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Muslims times the other way

Friday 04 April 2014

Of one who no longer was good for me, I thereat also not good, I heard a story that nevertheless newsworthy.

It was about Muslim immigrants.

I tell the story from memory as best as I can.

He had a Außeinandersetzung reprimanded with an acquaintance who demanded still more tolerance and understanding of our Muslim fellow citizens in this respect him as unduly diskriminös.

Then he (as I said, from memory): "Just imagine that would mass-looking here, all their wives made the local men mercilessly, just vice versa, at any time spread your legs, but castles their men totally gone, disguises the fact that you never herankämest at her best only on the face, where you tried to make it, then you would be ever so tolerant and so much for still more immigration of those? Huh? I do not think so! "


Therefore reproduced here.

German women to Kampfsäuen

Friday, January 24, 2014

They've turned themselves German policewomen visually and mentally as standard equipment for military Kampfsäuen.

A clear signal to the people.


"Never donation to an organization that lives in a bigger house than you yourself." (AC)

The three of us live on 81 square - for the classroom actually nine less.

Do you have more than 24?

Magnus Goeller - Volksbank Stuttgart - BLZ 600 901 00 - 580 280 13 Kto.

Kiffen is conservative

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Everything is going to be released on the hemp; she seems unstoppable.

What will happen if the prohibition madness finally ends?

People who know about the properties of hemp as little as one Amazon Indians from baking bread, already feared that US companies could monopolize the business of drug hemp quasi.

A ridiculous assumption. Who can plant tomatoes, it can also take the hemp. He needs only such seed to get good results. Good varieties are hundreds, if not thousands out there, and within two or three years has any good breeders a new variety.

So the drug hemp would oligopolisieren only under a world dictatorship hemp. This is certainly one of the reasons why you do not want him to share. Monsanto will not be pleased. (more ...)

"Truther": Together, next to it is also past

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

I am just struck by readers Dude zu einen Link stopped, a "Trutherlink" - - a vocally pleasant Jasinna, but also rather diabolical invests its likeness that I now long gone, none of these stupid Guy Fawkes masks have been seen in the street. (How can you say to his children: "Look, although the look like the worst mafiosi, but in reality, there are the good guys!" -?)

Either have learned what a few people, or are just simply again by just like other modes. (The latter probably has more weight.)

From "Anonymous" I have not noticed much, which can of course be because I work so much and sleep.

Pirates? Was there by Captain Morgan Pirate yet?

Idiots but there are certainly still. To know that, I have not even on the Gass'.

After all, I can see that myself without eye patch and red Kalottentuch without lip piercing and bandit mask at least a little like this, as though I would have survived a few less glorious days. On Kindererschrecken me is still nothing. Not even if it is just "in" again.

It is now well again in the hottest club and doing there as long as, or talking about it at least one that you just do not get bored until the next sow driven through the village.

What, on the other hand, on Carnival, if you will, on All Saints Day, in children a venial fun, I still can not understand in the sense of serious socio-political work in adults.

My the about that Kissinger and Brzezinski a shirk some such infantile basically Kapriolanten whether their exterior candy into your shirt?

The dissipated energy with the funs of provocation.

The suspicion is that at times we do not encourage this kind shapes and lifts. Thus, the protest party, a party to the just also celebrated with more or less hangover.

I want so neither dismiss the efforts of those Jasinna, yet probably some anonymous people, even some pirates the first hour in total; nevertheless the three examples connects a irrseliges concept.

I tend, as everyone knows, who knows me, not only to intellectualist Miesepeterei, am looking for a rough and tumble fun and Dionysian evenings Alleweil readily have.

I also do not bother to Gothics and similar figures. But everything in its place.

I also already looked like a chimney sweep. Not even so rare. Some oven and some stovepipe was clean already.

Therefore, it would not fall but to me earnestly to open a party of Rußverschmierten or Satan Zombies. Something to do on stage, in satire, sometimes for liberating laughter.  

Something to tie in at most one concept, concepts in small bites, if you want to achieve something, why not: It does not make it to the bearing concept.

From rabble-addicted women

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Yesterday I found myself at the inn in succession at two generic yet sufficiently remarkable women who have a perhaps thirty, the other not much further.

That was black-haired, this blond, which. Both, where the creation was extremely generous, the more beautiful like, decide more experienced eyes than mine

Both were also quite educated and very eloquent.

And then it turned out to be hypocritical before the Lord: not to mention cheapest courtiers.

As the thinker but then asks: Why?

Ironically, women who still would find in hell in five minutes a brave Buhl (or maybe just maybe not?), Which protected them from the worse Argsamkeiten the devil to self-abandonment, it seemed to be necessary, the stupidest and most insolent rabble too well to be. (Which reminds me: There were two, not quite as nice, but still very significant, where it was no different, except that I was the probably somewhat lower intelligence and educational conversation looking no longer to check in mood or situation.)

What drives such loose women?

Why so little real self-esteem?

Only because it's so beautiful, even the last idiot to wrap around your finger and make jumping around in squares at will?

Or have some fear to be discovered but in the end perhaps as soon as they hit men, seek not only to look between the legs, and respected the women?

After all, this solution of the riddle is obvious, which of course does not mean that they must be correct or even partially correct.

Schopenhauer would have to probably said that just come out here if you are the woman, instead of knitting needles books in hand. But probably understood more on Poodle because of women.

Rabble addicted. So retaliatory addictive that do not break the rabble addiction.

No. Today no Mitleidensanfall.

Do they even see how they cope with it over time.



Second approach. Maybe they know deep down that they are binding on duration no man of real courage and formats know. (I did not feel rejected, a real Angrabe had not even tried.) That it therefore wisest to constantly keep warm as much rabble, on stock, so to speak, as only possible, not only for self-congratulation, but as a kind of protection.

In fact: If an upright is not Bruce Lee or Jet Li or Dietrich of Bern, he may at least ten to twenty piece rabble in doubt but must physically beware.

It may well be a question that you stick a whole stable Dobermans.


Addendum II

It's something else to keep dogs than people.

It is not the dog, just because you play a lot with dogs, this abrichtet.

If you constantly but you and you, as the colors from the rabble.

That is the price to be paid, at least, ladies.

NSU Process: The mixture

Monday, April 29, 2013

The NSU-process, in which Beate Zschäpe to come to court, has developed into a media circus completely absurd, because now some are offended by the Dick ship media nor that they went no discount lot in the recent accreditation.

Worse still is to be feared.

Maybe it's a good thing that you can henceforth be read in regional cheese leaves and local radio stations and listen to what they have to announce it, if they do not simply make their places to money. A rather unfavorable image of the award I saw before in any case quite by accident several times by the Reuters news agency that, as usual AP and AFP pitch, in contrast to dpa. The taz is stinky offended, because they have invested in recent years so much time and money in the topic and has now also drawn the short straw. Almost the irony of this sad farce is, in fact, that Brigitte, after all, of national importance, though not to have always pulled in politics, the last valid item.

At first it all seemed to find is right, as far as I pursued this nonsense that some Turkish media a special place must be given to what, as I read, the SNB declared admissible, simply to identify a couple of chairs for Turkish media representatives (or from the quota of the Free public subtract), which comparatively well unproblematischerer solution, the OLG but did not follow the whole thing so new unrolled. (more ...)

How many nonsense interior would have liked it?

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I hear for over a year a radio station that not only whether seinerIn choice of music, but especially also of the other services of MörderatorInnen ago mostly very good like that. Flux-FM.

But now it's, you will have guessed, about time for criticism. (more ...)

Let the idiots in the field!

Monday, February 18, 2013

If the idiot is leaving the field, they have no counterpart and are therefore soon resolved itself.

(Whether one is still alive, yes does not matter.)

From the stupid cowardly Eso-talkers

Monday, February 18, 2013

One of the most pernicious are those esoteric talkers who, whether foolish or cowardly, or both, try no matter einzusingen one, you strength through resistance but only his opponents, such therefore refrain better look instead simply elsewhere, the Beautiful, this defeat ultimately lightly by non-compliance.

From Ten Euro miracle (and the Twenty Miracle Mark)

Monday, February 18, 2013

My keyboard looks like the sow. Fully zertabakt and durchgesifft zerspeckt and dirty vintage. She has truly earned. But you still toots. An authentic Chinese Ten Euro miracle.

(Grades I see on the search engine, that "authentic" - usually I say "real." - Is not even raised some of most Chinese idiots.)

(Addendum: My quarter of a century old edition of Nietzsche's Zarathustra looks similar, no side out, twenty marks miracle, probably made in Germany.)

(Addendum II: One can "authentic" or increase "real" in some contexts, though, at least it is customary law actually is but it always wrong..)

Marriage law and martial law

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Oh, there are macabre typos.

I just read on to the dreary, threatening dictatorial developments in the USA, and a journalist wrote, "marital law" instead of "martial law".

So marriage law, thinking martial law. (more ...)

From working in a dream

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Now I know that you still can continue to work very well in a dream.

In some ways it's even effortless, because the guards. (more ...)

Umspendiert. Beer erschwatzt unintentionally.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Yesterday I received one of which I would have at least as pronounced never expected designated, as a liar, idiot, duffer, dreamers, babblers, said also, that I managed nothing. (I had truthfully admitted that the family I currently can not get through my literary work.)

I was not only surprised, first a little flat, because I had not been out with a man the first good conversation, know him as art direction, asked me all the time, so he told me, in all that to criticize me without further ado, that now were so hard. He expected me to smooth bottom wannabe ground proposition of our society. He was childless not even apply, that I my two staples in raising them alone for now well seven years, so well but also in that time at least a little bit would have done, except for me to drill for Philologenart in the nose or anus.

To a certain extent, I managed to turn the tide. (I would, of course, also can I just turn away, but I wanted a hand stand firm, on the other hand fathom why the by no dispute headed, no criticism on my part to him and his work, me in this way gives the edge at once, dazuhin times see if I still could not unsettle some extent his majesty at least.) (more ...)

Caught in his own stratagems

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I will not mention his name. Because I do not want him. Carts to the At least not yet. He will see if he reads this.

He is undoubtedly blessed with a keen intellect, and he knows how to formulate accurate.

However, he succeeds not always, even if it superficially, like, look like. Why? (more ...)

Living Linguistics

Monday, January 28, 2013

The first time I was awakened son at the dinner table.

What something hot in Latin with road or tram, I should have asked half awake.

A little later he shooed me again on the bed.

"Dad, I have a headache!"

"Yeah yeah. Let's continue to write me and bring me a beer "- I babbled.

After all.

Latin, writing and beer: I know myself längweis instinctively what is important.

Unconditional Basic Income: an illusion?

Monday, January 28, 2013

From Saturday to Sunday, we discussed - at all Dionysik - but very seriously the idea of ​​an unconditional basic income.

From these two BWA fours supported entirely; one they flatly refused (clear on the current situation with respect, not any conceivable future with free energy, etc.), I was very skeptical.

Even apart from the fact that the unconditional basic income, according to all current initiatives should be given to each, so far no one dared has to say, this should come respectively Germans only Swiss, just not any newcomers, so, conversely, even if this event is set, I could not avoid the arguments to consider that as overweight which described the negative thing. (more ...)

Finger scan, iris scan: Is a Rotten Apple?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Apple will continue to incorporate a fingerprint reader into its devices, has already purchased an appropriate specialist company with man and mouse for it.

So who is too stupid or too lazy to enter a code in its electrical box having it in the future very easy going.

And Apple and CIA & Cie come without its problems, as well as expenses and free, the fingerprints of all fellow Apple idiots zoom.

A "win-win" situation so.

Ideal for idiots identification. A smart criminal or opposition (which often makes no significant difference in two ways) works anyway as little as possible with a cell phone provided (only has to be inconspicuous soherum, one, but does it only insignificant private calls), and certainly not with one of Apple . The dopey recognized by the fact that they even use the new function.

And: Buy now so a new Fon, but does not use this great tool, it arouses suspicion. Why will this oblique type us their not give fingerprint?

One could also install a Iriserkenner that automatically activates. So then all would capture that take the Schmerzfon their girlfriend or their acquaintances times in the hand or stare at it.

There is certainly an app soon, by means of which the resourceful Don Juan, by playing at the bar with his E-helpers, sometimes just picks up the pretty little face of the neighbor, so that he no longer has to ask for her phone number. Anyway, if the aunt is so stupid that she herself has an Apple Schmerzfon or ever somehow abgeglichenermaßen reingegrinst in one has (other manufacturers will follow suit soon, so that master Android finds out when the android is born, where it is reported, what an E-address it has, etc.).

With the finer Apps husband get then in most cases, right out if the main is sergeant with plump boobs, or a prostitute or a marriage convicted swindler or a single Hartzi with three brats. (more ...)

Olympics 2012: bleak and empty

Monday, July 30, 2012

Now you have to watch at the Olympic sex games in London already zwangsverpflichten people in the sports facilities, bring soldiers to nap so that they fill the empty ranks.

I say this, nothing more, because the wofern, it should not be a photomontage, speaks for itself.

Among brothers

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Aphoristiker meet old colleagues.

"Well, today used for spring already?"

"Where are the eight cents pledge?"

"What, what?"

"From my very last beer bottle in which you post Trunkem also my ulteriorste filler cartridge have weggeschmuggelt. I bet you have also destroyed the oral, rather than to buy you at least kitchen coals for it! "

"This is an outrageous insinuation!"

"Yes, what, then?" (more ...)

God's peaceful withdrawal

Monday, May 28, 2012

The funny little discussion along my little aphorism 'with the title " Even without God revealed "has brought me to a targeted new idea.

Perhaps we should offer him but negotiations allow him a deduction in which no breaks down even more unnecessary.

Because his supporters are so addictive, so used by him to him that it probably would be far less ruckus, he turned again into a well-chosen farewell salute to them.

This then led certainly to many crying fits and also not a few Kreislaufkolläpsen, many Schwerstsuff etc., but still quite likely not to more general major disasters. (more ...)

All agree that "Jews are people"

Monday, February 06, 2012

"Not be reduced to Auschwitz Jews" under the title brings Raphael Gross (Wikipedia: "His activities include: Reader at Queen Mary Collage, University of London, Honorary Professor of History at the University of Frankfurt, director of the Leo Baeck Institute in London (since 2001) , Director of the Jewish Museum Frankfurt (since 2006) and Director of the Fritz Bauer Institute in Frankfurt am Main (since 2007). ") in his early criticism yesterday Jauch show (there were only Jews or Jewish guests or loaded with Jewish roots ) on the remarkable sentence: "Everyone agreed that Jews are human beings."

He brings it even twice, once in the text and in front, bold set as the first of four sub-headings: which should be ruled out that the author could have brought this completely thoughtless. In addition, it must have been very important to the communication Vollprofi that finding this statement, which also proves the Hevorhebung.

I wonder what he really wants to tell us. (more ...)

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