FAZ: ADHD invented disease

"Ritalin is a pill against an invented disease, the disease to be a difficult boy. More and more guys get the diagnosis. The pill makes them smooth, docile, quiet and dependent. "

With these words begins with the title "Ritalin for ADHD - Where the Wild Things lived" the best articles on the topic of ADHD and methylphenidate (Ritalin), which I read in a German mass media in fifteen years of employment with it.

In return, the FAZ-authors Christiane Hoffmann and Antje Schmelcher deserve a medal.

Because they carry in their short summary all the essentials to all constituent factors for this criminal mass poisoning children together.

An information was new to me, however: namely, that the inventor of the disease, Leon Eisenberg highly himself, shortly before his death confessed, ADHD is a prime example of a fabricated disease.

This item should be standard in the training of teachers, pediatricians and child and adolescent psychiatrists, be unto all school principals as newsletters, unhook all youth welfare offices there and in all the schools on the bulletin boards: until this nightmare is over.

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34 Responses to "FAZ: ADHD invented disease"

  1. Bookmark says:

    Hello Magnus,

    and what is supposed to be new?

    What is new is the only direct connection to the boys. Otherwise everything is the same. Such articles I have read masse in Germany's media 10 years ago.

    Methylphenidate does not "smooth, docile, quiet and dependent".

    Sorry, but I have rarely read such rubbish. Too bad FAZ - at least three steps down into the subterranean paradise.

    I am concerned actually the steep increase in prescriptions, the uncontrolled transfer of counterproductive psychotropic drugs as recently here in England for a 10-year-olds and the mE stuck behind misdiagnosis. There's something wrong, but otherwise the item is neither informative nor otherwise fit for anything.


    the bookmark

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    What is new is that the item is displayed as I experience it for 15 years.

    And what the Ten Years' arrives: A mere eight or ten years ago I heard of a baby who was given Ritalin. And by many, which started in the kindergarten.

    If the drug at one of your children has "worked": Good luck! Hopefully it possible late effects spared.

    My younger, who has always been a right Zappelphilip - the drug, however, I would have immediately gotten even as a layman - it might have done with Ritalin also on the high school. Fuck it, sir.

  3. Bookmark says:

    Oh Magnus,

    if it would just go to the fidget, the whole would not even worth mentioning.

    The families that I have learned in the 10 years that I know of "active" time, had completely different problems and temperament was really quite light at the end of worries. If I go out there once of us, so we wanted to let our child WITH big are his nature his temperament and MIT. Not a bit but should be attracted to it - what we succeeded * stolzbin.

    It's also not "work" or to the school, not to mention the fact that you can not tweak it so that the IQ. What is not there, is not conjured by Medis.

    It would take too long and be too long, what I could to write anything. Articles, such as the designated blow any event for years from the same hymn. Interesting such formulations are as

    "... But this is not so simple. Ritalin, the similar effect in high doses such as cocaine does, psychologically dependent ... "

    Each medication even valerian drops are harmful to the body in high doses or uncontrolled with such truisms is just the mood drum stirred. But the fact is that it must provide detailed instructions of the physician or are, as the medication is to be taken.

    A few years ago there was a description of a "self-test" in the period in which an adult has simply taken without previous diagnosis these tablets in crushed form. He described then symptoms such as severe sweating, increased heart beat, nausea, loss of appetite.

    And then of course followed the usual Salmon drugs within the meaning of parents, cocaine, addiction etc and the whole tripe.

    No wonder.

    For "normal people" the substance is a stimulant first quality, which is why such people then hopping around like a rubber ball. The loss of appetite is also nothing new. In the past - Twiggy times - there was methylphenidate to buy as an appetite suppressant and stimulant. Only when so some girls have starved to death by overdose, the fabric under the BTM was made. Very pretty by the way.

    No, unfortunately nothing new to the medial front.

    It beckons

    the bookmark

  4. TanjaKrienen says:

    I think not quite right. The "artist", which will last quoted with a "poem", heroic madness, not less. I do not know what "artists" and "Creative" are saying, but: there are certainly conditioned by diverse influences, children with behavioral problems. And sure the medication is also used incorrectly. However, I do not begrudge anyone to have to educate a highly motorized "out of themselves" striking a child. You drive the external influences back, finally make a radical culture brake (total and radical than we can imagine today) - then returns a rest.

  5. Zappo says:

    I have never read such an undifferentiated mental deficiency in the FAZ. Example? As a Charite-doctor is loosely quoted and - bang - 90% of ADHD diagnoses wrong ... Sorry, do not you quote? Where is the study of numbers? How exactly is it the doctor? And when I read the text correctly says not that 9 out of 10 are wrong but it can also be linked to other problems, so about an overlooked depression or or or - and I think in ADHD like. This propaganda-like malignant inaccuracy pervades the entire text. To this extent, he will soon be the standard in journalism education include - an example of particularly lousy opinion making, for skillful propaganda, as it should not be.

    To say ADHD is a disease invented to say, Eisenberg did they "invented" - this is the internet along nonsense copied, partially Stammtisch talk, partially twisted half-truths and never state of the science. I just hope that this brainless guttenbergen not the new style of the FAZ. If already together then please steal from reasonable sources.

    Who knows it has to do with ADHD really affected people (children and Erwachsnen) that the n-medication is usually given careful who knows that almost all parents while having a stomach ache and a bad conscience - usually wrongly. The also know that adults with ADHD - Diagnosis often long torment to they take the medication.

    And also know that the whole stupid sayings like "children prohibit game console and into the forest" Although all children are good, even for those with ADHD, but such Allerweltsweisheiten in 3-5% of girls (!) And boys with ADHD in two main forms simply are not enough. Moreover, I know of only a single ADHD child is actually Game Console Addicted - and the boy is not hyper-power, on the contrary, is one of the extremely quiet Hans-peep-in-the-Luft. In most ADHD-families which are screens frowned know.

    But of course there are misdiagnoses, as with any disease. MPH in healthy children has the same effect as in ADHSlern is also such a stupid rumor. It is non-specific in healthy Performance enhancing and makes them jittery in ADHSlern it is reassuring. I realized it immediately.

    Of course there is a slight abuse - but especially the abuse is neglected because MPH simply brings nothing; as a drug does not "pop" it enough brain doping as it is no more effective than a lot of coffee - and brings proven nothing. The people notice fairly quickly even without studies and then leave it very soon as studies show abuse: A few percent of the students have "ever tried" but hardly abused it regularly. And that should do the times make to the doctor and a ADHD test. Approximately 3% should then be positive.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Tanja Krienen

    Your criticism of the final poem I can understand perfectly, however, not make the final four lines on - you replace only the "he" by a "she" - in my opinion your excellent videos to?

    "Mocked by the prodigies
    If she takes all the colorful chalks
    On the black misfortune panel
    Malt them the face of happiness. "

    And how could they look for the "radical culture brake"?


  7. Bookmark says:

    Tanja, ADHD has always existed, even at times when there was not a single television and the children were from morning till night out. It was called just different. At best, such children were just as "educable". In times of Prussian education then threatened usually blows to the hilt and other nice activities around the messed up kid to get on the path of virtue.

    Previously she landed then clicking on a special school and never had a university degree or professional. If they were lucky, they could work on the family farm, got somewhere other jobs as a laborer, milkman or paperboy. The latter exists but no longer in our society. There is no way for people to earn without vocational qualification training is their livelihood.

    People like Edison, who had the good fortune to have a combative mother who left them home schooling and a laboratory was set up, and there are rather rare. In Germany this would anyway not allowed and therefore there would probably still waiting for the invention of the light bulb :))), thus rising them a light.

    I personally do not consider ADHD a disease. We just wired differently and that's a good thing. But there is no parallel universe, which means that we must find our way now times in this world. It's a balancing act and each set of parents must watch closely and think about what to do, what is really necessary and what is not his child.

    That's why for me as the book "ADHD - a different perception" something like an epiphany.

    It's not about forced adaptation. How Zappo already wrote, most parents have infinite bellyache with the medication and feel this out as long as possible. Often too long, so then the way to a normal life for parents and child is very long and rocky.


    the bookmark

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Zappo

    I need you, unfortunately reply that I in 15 years as a tutor or headmaster and - have seen teachers all that the authors gather, even worse still, to apply up to the de facto extortion of child and parents MPH, otherwise loomed failure to reach the class goal and / or the loss of the right to any additional paid from the cash psychological and other support measures.

    Often enough, a pure dyslexia or giftedness was quickly reinterpreted as ADHD.

    And at the exact dosage and constant control, it also looked very frequently - against all public, unique demands of organizations and ministries of health - from bitter.

    In addition: we have now, within a few years, actually ten times as many ADHD cases as before?

    There is also no single disease entity; little is known about liver, kidney and brain damage, growth, sleeping and eating disorders, etc. And because you do not really know the "disease", it means also still "syndrome". This tells the doctor if he thinks he has found something, but do not know exactly what.

    Agree the science is, however, that a constant intake of "Speed", ie amphetamines and MPH is one, at least for "normal" people leads to irrversiblen brain damage.

    Also have in my experience not nearly all parents whether the MPH application guilty. The more educated, more likely, that's true.

    And one more thing: I've noticed many cases where teachers the existence of quasi ADHD diagnosed and recommended the intake of MPH. And I never heard that the Medical Council has one of those taken to court because of illegal practice of a medical profession, disciplinary proceedings followed.

    Conversely, it is highly advisable to recommend anyone discontinuation of the drug, because as you can get very quickly in hot water.

    It might now have changed to a certain extent; but years ago when the issue was not so cooked up, we were told, even, that it was very dangerous what we're doing, and not just on a legal level.

    After all, it's about a billion market worldwide. If, for example Novartis, the main beneficiary, each proven to have retained knowledge about long-term consequences, so is there, think of the dimension of possible class action lawsuits in the United States, because the market value of the company of 130-140 billion dollars overnight by a third could until the half, ie 40 to 60 billion collapse, potentially, such an amount loot in the game that ...

    In any case there is enough money to pay any amount Klakeure can, especially those that occur in the anonymous world power.

    To which you, I just hope not of course belong.

  9. Bookmark says:

    Hello Magnus,

    you write that it's about a billion market worldwide. I agree with that. However, we did the same for eyeglasses, hearing aids, insulin, crutches and prostheses, etc ... in short, in everything people also need to make their lives easier or offset a deficit.

    We could abolish all. Equal conditions for all. Anyone who has a tool, it shall, before the class, so that not a single one has a crutch. Would that in your mind?

    Furthermore, you write:

    "Conversely, it is highly advisable to recommend anyone discontinuation of the drug, because as you can get very quickly into hot water."

    Rightly so too.

    I'd also my parents or someone else no of a drug still advise to advise, but the discretion of the physician of trust. I am not a doctor, so I consider myself out of there. What I can do is give you tips on where you can get professional help.

    As for the teachers, so we did the exact opposite experience. Profound ignorance on a limb. On each information session, which I have visited, on medical lectures or symposia could count the number of information-consent teacher at two fingers.

    But that teacher there who made us, and other parents life hell, distinguished themselves by consistently denying the cooperation and lack of information will, constantly with the deportation to the special school waved etc, have openly discriminated against and humiliated, the children were having a have built up pressure that was excruciating. And this pack (sorry) is tenured and will later times by the children of the presence of a decent pension for their "life's work".

    Furthermore, you write:

    "There is also no single disease entity; little is known about liver, kidney and brain damage, growth, sleeping and eating disorders, etc. "

    Whether it is actually a disease, dare I personally doubt it. I do not believe in that. A near-sighted person is not really sick. Nature is not everything prepared perfectly.

    So I can live very well with the designation syndrome. About the impact of MPH there is a now at least 60 years of medical experience, including on potential sequelae, which are so far not available. Specialists can confirm this if you ask for. MPH is pretty old.

    Then you write:

    "United is the science, however, that a constant intake of" Speed ​​", ie amphetamines and MPH is one, at least for" normal "people leads to irrversiblen brain damage."

    This should probably be. A healthy person does not need medication and when she finally does, it leads to health problems.

    Material for discussion on a broad front.

    the Leszeichen

    * Is glad to have this time finally behind him. Yesterday I saw the movie "Mother, father, murderer" and at the thought of the balancing act that we experience as parents very often, it's all cooked up again.

  10. TanjaKrienen says:

    Magnus, no no, I'm fidgety, but bear much very calm and patient. I am very different than real Conspicuous I saw in abundance in my educational training.

    Bookmarks - There are actually "maladjusted adolescents," I have worked for years in a home for "maladjusted adolescents". Gifted as Edison and people who have an urge to investigate VERY MUCH to do etc .. are not comparable to those at issue here. Sure it can happen that a talented child is suppressed (and I can see the number of medications administered as a problem), but also the least "creatives" are really every kid, not least because their "creativity" naked balderdash is ( such as is often seen in "Artists", and also in "poets"). True art is quite elaborate and therefore trustworthy.

  11. TanjaKrienen says:

    Yet this: The overstimulation and demoralisation is already a new dimension.

    For culture brake: Stop Rap! End to inhuman violence movies! No more violent videos! Feierabend with abortions and cremations! Back to the 1950s and 1960s.

  12. Bookmark says:

    Hi Tanja,

    I think we should not throw things in a pot, do not belong together. Not everyone ADSler is educable educable difficult and not everyone has ADS. Children and young people can be educable a variety of reasons and I have absolutely nothing to do ADD.

    Edison was considered unbeschulbar and was just banned a few days after his enrollment from the school. From a regard to giftedness that time there was no question. It just wanted him or not have to deal with him.

    Not all ADS-ler are gifted. I am careful with this term anyway, because I do not know whether he is a curse or a blessing. It is always very fond argues and almost all parents of children with school problems are sent to the test, but in most cases it does any good, because it does not solve the problems. If you have a child with construction sites, which is rejected by the teachers, it is the only right when you adduced by an attested giftedness. Most then comes the notice that one yet kindly, etc. the child to a boarding school should be or other nonsense. Moreover, it is not or only insufficiently solves the problems because the sites still exist.

    Means that I would not send a child to the IQ-test in which I see that all seven senses are together basically. I would like to focus on the problems.

    Overstimulation is actually an issue today. However, I do not see how you could stop it. I also know of many historical cases in our family, when there was no television. So do not transfigure as the past. In addition, the future is never behind.

  13. TanjaKrienen says:

    Since I can read, I have a biography called "Tom Edison", which is told in story form. True, he has not attended school long, but his mother was a teacher! From her all learned. His father has already furnished him with a seven laboratory!

    I did not say that these children are all educable, but: difficult erziebaren among many such. I find it hard to find a song of praise on it are in fact the ones already made noise in kindergarten, in the cinema constantly chatter and otherwise spread unrest.

    Above, I wrote misleading "I'm fidgety", since missing a NOT. I'm only alive, but these children are always restless, where concentration would be required and nerves only. Rarely has a medium has hidden behind it to great spirit.

  14. TanjaKrienen says:

    The JF tilled the topic, where you can read an interesting comment and EXACTLY (but also somewhat attenuated) I meant -

    "What is mortised here to ignorance, defies description!
    I myself is a son of atypical autistic with ADHD.
    First, Ritalin does not affect sedative, but is a "pick-me".
    Second, one would one wear glasses also do not take away his glasses.
    Thirdly, it all depends on which is present ADS: the hyperactivity, or the "Träumsuse syndrome".

    If only one of you all ever really experienced an ADHD child?
    So a child can destroy the whole rest of the family!
    The unrest that experienced it, does this child even finished.
    My child spoke of a motor that never came to rest.
    No ability to focus on one thing.
    Every time something falls impossible out of hand, listening and sitting still.
    County seat in kindergarten? -Geht Not.
    Find no friends, always walking and running.
    Yes, not yet eimal the ability to organize one's own lightning fast facilities for various emotions.
    Has tried everything: occupational therapy, self-help group, even "holding therapy".
    Then also the obligatory parents reproach:
    Elterntrainig; consistent training with alternative offers and other bells and whistles ... "

  15. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ TanjaKrienen

    Was die Mutter in der JF beschreibt, ist ein extrem seltener Fall, wahrscheinlich kaum ein Promille der Jungs, sicher aber bei weitem nicht 10%, sind dergestalt betroffen. Dass man da in seiner letzten Verzweiflung zu einer gefährlichen Droge greift, ist nachvollziehbar.

    Allerdings hat sie wiederum nicht recht, dass Ritalin nicht sedierend wirke: bei ihrem Sohn vielleicht nicht, bei vielen anderen aber wohl. Die meisten Eltern lassen es ihren Kindern ja gerade geben, damit die in der Schule nicht mehr auffallen und sie zuhause ihre Ruhe vor ihnen haben.

    Man darf in dieser Debatte auch nicht vergessen, dass die meisten, die sich einmal dafür entschieden haben, ihre Entscheidung natürlich vor sich selbst und anderen mit fast allen Mitteln rechtfertigen.

    Und wir sehen an diesem Beispiel auch wieder, was für völlig unterscheidlich gelagerte Auffälligkeiten unter ADHS zusammengefasst werden: Zappeligkeit und Trägheit, Autismus und ständiges Stören und Schwätzen, Legasthenie und Hochbegabung, alles, was irgendwie nicht passt, kommt in denselben Topf.

  16. Magnus Wolf Göller sagt:

    @ TanjaKrienen / Alle

    Ich habe gerade mal in den JF-Artikel nebst Kommentarstrang durchgelesen, hier der Link:


    Ziemlich bescheiden finde ich dabei, dass der Autor über weite Strecken nur leicht verändert nacherzählt, was im FAZ-Artikel steht. Zitieren, wo notwendig und sinnvoll, zudem wirklich ergänzen, wäre da zweifelsohne anständiger und besser gewesen.

    Einen derartigen Artikel hätte ich von daher nicht akzeptiert.

  17. Magnus Wolf Göller sagt:

    @ All

    Eben las ich besonders Kurioses in diesem Forum


    von einem “CorruptedOne” (der Nick passt):

    “Bei Bluthochdruck und Schlafstörungen, wird das Medikament ja auch idR abgesetzt. Und vermindertes Wachstum betrifft nur Kinder und das wird in den Zeiten wo MPH abgesetzt ist wieder aufgeholt.”

    Na, der erste Satz ist ja schon so eine Sache. Aber beim zweiten haut einen die Logik dieses Spezialisten, der sich mit 140 IQ und Einserabi in Szene setzt, doch fast vom Stuhl: Leon, Robin und Kevin werden ganz einfach später groß als Heinz, Felix und Moritz.

    Halt sobald die Droge abgesetzt ist.

    Der hat sie wirklich nicht alle. Ob es am MPH liegt?

    Auch sein sonstiges Geschwafel passt gut zu meiner obigen These, dass hier gerne mit allen Mitteln – in diesem Falle bis hin zum äußersten, grausamen Zynismus – gerechtfertigt wird. Ein Paradebeispiel dafür.

  18. Bookmark says:

    I think I'm going to encourage our Filius times, himself to write a book about it, so the imaginative adults Philosophy stop times and talk about facts.

    I do not want to deny that there is misdiagnosis. Also irritates me this drastic rise in drug administration. However, I know and I knew -'s been a while - only parents for the Medis were the absolute last resort. Unfortunately, many of the damage in the child already so large, self-confidence below zero, established the scapegoat position in the class and the reputation among the teachers was now dirty, so that the reconstruction was long and rocky.

    It means always so nice to be able to give the children time. Only they are not also not the time and a parallel universe for the free development.

    Only the tablet is useless. Those who believe it is wrong. With the Medis work actually begins on first, because then also post until other therapies, ie behavioral therapy, family therapy etc effectively and thus reliable learning processes. For the children there is a tremendous boost when they discover that what they have learned from sticking. Without meds for that is not or only insufficiently the case, because the passage is blocked into long-term memory or is unreliable. The consequences are different: starting to bleed from exessivem yawn swings through vigorous beating on his own head up to the chewing fingernails until the fingers.

    Had we all the way and I knew many similar stories already from my past in the family - the way of the 60-ies and 70-ies. Since it has also been and was no better than today.

    Interesting magnetic resonance images of ADS-learning are the way compared to normals. I once looked at a lecture by Hans Biegert and in the course of this lecture also discussed. If each view once before blasphemed large.

    What the "restraint" is concerned:

    Our son has described the times as a young boy times as follows:

    Without meds, my head feels like I'm constantly driving carousel. I see everything around me, but can not see anything properly. I feel unsafe. With the Medis the carousel stops and I can do anything just to see and it makes me calm. I can learn quickly and retain well what I learn. I know it even the next day and a week later. I even get my work done and make very few mistakes.

    I saved the before-after books. In it you will find double sides, where the left was described without Medis. No matter how you even trying, it is not readable. The writing is uncertain and shaky, the lines completely obliterated, the letters crisscross. Then the right side with Medis and everything is readable. The lines have been observed, the letters are fairly accurate, the text continuously.

    and so on ...

    On the other hand this guy was smart, inventive and also had his own personal Hyperfocus. Things, who exercised a great charm, he spoke in his sleep, for example, he was able to play with 4 really good chess. So you can maybe later earn his living in the age of compulsory education to get but
    so not far. In addition, the pressure from the outside, permanent humiliation by teachers and then also the classmates, school anxiety, crying spells, refusal to enter the school, stomach ache etc ...

    Our son knew about the effect of the meds and has very quickly found out when he really did not need and when. For creative subjects such as art, he has omitted it because he then came more ideas. He was very early very good at drawing and this tray was fun.

    I could also rely on the fact that he properly handle it. On weekends and otherwise in the time he did not take. It was in my opinion, no need to do so. I myself was once a wild Watz and had no problems with having a tomboy. The apple does not just get far from the pear tree.

    This year, like this child, which should be sent in the first school year at a special school, here in England its British high school in science - and the way it looks with overall distinction.

    It was a bumpy road with many sleepless nights, countless tears, many fights, school change and immense frustration about what it runs in the school system - more illusion than reality.

    And now you can continue to blaspheme.

    the bookmark

    * I still have one, but not from our family.

    In the circle there was a child, in which the parents have decided also heavy heart to assist the child with medication. It came the next math test (primary school) and the child first wrote a flawless work. It still only got a second

    Justification of the teacher: Doping

    Any questions?

  19. Bookmark says:

    @ Tanja

    still to Edison. I had read another biography and there wrote you that the mother has taken care of the laboratory. But ultimately this is not important. It is equally important that the mother was a teacher, because a teacher would not be allowed in Germany to give her child home schooling.

    There is no compulsory education and compulsory education. A subtle difference to great effect.

    Would have found why Edison in Germany, according to current state of affairs at a special school. Inevitably and irrevocably.

    In addition, in NRW schools or teachers may initiate a special education process without the participation or consent of their parents. There is not even an information requirement.

    Such things can happen very quickly and if you once landed there, it is almost impossible to get out of it again.

  20. TanjaKrienen says:

    But he was now times privately schooled!

  21. Germ says:

    Ich war auch mal auf Malllorca, um meine Vergangenheit
    als Jüdin hier nachzuspüren, immerhin war ein Mitglied der
    großen Verwandtschaft hier vor den Nazis 1943 geflohen und
    hat sich versteckt mit einer Pistole.
    Der Name Tanja Krienen ist mir geläufig. Schon vor dem Besuch auf
    der Putzfraueninsel.
    Ich selbst habe meine Schulpflicht auf einer Waldorfschule verbracht und
    dann auch noch als Tochter eines Diplomaten, der nicht Jude war
    sondern eher die Bäume angebetet hat, während meine Mutter mich
    schon früh in die Synagoge mitnahm.
    Früh lernte ich, dass einseitige intellektuelle Bildung eine sehr gefährliche Kiste sein kann. Einmal natürlich, wenn man zu wenig davon bekommen hat und zum Zweiten wenn man zu viel davon genascht hat.
    Durch die Überbewertung des Verstandes kann es zu gravienenden Fehlentscheidungen in sozialen und politischen Bereichen kommen und
    es ist ein leichtes für ein geübtes Gehirn solches zu beweisen.
    Tanja Krienen war mal Mitglied der PDS. Was für ein kleines Wunder sie
    hier wiederzutreffen und das bei diesem Thema auch noch.

    Die Sonderschulen LB sind ja schon fast Legende… Sie sind längst out.
    Nicht nur nach Professor Dr. Wocken kommen Kinder dort dumm rein
    und noch viel dümmer wieder raus, auch wenn er dabei ein wenig
    bewusst übertrieben hat, so ist doch diese wissenschaftliche Erkenntnis
    mittlerweile zum Basiswissen bei Studenten der Pädagogik geworden.

  22. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    ADHS: Eben, nach zwei Jahren, die hiesige Debatte noch einmal angeschaut. Nachempfehlung für Interessierte.

  23. Dude says:

    Tritt mal Deinem Magnus in den Allerwärtesten, er soll mal wieder die 'monatlich wechselnden' *lol* Favoriten des Autors ändern. ;-)
    …oder Dir ansonsten hald Admin-Zugriff geben. ^^

  24. Dude says:



  25. Karin jack says:

    Amazing what self-proclaimed soezialisten as to promote and disseminate days. As it just so ... is the stupidity of mankind are probably no limits. A adsler withhold the necessary drug for him I regard as intentional assault and mental cruelty. Ritalin and co were chemically converted it sadaß in principle differences for cocaine gibt.heißt: there is no dependency. So a adsler is not a junky and also runs not to be a danger. while cocaine is all dependent wrecking what it is but just goes in a adsler as the offered materials that would otherwise so do not even produce enough, with ingestion of Ritalin are only ever produced in sufficient quantity. This is necessary so that klappsen the synapses at all and not the bit that is ever ejected died in the synaptic spallt. Achieved so gelerntes example at all the long-term memory is just sufficient neurotransmitter production of troubles! The example is also the explanation for why in a adsler another reaction takes place on cocaine than for otto n. Otto n would run like a hamster in the wheel and the adsler finally gets his well-deserved retirement.

  26. Karin jack says:

    Erstaunlich was selbsternannte soezialisten so zu tage fördern und verbreiten. Wie es eben so ist… der dummheit der menschheit sind vermutlich keine grenzen gesetzt. Einem adsler das für ihn notwendige medikament vorzuenthalten betrachte ich als vorsätzliche körperverletzung und seelische grausamkeit. Ritalin und co wurden chemisch umgebaut sadaß es im grundsatz unterschiede zum kokain gibt.heißt: es gibt keine abhängigkeit. Ein adsler ist also kein junky und läuft auch nicht gefahr einer zu werden. während ein kokain abhängiger sich alles kaputt macht was nur eben geht ist es bei einem adsler so das botenstoffe die so sonst gar nicht erst ausreichend produziert würden,mit einnahme des ritalins überhaupt erst in ausreichender menge produziert werden. Dieses ist notwendig damit die synapsen überhaupt klappsen und nicht das bischen das überhaupt ausgestossen wird im synaptischen spallt verendet. Damit gelerntes zb überhaupt das langzeit gedächtnis erreicht ist eben eine ausreichende botenstoff produktion von nöten! Das ist zb auch die erklärung dafür warum bei einen adsler eine andere reaktion auf kokain erfolgt als bei otto n . Otto n würde wie ein hamster im rad laufen und der adsler würde bei der selben dosis einschlafen. Und wenn jetzt noch einer von sedieren spricht… nein es ist kein sedieren. Es ist ein ausgleich dessen was die natur dem adsler vorenthält.

  27. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Karin klinke

    Kann ja sein, dass irgendeinem Ritalin “guttut”.
    Kennst Du die Vorgeschichte der Droge, die Nebengeschichten?
    “Ausgleich dessen, was die Natur dem ADSler vorenthält?”
    SO oft, SO massenhaft fahrlässig verabreicht?
    So viel mehr, so viel häufiger die letzten Jahre?
    Die Kinder mal gesehen, erlebt, viele von ihnen, mit ihnen gearbeitet?
    Wem hat die Natur wirklich, dergestalt, wie Du meinst, etwas vorenthalten?
    Gehört, dass der Erfinder der Krankheit selbst sie quasi auf dem Sterbebette als blanke Erfindung bezeichnete?
    Wie vielen, von denen, die es bekommen, tut Methylphenidat tatsächlich gut?

  28. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Germ

    Bei der Gelegenheit, etwas verspätet: Ich sähe Dich gerne mal gegen Tanja Krienen öffentlich antreten. Mal sehen, wer mehr draufhat.

  29. Woodcut says:

    Wie ich aus ärtzl. Kreisen weiss nehmen oft die Mütter der Patienten das Ritalin. “Mother's little helper”. Inwieweit Ritalin als Medikament sinnvoll ist kann ich nicht beurteilen. Jedenfalls solle og bei einem Diskurs betrachtet werden.

  30. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Holzschnitt

    Lange bekannt, dass oft die Mütter das Methylphenidat nehmen. (Macht der Industrie allerdings wenig, verkauft ist verkauft.) Als Schlankheitsmacher. Das war die zweite Verwendung, nachdem man gemerkt hatte, dass es Soldaten im Krieg gar zu guttut. Dann erst fand man die Kinder.

  31. Dude says:

    “nehmen oft die Mütter der Patienten das Ritalin.”

    Die sollen lieber direkt beim Chemiker ihres Vertrauens Amphetamin bestellen… ;-)

    “i got little white pills, and my eyes are open wide…”


  32. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Dann müssten die Mütter das Amphetamin aber selber bezahlen, statt der Krankenkasse, also der Allgemeinheit, und ein Verstoß gegen das Betäubungsmittelgesetz läge auch noch vor. So ist es doch viel praktischer.

  33. Dude says:


    Ja, die Menschen agieren in ihrer Egozentrik zumeist bloss noch rein opportunistisch.

    Eine Unterschied macht's unterm Strich nicht – denn die eigentlichen Profiteure kontrollieren sowohl die Pharmamafia als auch den illegalen Drogenschwarzmarkt. Also Hans wie Heiri…

  34. Norman Rothschildt sagt:

    Eine ausführliche, kritische Auseinandersetzung mit der Entstehung von ADHS (deutsche Sicht) wurde ua in diesem wissenschaftlichen Artikel veröffentlicht: http://www.rosejourn.com/index.php/rose/article/viewFile/146/165

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