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Alice in Goldmanland

Monday 03 February 2014

No, I think this rumor which could be tuned.

Namely, that Alice Schwarzer soon woman officer at Goldman Sachs will.

For a long time the Bank suffers so at their macho image.

Black is now on sale.

Why should not slam the God improvement there?

Holds nor any of the stupid for that?

Rhetorical question.

The sympathy of the Bank will soon blow each measurement scale. (more ...)

As from Goldman Sachs and the first only the Sachs remained

Friday 08 November 2013

The Goldman Sachs met.

The Goldman had always treasured like gold, and the Sachs kept the ax.

"Goldman," said Sachs, "I need half the gold, because I have the grinder."

"What? Half of the gold for the grinder? Are you crazy? "

"The prices at the grinder have extremely attracted. Do I still tell you that everything is more expensive? "

"Nevertheless! A decade in the year but has so far always enough! "

"But he wants a quarter now. And I want to start trying out retirement planning already for next year. When the wiper no longer grinds, then we are soon perdu. You know probably as good as me. "

"Now sometimes, we do not want to argue. How he justified the price increase? "

"He says that the Chinese ask so much, and the Russians also. He've barely good stones. "


"Yes, but what's the use?"

"Did you complete idiot because no long-term contracts with him?"

"Of course. But he has just terminated unilaterally. "

"And you can offer to you?"

"He just said I could have it so. Without my sharp ax was then quickly all the gold away. As soon come which, even Japs and Brazilians and the rest of the whole rabble to take back the rest. No renegotiations, nada, niente. "

Reluctantly led Goldman Sachs to the magazine, gave him half.

That was the Sachs, the always half had heard, of course, too little, and therefore he slew the Goldman, because that his ax was still good enough.

So he thought after this year's loops after all, still be able to have three-quarters of the treasury. And next year, at least not according to the agreement entitled him his half.

From the medial inflection

Friday 08 November 2013

I will not say specifically again to the right and left and in the middle today. For this purpose there is certainly opportunity again soon. I have a small list again.

The prayer leader all the Alternativlosigkeiten ble and imbecility, who worked in the big funded by compulsory levy broadcasters and in the mainstream media, see now not only facing a considerable number of small and medium-sized media and persistent individual fighters. Cross Party.

I just came about for the first time the word phalanx in mind.

The EU NSA Bilderberg Goldman Sachs media whores cartel has an ever more difficult position.

About former "flagship of liberal democracy", now times as an example only time will only abgelästert in many forums, not only their censorship practice sake, scorn and ridicule are spreading.

Therefore, not only therefore, is already thinking about, for example, criticism of Islam be punishable to promote generally financially (because of tolerance, horny joke, wat?), But also systemically relevant media, other flat close to the (desired) "journalistic standards "as they call it so is unable to comply.

Similar to the banks. No matter what the Säugesindel costs: the main thing it is relevant to the system, thus inviolable. Who does not like it, which is a madman, a paranoid, it's about "national security" (which hardly exist before the EU anyway) even a supporter of terrorism.

You begin to take off the gloves so far, because you also have a serious problem.

And this is very much that of the opponent, the free media professionals, are not easily store using a large roll commands, unless you could drop the last masks with one blow.

Also intimidation and fear mongering gradually work in those who are at work here now, only conditionally.

And decapitation is not possible because there is no master. We have many heads, with different emphases and merits. There is no central organization, and this is very probably a good thing. Nevertheless, everyone knows each other.

One stands, even if there are of course individual conflicts, even when in doubt. Each as he can.

In this respect one hand, the term "phalanx" acts out of place and meets the other way around also turn to.

As previously killed people with spears a mammoth, which could not be easily lured into a pit?

Each took up where he could. Man jumped nimbly aside when he attacked by two sides poked sensitive again. We rushed him, tired him, eventually hit a one eye. Furious, he became weaker and weaker, perhaps finally driven into a swamp.

Or it met after the first eye of a ear hole, pretty deep. Already again a piece of the brain.

Then it did not take long.

Let us now go away from this stone-age image.

Consider not only the professional, but also sometimes to the private sphere of people who justify it, that human rights can occur in terms of human rights underfoot, systematically expropriated for the benefit of "the economy" people, uprooted cultures, even terrorists en masse aussbildet and unleashing that one pretends to fight, always propagate the new wars for peace.

There will be armed, in the pub, at home. People will eventually turn away, say: "With you I do not drink more beer" With you, I share no longer the bed "" What are you for a lying, corrupt scoundrel! "" Dad, how can you still for this! assholes work! I take off, and if I have to clean toilets! "

I believe that this factor is already much stronger than perceived, as we think of the manipulated still suggested as real superiority ago.

Also, none is so easily admit, sure.

There is already a lot together. There must be more. Let us work.

BVG: Euro-judgment bad joke

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The ESM so shall we put "only" can abschakalen 190 billion.

Meanwhile, the ECB, get called up to the decision in the main, what she wants.

This judgment of the BVG is a bad joke.

Goldman Sachs, Draghi and the rest of the highwayman, however, find it delicious.

The President and the guys from the bridge

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Now it is always funny around the President.

His friend Maschmeyer want right in the Lower Saxony state parliament election 42 700 euros from his Privatsschtulle for an ad campaign for Wulff's biography "Better the truth" (hehe!) Have issued, without telling him anything about it, this learned something from it. (The dubious Urlauberei here and there and dunnewo we propose here once.)

And this is after the money was indeed negotiated for Wulff's cottage by the entrepreneur Geerkens, also the check presented, but of course, came from his wife, why Wulff will have had no business relationship with Geerkens and have thus the Lower Saxony state parliament in this regard also not lied.

Have "Well, it is great, some they must have paid: - Imagine times before, to write a book, and suddenly dive plenty of advertisements for it on, and they say simply - unless you realize nothing about it because that was not me, I know. Who was it and why, is what I'm'd better not worry: the main thing she has some laminated type. Bingo. "

Now it is once again faced with the choice whether you want to keep the Federal President for a swindler or a completely negligent simpleton.

Probably but is both together. (more ...)

Cheap Platt

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good thing: BP sets up a 20-billion dollar compensation fund, to a Mr Feinberg distributed completely independently generous, so far as the destruction of nature must be quantified, probably only 1-10% of that pay what the company has done.

Truly a wise and well networked managed company; there could even Goldman Sachs, though dazzling on typical clairvoyant timely sale of its BP shares having earned, but a little green envy get in the face, (more ...)


Saturday, May 29, 2010

If the axes of the gold men Socks

If the sparkling wine in the bottle dry

Then the party is over

Then the porridge bubbling and splashing

Not quite carefully touched

Out the tub to overflow

It burned down the house

Finally exiled to Siberia.

Godly Goldman

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Well, at least it is on the Huffington Post that Goldman Sachs one day before the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico have massive bet by selling options on it exactly (!); when regarding the Wall Street bankers wonder also should agree that this company either a direct line to God or love must have the devil ... or other experts with Prophesy force.

Honi soit qui mal y pense ...:


Goldman on the pillory: God dies

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I just found this.

It suggests that successful in recent years and most influential official private banksters meeting of the planets should soon go over the river; Lloyd Blankfein, CEO and according to his own words as bankers God's work on earth verrichtend explains how his God imagines and thus does not seem to favor to encounter (lovers of such things should best be equal to the links and videos, etc. to Article store):


PS: The C-Span video is a big hit. Blankfein speaks already in the first half hour to head and neck (where I saw it before).

So yet: Banks are places of worship

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

In the readable title story of the mirror this week ("THE TRILLION BOMB" - Why after the crisis of the century before the next threat - Madness 2.0) is again of Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein from an interview with the Sunday Times quoted: "I'm just a banker who does God's work ".

This divine mission applies to him particularly for his house, but ultimately for all banks, because these were all a noble social purposes (social purpose) and are fabricating a virtuous cycle (virtuous cycle).

What God the King has the bonus knight probably meant?

About the dad that Jesus Christ, who as in this sense plenty gone wrong son the money changers in the temple did not like to suffer, according to tradition?