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From free death and the cowardly hypocrites

Friday 04 April 2014

Among Christians and many others, attach the crude religions, suicide is a grave sin, a mortal sin at all (laughing).

So I know this also from the usual reincarnation believers who are indeed more likely to avoid the concept of sin, but about talking about a crime, going against himself as the cosmic order, which can be too bitter to pay for the one who bitterly atone .

Now, I want to be fair: I can not prove that they are all wrong.

One for Bedenk I give this but. And if it should penetrate only glued ears. (more ...)

This circus has been with me zirkelt (II)

Friday, March 28, 2014

At the vitamin poisoning after the "vegetarian kebab" I remember it vividly.

Planchierten broccoli, beets planchierte cooked, had pressed into the arms flatbread, after all, a few fresh onions and tomatoes were going a little white sauce.

The hungry man came before him, as though he were a rabbit hutch.

Not even cheese, nothing was there.

No wonder that the followers of such foods must believe in their own reincarnation. (more ...)

Of mental Wehr: A View from property (II)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Since the first part on the most likely to have worked a little surreal, I can now play all the more liberated.

Most entrench themselves in front of the possibilities of the realities of any faith.

Construction as wanted, her own prison. Like as if the bunker of faith before they more protected than himself, and from attacks of the weaker sort.

Yes, the battle-hardened Shaolin monk may endure much, not soft, even certain death before the eye.

But as he bound his power to a belief that he will knock down three, five, eight, thirteen anti-combatants, however, never find the real force for freedom.

So he will not take effect the bottom line. Even if his faith effectively protected him from certain weapons.

With sticks and lances resist laser weapons? (more ...)

Women's World Cup in Qatar?

Saturday, January 25, 2014

The wage slave state Qatar has his slaves die easily, so how did that not a classic slave state: a healthy slave who would have cost 50,000 euros, you would not die so easily.

After all the terrorists in Syria you pay probably decent.

Perhaps FIFA should emphasize these remarkable Sheikh humanity in their PR a bit more.

"Qatarische major gifts for the whole year's Arab Spring"

"Qatar brings the greatest servant in wages and bread"

"Qatar can be fighters for freedom in the lurch"

It would be better, of course, sent our freshly baked defense minister a volunteer woman brigade to Kulturbereichererland that showed the idlers from Nepal, India and Pakistan as true as they do not just topple over if there is a little bit what to do. (more ...)


Monday, January 20, 2014

I can not bear the whole trauma concept. It is not logical.

Because no one knows what a - psychological - Trauma is.

Very often, when trauma talk, I wonder whether the traumatic moment was not only a special kind of sudden attention, a false anchor, if you will, as the Traumatic actually much earlier, otherwise occurred, perhaps even was feared from then on.

Ultimately, it's all about learning and forgiveness and joy.

Primitive, as I'm that, said: He who eats well and drink, and the bed nice and warm, forgets his trauma by itself. They dissolve in the famous pleasure.

All other remedies I think comparatively doubtful.

Like a drug, give a good therapy for a while the feeling that things turned for the better. Perhaps the so-evoked euphoria turns things even for the better. Sometimes it even seems permanently to work.

But it seems only. Most. (more ...)

Who wants this tyranny? (II)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

"Not only do I see long exactly what's going on."

So I joined, but a little unsatisfactory, although true, the first part.

Georgia Guidestones, chemtrails, HAARP, ESM, Freemasons, "Matrix", "Manchurian Candidate", all sorts of gossip of so-called "Illuminati", perfect fake "Protocols": Everything buzzes, sometimes real, sometimes "False Flag", mostly with unclear symbolism by acting confused.

These "quantum computer" (as a worldview or Erstrebnis), reincarnation fantasies, an Aryan Jesus, endless "conspiracy theories" regarding historical falsifications, veil still behind the veils of Voranstverschleierten.

This is not about capitalism. Anyway, in the sense in which the word understood today.

It's somehow real to heads of cattle.

Human cattle.

We will deliver anything. This is clearly (more ...)

I stand by my Unspiris

Sunday 05 January 2014

Yesterday I spoke at length with one that certainly has reasons to pursue quite inexplicably in my view, to feel.

The "cui bono"? canvassing, he came out to speak, that it probably just give people who delektierten out to torment others.

The course is well known to me.

There are even people who believe that there are (extraterrestrial) beings, the energy principle from the suffering of others lived.

I do not know if there is such a thing.

However, there is some evidence at least to some extent for it.

When I look alone, not only since I run this blog, but for decades before that, how wild are some people when I spit them in their pseudo-spiritual soup, which indicated at least in this direction.

They are angry, threatening and waving. Sometimes they converse only, seemingly less dangerous hung up because they think that is elegant, just more effective. Or do not want to expend much.

Most of them believe experience has shown, determined at a full reincarnation of the individual. Those who do not believe in it (or any other belief), so long as he does not do too much, a sucker. If it is to the effect but naughty, so we identified him, the more one, the other less than a kind of enemy.

Like as if he were dessenthalben the worst.

I have the faith anyway never understood: How can the only so shaken, as can so easily go overboard all noble Liebheit goals, just because a non mitglaubt?

And since you told me that I was too weak in faith.

Hopefully I'm already like so weak that I spared the exercise just described.

Even the differentiation that not believing in something does not mean to exclude it slips regular way of their thinking ability.

Often they do not pull at Nietzsche (Osho and the other bring it alone is not sufficient, as it seems).

On whose work I will presume no authority to interpret me now really.

But who, if not Nietzsche, each clearly warned before the faith?

Also said: "THE way, THE does not exist!" -?

Yes, the Friedrich Gummelt them already hard in the stomach, the Spiris.

At Crowley they usually dare ran certainly not at the Class-A fonts anyway. Even "Little Essays Toward Truth" would be rather too much.

So they gather around cheaper, "channeled" material, after all, in the "original" also mostly English.

Somewhere in the ether kömmt since her higher consciousness, schwurbelischwurbela.

It is initiated and that the rind cracks, the enlightened buzz and buzz, there you hardly get on.

True spiritual development as they ever actually possible in the expansion of perception prefers to play as not so important.

It is also rather work-shy. Where it is easy to inflate the cheeks, as it is naturally fond of pointing. But longer and more accurate over and over again to deal seriously with an object, no, that does not bring the Spirispaß so right.

Confucius they dislike most. The spoke so often so clearly about the importance of lifelong learning is that they probably just the crucial pass to the biscuit. Sooo much work! Lifelong! A very bad Unspiri. At some point there must be good times, with the enlightenment.

Confucius knew, that's still bad, not even real magic degrees. He estimated his disciples indeed, but such a fuss he not moved on. He encouraged each according to its kind.

Again saumäßig unspiri. Without rank or title but everything is nothing.

What have understood least of all the Spiris, is that you have to gain his rank to himself. Find Him, recognize, represent him.

Clear judgment, clear speech. That is the first.

In Nietzsche and Confucius.

In Cervantes, there is also a special game.

I stand by my Unspiris.

Literature, now sometimes serious

Friday 03 January 2014

You have some games to determine in peace that the people on the great works of world literature towards not especially en masse, at least, are crazy, so how did they do that in the religious, so minden works of world literature, at any time and do to this day.

Evil intentionally bad literature makes people just not healthy, but it does to their already existing weakness like still strong so.

The patient still poison.

The sufferer grade in the sack.

I know you.

Eso is everywhere

Thursday 02 January 2014

In my reincarnation as long reincarnate only ones until there are no more evil.

Unfortunately, no one believes in my teaching. I now no longer. It is probably too bloodless.

She sounds so also, as though the Lidl sold already. After all, my favorite deli.

Einsneunundsechzig for the perfect reincarnation. I pack in, I let my taste.

Since I do not even have yet to buy a joke. Fair offer. Correct price.

I also read the Brigitte today.

This resulted from chance, a reason that does not explain here, too, as he irrelevant for the following.

There is really so much drinne esoteric chatter, not even poorly prepared that you should not be surprised, therefore, the Uresoverlage so badly off inger.

You just stole them the business. Eso is everywhere.

Even with the partnership as separate accounts.

I have not even read all the others. Fortunately not enough time. But I'm sure that man - woman - now already for the euro gets, at each Loddl what you have long had to rummage eifrigsam twenty years ago at the Frankfurt Mess'.

Eso is strunz cheap now.

And my wonderful gooder idea that flourishes not so pretty. Not even in a women's magazine.

Still, obviously, people would rather that other idiot estates were true.

Oh well. This fate may have taken some philosophers, who thought it too good to humanity.

Seen are all also reincarnated matter.

Catholicism: Sisters worse than brothers

Thursday 02 January 2014

I know that it is partly re 'in' to be Catholic.

Some even think that was a kind of protest against the impudent Jews and Muslims.

At least you have such a safe haven for a bit patriotic.

It displaces obviously Bezeichnendstes.

Namely me variously confirmed again in talks over the holidays, independent reports of the extraordinary and almost unique wickedness and cruelty of Catholic nuns and sisters.

What does that say about a religion when their most loyal women mutate regular way to beasts?

Sure, not all are evil. Hildegard of Bingen and had left good.

But there are damn many of them angry.

Why this may be well?

From the evil Catholic priests are told much. Not only tells.

From the evil nuns hardly a verwagt to talk. They're probably about equal under.

It already does the man not good, if he must verheucheln his sexuality to even how much more but is that the wife.

In the worst case, unfortunately not rare, the whole man will envy.

It does not matter what one has. Wife has even more of that envy on the open wound, in which it can be presumed that they will heal.

But it has power. So it tortures, as far as only allowed.

It is thus deputy of God on earth. It was God-fearing. You learn at nuns.

She loves to torment small children of both sexes; probably rather be with the adult males; but this may be wrong, because men tell maybe more.

After all, even today some women children, and not only men, which perhaps just would not forgivable, and that's the meanest thorn in the flesh of the nun.

This slut has not only ... gevö., No, that's not enough, it is also so out came a brat here, achwas, even two BWA!

No known reason bessrer envy. This is the precipitate. How can this bitch dare before me and before the Lord!

No, folks, it is not honorable to be Catholic or to be.

You have evil women.

That says it all.

But still a find on Decision

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

'His failures against all that is spiritual, perhaps coming from a deep longing for exactly this. Who Nietzsche so admired, as he can not really be "unspiritual" ... Well, ultimately everything is spirit ... '

This assessment of my work - from two years ago - I was just randomly here:

A character?

After all, there's something before that friendly mention. Thanks at this point for it.

But back to the quote.

Due from all that is spiritual. The me. I probably had not told enough of Crowley, runes, numerology, and various other little about my spiritual hobby-horses. Or you took everything as camouflage it?

Oh yes, this deep longing. After such a beautiful rack of lamb with green beans and small, quite browned buttered potatoes. Given a strong Sancerre. Yes, because if I just think of my campfire at my cape on the Baltic Sea, red Bouteille right, alone with sand and rock and fire, and the sea view under full moons: I want the same way again.

Or fly again in a dream about Japan, Amur, bathe in the most wonderful lakes and rivers, feel the Überspültsein on the Strand, really, again, for a beach runner days, whether right in the dunes of Ameland clouds and spray the North Sea, salt air, red Bouteille .

The longings for spiritual I know of myself, in fact, not a few.

Sometimes I long even after it, even to write something spiritual.

But then again I dare not, or it missrät even pathetic.

Of love, inalsoweit can be spiritual, I also do not understand much; I beigerammelt only times two boys.

This respect is almost unfortunate that ultimately, well, everything is spirit.

So spiritually. Thus myself.

I almost feel a little consternation.

No: THAT is so not fair! (I am Libra.)

And I must say here clearly now. (Leo Ascendant.)

And if it becomes a failure. (Pluto-Uranus conjunction in the first house.)

If I'm just yet spiritually soherum already, how could I still have so much longing as often as possible to be something similar to spiritually?

Moreover, Nietzsche was not spiritual. He thought it better to thinking. He was just because thinking principle can not be spiritual, not spiritual.

But I adore him so so much. (Crowley was not stupid, but considering Nietzsche but an egomaniac and a charlatan.)

I worship Confucius. He was also very unspiritual. So he spoke neither about God nor about magic. (There is a small video of me.)

Also as a pleasant little spiritual I guess Heinrich von Kleist, the hard-hitting stories, syntactically incomparable, with a pace knew that against it not only difficult paralyzes some Scripture to tell, in such unspiritual German, that when reading or paper at the sound of brit tent.

Jaja. My Unspiris.

Almost my favorite, worst Unspiri, it was here already several times mentioned (how Kleist and Konfzius also), Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.

He has quite simply a story of Zween idiot tells someone who considered himself spiri, but only in his imagination was (or actually does it?), And one whose spirituality is similar to mine, on sufficiently Käs and wine and good quarters for the night first taught.

No wonder, then, that he won not too important place in the world of Spiribewunderungsliteratur; the profundity of the unspiritual is just often not easily comprehended by Spiris and even understood.

It abounds in the Quijote only seems like - imaginary - cursed magicians and magic Ebennichtzufällen, and there is no lack of some other ingredient that wants the Spiri fallen well.

Alone: ​​The story is too funny. That may be the Spiri now does not mean that you do not want aufbilden humorless not even the highest Spiri. A non sequitur. A sacrilege.

Where was I?

Yes, exactly. When injustice.

It is truly unfair to genuine Spiris just because all mind is to throw me in a pot.

I will also not accept uncontradicted 2014.

Erdogan "victims of Zionist conspiracy"?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Still sitting in Turkey thousands of journalists, intellectuals, opposition politicians in jail - often with no chance of due process." - Read So today on SPON .

But that seems even now, as in Turkey, an opaque power struggle within the Islamic new elite rages (the Gülen movement and Erdogan seem to compete against each other), do not seem to care or bother.

Erdogan sees himself - so Turkey - now for the umpteenth time foreign conspiratorial powers suspended, and he probably believes that not only itself, but is also more than a grain of truth in it. Without connivance of the West, at least the United States, living there Gülen is well connected, his troops have hardly set against the "Sultan" in transition. Toleration can of course quite likely with the approval, support, yes even a view as semantically hardly distinguish behalf action.

Why now but that?

Turkey has under Erdogan - many say the boom of recent years is purely financed by debt, based on a construction and real estate bubble - but lately a lot of the dirty work in attacking Syria made in the spirit of the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and Qatar: What did the now evil perpetrated at once?

I do not think it really is about the most massive corruption and taking advantage of the ACP squad, because that was certainly not only rumored lately.

That it now but probably not really about this, helps Erdogan also not much should a major proportion of the allegations are correct, have been applied. He is under tremendous pressure, trying with great effort to crack.

Puzzling me is how several hundred specialists shall have determined so secret even against Prime sons and other Untouchables, without timely Erdogan got wind of it and was able to intervene.

"Just as this applies to Zionism, anti-Semitism and fascism, it is essential to consider Islamophobia as a crime against humanity." - So Erdogan at a UN conference to promote dialogue between religions and peoples in February in Vienna. The outrage was great.

And in November 2012, he had referred to Israel as a terrorist state who carries out ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

Something not you say now times himself as Sultan prefer. Remarkably well the chutzpah to presuppose that Zionism would considered a crime against humanity, fascism (so einbegreifend in the standard international diction even and especially Nazism) for comparisons zoom pulling, and even anti-Semitism, then, to ask the Islamophobia next door .

Yes, outraged, shocked they all were. But they did not quite know what to say. You could Erdogan do not deliver the same to the Pats or the show trial in the Hague.

No, Mr Erdogan, you were some time useful, but not something you do. It helps nothing, that your statement is logically inconsistent abundant in itself. First, will you not lead the people in this case rather in mind, and secondly, the Zionists, leave of the grace of the Prime Minister, to a considerable extent in the first place on the post which he has held, such insubordination already not go on principle because there could indeed soon everyone come.

Extent, therefore, Erdogan also influential Jewish circles behind its current problems - as well as those already with the Gezi Park - believed he may have something definitely right.

But it will not contribute MSM medium of the West so easily into play, because AIPAC referred Although even as the most influential political lobby in the United States, but not every Tom, Dick and Harry must also say that, especially not on special occasions.

Yes, I'm afraid, Mr. Erdogan, as you face "to the world", "the world community" fighting a losing battle.

In our example in Germany. Example, at around the Springer press, there is no job or a contract conditional dismissal for people who not stand up for Israel and of course the Zionist ideology. As you advance to expect no sympathy or understanding.

It has even raised the issue of Iran / embargo break / money laundering in connection with acceptance of advantages into play. U.S. intelligence and the Mossad will know what went. The only question is what they deliver. If the want is what they want on the same day on Reuters, dpa, etc.

Maybe it is supposed to be only a violent fillip, and allowed you to continue governing, you wofern be properly cleansed in the important things behave.

You can treat you and your people then continued generous forms of bribes, that's not a particular problem.

Yes. Or is it just really is crunch time for you. Then you have, in my opinion, as far as I can tell from the outside, bad cards.

Redsamen evening, happy night!

Monday, December 23, 2013

I now placing them all in a pot and greetings at least until the New Year and no one wish also no more anything, unless I should go over to a degree irritate it.

Does not want to say that I will not otherwise meantime maybe lose a few words.

So: Happy all, merry celebrations all, except of course the evil. The few.

Again the next round in charity.

Now that we have a center-left government (as it's called, I think) that abuts only on left-wing opposition, we know already where the journey goes next year.

Germany will be as politically correct as ever. It will at least try.

The left one has been before the mummy was of the Seven Little Goats defense minister, where especially in the war, she says, man is one, made it clear that they must accept wars of aggression in future, if ever there was something to be with the share of power. (I think it was also a pretty blonde girl that the best said, only slightly younger and of the SPD. Perhaps I just think a little too much before Christmas.)

As far as I know, we even have a minister of the interior. At least he called that again. Of course, he works for the same people, the Americans, like its predecessor, this perfect bankrupt.

"Steinmeier kicks off immediately and watscht Russia from": This headline of 17 12 I found just about the new old foreign minister in one of those noticeable'd seeds newspapers in the world where you sign the contract of employment that one exclusively in Germany for Israel and the United States is working.

But Gentiles also. Now the German Foreign Minister has equal times abgewatscht Russia. Which is which determines the heavy jaw hurt, back there in the dark cold east.

Sovereignty aspirations will be no fear of this government in any case so quickly. With all that one has crawled the Ami out of your ass, Russia anstinken. In the middle of Europe is nothing new.

Oh yes, a gold Saxony we have now in the Ministry of Labour, which makes sure that the Nahles makes no shit.

Gabriel is very sturdy, almost too robust. If he now starts the frustration seizure of the Mummy, the first he would not feel comfortable, then he bursts probably already sometime before the scheduled time.

There was someone in the Cabinet? The Schäuble there are certainly that ish clear.

Yes, the more talk of freedom to the more slavish one acts to the more freedom and self-determination is taken to the people. The President is in the undisputed role model: as it should be.

Yes, this baggage we got were, even at Christmas. But also itches me not much. Otherwise we would just presents another boot lickers.

The French suffered their Hollande finally, and the English their Cameron; when I think of these shady scoundrels, I already feel ashamed after all, not so much for Merkel. The would possibly even more able to lead a less corrupt government, wofern that would allow, as those other humplichten high bricklayers of the mendacious form. (Do not worry about me, if our Germania from Templin reaps a Viertelslob of me here, allzumal an unquestionably poisoned.)

How do I get really on the policy and the weak Maten involved ours, but where I be paid as a kind of uplifting Christmas Greeting actually made at my desk?

A delusion? A faith do?

No, that will not do. We need decorations and tinsel and candles and gifts and a roast and the tree and best wine Genung and children's laughter and songs and happy guests.

The only to himself sometimes a bit of laughing malice, which is also a Zigarettchen and a Konjäckchen granted to a second, later festive stroll through local hall.

Angels this year I have, however, probably with some reason not on offer. Your fact they gave me all stolen or borrowed. So get along with those who you have.

Since I only know 24 Angelic Realms called, I sometimes go out even the angels. I ask for your indulgence.

As my gift from my Angel takers at me.

Who now for Christmas still needs a devil, so that's really tingles, I can hardly serve for free, for where it applies to contradict gods, because I ask myself a mite.

At Christmas Mephistopheles sits anyway just cowered under the trap door under the banquet table, hopes of a moment, because Grämliches, schwappe him to the hatch verhelfend, in glass and speech.

Maybe I tease him even a little, this year, because he is lame again, the clubfoot, to spoil my year as it would please him.

Oh, and who wants that also say that Jesus Christ, I do not know from which I indeed already the ranked him suspiciously legends, a nice greeting from me, because finally I can not rule out that he lived, nor even, that he was a dear broadly.

Redsamen evening, happy night.

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Sonntag, 15. Dezember 2013

In Frankreich ist mal wieder ein – allerdings von der sozialistischen Regierung in Auftrag gegebener und an den Premierminister gerichteter Bericht von “Fachleuten” – “Bericht” zu dem Schluss gekommen, mal wieder, weil das so in Westeuropa inzwischen Usus ist, man solle halt toleranter sein gegenüber dem Islam, wie bisher gehe es damit nicht weiter.

Zu Deutsch: Die Franzosen sollen sich noch mehr bieten lassen, als sie dies schon widerwillig tun, dem Islam soll als privilegierte Religion die Tür noch weiter geöffnet werden.

Das Schlimmste daran aber ist – es wäre ja nicht schlimm, wenn die Scharia in Frankreich Fuß fasste – , dass derlei Abhuberei Frau Le Pen Wähler zutreibt.

Das darf ja nun gar nicht sein.

Frankreich ist bitteschön so geräuschlos abzuschaffen, dass das keiner merkt und sich folgerichtig auch keiner dawider wendet.

Aber auch genuin laizistische Linke scheinen nicht auf der ganzen Linie begeistert, dass was gegen den Katholizismus erkämpft angesichts des Islams einfach wieder aufgegeben werden soll.

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Der Monotheismus ist eine Chimäre

Donnerstag, 28. November 2013

Es gibt gar keinen echten Monotheismus. Am wenigsten bei den Christen. Aber die Juden und die Moslems haben den auch nie verwirklicht. Immer braucht es verkappte Hilfsgötter. Mal Engel, mal Heilige, mal die Mutter Gottes, Dschinn, was auch immer.

Alles verlogener Ersatz für einen Polytheismus oder Animismus.

Es mag sein, dass es hie und da einen gibt, der seinen selbstgebastelten Monotheismus verkraftet.

Den postulierten Allgeist. Letztlich einen diffusen Pantheismus. Alles ist Gott. Durchströmeter göttlicher Geist.

Damit ist aber auch alles irgendwie egal, bloß ein Spiel. Dann aber wiederum auch nicht.

Denn es gibt ja diejenigen, die dem nicht folgen wollen, die Abgefallenen, die Bösen. Die nicht einsehen wollen, dass sie Teil jenes Allgeistes.

Der sie höchstselbst erschaffen. Wer sonst?

Keiner weiß etwas Grundsätzliches, aber jeder behauptet mal einfach so los, auf Teufel komm raus.

Das Beste finde ich dabei, wenn mir vorgehalten wird, bei mir gehe es deshalb nicht immer so gerade, weil ich nicht an das und jenes glaubte.

Da gilt es nichts, dass mir Lernen und Schaffen genug seien. Dass ich mir ja täglich selber neue Welten erschüfe. Die immerhin mich interessierten.

Allein die drei “großen” monotheistischen Religionen sind so krud und am Grunde lachhaft, unlogisch und inkonsistent, dass es der Sau grauste, wüsste sie sich damit zu befassen oder interessierte sie sowas.

Überall Anordnungen, Befehle, Flüche.

Was für eine konzeptuelle Armseligkeit.

Die einzigen Menschen, denen der Monotheismus wirklich etwas gebracht hat, sind die jeweiligen Pfaffen. Die leben bis heute gut von ihm.

Er muss ja, da er einerseits ein solches Faszinosum, andererseits doch nicht recht begreiflich, immerzu vermittelt werden. Auf dass das gewünschte Behagen eintrete.

Echter Monotheismus landet am Ende wieder beim Animismus. Alles ist Gott, göttlich beseelt, des Allgeistes.

Damit wäre alles gesagt, man könnte all die unheiligen Bücher wegschmeißen.

Ab da wäre man aber, allenfalls, wieder beim Schamanen.

Das bringt aber zuwenig Geld und Macht, weshalb der ganze Krampf fortgesetzt wird.

Was quatschen die alle so viel?

Wenn es nur einen Allgott gibt, was gilt es dann noch darüber zu reden?

Dann müsste die Sache doch klar sein, oder?

Aber nein, aber nein. So einfach wollen wir es uns doch nicht machen.

Gottes Wille will ja täglich, achwas, in jedem Augenblicke wie ewiglich neu interpretiert sein.

Was für eine schlechte Literatur!

Was für eine erbärmliche Logik!

Wie sich da die Katz in den Schwanz beißt!

Oh dear.

Ich ende jetzt.

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Der Michel ist kein Deutscher (II)

Sonntag, 24. November 2013

Ich will hier nicht länger über die verschiedenen Funktionen des Erzengels Michael, wie sie ihm vom Judentum, vom Christentum und vom Islam zugeteilt wurden, räsonnieren.

Wenigstens die meisten davon haben mit dem deutschen Nationalcharakter, wofern es einen gibt, von außen gesehen wenigstens ist es statthaft, einen zu sehen, von innen immerhin einen negativen, wenig bis nichts zu tun.

Man schaue sich lieber mal Redewendungen an, die Volkssprache.

“Ich mache doch nicht den Michel!”

“Willst du mich zu deinem Michel machen?”

“Suche dir einen anderen, der dir den Michel macht!”

Der Michel ist also ein gutmütiger Depp, einer der sich maßlos ausnützen lässt, ein lustvoll getriezter Knecht oder Sklave.

Schlafmützig, immer etwas verwirrt, hilflos, dumm.

Hörig, selbst denkunfähig.

Na gut: Sei dies Bild bis heute eingesenkt.

Es ist auch nicht insgesamt unzutreffend. Teilaspekte sind statthaft.

Aber da zeigen sich nur die negativen Aspekte.

Nicht nur der Erfindergeist fehlt, auch das Freiheitsstreben, die Schaffenslust, die Philosophie, der Mut und die Tapferkeit. Das Aufbrechende, das Wägende wie das Wagende. Und noch mehr.

Deshalb werde ich auch dieses Bild zerbrechen.

Ich weiß noch nicht genau wie, entlang welches Namens.

Vielleicht werden es drei Namen, oder aber es wird gar keiner, anstatt Michel.

Wer weiterhin micheln will, der soll das tun.

Bei mir hat es sich ausgemichelt.

Sowieso schon lange, jetzt aber auch nochmal ganz anders.


Ich weiß natürlich, dass so ein Bild nicht über Nacht bricht.

Jedenfalls üblicherweise: wenn nicht ganz Außergewöhnliches geschieht.

Irgendwo da draußen aber ist einer, sind vielleicht gar welche, die verstehen, was ich ansetze, weshalb ich es ansetze.

Und wenn erstmal nicht, so mache ich einfach allein weiter.

Moment: Jochen scheint mich schon im Erstartikel wenigstens in erheblichem Maße verstanden zu haben.

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Wieder eine Kirche, eine Krieche

Sonntag, 24. November 2013

Die ganzen esoterischen und magischen Theorien, von denen ich gehört habe, las, mit denen ich in Berührung kam, haben einen Haken.

Ich meine jetzt nicht die notorische Geltungssucht der jeweiligen “spirituellen” Führer, die Geheimhalterei und Lügerei nach außen, das ganze nutzlose Brimborium, das eingespannt, krude Initatiationspraktiken und derlei Fragwürdiges mehr.

Nein, es geht darum, dass jeder Mensch jederzeit ganz anders “funktionieren” kann, als von jedweder Lehre vorgegeben. Und zwar so gut, dass der jeweilige “Meister” lieber gar nicht mehr antritt.

Und zwar egal, ob dieser Meister nur ein Schamane im zentralafrikanischen Busch, oder ob er der Chief von Skull & Bones, mit Cochise-Schädel in der Hand.

Lernen ist nunmal mehr wert, als Beten und Salbadern.

Selbst zu sich selbst ist stärker, als irgendwelche Exerzitien.

Ja, ich hatte auch Meister, als Steinmetz wie als Sprachwissenschaftler.

Das waren aber keine Magiefritzen. Die konnten ihre Sachen.

Es gibt andererseits – für mich – zweifellos geistige Energiefelder, die sich unserer genauen Betrachtung und Beschreibung bisher entziehen.

Damit aber auch der Kontrolle durch irgendwelche Möchtegerns, und mögen sie noch so lange daran geübt haben, ganze halbbeinige Phalanxen ihrer Jünger dafür aufstellen.

Man betrachte nur die literarische Mindheit der Werke, die von derlei Leuten vorgelegt werden.

Was sehen wir da, typischerweise?

Erstens eine Überladung der Texte mit irgendwelchen jeweiligen Begriffen, die nie recht definiert, dabei über alles erhaben, unantastbar.

Sodann schlechten Stil. Insonderheit in dem Sinne, dass nicht nur der Redundanz zuviel, sondern dass auch, neben dem unübersehbar Schwülstigen, das Weglassen von Wesentlichem, jedenfalls im Kontexte Wesentlichem, eklatant auffällt.

Hatte ich zum Beispiel einen indischen Guru vor der Flinte. Einen sehr untypisch existentialistisch-pessimistischen (UGKrishnamurti).

Groß aufgesprochen. Manche gute Beobachtung. Er wollte nichtmal einen Kult um sich.


Nirgend die Kunst.

Also wieder ein Loser. Letztlich noch ein Schwätzer.

Ich meine inzwischen, dass die Frage nach dem Kunstbegriff eine Art Lackmustest für jede Religion, Philosophie, esoterische Versammlung undsoweiter ist.

Da hört der ganze Spaß mit dem ganzen Döns und Gelaber nämlich sehr schnelle auf.

Da heißt es, Farbe zu bekennen.

Da gilt es, zu zeigen, wes Geistes Kind man ist.

Da entlarvt sich bald der lediglich geschwollene Busen, die westliche Postmoderne gibt östlichen diwanesken Metaästhetiken nicht über lange ohngeistig die Hand.

Es waren keine Pfaffen, die die grandiosen gotischen Döme bauten, sondern das waren Steinmetze. Die offenkundig mehr vom Goldenen Schnitt und anderen wesentlichen Prinzipien verstanden, als die verquasten Bibellabersäcke, die die Aufträge vergaben.

Auch Bachs Musik ist nicht christlich. Kein Japaner wird wegen Bach Christ.

Ansonsten: Zwar EIN Gott, aber dazu jede Menge Erzengel, die Muttergottes, Dschinn, Teufel, jede Menge irgendwie irrelevantes und hinwiederum doch sehr wichtiges Begleitgesindel. Hochwichtiges. Ugh Deibel.

Ja, sähe ich diesen ganzen Unfug nicht schon lange, so wäre mir vielleicht zum Speiben.

Kein Wunder, wenn man sich das betrachtet, dass viele Vernunftbegabte in einen Rationalismus sich flüchten, der nicht wesentlich besser.

Jetzt gibt es plötzlich gar nichts mehr, außer dem schon Erklärbaren.

Wieder eine Kirche, eine Krieche.

Vielleicht sind die bestimmenden Außerirdischen wirklich reptiloid.

Das passte.

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Religion: Ohne Umschweife

Mittwoch, 20. November 2013

Religion ist schlicht von der Todesangst getrieben. Wer hier nichts kann, der braucht Gott, ein Jenseits noch dazu.

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An Open Letter to Jake Stratton-Kent

Montag, 14. Oktober 2013

Hi Jake!

We went through rough times then. Things were unclear here and there. Both sides misunderstood a lot of what was going on and happened. My wife, who later gave birth to our children, Andrea, is now with the gods, if there be such.

Then, at the selfsame time as I am experiencing some of the worst slander I have seen in my life, I find that YOU give Secret Societies what they deserve. Sheer contempt.

You are the man to stand for this. You have always been a stander. Our quarrels then have never befouled this my estimation of You.

I have though held up my disestimation of Secret Societies ever, not only since we then met.

Now, as I said to a good Swiss friend and colleague yesterday, it is much more important that You have taken up the feud.

I have never been a member of a Secret Society; thus they may call me a nitwit on the subject, they may ignore my word on that whatever I might say.

That they won't be able to do to You.

People (of course most of my little readership as well) will not easily see what it means when YOU jump ship.

I certainly do.

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Jake Stratton-Kent gegen Geheimgesellschaften

Donnerstag, 10. Oktober 2013

Gerade stieß ich durch eine Suchmaschinenschleife, die mich über Aleister Crowley weiterführte, mal wieder auf Jake Stratton-Kent, einen der härtesten von drei Glocken westlicher Magie.

Und, siehe da: Inzwischen wendet sich selbst ein Jake (!!!) generell gegen (die Bildung von) Geheimgesellschaften.

(Ich weiß nicht, wie er mich damals ausgelacht oder auch nur milde belächelt hätte, hätte ich ihm prophezeit, er werde wohl auch noch zu so viel Gnosis hinansteigen, irgendwann, bei seiner Intelligenz womöglich noch in dieser Inkarnation. Vielleicht habe ich das sogar mal getan, aber daran erinnere ich mich jedenfalls nicht genau.)

Wer mit dem ganzen Crowleyanischen Kram, Thelema, Golden Dawn, Ritualmagie usw. nichts am Hut hat, mag sich trotzdem dafür interessieren, was dieser zähe, alte, mit allen Wassern gewaschene Knochen heute dazu sagt.

An excerpt:

“The whole Secret Society model is not only unhelpful, but actively counter-productive. It is the principle reason why so much energy is expended fighting tiny little wars between factions (between witch groups, between rival Golden Dawns, between thelemic groups etc etc). Energy that could be better spent elsewhere – like incorporating the real advances in recovering our tradition made possible by *non-secretive* sources like academia.”

“Das ganze Geheimgesellschaftsmodell ist nicht nur nicht hilfreich, sondern aktiv kontraproduktiv. Es ist der prinzipielle Grund, weshalb so viel Energie beim Ausfechten winzig kleiner Kriege zwischen Fraktionen verbraucht wird (zwischen Hexengruppen, zwischen rivalisierenden Golden Dawns, zwischen thelemitischen Gruppen etc. etc.). Energie, die besser anderweitig verwendet wäre – wie auf die Inkorporation der wirklichen Fortschritte bei der Rückgewinnung unserer Tradition, die durch 'nicht-verschwiegene' Quellen wie akademische möglich gemacht.”

Man kann die Hexen usw. weglassen, und die Kriege fallen zwischen großen Geheimgesellschaften bisweilen auch etwas größer aus als zwischen den Anhängern neocrowleyanischer Splittergruppen und Winzorden.

Ja, lieber Jake, für eine gute, einfache Einsicht ist es eben nie zu spät.


Comments in English are welcome

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