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From the computer hatred

Saturday 20 April 2013

Readers Armin has been restored to its page an article (the predecessor I want, as announced at him, even adequately appreciate), which contains remarkable of which I now first quote a longer passage:

"No, actually I'm not a fan of computers, not a fan of mobile phones, simply not a fan of digital farts.

No, worse, I hate them.

This, the worse, since my buns profession has always times to do with them because I know them intimately since intimately long translucent years, explore, need, use, buy, dispose of, so to me empathize even in mine, a strangely effective against intuition have developed them, often almost prophetically knows where it hurts them when they give up their spirit, said to be able to talk with them.

But, I hate them. Where hate is not bad here, but rather, desperately. Because I hate my dependence on them, the social new standards, they conjure up, the global dependence of the masses within the meaning of work, entertainment and communication, in the sense of lost friends, the Facebook friends hot and possibly times real had or now would be can.

I hate the Domination of the computer. Computers dominate the economy, screens dominate our lives until all eyes will be square ... "

In the sense ... of lost friends, the Facebook friends were real hot and possibly times now or might have been. (!) (more ...)

How many bullshit's interior would have liked?

Wednesday 20 February 2013

I hear for over a year a radio station, which not only whether seinerIn music selection, but especially also of the other services of MörderatorInnen ago mostly very good like that. Flux FM.

But now it's, you will have guessed, about time for criticism. (more ...)

Uncertainty conference in Munich - Third World War?

Saturday 02 February 2013

After his Islamist terrorists do not seem to create the revolution in Syria alone, has the American Vizepäsident Joe Biden, self-proclaimed non-Jewish Zionist, called at the Munich Security Conference intervention there.

He does so, to Libya, nor bomb an Arab secular state into chaos.

Let's see if any German political force except the Left Party dares open, clear contradiction. A great newspaper? (Rather probably puts a chicken pork ham.)

Again, I wonder how, if one considers the vernal conditions in Egypt, may be in Israel's interest, and soon north of its boundaries to have an unpredictable Islamic state.

If you look at this policy, so no wonder that the Jew Henry Kissinger thought that there was no Israel in ten years more.

It looks as if the most senior friends of Israel his most dangerous enemies. Yes, this sounds crazy, but funny, but all the evidence. (more ...)

Wrong is right. And really is evil.

Wednesday 23 January 2013

I again me thinking about the set forth by Jon Rappoport made ​​(German translation by me) destruction of logic. (To Jon's English-language original articles directly here .)

Not only that, as he shows, an idea, an idea, a concept, therefore, sight unseen, can be damn unchecked because it comes from an unpleasant person: the matter goes further.

For example, many animal rights activists and vegetarians have, without even having personally insulted or attacked or invaded the stables ever a pig, must listen that Hitler had indeed been a vegetarian.

Not only that, some was already directly insulted as a Nazi, Hitler, as well as vegetarians.

And: Can I now that I'm not a vegetarian, it is impossible to be a Nazi? (Why should that be a stupid question?)

And: In fact, the Nazis in 1933 adopted the first animal protection law, campaigned for conservation. Should we abolish the welfare again why? As many species eradicated?

In the United States of "conservatives" (see, call themselves usually so), even some "libertarians", often a line from the German Natonalsozialismus drawn to animal and environmental groups (including those who do not undergo climate atrocity propaganda, only against nuclear power are or fracking, genetically modified seeds, etc.).

So you have to also be against the animal protection for nuclear power, Monsanto corn, every day, eat three chips so as not to stand as a Nazi? (It is my way not aware that would have been between 1933 and 1945 anyone except to the onset disaster of war, forced into Germany, to become a vegetarian. I do not even know of a great propaganda campaign of because eating meat is "un-Aryan" . "un" or the like, but it should have been, so I will of course correct this nachreichend here.)

Clear that environmentalists now - still mad? Insult supporters of Monsanto & Co called "Gennazis" people who reject the climate alarmist Al Gore & Co. as "Climate Nazis" -. (Monsanto has "national" nothing to do with the least, just as little as the Klimakatastropheten the contrary, international, there is hardly any respect, it would be, though -.. Although the appeal of something strange - as "Geninternazis" respectively "Air Inter Nazis" to . designate)

Clear (yes: CLEAR!) That the comparison of "climate deniers" (such as if one denies the existence of climate) with "Holocaust deniers" has been pulled and is often. (more ...)

"Racism" as instructive empty word

Tuesday 18 September 2012

It can be quite beneficial indeed, if he with whom you have a Handel, is a bit goofy.

But not necessarily.

Because if the rest around it rather well want to be stupid, to submit its stupidity even from fear, which is not necessarily true. He wants out of his stupidity (which perhaps is not, but a stratagem to exactly those abgezieltes) then suck his advantage.

When any possible racism accusation against those who do not want the religion of submission submit, both manifestations seem to prevail.

There are massive Muslim Indo (Bosniaks, Albanians, Kurds, Iranians, Pashtuns, Indians, etc.), Mongoloid (I save now, continue to list all), Turkic peoples, yes, even Semites, Hamites, black Africans only, so far, probably not too many Indians.

The racism accusations against people who do not like Islam, is hereby completely insane. (I say this not for the first time, yes, but sometimes important to be repeated.)

But hardly anyone dares this total, obvious bullshit counter.

Even Jews (often themselves Semites) are of racism 'accused of Arabs, whether Palestinians of their oppression. The same bullshit.

Now, why does this crap almost no counter? (more ...)

Dumbest slogan for eons pamper yourself

Sunday 09 September 2012

"Every text can be seen with Word!"

I just heard the Suburbstrottelradio.

That is the stupidest advertising slogan, did not take place since the Big Bang.

A run of dementia amerikanesisches garage Klitschdorf startup tries to Germans his Resthirnerweichungsware to sell.

The goads now but my ambition.

There must be a Sublativ be to determine a lower increase. Would be ridiculous.

"With Word, it depends on your sentences no longer!"

Too long. Too complex. Most users do not understand. (Not even the dealers, and should certainly not be now.) (more ...)

ECJ: Starting in Wasserkarzer!

Thursday 06 September 2012

The ECJ has banned German winemakers apply certain wines as "wholesome" to. A report on this oddity can be found here .

This is a health claim and therefore not allowed on alcoholic beverages.

As will soon need some warm clothes.

It is of a wheat beer should not say that it was refreshing, a stomach digestive bitters beneficial effect can not praise etc.

And what Melissengeist? Can still be beneficial?

First, you should impose a total ban on alcohol on the whole ECJ Fritzen. The entire stable drained. Anyone who is caught with more than 0.05 parts per thousand (as much as you can pull through juice) flies out. Let's see how they get that.

And which bakers can still advertise "healthy" bread, when everybody knows that you yourself can become thick bread and salt is also toxic drinne? (We can not even try it, I drink a liter of wine, or about 120 grams of alcohol in 880 grams of water, and the Gegenproband gets 120 grams of salt with as much water see who then looks healthier..)

Apart from that accumulate the cases where people are totsaufen on this durable water. Electrolyte depletion, bams, he is. (more ...)

Art is the freestyle

Wednesday 27 June 2012

Kill the art science and technology?

Yesterday I got into conversation with a highly educated literary man, probably in his sixties who thought himself to be author of Radio, Film and Television (been), and how the speech swayed, we came again to the fact that it and since Kafka Strauss - he called in music as an exception even Schoenberg - so for about three generations, is no longer with the big art comparable.

H. went so far that there were no writers and no more readers. (I did not spare it our dialogues, or that at least I was still back there.)

Whereupon he returned the lead? - He had a ready hastily Hegel quote that I have, between everything else, not exactly mind you, but it came down to it sometime in future will only enter the sciences, the arts whether this die.

"Check it out at times but: everywhere only technique, technique, technique! There is no room there for the art! Who reads nowadays seriously a text that is longer than four pages? "

Maybe I will just not admit that he's right - he said he was Taoist and was of therefore the freedmen, while against it for Germanic Dynamis I known me - I argued that it just brave and undaunted BOTH COMMUNITY appropriate efforts To change this, even took the word of a second renaissance in the mouth.

It is clear that the alleged antagonist science and art are initially the same rune Kenaz to you, so that it already takes wonder why they should be enemies. (Spontaneous, I suspect that something is out of control in interaction with Geba Raidho and Othala., The foot because so virtually no one for runes interested only in passing.)

Well, I have a bit of this conjecture but explain to them that not daherschwappe like the famous drink of water in the curve: There is a lack of the gift, particularly to the dedication, the rhythm, ie higher order and the Sacred Grove.

The Sacred Grove and physically, but especially mentally, in the selves.

Which means that we lose the really own inner space, the Hags, without whom not to create something special. (This should be no excuse for my still not tidy desk, since I would need enough time for my interior Hag. A bit but still.)

Now it is nötigerweis - notdurftweis - a little vulgar, but the example fits here. (more ...)

Facebook k .... from

Tuesday 22 May 2012

The financial and Börsenfrickos are quite funny.

Facebook is said to have made $ 3.7 billion in 2011 revenue and a billion profit.

And then to be worth 110 billion popeliger such a store. Since the chickens have now be ridiculous.

Of course it is now at once that no one who still have all their marbles, the papers would have bought.

"Social Network" is the part.

My son was four weeks and it cured just as quickly.

For when a classmate had it been so maligned that he lost the fun of the social.

I think the thing will not implode long. (Love facebook friends of zeitgeist Print & Online: For us, it is then still give us desfalls and You may of course still like.) (more ...)

Correct Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce

Friday 18 November 2011

A few days ago I was running - something vertrant - by a large Biolebensmittelmarkt, which also offers some affordable goodies.

In a special presentation basket because I saw some twenty glasses lie, with the inscription "Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce".

'What shall it be this time?' (more ...)

Unwas for or against the Gegenwas?

Wednesday 16 November 2011

This afternoon - by the policy group to me a long time and now even more so if Stuttgart 21, where one has hastily made a counter one for to act "positive", floating around in my head - I was in a network talk again on the complex of Sprachverneblerei encountered that goes along with the fact that as a really nice, a good was never against something or may be, but are negative for something that is never.

See also here .

One is not more so against even more into debt, but for less into debt, not against Stuttgart 21, but for the phase-out S 21, for a war, rather than against war, for a curb higher greenhouse gas emissions, and not against more emissions etc., etc.

To be against something that is in fact intolerant, small-minded, evil. (more ...)

"Absolutist Democracy": ox eats ass

Tuesday 27 September 2011

The "absolutist democracy" of the Lord chewing of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zerscheitung lets me today in fact not happening.

Because it is hard when one is overtaken by a satirist of conceptually respectable "precious feathers" and also probably still in earnest.

Stunned, you stand there, as if you were ox and ass at a time, ask yourself, now what probably like three varieties Scheise from the country worries also threatening which still. (more ...)

Copyright: The artist as a man

Wednesday 21 September 2011

Also from current events, I find myself required to include the copyright issue again.

Anyone who is interested in it, we ask, especially this post also to look as though I must repeat here some content, but not all, and especially in others, (some) less emotional, expressive form.

The same applies to this product .

And of course, the most recent , which obviously has still not made ​​any sufficiently clear what, what is at stake here for a dimension.

I'm easy to get started now times and quote the Dude estimated from the comment string to " steals Göllers Full Text" :

"Dude says:
21, September 2011 at 01:05 (Edit)

@ Magnus

In principle, I support the dissemination of good, sound objectively and correctly worded articles, reader comments, forum posts, etc. always, but only in strict compliance with the basic rules, which actually naturally should give every respect and healthy, honorable sense.

So if the content worthwhile and rhetorically readable clear - with the author's name and direct link to the source, full length (or with the appropriate identification, it is merely excerpts) - on other platforms gecopypasted (sorry ;)) is, this is absolutely to support my opinion, firstly because it saves time and energy that z.Bsp. could be used for productive activism, and second opposing the abundance of common, brainwashed Meinungsgeschwurbels, even if I can here your points listed in the article thoroughly comprehend and understand.

I admit offizielll here, I do this every now and then even unasked with your articles - and also some other things - but ALWAYS mention your (or the relevant) name and direct link to the article in your blog (or the corresponding source) just as I clearly characterizes "[...]", if I take only excerpts (Many people are too lazy to read for too long article, but you know that already ;)).
If I should fail to do so in future, I will of course keep me in mind.

What's on the expires is the longer, the more ridiculous and should (and will!), So no quick apology received by you are also rewarded accordingly (I already have some creative ideas to whiz through the head ;)). "

This sounds at first quite good and reasonable and responsible.

But only at first (forgive me, dear Dude, I must for the sake of the thing to be clear).

Because it can, even if my - or any other - texts are correctly reproduced and linked if any personal or commercial interests associated with it (and who is?) When all around not just louder loathsome filth is, no pictures around it or even inside mounted be contrary to the intentions of the author, in short, if it just another "best" for this run, but its vital interests (including its motivation and self-esteem, but they are anyway no matter) fundamentally ignored.

Because if this, often - as in my case - all anyway free will to power (otherwise, there is still no reasonable argument), his work gets not even honored by the fact that he naming plus a link a the reader interesting appearing contribution also necessary requests draws on his side, he expressly maybe at least you can get some advertising revenue, increase its reach, so that its classification at stores like alexa and google, perhaps even a paid writing or teaching on land draw, while, conversely, the thief that page appreciates, so that fact for themselves and achieved them: then and therefore stops any fun.

Even in that rare, almost hypothetical "best" case.

And the argument that it is so time consuming to properly cite or set the beginning of the text to read on, in my view is not only unacceptable but downright outrageous.

There must of arms, otherwise employed (with what? With moneymaking? With any actions for any need other or else?) Illegal Kopist, the arms, but actually maybe a minute (be it a go two or?) Tuned to give his high holiness more for a text that he considers worth spreading.

This can of course as an author who wrote his text in tenths of seconds, all he had to learn in order to be able to this, has collected in seconds of his life, of course not expect.

He must also live on nothing, yes. And his children, certainly not. (more ...)

Bad thing

Thursday 28 July 2011

This Wortgewürm should be a text?

Subject, predicate, object, that's it?

Do you write from in your hamster?

Ever heard of ductus, of prosody, of voice?

If more than and then?

Of primitive binary causal linkages?

Your brain is worn out a vibration plate?

By a braised electrical box?

A clump of old Rags? (more ...)

The nor

Thursday 26 May 2011

"Bad, that is cowardly!"

Also spoke our previous master thinker.

It is in fact the cowardice that drives people to wickedness.

Better even to the neighbors sued because of a too wide across-growing tree, as against the warmongers dared even a word.

Better even to children sent to prisons, as the murderer. (more ...)

Bin Laden helps save the climate

Wednesday 04 May 2011

I just read an otherwise very well-written articles on bin Laden's execution, but I will chastise with a roll-call non-mention, as at the end of the comparison with the defeat of the Nazi regime is pulled back.

This ends once again - yes, it was a leftist who wrote there, but that is irrelevant - any "domination-free discourse", the brain engine is set to Pavlovian reflex that makes it impossible to open, deliberative speech.

What, still so much to please, has the terrorist organization bin Laden with the Third Reich in common? (more ...)

Programmed Spelling Seppeln

Tuesday 15 March 2011

Following "SPON: No money for proper German" a few considerations to errors in (online) texts.

Unlike most other as always, I am happy when I errors such as "veramtwortungslos" or "bodennlos" find in an otherwise correct text.

For one, I then know that the author has just made a typing error and overlook the typos, secondly, that he does not use spell check, for such had been shown to him.

Furthermore, I know that he is otherwise orthographically safe and not only the money (or insight), has to make a final professional proofreader. (more ...)

Completely vergoogelt

Sunday 26 September 2010

I have Google Listen, Google Talk, Google olfactory, Google and Google Look I installed today on my free writing Googlers: doing great!

Sarrazin: Never say what everyone knows

Friday 27 August 2010

I wanted the new "Sarrazin" and do not actually mention to all of Krakeele, but one aspect chronicler calls me in my duty, because of absurdity hard to beat.

Among all possible Sarrazin also supposed to have said about that Turkish and Arab youth, especially in Berlin, considerably more problematic and less well integrated would on average, than, say, Poles or Russians, and also have cultural reasons, not least of all Islam.

Some are alone whether this supposedly infamous, hateful, racist, anti-Muslim, assignable by nothing at all and baseless assertion almost freaked, to insults and historical comparisons are not lacking.

I suppose but honestly this just issued a statement (more ...)

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