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From the medial inflection

Friday 08 November 2013

I will not say specifically again to the right and left and in the middle today. For this purpose there is certainly opportunity again soon. I have a small list again.

The prayer leader all the Alternativlosigkeiten ble and imbecility, who worked in the great financed by compulsory levy broadcasters and in the mainstream media, see now not only facing a considerable number of small and medium-sized media and persistent individual fighters. Cross Party.

I came to give for the first time the word phalanx to mind.

The EU NSA Bilderberg Goldman Sachs media whores cartel has an increasingly difficult position.

About former "flagship of liberal democracy", now times as an example only time will only abgelästert in many forums, not only their censorship practice sake, scorn and derision are spreading.

Therefore, not only therefore, is already thinking about, for example, criticism of Islam be punishable to promote generally financially (because of tolerance, horny joke, wat?), But also systemically relevant media, other flat close to the (desired) "journalistic standards "as they call it is unable to comply.

Similar to the banks. No matter what the Säugesindel costs: the main thing it is systemically important, so untouchable. Who does not like it, which is a madman, a paranoid, it's about "national security" (which hardly exist before the EU anyway) even a terrorism supporter.

You begin to take off the gloves so far, because you also have a serious problem.

And this is very much that of the opponent, the free media professionals, are not easily store using a large raiding, unless you could drop the last masks with one blow.

Also intimidation and fear mongering gradually work for those who here now at work, only to a limited extent.

And decapitation is not possible because there is no master. We have many heads, with different emphases and merits. There is no central organization, and this is very probably a good thing. Nevertheless, everyone knows each other.

One stands, even if there are of course individual conflicts in doubt at. Each, as he can.

In this respect one hand, the term "phalanx" acts out of place and meets the other way around also turn to.

As previously killed people with spears a mammoth, which could not be easily lured into a pit?

Each took up where he could. Man jumped nimbly to the side when he attacked by two sides poked sensitive again. We rushed him, tired him, eventually hit a one eye. Furious, he became weaker and weaker, perhaps finally driven into a swamp.

Or it hit after the first eye of a ear hole, pretty deep. Already again a piece of the brain.

Then it did not take long.

Let us now go away from this stone-age picture.

Think not only to the professional but also times to the private sphere of people who justify it, that human rights can occur in terms of human rights underfoot, systematically expropriated for the benefit of "the economy" people uprooted cultures, even terrorists en masse aussbildet and unleashing that one pretends to fight, always propagate the new wars for peace.

There will be armed, in the pub, at home. People will eventually turn away, say: "With you I do not drink more beer" With you I share no longer the bed "" What are you for a lying, corrupt scoundrel! "" Daddy, how you can still for these! assholes to work! I take off, and if I have to clean toilets! "

I believe that this factor is already much stronger than perceived, as we think of the manipulated still suggested as real superiority ago.

Also, none is so easily admit, sure.

There is already a lot together. There must be more. Let us work.

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (XII)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Steinbrück against Merkel only the chance that the wegkracht the FDP and he must perform his Bilderberger job B or C with the Left Party. An outside chance.

Not only that he is intellectually not up to her, her voice, for all phrases that they, too, threshing, the better.

Steinbrück has perhaps really set up only to lose, want him in the event of a grand coalition even as Vice-Chancellor under Merkel.

Diction default, it tries the large chain saw, but it's just one, with which one can ablummeln 1500 Watt, Chinese lollipops from the discounters, a few pine boughs.

As I said, I'm not for Merkel. Maybe better if this prevented Savings Bank Director drankommt, the truck shorter rather than longer painful moves to a necessary new ending. In it, he wants to be even superior to Merkel.

So I'm still not even for Steinbrück. How should I also only have a better idea which US-Satrap is the bottom line cause less damage?

The SPD is, like other parties also, now so nothing like moslem friendly as gay, so feminist and militarily interventionist, because of some Which just aufrechtzuerhaltender or protective rights. Saubande.

About the Greens I speak so well known as not. I was but the other day by an attentive reader pointed out, and he sought it out, I had been reminded about, I believed him simply, it was already late, that I have to those indicated times, you may not offend the rabble, by including it expects.

The FDP is irgendsoein Witzmichwasichweißnichtbiswohin wobbles just as much as possible around for the one that just comes.

The Union is already amazing; it has almost all conservatives and patriots systematically stripped, but there is comparatively good. The AfD has bestowed in no time as Punch event, faster even than the Piratioten.

The Left Party is a kind of modern FDP; one has violently anticlerical and gay and lesbian and feminist and secular weltallgleichmacherisch set forces umseiert simultaneously but Islam, in opposition to Christianity.

What bandits.

There is still the NPD. The Protection of the Constitution Party. Unfortunately, I have to doubt very much entitled to it, that the constitutional protection for true patriots and conservatives and liberals and libertarians and even real total socially responsible Sentient have much left. Each expertise speaks against it.

I will now times German and clear: "THIS is but a Scheißpuff!"

Everywhere on a clear preponderance of sycophants and traitors!

NO MATTER who you choose of which: They will sell you.

None of these parties also announces just what would do naturally in a federal election in their way any serious, namely stand up for Germany.

As I said, I do not expect the NPD now. The Constitution is the so-called protection.

The rest does not even have a donated hair from a ass crack in his pants. Freedom? Was not that Schiller, who knew how to spell the word yet?

And, no, I choose no chance to loose small party pointless protests.

I stand by my call to active boycott of the election.

Select Mangela Staerkel?

Tuesday 02 July 2013

(DC so it should appear but two widerratende characters in one day Now the text is but recurred from the electric ether..)

Mangela Staerkel is the better choice; or not.

For, as I am now sometimes quite mercilessly gender moderately on a man and male honor: I'm leaving Germany rather betrayed by a presbytery-woman, as a social democratic man.

Especially when the man only that The-mouth-pulling down better than they can.

Moreover Steinbrück is something underexposed, so what you just can not tell from the Chancellor.

Now of course, some say that one should have the inkompetenteren traitor to the Registrar. Sure, you do not know if that would be faster purposeful and where.

This wannabe Savings Bank Director in any case acts like a Guttenberg without latifundia; you never really get the impression that he had a plan. As a conspiracy theorist could begin quite possible that the Bilderbergers have picked him on purpose to lose.

Steinmeier seems relatively solid; the thick Gabriel shows likeable traits; Steinbrück against Mangela Staerkel virtually no chance.

That Steinbrück short knit a little and in some respects is even simple, the Bilderbergers can hardly have escaped: Yes, I set times the conspiracy theory that you auserkor him for losing.

Who wants this clumsy lecture Salesman? (more ...)

Democracy? Where? In D? In the USA?

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sometimes I wonder - the consequence is also expressed in the previous article " Absolute American Freedom: Hail Obama "from - how in Germany, so a Satrapenstaat the USA, woselbst state murders on suspicion the law (NDAA), or even just there, still possible to talk about "democracy", if you want to be taken seriously, not from the outset look like a moron (in classical Greek, as in the modern sense).

Of course you can choose pretty much likely not niedergeelektroschockt in a torture prison to land without charge or to take preventive shot or erdrohniert, quite legally, by holding the flap. Choosing as such is thus not abolished, and there are even parties that you can choose, if one just statesmanlike boring.

You can also choose whether you want to be listened to, or not. Who says nothing, will not be intercepted. Who does not send Epost, they will not read undesirable. Is quite simple.

Who does not want to stink, just not the farts and does not sweat and does not eat garlic. Is quite simple.

We have total freedom of choice. How well almost never, since democracy invented. (more ...)

Of aliens and the believer addiction

Monday, May 27, 2013

By far the most popular narratives to aliens in common is that each species or races with much at least humanoid also trains claims or conceived.

For this purpose, there is no rational reason.

Why should aliens resemble us?

Well, one could postulate that only those varieties wanted to come here aliens who find there similar looking one, the rest have no interest in us.

That sounds to me also very naive. Why you should not care about intelligent or less intelligent people, the very different set up than yourself?

Where did all the ants and algae and fungal researchers here below?

It is, therefore, once again, very likely to act one founded on self-love as to stupidity from hubris projection. (more ...)

Images burger and a green hero

Monday, May 13, 2013

Trittin eating pure herbal images Burger at breakfast.

From the growth of the new middle

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Meanwhile, the allusurpatorische Globalistengesindel actually has a serious problem. More and more are left - in simple terms - nationally, so right, and more and more rights are international, ie to the left.

The center, those pseudo-liberal, pampered by the globalists center, thins out not only always on; it threatens even their loss of status, that it is seen more widespread because already, as rückstandig, marginal, and that no matter how much the media praise sheep whose ostensible rationality daily.

Increasingly, we see libertarians, true conservatives, socialists, patriots, real human rights, Christians, Nietzschean, the Deibel knows what traditionally hardly converged on common platforms, discursive, as the Hydra could be overthrown.

The sides of any allegations of Systemmmedien, you care, because a better, fairer monetary and economic order Aiming, Nazi ideology dreams, international socialist spinning, at best, intellectually underprivileged something to grab more and more into the void. We know these same old drool resist anyone who even dares to think publicly because of how privatized from the prevailing total Finanzschakalerei, in the global gains favor less, losses are socialized on the back of all, was to liberate. More and more people can no longer impress critical of this obviously orchestrated controlled baiting.

Thus, the new center is growing daily. And the old one is always senile, ridiculous, fackt in their idiocy, senile eyes rolling, its economic policy to the rollator own end pushing, always visible further. (more ...)

peer stupid blog dot dot deh eh

Monday 04 February 2013

The peer, yes deer, deer now has a blog, with whom he has nothing to do: peerblog.de

There one learns that the Chancellor, cowardly and lazy, dauerndzu, parlierend with little relevant figures, only white wine is drinking, not even audience knows (despite their cunning, devious government spokesman!), And:. "They do not know how the future is"

The whole embarrassing page is generously funded by anonymous entrepreneurs, but want to have nothing directly to do with the SPD.

Under the heading "About Us" to read then, fat, Steinbrück with the love Obama comparison, the campaign praising him for that conclusion:

"Germany is on the network. Germany also has this opportunity. It'sa long run. Now we start! "

I did not even know that Germany is on the network. After all, but my English is sufficient fortunately for the last two sentences. (more ...)


Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Steinbrück Bilderbergerei sucks.

We have nothing to say.

But at least I say.

Volker Zastrow (FAZ) dissects the SPD Bilderberg Steinbrückerei

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Volker Zastrow, for me, without question one of the most brilliant journalists in the country, dissected at the Steinbrück Kanzlerkandidatenkür (but without the Bilderberg Vorkür, probably to mention actual freestyle,), the SPD, that it only is still a pleasure: herewith for me from given occasion is a must, here the praise. (more ...)

"Elites": no plan

Thursday, January 26, 2012

We need no more proof.

For Germany, the Euro-Vergeiselung, for the United States to Detention Act is sufficient.

The dictatorship is there.

Yet but people are not used to this; they want to mainly do not perceive those; they still choose Recorder parties and read the conformist sheep Press, staring Jauch.

Hence arises the question of the next steps. (more ...)

Bilderberg devotional: franchisee welcome!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Even though it may annoy some now maybe a little, that I here again on my comprehended under construction - world first - instructions Bilderberg devotional, so to speak, operate vile self-promotion: it has to be.

Finally, I have not even earned 666 thousand Euros this blog, let alone me at least entitled to 666 million. (more ...)

Bilderbergers: a world power-robber pistol

Tuesday 07 June 2011

I just read an English interview, on a well-attended "alternative" network side, in which the anonymous respondents claimed to have worked for a large Swiss bank, which regularly published in cash Killer on behalf of foreign intelligence agencies, in connection with the Bilderbergerei etc.

I give the link aware not to, because I want this page provide no hits.

The whole story is told there, plenty of outrageous.

This I do not mean because I did not want to believe that intelligence can kill and murder: Everyone knows that it exists.

Not even because I was a great friend and admirer of the Bilderbergers. (more ...)

Bilderberg 2011: On treacherous terrain

Saturday, May 14, 2011

For some time condenses increasingly clear that this year's Bilderberg meeting will be held in St. Moritz.

This is quite a good choice, as that one, you can climb not proficient, only two pages into the village and comes out again.

So the Grisons cantonal police the place, and especially since the conference hotel, can protect very well against attacks.

Questionable, however, whether the brave Bündener police can hold all peaceful protestierwilligen brave Swiss from making a trip to the mountains Bündener. (Although the Grisons train trundles slowly from the north to Saint Moritz, but reliable. One can take with you even still zauberhafteren Schleichweg from Tirano in Italy and appeared oriented obliquely incident over the EU countries from behind.)

Also questionable whether the Bündener the police ever want or will get a command for it.

Sankt Moritz in June to declare a no-go zone, and enforce the well, which does not necessarily create attractiveness for a tourist who wants to retain its luster.

So could the thing itself be reversed outright. (more ...)

Broken Brzezinski special bone

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Zbginiev Brzezinski, regarded by many as the greatest philanthropist since Timur Lenk, has broken according to AFP last weekend at Bohemian Grove his penis bone in the throat of a vodka bottle of the brand "Putinoff".

Despite the utmost secrecy an emergency doctor gave the world-shattering disaster to the press.

Since this is a complicated comminuted fracture, the bone particles in a 14-hour operation had to be carefully removed, and it is unclear how much of the Gemächtes of longtime Bilderberger- and CFR-member could be saved.

Behind closed doors is rumored, (more ...)

Bilderberg boycott by whores and "Boys"

Saturday 05 June 2010

According SPON Spanish prostitutes have declared a temporary general strike at the Bilderberg meeting in Barcelona. "We do not use the old farts at the Dolce Hotel more," said Christina de la Cama, the spokeswoman for the PLM (para la Liberación Putas Mundial) at a press conference near the conference venue.

About 500 picket prostitutes are raised and threaten scabs with a mixture of butyric acid and ethyl mercaptan to maltreat. (more ...)

Alien flu pandemic averted provisionally

Thursday 03 June 2010

The Luxury Hotel Dolce near Barcelona was today asked by the Spanish authorities quarantined.

An acute outbreak of flu Alien examines the images there, which meets Berger home.

As readers of the London Times eruierten, the virus of extraterrestrial Humano-reptilians was, as observers, transferred.

The highly contagious pathogen leads to epileptic seizures, paranoia, megalomania, (more ...)

Bilderbergers in Barcelona

Thursday 03 June 2010

The Bilderberg gang meets again, and the Times tries to plot your through a little mockery made in England to play down:


They even jokes about the fact that now Greece is broke, where you met last year, because unless next year probably with Spain so far, where to now for three days discussing all sorts of things, just not with the public or the voting cattle.

Bilderberger the chat: (more ...)

Sheep media (II)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

I have introduced this blog a few weeks ago, the term "media sheep" and the related article also explains substantially.

Now I will still reloading thing: I called under the Signet aware of the tabloids and the FAZ in the same breath as examples.

This may some see as unjustified; and in fact, the two sheets are not to be regarded as fully congruent sheep maybe.

By that I mean now but not the well-known differences in the linguistic and intellectual level of the two publications, but am referring rather to the bandwidth of the editorial permitted and realized content.

While criticism of the United States and Israel and Zionism throughout the Springer press is so taboo that most apparent criticism occurs as a reader illusion, may a FAZler, especially in the feuilleton, ever be a bit clearer, and especially guest authors, this is sometimes granted.

In addition, the FAZ has the most interesting letters page of the German-speaking world, may be in what sometimes plain text, for example, talked to Alan Greenspan and Co. (a few laudable examples from today's edition, also with respect to the blood orgy "Inglourious Basterds." - See also my article "Hitler's Hollywood" and "Hitler's Hollywood II" and "Hitler's Hollywood III" - follow in the next article).

When it really comes to the crunch, z. B. the true structure of the Federal Reserve (FED), such nice Philantropenvereine like Skull & Bones, the Trilateral or Bilderberg (more ...)

Do not trust me

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I organize here right now a guessing game: What do you think, what I would like to write, but do not dare to do this?

Katyn is not about you may now tell the truth.

9.11 it is not, it's almost all is said, except in the media sheep.

The NPD it is not about the writing of the Constitution as protection enough about themselves.

Nicola Tesla, it is not because I know too little about his inventions.

Neuschwabenland it is not, because as Altschwabe I know myself well there not.

The Bilderbergers are not, because I have already written about it.

The same applies to Freemasonry. (more ...)

Bilderbergers in therapy

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Currently hosts the annual, as well as possible kept secret from the public, "Bilderberg" meetings near the Greek capital Athens.

The Bilderbergers are all powerful people of the world of high finance, politics, economy and media, the big worry about us make ordinary citizens.

They are just unfortunately quite paranoid loser.

Because they are otherwise just about all public persons, the round-the-clock care for our welfare and not be tired even to say, but unfortunately they can seem somehow all the wars that they themselves started, just quit, as the financial crisis, is valid for the same thing.

Normally, you would not have to make the five-star hotel just under guardianship, to help these poor megalomaniac and per occupant send in three psychologists, but without the direct security 5-8 elite brigades of all arms be consulted so that any task force, working for the mentally disturbed, the efforts of Doctors are not able to interfere surprise attack sensitive. (more ...)