Breivik: the Mason who is not (more)

About the Norwegian bomber Breivik is in the German sheep media tells pretty much everything except that he is a Freemason , or was.

The page this morning still maudlin Maurergewäsch (also from German side, officially) was that he had also been excluded is now deleted.

(Unfortunately, I was too little prudent to store them equal, if someone has the text, please specify here.)

After all, he is said to have obtained the master degree; this normally you have to show up more than once in the lodge and there join some frippery.

As it well known, comes to belief and character education in Freemasonry among the "brothers", this compound would in such a psychopath actually be particularly interesting for police and public.

Here I just find that he was not provided in the Sheep Press as a Freemason two days ago.

Meanwhile, however, niente, and the matter was not pursued.

Well, after all, the Spiegel article will be to delete bad.

It is out.

Let's see how this spirit is brought back into the bottle.

See also Webster Tarpleys analysis .

And of course my previous Article and comment string:

"Terror in Norway: Sheep media selbstverschaft"

Also: mass-murderer-gun nut-fundamentalist-and-masonic

I would bet that Breivik had been active in a chicken breeder club, we now each chicken from Oslo to North Cape, on the left Lofoten to above Spitsbergen, kennten first name.

So but ...

Here 's something from the masons in English to:

And here you can admire the guy in full gear.

And there is already a kind of Breivik special law (no public hearing as usual):

Here also the before it's gone:

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56 Responses to "Breivik: the Mason who is not (more)"

  1. Armin says:


    I find that topic is a certain urgency!

    Public discussion "this issue" should in fact be better managed today than tomorrow. It is like a doctor who prescribes pills. Eventually, you should discuss the cause, not just constantly diseases [the system] ...

  2. Club Meier says:
    Kuckt times, because you have the goods conspiracy!
    Or Arte also belongs to the Freemasons?

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    The witch has Goethe their Rekulminatorenritual now so successfully exposed that they probably already prepared a Rekultivationsspruch, gnadselig to free him from the grief remains of his oaths, he loslasset his false brothers, the tower company, since all know and plan everything will list and behind all standing, with an invisible hand, as Wilhelm gates of rogues, Geseims and Geschäumes, Neumenschenträumen.

  4. PETER MAURER says:

    Could be true that he was a Freemason. Well, here are my link on Masonic gestures ie photos, pictures that say more than thousand words. Gruss Peter Maurer

  5. John Doe says:

    This is typical German. Runs Amok one of millions are all held responsible. By the NSU murders we live according to the logic of the writer still in the Third Reich

  6. Dude says:


    But you also see through everything. Respect!

    * Lolol *

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