From Been Had (The Would Have Beens)

In Turkey I met - besides audacious, threatening to abfüttern with plenty of raki transmitting civilian police (it was just once again pretty intense down there) and other strange figures, including an Englishman, the mediocre about was annoyed that he kilo-looking from Pakistan Hash by Iran could smuggle because he had not checked a single time - 1985 in probably the strangest flophouse Antalya's a good forty years of Irish which, although allowed to the evening conversation, but clearly and committed left out how many people but constantly of the "Would-Bes" and the "Should-Bes" talking, so the If and If, rather than face the real things.

I want now but go a little further. (I have ever touched upon the basic theme, but think it is important enough to be included again.)

When Been Had, ie the counterfactual, or even the possibility of the form of the past, is in fact a characteristic phenomenon regularly observed.

"If I had that and then ... then everything would have gone much better ... then would be, I would have ..."

Even if one thing is not quite optimal ran: Who says that the alternative would actually come out better and not much worse yet?

I must mention one of my favorite sayings to back: "Me he quebrado el brazo, quizás por bien!" (I've broken my arm, who knows whether it's luck!)

That a bad thing outgoing, could have been even worse ausgegeangen, timely defeat one might've saved from a final that a small success, a medium, would perhaps not become at other choice because most people rarely think to never.

This is a basic wisdom to remember that I strive especially younger people mitzugeben all over again.

Everyone would be today Lotto millionaire, he would then typed only the correct numbers.

Would he therefore necessarily better off today?

It should be against possible - be even more skeptical as to possible futures pasts - so impossible without time travel.

The one has at least partially still in our own hands.

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7 Responses to "From Been Had (The Would Have Beens)"

  1. Dude says:

    "From now on is nothing new. The change is taking place this long without us, every day faster and less influenced. The acceleration of history is unstoppable. If they can not be controlled and used by Europe remains nothing but a spit of land in the west of Asia, which can be visited for a reasonable entrance fee of the citizens of a new world order.

    We do not need Disneyland Paris and no European snobbery towards a global commercial culture, we long rooms at the Disneyland Europe, a historical theme park with its own currency. "

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    That sounds to me absolutely.

    Not stated a few years ago as a Oberdenktankschwafler "the end of history"?

    And why should we Europeans 5-10% we can not set up wonderfully, especially when Russia, as cheap, this includes?

  3. Dude says:

    Because the whole is a global issue. Until further raised walls and trenches are dug and the neoliberal terror in the world is going on, the water will flow more bachab. And until further police armies terrorize the citizens of Europe, too many are too quenched to knock once on the table, get up, and rauszuschreien: "Fuck u all, i have had enough!" And then actively participate in the revolution ... us go in our lulled consumption megalomania just too good.

    So I find the article quite aptly.
    What in Berlin the day runs it shows again good ...

    Peace or so ...

  4. Dude says:

    Ahja and whisked Dünnpfiff with petty donated goats Bollen truth in the media contributes to the sheep to his own ... But you know even ...

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I do not believe a good One-World-solution; at least not within a reasonable period.

    Who further durcheinanderquirlt the peoples now gets even more cycling in London, Paris, Rotterdam, Malmö ... and makes all characters on war.

    The most dreamy Multikultis are the most reliable, also free henchman just that neoliberals, whose program is the total uprooting of the individual.

  6. Dude says:

    Well, because our faith differs diametrically, because I think I'm living on earth, just like a Laotian, a Libyan, an Ami, a German or a Chinese.
    We are all divine individuals only have the almost all forgot, not least the grown because of all the diabolical perverted and corrupted, mythological teachings, on the dung of the hierarchical and makes based Relgionen, and on the whole Esodünnpfiff à la "Conversations with God" have.
    The Atheist Front and materialistic science fanatics do the rest ...


    Therefore, I see black.

    United we stand
    Divided we fall

    Greetings nevertheless

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I am also a world citizen.

    But the habits and customs of the Danes and the Swiss are to me much better than those of Saudi Arabs and girls cropped Nilotic "cultures".

    You mean there certainly good, and your position may seem, in any case, if you hide the human reality, as if he were nobler.

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