Taboo word squalene

After all: The concept of thiomersal (Thimoseral) is now significant at last fallen as the mercury-containing preservative of GSK-popular preparation against the Pandemrix swine flu; also that earlier aluminum hydroxide was used as an active amplifier, I could now read.

Only the taboo word squalene for the new miracle amplifier I did not hear still.

Meanwhile explains SPD-health expert (the man is after doctor) Karl Lauterbach, there were no differences in quality between the soldiers officials preparation of Baxter and the people of preparation of GSK. Where it attaches immediately afterwards, but you can not start from the same side effects, but why the Baxter vaccine should be administered to "play it safe" pregnant women and infants.

So what now? It is clear that the manufacturing process of Baxter on monkey cell cultures completely different than that of GSK; as a result, it brings not only attenuated viruses and virus fragments. In addition, just the Baxter drug contains no mercury and no squalene. Everyone lies, so bad he can.

And the reason for the use of thimerosal was now brought to light: Glaxo Smith Kline delivers vaccine bulk containers, and so the brew not bums until it is used up, the preservative is added (if there may be other reasons, no mercury, was anyone's guess).

That the issue of squalene has still not been addressed, the stuff always so remains anonymous as active amplifier, amplifier material, adjuvant, given the daily reporting is currently no longer traceable in all protests and excited reactions; the thing looks just as if one who only dared to pronounce the word first, soon must die to the deadly side effects of this sacrilege.

Oddly, I'm still alive.

An explosive open letter from the specialist Dr. Jürgen Seefeld at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut is available here:

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2 Responses to "taboo word squalene"

  1. DOCRUDOLF says:

    When I sat down after 10-12 days a the Gouillain-Barre syndrome. Muscle, nerve pain, circulatory disorders, respiratory disorders. Duration up to now approximately 14 days.
    In the meantime, the Paul Ehrlich (more lies) Institute Download Forms to GBS / MFS side effects. Are the "elite medical specialists" woke up so slowly or have they only now studied the literature and require hospitals to progression of the disease for a study to be reported to them.
    The Nazi doctors were held accountable for their human experiments in the Nuremberg trials to account. What's going on here with the additives, in my opinion, is comparable, especially since the FDA no longer share in the USA stuff after the Gulf War experience.
    Of the cervical cancer prevention vaccination side effects are already documented. Since squalene is as Adjuvens it.
    The Swiss and U.S. Pharma is already often noticed for their unscrupulous behavior, Seveso, Rhine pollution, Agent Orange ... Were here might be used by the FDA classification, disposed of expensive stocks from the Gulf War profitoptimierend and sold?

    Who here ... K. thinks is a rogue.

    Dr. (chem.) RK

  2. Hans-Peter Horres says:

    Dear Mr. Goeller,

    all respect, you are brave! - I'm absolutely agree with you.
    Mr zu Guttenberg has courage, Mr. Obama has courage, but you live, in my opinion dangerous because the unvarnished truth publicly against a corrupt lobby (Mayer - Jewish grocery-Rothe sign.) Express publicly.
    Dr. Hamer, for example, such people as YOU need!

    I salute you

    Hans-Peter Horres

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