tolerated. "

What I see here speaks so much so remarkably concise for yourself that I now first do not want it to comment further, but wants to see counted as a Lockschnipsel which may bring as many readers on the page of the author, the total reading there to . enjoying

So short and clean with so much illusion that is sold to us as normality settled!

A real treat.

An essay, which I will present many Pappenheimer, of both the sake contents and to linguistic teaching purposes.

Terms, runes, logic and "Divine Source" (II)

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Terms are not given to man. Originally certainly did not.

Yes: The child will be given words, approximate terms. Sometimes beaten into.

Well, a rabbit is a rabbit, regardless of whether the Spaniard just calls him liebre.

Terms but as "love", "freedom", "virtue" ...: All abstract terms only by a whole network of other concepts to concepts associated with them.

The mature thinker can be seen almost because he always cautious skepticism is facing this, because each one weighted differently in different cultures, they are in completely different concept braids.

So abstract concepts are time and again to question yourself.

Friedrich Nietzsche was not only like no other recognized, but also showed obvious.

Whether one doing a "Divine Source" is able to help? Perhaps. If faith once again not sit there mountains where there are none.

But a good resource on this cruise by human thought and feeling are all the runes. They are namely faith as little to do as a lame jakutisches Reindeer on the run with a Friedrich Schiller, when the place just to his sublime verses.

As German we have the great advantage that our language is a lexically very transparent. The word families are so umfässlich as a rule logically stable. This also helps in the detection of semantic fields.

And in the creation of meaningful new terms. In the evaluation of terms. Just read Nietzsche's Zarathustra.

English in this respect, compared with the Germans, a mean disaster. Everything is buzzing somehow messed up, often very disjointed, unconnected, opaque. Maybe that's why, each English. Or should at least speak English. At least passably.

Here also belongs on this page have variously set forth observation that educated people who are really good at English (inalsoweit the possible), to include in their spoken and written German much less English fashion concepts and brain crack as "downloaded" etc., as the plebs in politics, the media and advertising industries as well as teenagers who know still no longer set of content to formulate clean.

It's not about "purity" of the German language. Language develops. It's about them not graus to distort, to make mischief and Suelz and Halblug the guiding principle of his own speech.

A baguette is a baguette, a pizza is a pizza, and may have even become a model of the mannequin. What does it matter. I also like to drink a cappuccino times. Rather than a Broken Chino anyway. Chutzpah, Schmock and meschugge belong to my applied vocabulary.

But I'm just not intentionally ridiculously down. Just like other people. Tool-free underperformers. I do this in most of satire and cabaret. As part toward something.

When falls Gauck of the Atlantik-Brücke (XYZ)?

Sunday 08 December 2013

Is it possible that we still verlogeneren one, still get worse President than this Gauck?

Unfortunately, I have, after all experience of his predecessors, saying: It is.

How could the almost unbelievable again worse President look like?

An otherwise consistently lesbian Green about the Obama concerned in the Oval Office as an intern Oral Service, without a sexual relationship with this - to have man - fortunately at least not white?

Obzu Atlantic Bridge Atlantic bubble?

So a shabby satraps must be seen as öbersten representatives of the German people.

Disgusting. The man is his own hollow shell.

However, wofern the teenagers interested, you could just say to them: "Have a look at the Bundespräser! So looks old become systematic corruption! There are, even if just blew, nor honor Sold! "

One should make clear to the Nachwuchse so, how he comes to something. One of the first duties of education, right?

Among the strengths of the German language

Tuesday 03 December 2013

The language of our shared ability to form compound nouns almost any length makes sense, is a not too generous to be output the same wealth, but of inestimable value.

Anyone can, at any time, as required, appropriate form words. Crystal clear.

With a fine speech, but also artisans or in the vernacular that happens constantly, and often unconsciously but usually understood in its specific situation and unerringly.

And again, how often in our syntax, where the brackets of Tunwörtern and their prefixes act, only the back is very essential, which is the previous to the correct level into the light.

The last word part is the generic term. The front parts seem a little like adjunct adjectives or affiliated or enumerative in Wesfall more nouns, but are still much less cumbersome, part of a word, a concept.

An Italian told me in German lessons, after I had submitted one in fact quite dark poem section of Schiller, in which the word sinister itself also seemed and I also declare accordingly and had to distinguish the simpler dark, the German language own by their possible Mitlauthäufung particularly well for displaying darker conditions.

Certainly no wrong, and certainly not a stupid observation, or, more accurately, heard.

On the other hand, operas are today enjoyed singing in German yet except in Italian. No one thinks that this must sound only after the nearby Old Nick.

With the vowels, we must undoubtedly give again and again a little more effort, so do not have to give the Italians, because the buzz vowels, except in dialects, anyway masse through the area, almost no matter what he says.

On the other hand, DC was a Dante saying, I must ask again, unfortunately I failed to write it down or to memorize at least, of course, in old Italian original language, the somewhat different and tighter than usual today, in which besides the Selbstlautanklänge also half alliteration recovered.

Yes, just in German we find what I call half-bars, ie bars, which do not necessarily lie in the initial sound of several words, not even in a starktonigen syllable.

By einbegreifenden sentence structure we have the possibilities and the vocation longer to set-reaching vibration patterns to incorporate the strengths of our language from, where they exist.

Sentence structure is thought structure. Neologism is called draw words.

It goes with the "Wow!"

Sunday, December 01, 2013

I want the people do not annoy my favorite radio station again, so I will not say his name.

A message I send but yet again into the ether.

I can "toll" no longer hear the word.

Differentiated, well-prepared, humorous, often subtle presentation, and then again and again and again: "a great piece", "a great book", "a great concert," etc.

My mind! (Yes, Jochen, now I prefer to say not "My God!")

Remarkably, excellent, excellent, amazing, exceptional, top notch, rich, great, incomparable, super, one-A, chef moderately, outrageous, memorable, twisted, sack heavily, by glowing, angelic, gorgeous, unique, saugeil wasweißichnoch: why only " great "?

Are you mad?

Well, "great" everyone knows, and it has a hard, clear initial sound, and it requires only one syllable.

All this speaks for very great.

Even today's connotation, which is actually the Erstbedeutung. No objection against it.

On the bag it's me but anyway, if I have only "great" listen again and again.

Well, I do not have yes. Can turn off yes.


As I write this, it occurs to me that I have neither today nor yesterday as often as usual or even heard the word "great" there.

Maybe there were a mentally-morphogenically inspired me editorial conference at which it was decided to enttollen aware.

The Michel is not a German (III)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Michel, as we know him as a symbol of German, not even building a scaffolding to the second floor.

The only area and commandment which he is able to look halfway, is his bed. Perhaps he also finds his beer bottle without it being required of Anglo-Saxon tuition.

The Michel is always "German angst" plagued by the. He could indeed have misplaced his nightcap, did not find his slippers.

In short, he is a Übele joke.

There is enough evil caricatures, not only from war, against us so.

Actually, he lolls around and just babbles in his incomprehensible language something under his breath, but then sometimes meaningless rebellious, and he has just to get again a powerful on the mouth.

More he is not, he has not.

He is most times stupid naughty. Then you fry him again about one, and is well again for a while.

So he is puzzled because in his brain shrinkage in front of him, so he always wonders about the improperly stored in his view of things.

He understands that just will not, why money always grows out of money, he always loses when he does something real.

In his half-baked world, yes, in which work did pay off.

Not just for money's sake, that it not so important, but pleased him both that well the created Caution'd met with, if only the incentive sake of others, even the righteousness sake, and whether perhaps thereat extended capabilities and resources, yet to create better.

Here, after all, not to starve.

No, Michel, for which I am currently writing is, not Michel.

He likes hot or Rudolf or Randolf Rainer.

Or Friedrich Heinrich or Hermann or.

Even still he is named William.

Michel but he does not.

The Michel is not a German (II)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I do not want more of the various functions of the Archangel Michael, as they were assigned to it by Judaism, Christianity and Islam, kidney expediency here.

At least most of them have with the German national character, it wofern one is seen from the outside at least, it is permitted to see one from the inside at least one negative to do little to nothing.

Just look at trying out phrases to the vernacular.

"I'm not the Michel!"

"Want me to make your Michel?"

"Find yourself another that makes you the Michel!"

The Michel is therefore a good-natured Depp, one which can be exploited exorbitantly, a relish getriezter servant or slave.

Dozy, always a little confused, helpless, stupid.

Nationals even incapable of thought.

Well: Be this image sunk until today.

It is also not altogether inaccurate. Aspects are permitted.

But since only show the negative aspects.

Not only the spirit of invention is lacking, and the desire for freedom, the creative joy, the philosophy, the courage and bravery. The fracturing, the weigher as the adventuring. And more.

Therefore, I will break even this.

I do not know exactly how, along which name.

Perhaps there are three names, or else it is none, rather than Michel.

Who wants to continue Micheln that will do that.

For me it has ausgemichelt itself.

Anyway, for a long time now but again very different.


Of course I know that so does not break a picture overnight.

Anyway, usually: if not done quite extraordinary.

Somewhere out there is but one, perhaps even some who understand what I posit why I accreting it.

And if not first, so I'll just continue alone.

Moment: Jochen seems to have understood me already in the first article, at least to a considerable extent.

Tavistock's can not

Sunday, October 27, 2013

It's better if you already establishes the truth before it's there.

(No. This saying is not from the Tavistock Institute. There may be some can, but German as I can not.)

Goethe is finally due

Thursday, October 17, 2013

The Wilhelm and Heinrich to actually dauerndzu irrseligen Masonic world citizens as symbols of the Germans, already not even just more schlafmützigen Michels no, even full idiots, intentionally, in the primeval "Bildungsroman" and even in our supposed "National seal", both bare shame, so diligently spread worldwide from your cronies, from Japan to Colombia: The now is the necessary consequence.

From Duck Talk (II)

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Duck voice is characterized in that the Duck speaker thinks of much less what he wants to say how, but what he should say how.

But this exercise by the speaker yes but must somehow represent his person still overwhelmed him typically so far, that hardly can come out something intelligent.

He is - even at this mundane level - so busy, not just voters to say, but to make sure that he says voters (and such more Genderasmen meticulously comply), the other just so many words avoids or only under previous dislocations affixes that he can no longer find to a proactive, research discourse ability.

(Nietzsche once said that the brain is a stomach but he did -... Well, Zarathustra had -wohl stomach of a bird The only in passing)

The Duck talk is of course practiced in school. "Foreigners" has become a "dirty word". Now it is called "migrant". Better, often, not even that. And you have to learn exactly (instead of German), when. (But please do not why when!)

Even when I speak of "Duck speakers" I "normally" would, speaking of Duck Duck speakers and speakers, either write down "Duck speakers" to meet the Duck voice.

Zum Glück, achwas, Geschwätz, mit voller Absicht aber halte ich mich fern von jener Art der diesbezüglich geforderten “Normalität”. Jener des sprachlich-geistig Versklavten.

Öffentlich sprechen über 90% der Deutschen praktisch nur noch Ducksprech. Nur wenige von ihnen sind sich dessen überhaupt noch öfter, denn wenn darauf offensiv angesprochen, auch nur teilbewusst. Klar: Das ist zu verdrängen. Nur wenige verfügen über die psychische Kraft, sich ihre Unterworfenheit unter das Diktat des Ducksprechs einzugestehen.

Ducksprech gegenüber allen, außer gegenüber weißen, nicht besonders behinderten Heteromännern. Sonst überall Ducksprech. (weiterlesen…)

Vom Ducksprech (duckspeak)

Freitag, 27. September 2013

Als mir eben zum Vorartikel “Vom Kampfe um die Begriffe” der Begriff “Ducksprech” einfiel, hatte ich zunächst nur das deutsche Ducken beim Sprechen im Kopfe.

Dann fiel mir ein, dass “to duck” ja auch im Englischen ducken bedeutet.

Dagobert Duck (“duck” ist auch die Ente) nun brachte mir schon als Kind bei, dass Geld die Welt regiere, wir also in einer Plutokratie leben.

Das ist aber nur eine Teilwahrheit, eine Irreführung hiemit.

Denn das Geld ist letztlich ein sekundäres Mittel. Die Welt wird durch Kontrolle der Information regiert. Das Geld folgt lediglich daraus, ist das allerdings sehr wirksame und sichtbare Mittel der Macht. (weiterlesen…)

Vom Kampfe um die Begriffe (dem Ducksprech)

Freitag, 27. September 2013

Eben las ich wieder Erwägungen zur Erlangung einer stärkeren Stellung im gesellschaftlichen Diskurs, die darauf hinausliefen, dass man alle Begriffe, die vom Mainstream entspechend einseitig besatzt, verdreht oder tabuisiert, meiden solle, um so keine Angriffsflächen zu bieten.

Das ist natürlich über alle Maßen naiv. Wie soll ich denn zB von Europa reden, ohne Europa zu sagen, wie von Monsanto oder Goldman Sachs oder den Bilderbergern oder 9/11, ohne das Kind beim Namen zu nennen?

Wie äußere ich mich kritisch zum Islam, ohne Islam zu sagen?

Wie sage ich Rheinwiesenlager, ohne es zu sagen?

Überaberwitz: Migranten klagen gegen Migranten wegen schlechter Deutschkenntnisse (am Gymnasium!!!)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Dieses fast schon jenseits von sagenhafte Fundstück muss ich hier verlinken:

Das haut dem Fass noch den doppeltsten Boden raus.

Ich sage dazu jetzt nichts mehr.

Alles Relevante denke man sich selber.

Der bisher entstandene Kommentarstrang mag schon sehr gut dazu helfen, zu begreifen, wie dieser Überaberwitz zu bewerten.


Gut, ich will nicht so sein. Es gibt eine vernünftige Lösung. Abitur für alle Migranten qua Migrantennachweis. So gehen die allenfalls noch freiwillig zur Schule, wo fast nur noch jede Menge Deutsche, die sich dafür anstrengen müssen. Auf dem Wege können sie dann ohne weiteres das Doppelabitur machen, ohne noch in Klasse 7 von Stammlern aus ihren eigenen Herkunftsländern dabei gestört zu werden.

Tanja Krienen preist die AfD

Donnerstag, 19. September 2013

Liebe Tanja,

ich hatte eben, indem ich Martin Lichtmesz' jüngsten Artikel zur AfD betreute, selbstverständlich auch im Hinterkopfe, wie schäbig es Dir bei diesem Verein erging.

Da suchte ich Deiner nochmal nach und stieß auf dieses wunderbare Video von Dir:

Besonders gefreut hat mich eben bei der Erstschau auch Deine Fröhlichkeit beim Vortrage des nicht eben jedem leichtgängigen Textes.

Mir schenkte mal ein Freund zum Geburtstag einen Bierkrug, auf dem stand (blau, kitschig abgebildete altdeutsche Zecher dazu): “Wer lange trinkt, lebt lange!”

Nun, wer lange kämpft, der lebt nicht unbedingt kürzer.

Allein Dein Mut zu derart herrlich schräger Darbietung ist zu preisen.

Wer von den ganzen Schlappsäcken hat Format und Traute für sowas?

Meine Anerkennung und meine besten freundschaftlichen Grüße!


Hier noch zwei Interviews zur Sache:

Plutokratischer planetarer Faschismus

Freitag, 30. August 2013

Gestern schrieb ich zu einem Blog-Artikel, der sich um die Bundestagswahl drehte, speziell das Thema “das kleinere Übel wählen”, am Schlusse meines aus mir nicht erfindlichen Gründen (bisher) nicht veröffentlichten Kommentars:

'Dieses Demokratiewarenangebot ist nicht einmal erbärmlich: Man erwirbt lediglich verschiedenfarbige Verpackungen, ja, ein Beipackzettel findet sich noch darinnen: “Danke, dass Sie eine besonders vertrauenswürdige Partei des plutokratischen planetaren Faschismus' gewählt haben. Sie dürfen gerne wieder wählen gehen.”'

Nun, zuwenigst diesen Teil des Kommentars wollte ich ohnehin zudem hierherholen, wozu mir auch ein gewogener Leser gestern Abend nach mündlichem Vortrag riet.

Ist der Begriff des plutokratischen planetaren Faschismus' nun gar zu fies, da zutreffend, oder wenn daneben, so wegen welcher Komponente, oder, wo also, was passt nicht an der Kombination?

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