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From the struggle for the terms (the Duck voice)

Friday, September 27, 2013

I just reread considerations for obtaining a stronger position in social discourse, which amounted to the fact that we all terms besatzt entspechend unilaterally by the mainstream, twisted, or taboo, should avoid to offer so no surface.

This is of course naive beyond measure. How am I supposed to talk for example of Europe without saying Europe, as Monsanto or Goldman Sachs or the Bilderbergers or 9.11 without calling a spade a spade?

How do I express myself critical of Islam without saying Islam?

As I say Rheinwiesenlager without saying it?

Of course, fell to me because in all cases something a. I can from the western end of the Eurasian - speak continent, well, of the countries north of the Mediterranean - damn. Then, not by the company with the GM maize, that bank which owns the majority of politicians, the annual meeting of influential personalities who did not exist since the fifties until recently, that Drillingsturmzerstieben, the religion of nichtmosaischen (the word "Jewish" to need) Non-pork eaters, the post-war soldiers leisure.

Something may well sometimes make sense, especially in a satire, but otherwise leads nowhere. One may possibly make even more suspicious. Or ridiculous.

That the struggle for some terms, many are tired, that approach understandable, therefore, does not change the fact that he continues to lead. And, outside of satire, by clearly understandable, appropriate use.

This has, because of the countless pitfalls and ropes that are waiting everywhere, of course, quite to do with filigree Applied Linguistics. Since it is a paid nothing in fact.

Let's take the term racism. The suffers in many places already in mind that, for example, rejection of Islam is called a racist, a mostly unwidersprochenes Absurdum. Then, my many (many places it is almost a dogma) that there is only evil racists, but no races. These assholes are formed the only one. These white assholes. Were the coffee-brown to mix (Coudenhove- Calergi et al.) So that finally stops. (more ...)

Augstein a global Oberantisemit?

Wednesday 02 January 2013

The Simon Wiesenthal Center expects - on the recommendation of Henryk M. Broder - the journalists Jakob Augstein among the world's ten worst anti-Semites (the only German on the list).

Interestingly, the Facebook-Augstein response to this kind of "award":

"The SWC is an important, internationally recognized institution. For the confrontation with and the fight against anti-Semitism, the SWC all my respect. The more distressing it is when this fight is weakened. This is inevitably the case when critical journalism is defamed as a racist or anti-Semitic. "

The store therefore, from which he so - Broder compares it to Julius Streicher - is nazified, has its "all respect".

He says but not as ironic? What drivel is he? (more ...)

The Basic Law is also right, Mr. Augstein! (II)

Friday, January 27, 2012

Even I, dear sir Augstein, the basic law really appreciate how you.

But it's not really a constitution. And no, that gave the German people themselves.

Moreover, and that there must be, in my opinion, at some point confirmed by the German people as such or in accordance with Article 146 a new, real, I recently conducted a discussion with one who held out to me, "For God's sake, just no referendum".

His reasons were quite convincing. (more ...)

The Basic Law is also right, Mr. Augstein!

Friday, January 27, 2012

"What is the purpose of the constitutional protection today? He in no way protects the Constitution. It protects the (pre) existing conditions. "

At this remarkable and quite true statement comes Jakob Augstein on SPON under the no less remarkable title "The Basic Law is left".

He refers to the fact that property according to the Basic Law requires, means of production are socialized, and that the Federal Republic was a "social" state and mocks On this basis, the observation of the Left Party parliamentarians by the constitution protection.

Dear Mr. Augstein, I call you now even a few "right" statements of the Basic Law: (more ...)

Peculiarly left free

Sunday, December 27, 2009

When I want to a disadvantage any of my current favorites, and also given the opportunity for other happy is (a part of the Christmas mystery of 23 12 can be as easy as solved verify or jetzo completely solve), I will now also the "Friday" and Mr. Augstein, could not reasonably be its editor, be neglected.

In a way, the declared Left Augstein its also very peculiar sort of picture of free, by "his" (mostly incompetent) bloggers, his project before Hamburger students therefore alba changed over the network world and the whole thing without correction, let alone editing, let because also equipped with a rudimentary layout, then high preys on his side as a blogger in his own paper for discussion.

But that's not the strangest Funny: A blogger from his "community" has become a part of the statements Augstein hastily adopted and the dear boss Eingeheizt worth reading liberal.

Something for lovers, a small collector's item: freitag.de / blogs / author: orange / Title: "To: Jakob Augstein, The Future of the Newspaper 1.2"

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Supplement 29 12 1.14 Clock: Meanwhile, publishers Augstein answered his critics and announced that he did not understand the most explosive set (extra nachzitiert) somehow. With "Eh" and asking them to get it explained again easier. Hard to say whether this is a weak feint actual excessive demands in terms of Lesfähigkeit or a mixture of both.