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Why time travel possible are (Guest Post)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

The following guest post was originally a reader comment from Lisa on the below linked article of mine: With their permission - my thanks! - I ask him if its weight here again separately one. I promised myself not to comment on it before the fifth external comment. Makes me so not ready, folks, what to say. (Come to long enough, I'll have to ask Lisa cringe-inducing to a special permit. Saves me this passage.)


I almost failed to reply to the article, because I'm not an "expert". Then I have yet decided to write down why I time travel seem possible.

First, I have to correct myself ... There are actually two times, namely past and future. The presence shines precisely by the absence of time. She is such a thing as eternity. And time is to some extent a local phenomenon, a tool, so being a slow learner have ample opportunity to understand something. Everyone knows, in principle, that time can be very long or very short. Especially at the computer time will pass in a flash and often missing me 1 hour because I did not realize how time flies. What I've recently heard from a very ingenious nature is that you age according to the perceived time, so exciting time spent keeps us young, boring spent time makes old. Possible bout ...

So - assumed Everything exists now - everything there ever was and what will it ever, and the individual chooses which events will in which "time" to know. Usually these main choice of the era will happen before the incarnation and it is still very hard for people to make a change to it. The so-called laws of nature are something like the basic parameters of this reality and there are few people who can change this. But the important thing is they are changeable, because there are no laws, but "only" beliefs.

I can see that I am extravagant.

So I'd rather do a sort of list ...

1. All is now

2. There are an infinite number of parallel realities

3. Every person lives in his own reality

So if a person has a "time travel" takes, it may remain in their own realities. Which era and whom he meets, he decides himself. There is no collectivism in consciousness. Everyone is EVERYTHING. Probably people need a technical device, at least initially, to make time travel. The technical equipment easier now indeed life ... or should make it easier. In the series "Stargate" as a technical device was presented very well. To program the frequency of the place to which you want to go and you're there. The frequency can be found incidentally by imagination and intuition. Just like on the Baltic Sea ...

@ Misanthor "Everything" is simply everything that exists and has ever existed from the human perspective and will exist and now take now, now, now, now ... ..

PS: by the way matter is also a phenomenon of slow perception. At higher frequencies, there is no problem with the physical. It's just all a matter of frequency in which one is ticking ...

Of the two deadly sins

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's always so nice to look at how your own child is gedankenmanipuliert. You grow so on and so cute at the beginning of it all sounds so beautiful and sweet. Eben, freedom of expression, just that. Yet it is the zertretenste lie there so rumkriecht and is composed of two deadly sins:

Review & Freedom


The above commentary from readers Armin was initially part of a commentary on " freedom of expression guaranteed grenades default (II) ".

Armin has recently reunited with his side the net.

Guest Posts only with real names

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I, like so many times, yet you thought.

Ok: Let the thread Introduction jokes. (more ...)

Dude calls for uprising

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

To liberate Here is a guest post by reader Dude, who has probably already done at least more than half the Switzerland of their new Gesslern:

Global Revolution Now!

Since our current system is obviously in the end because the ruling powers solely for the benefit of a very few, ignoring the will of the vast majority consistently, while the environment and the people exploited out illegal wars of aggression, suffer the mass media at an alarming censorship and conformity, the SME is bled, while the economy perish because of the casino capitalism, in the southern hemisphere nachwievor each year about 35 million people will hungergemordet (although we could according to the World Food Report nourish currently 12 billion.) - and much else - must this intolerable situation to an end. (more ...)

Readers Armin's view: Guest Post

Monday, September 19, 2011

This article was originally as a comment on "Turkey threatens Israel with war (II)" and here is whether his multi-faceted content with the kind permission of the author again published as a separate post.

Armin operates the page .

Multilayered Discuss (probably similar to the Greek philosophy?) I think is the right way. To be precisely the same opinion as a platitude, one should not emulate. These principles I find on this page respected for what rarity character.

Failure to dealing with the meta-level (one could also find terms - which are not directly interchangeable, but connected - as subconscious, soul, spirit world, magic use) leads solely to the fact that others play on our flute.

It is not just that this level is important, but that it is immensely important than the so-called reality.

For example, if Icke beginning of his Reptilianern, I taste of self-hypnosis with foreign influence combined with a messianic craving. If, however, Icke speaks of the power of consciousness, the observer of reality speaks, we should be, then I listen spellbound ...

Our limited definition of consciousness corresponds to our limited definition of reality. It is like an iceberg, the visible part we only perceive. (more ...)

9/11: intelligence officer unpacks

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Full of the Twelve!

Wednesday, October 10, 2001 at 23:43 clock

From RAINER Grzybowski

With surgical precision, the Big Apple is seeded on 11 September. The world verschlägt it breath, pale with horror, she winds up since then in a kind of asthmatic spasm. Although I personally does not affect the whole, I am also struck by how the Boing: Déjà vu! In blood-red letters appeared before my mind's eye a name to: Mehlmagg. At a stroke, she is back memories of my time on the Pink Red Planet. As an intelligence officer, I led an eventful life there at the time. Or better yet, I tell the story from the beginning.

Essentially, Mehlmagg different (has nothing to do with these cats eaters!) Terra only by the color of his heaven - whether it was a couple of tail lengths closer or further away from the central star, I do not know anymore.

With us, it was a myriad ethnic groups such as religious, but was - how the same images! - The game mainly contested by three groups: (more ...)

Pedro said

Saturday, October 16, 2010

"Perversion of justice is not punishable in constitutional judges, as they determine what can be bent and what is not. These corrupt judges bend like crazy. Elsewhere I have therefore stated that I would abolish the Federal Constitutional Court of priority if you could me. "


Friday, January 29, 2010

"Little Muck"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The following text by Tanja Krienen (according to submissions about five years old), I present herewith, accompanied by a thank you to the author, as a Guest Post:

Little Muck

To what extent can something about it, mostly bad look when his age-appropriate counterpart from the left in stock, we can not fathom ultimately.

We approach therefore its socio-cultural context, may be that we find a partial answer to the whole problem here.
He, the young liberal-conservative Muck, brushing her proud spreads
whether his future, which, he is convinced, not long be
as the present, because it is: very mediocre. Rather moderate.

Just as he. But he has a strong belief if he now some
Years keeps still, not really tell, is not excited, not to
strongly against something happens, and only now and then for this or that
minor thing, then it will be something -. in the Junge Union, the Liberal youth organization or church group (more ...)