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No right to speak for Schröder and Merkel

Thursday, March 13, 2014

"The European Parliament regrets the statements of former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder on the crisis in Ukraine, said that he should not make any public statements on issues related to Russia, since he, due to its relationship with the company Gazprom, which is one of the most important foreign policy instruments representing Russia, is in a unique conflict of interest. "

So a common Amendment by Conservatives and Greens.

Wonderful. Allow the pants down completely. Or take off your gloves. As you want.

Once you have prepared and supported the violent coup in Ukraine by all means, should now get a voice ban the former chancellor.

Well, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, alswelche in Kiev in association with Western services mitmischte strong, but is probably - as the latter are - somehow assign our Chancellor, they also alswomit is in a clear conflict of interest. So also for Ukraine should keep his mouth shut when it comes afterwards.

By the DC circuit of the sheep media - the media system - hardly ever so obvious as to the events in the Ukraine, as if that was not enough, censorship and self-censorship everywhere, even the.

Yes no notice, is not it? (more ...)

Of the planned destruction of the white race in Europe (II)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

I want the first article - the knowledge of which I am providing here - now even add a few.

I assume that you want to disable the white man in Europe should therefore fear him is because many believe in fairly homogenous society, to find a different way than those of the current capitalism.

And without mass misery, without expropriation, without gigantic mountains of debt, without penal camp, police state and total surveillance, without systematic child poisoning (Ritalin), mass drug addicts.

Might then also Japanese and Chinese and other rub their eyes and say: "Potzblitz, again a good, no, an epoch-making invention of Europe!"

And, adapted to their cultures and needs, imitate our model.

That would not be the total tolerance, but the absolute disaster for those who currently draw in capitalism (also on their international socialist auxiliary troops of the dumbest idiot) the threads.

All the blood circulation of money would collapse.

Money money and money from war and misery and destruction no longer would run.

The people on the planet would very quickly much better.

The savings in military and pharmaceutical and insurance companies and banks and governments that improve health overall unimaginable creative, innovative, productive forces used freely so far, so fast, that no reasonable even in dreams was thinking to want to return to the old system.

That would finally end.

Therefore, I think one is in Europe so radically against the white man.

I do not know how far you have already grasped in Asia.

There have indeed not very many fundamentally understood even here.

But there are more every day.

And just because most of those who have already realized not dare to say so, that does not mean it does not exist.

And there are very comfortable with that even "simple" people, ie, artisans and farmers and clerks.

Many of them understand even more intuitive, a little blurry.

But no sooner does one explain it one of the open and receptive, you will come to a prepared soil.

One essential trick of the anti white racists Total tolerance is the people who are not their brainwashing or not quite inferior to suggest that they were a tiny minority.

So hardly anyone dares to say anything, everyone is silent rather, has the desired fear.

Apart from the personal encounter is our greatest opportunity therefore undoubtedly the World Network.

Anyone who opens his mouth, counts.

It counts even been to this, the only better informed.

Because his thinking will change.

And so it is, even involuntarily, and talk and act differently.

So he is already to some extent less slave.

Of the planned destruction of the white race in Europe

Thursday, November 14, 2013

We need to be clear that the anti-white, anti-Christian, antiabendländische Monster, the EU today is called, after the Second World War was planned at least.

There are many indications that much longer puttering in the background to it.

Who speak out against every kind of racism there, are in truth even racists of the worst kind.

Whether their journalistic protagonists Broder or hot Augstein, who is called an the other an anti-Semitic Dreckschleuder: You agree that the white race in Europe belongs to the garbage dump, no matter by what means.

Constitutional violation, breach of contract, expropriation, hate propaganda, prison or psychiatry for dissidents, twisting all terms, first of all that the tolerance in the totalitarian intolerance.

I'll not bother to demonstrate here that this is so carefully planned and wanted. The examples of corresponding statements are legion.

Who this only addresses is a "anti-Europeans" (also this concept so on his head), "paranoid" (ie looking through), a "conspiracy theorist" (ie a realist), at least when he is not equal to branded a racist (again on the head) or even as a Nazi, so one Peoples lust murderer.

Islam, as a religion of peace and tolerance (!) Is used specifically, criticism or even rejection silenced, at least as far as this goes so far (one is planning to ban them entirely), socially marginalized, just as criticism of Judaism or the State of Israel, while Christianity every day may be ridiculed in any way incomparable. From paganism to mention. This is before everything Nazi.

But this is only a foretaste of those Super tolerance, which, as already said, already in planning.

It grinds traditional holidays, calls for new, for the immigrants, because of tolerance.

Many places also have the Sharia, even in milder form, tolerated or required their tolerance: because of tolerance.

Cartoons may not be shown (against Christianity and the Pope, all other well) if they relate to Islam or Judaism. Peaceful demonstrations are banned, while little or no followed violent attacks on election stands or events dissenters, promotes breastfeeding even on winding paths. All detectable, no booking air or invention of me.

By becoming aware of the electronic total surveillance (which needs it because of the tolerance) you have many people already so far set in fear that they no longer even trust, or at least feel fear about to open in the web pages, within the meaning of tolerant could be somehow intolerant. It is indeed registered with each click.

"Do you want the total tolerance?"

No, we will not even rhetorically asked if those people we want total tolerance.

Their total tolerance is in fact, as "more Europe" (ie less), no alternative.

So why even ask?

But you should ask yourself again: Why do they do that?

Now, many have realized that it. To uprooting and mass immigration to the unconditional Lohndrückerei and purpose of capitalism 'by the grace of Goldman Sachs et al goes. Therefore, anything to shatter so to entdemokratisieren (because of tolerance, hehe) that it is easier exploitable, controllable, that coercion, where the controllability then not quite so given, can be used necessary, without further in advance as part of the plan created. The people are at the end still begging to have a reasonably functioning police state, on knees.

The radical anti-white racism is based obviously on it (this is clear once the sayings of a Coudenhove- Kalergi on) that one is afraid of the white man.

More: Man dares to reasonably homogeneous white peoples to be able to successfully set against the plan to fight back. Economically, culturally and socially successful.

Therefore, the white race in Europe must be destroyed.

This is no "right" conspiracy theory. Lots of clear statements to be before.

But, after all: So horribly grand as the plan may be, by the same time national resentments between the European (residual) peoples are stoked mercilessly course, the course reduce only by a Super Europe, he is wise limited.

Namely where still a clear majority of white people understand to preserve its heritage and its sovereignty, things will go better than in the States or in the Super tolerance Toltaltoleranz-EU.

You will there see exactly how the total EU-tolerance is tolerated by Kulturbereicherern zutode by what is now already the case, already in schools teaches the total tolerance, the abolition of any genuine national and European identity. Especially white identity.

At some point you will have to run so many prison camps, need so much money for the military and police, are economically unproductive, that (remaining) white mass misery occurs.

If you do not then it manages to bring about a third world war, you can see all his plans fail overnight.

Not every white man is namely shoot at the white man, just because you have dressed him in a uniform.

And if you put only Muslims and Africans in the uniforms, the thing is more obvious and does not work for long.

The total tolerance lunatic will come to an end.

Desfalls it will cost many of them not only their power and wealth, but also the neck.

That seem but somehow still successfully displace.

Well: There are just misleading, particularly resolute to mad anti-white racists.

Understanding of which is not expected.

Now that the matter is already pointed in the banlieues and the suburbs and the suburbs on button, they make all the more, still merciless drunk of their total hubris. (Who knows what else you do in the tea.)



I am writing this now so clearly, because I reckon that may or may not be too soon. Many views are in the EU already punishable. These people do not shy away even from murder. Who has a different opinion, is for a terrorist. Of course, none of the good ones that you pay for yourself and forms and sent to Libya or Syria, but one of those who are fighting to last on and eliminate if necessary.

Should you ever so customer will happened from my suicide, so I was not sure. And if I end up in the loony bin and going down there for the full benefits medicated idiots, so certainly not because I had suddenly suffered an extended roof damage. And if I have an accident, then the probability is at least high that it was not. Do you believe that not a word.

Who burned all peoples and races for Behufe his plans, for the man is nothing.

Enter this text further.

It is best to print it also.

I beg you.


Addendum II

I give this text unchanged (without highlighting, internal mounting of foreign text or images or other elements, the beginning and the end clearly separated from any own opinion or comments before or after, and must indicate the name Magnus Wolf Goeller, first publication date and this blog as a source) to any unpaid reproduction and publication dates.

From the medial inflection

Friday 08 November 2013

I will not say specifically again to the right and left and in the middle today. For this purpose there is certainly opportunity again soon. I have a small list again.

The prayer leader all the Alternativlosigkeiten ble and imbecility, who worked in the big funded by compulsory levy broadcasters and in the mainstream media, see now not only facing a considerable number of small and medium-sized media and persistent individual fighters. Cross Party.

I just came about for the first time the word phalanx in mind.

The EU NSA Bilderberg Goldman Sachs media whores cartel has an ever more difficult position.

About former "flagship of liberal democracy", now times as an example only time will only abgelästert in many forums, not only their censorship practice sake, scorn and ridicule are spreading.

Therefore, not only therefore, is already thinking about, for example, criticism of Islam be punishable to promote generally financially (because of tolerance, horny joke, wat?), But also systemically relevant media, other flat close to the (desired) "journalistic standards "as they call it so is unable to comply.

Similar to the banks. No matter what the Säugesindel costs: the main thing it is relevant to the system, thus inviolable. Who does not like it, which is a madman, a paranoid, it's about "national security" (which hardly exist before the EU anyway) even a supporter of terrorism.

You begin to take off the gloves so far, because you also have a serious problem.

And this is very much that of the opponent, the free media professionals, are not easily store using a large roll commands, unless you could drop the last masks with one blow.

Also intimidation and fear mongering gradually work in those who are at work here now, only conditionally.

And decapitation is not possible because there is no master. We have many heads, with different emphases and merits. There is no central organization, and this is very probably a good thing. Nevertheless, everyone knows each other.

One stands, even if there are of course individual conflicts, even when in doubt. Each as he can.

In this respect one hand, the term "phalanx" acts out of place and meets the other way around also turn to.

As previously killed people with spears a mammoth, which could not be easily lured into a pit?

Each took up where he could. Man jumped nimbly aside when he attacked by two sides poked sensitive again. We rushed him, tired him, eventually hit a one eye. Furious, he became weaker and weaker, perhaps finally driven into a swamp.

Or it met after the first eye of a ear hole, pretty deep. Already again a piece of the brain.

Then it did not take long.

Let us now go away from this stone-age image.

Consider not only the professional, but also sometimes to the private sphere of people who justify it, that human rights can occur in terms of human rights underfoot, systematically expropriated for the benefit of "the economy" people, uprooted cultures, even terrorists en masse aussbildet and unleashing that one pretends to fight, always propagate the new wars for peace.

There will be armed, in the pub, at home. People will eventually turn away, say: "With you I do not drink more beer" With you, I share no longer the bed "" What are you for a lying, corrupt scoundrel! "" Dad, how can you still for this! assholes work! I take off, and if I have to clean toilets! "

I believe that this factor is already much stronger than perceived, as we think of the manipulated still suggested as real superiority ago.

Also, none is so easily admit, sure.

There is already a lot together. There must be more. Let us work.

It allows us to die mercilessly

Tuesday 08 January 2013

It is not enough to install and Horror pictures on a vibrant cigarette. This kind of folk pedagogy must be taken everywhere.

Unters diesel tank plate: Dust kills humans and animals.

On the white flour package: Here lurks your intestines breakdown.

On elevator doors: Once every gets stuck.

At the input pool: Each year children drown.

On Hammerstiel: This tool can be fatal.

On all wheels: Increased risk of falling!

On the Russian border: Caution Drunk!

On the whores Jacket: Do you know of AIDS?

At the station: Attention! Pickpockets and suicides! (more ...)

The EU's battle cry

Thursday, June 28, 2012

"O patria o muerte no!" - The EU's battle cry.

("Either no fatherland or death!")

Google vs EU

Monday, November 28, 2011

Google is always more democratic than the EU.

Mark my words.

Fluctuating capital of Europe

Saturday, July 17, 2010

An EU-goat Frieder it creates in Brussels despite two afternoon beers yet alone on a side road, where on the other side already Wunk a colleague.

"Today, there have abgegendert?", Him the preppy, mostly at night rather visible with human youths of Moroccan provenance colleague asks.

"Damn, my wife has forbidden me!"

"Then let 'you Just divorce the bitch!"

"No way, her lover is at the CIA and has videos."

"Well, then you're a stupid, poor sod."

UFOs for All

Thursday 08 July 2010

The Brits can put one over and over again in amazement, as they sometimes even by the most astonishing report.

Even the suggestion of an EU parliamentarian to publish UFO files:


What the agenda is concerned, stands behind it, I would be careful though.

Maybe you ask yes soon aliens to plug the hole or holes in the Gulf of Mexico, and afterwards, when the have managed that, we may facing down on their knees in gratitude.

I versklaveriere for my part I neither like Goldman Sachs as for other Abirdische, underground or even aliens.

Zionist calculus?

Wednesday 02 June 2010

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan finds clear words to the Israeli massacre in the Mediterranean:


One can only guess so far, which is why Israel has carried out this act of piracy or this war in international waters, easily applied instead of the ships off the coast own. (more ...)

To bend the beam lies

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The EU and the federal government to act at least consistent: they always make what ever is out of the question.

That's why I'm glad I this Lisbon Treaty, on which I already could not vote, because I would have been likely, however (you can see the almost Confucian wisdom of our statesmen), have not even finished reading, my hand knowing that not even that would be observed, because of financial transfer, after all, what I mitbekam the content of this Basic Law, the smooth passing in the pamphlet ton.

But because my voice just one-thirteenth of the weight of a has Maltese in the European elections, I'm pretty sure the little democracy deficit will be offset by per capita at least three tenfold number May for Greece, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc. loose again ,

Meanwhile, I care a damn (more ...)

Turkey in the EU?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Again an external review, this time on the issue: Turkey in the EU?
Magnus Goeller wrote on 30.03.2010 at 17:26
Since the EU is a completely undemocratic, however now state similar in many respects entity (a Maltese has as much right to vote as thirteen German ...), I should wish well that Turkey would be added to make the lies Shop by overstretching completely put an end.

Alone, the consequences are difficult to predict, and therefore I am against Turkey's accession, simply for economic, social, and cultural reasons (in any order).

In addition: In addition to the Zipfelchen landmass west of Istanbul, Turkey has almost no European features; it may not even be opened Christian churches; the Kurds are still suppressed; what the "law" is concerned, so the story is with YouTube only an example; ACP not instills more confidence than the Kemalist military.

And of course I also put no value on Kurdish-Turkish EU's external borders with Syria, Iraq Kurdistan and Iran; there can always break out a new hell, the Israel-Palestine problem right there virulent, the Americans always on kindling, north and east of the Caucasus with its wars, the conflict in Georgia, that the Armenians with Azerbaijan, Abkhazia, Adjara, Ossetia, Chechnya, Ingushetia, the devil knows what will come all ...

I as German've had enough of war, does not want that my sons are burned somewhere between Beirut, Erzurum, Tehran, Kabul and Karachi in the geostrategic games our world handlebars; no thanks; and then it would run through of EU membership of Turkey, the (avowedly surreptitiously) to weaken the EU's competitors operate the United States for years, even more likely addition.

And by the way still directed at Israel-Firsters: As Turkey does not only since the scandal between Erdogan and Peres in Davos is probably not quite the cantonist one desires from that side ...

Sheep Media

Sunday, 07 June, 2009

In my last article "crooks choice" I introduced at the undemocratic European elections, the term "media sheep".

I pointed deliberately example to the Bild Zeitung and the Frankfurter Allgemeine, in order not to be misunderstood.

In the Anglo-Saxon world we call such media "mainstream media" or abbreviated "MSM".

Well I had this idea for a long time once imported want translated into German, but the literal translation of "mainstream media" or shorter "main stream media" seemed somehow awkwardly; former may naturalized Although, who knows, but I have thus yet another fundamental problem.

Because the name is completely misleading.

Namely, before arose the term MSM, which meant media were referred to as "Media of the Establishment", which is much more accurate than those practically unconditionally follow the instructions and orders of the rich and powerful.

Because "mainstream media" or "MSM" suggests falsely yes, those verträten what is the respective real mainstream in crucial social issues, but which, despite all their efforts dishonest not true in many cases.

As a very simple example would be that once the issue of immigration to mention that the majority of the population sees considerable critical than the "MSM".

Also that children should be as fast as possible away from their mothers and placed in day-care centers, is taken by only a few citizens with enthusiasm. (more ...)