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Turkey and Syria: More war why and for whom?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

If you read these two pieces of Turkey or its Syria policy, one can be almost dizzy.

Turkey has now actually burned through all its arms supplies and other support of anti-Assad forces in Syria, fueling the civil war there, the own ass?

What forces are there that make the Turkish government now think of a direct intervention in the Syrian civil war?

Know about anyone?

A handful of guerrillas can it be unlikely.

And he who hears the Turkish government not only phone, is even able to bring most secret deliberations to the public?

The Mossad? The CIA? The Russians?

Are the suddenly perceived as threatening forces - obviously not Assad - out of the box Qatar and Saudi Arabia funded?

Would that without the goodwill of the Americans? (more ...)

Do you want to be ... all Nazis?

Thursday, March 20, 2014

By now even the FAZ publisher Berthold Kohler Putin turns (!) Hernimmt with Hitler and Stalin comparisons, its editorial staff to ensure Geert Wilders, who asked his supporters at an election rally, whether in this city they (the Hague) and in the Netherlands more or less Moroccans wanted, still a specialty:

'The question also recalls the famous Sports Palace speech of the Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, in which he had called up in 1943 with a similar formula for "total war".'

"Will you ...?"

So that's enough again for the Nazi comparison.

Spicy mind, however, that Wilders an ardent admirer of Israel, a prominent member of the pro-Zionist Euro-pseudo right. (As in Germany PI, the lost party "Freedom".)

There is no problem that a Lebanese-Dutch rapper a simulated execution video, clearly aimed at Wilders, posted online in the new NATO-coup government in Kiev people a formation sit ("Freedom" - "Freedom" - among other things, the Attorney General, which would elucidate the processes at the Maidan ...), whose chief bluntly to the murder of Russians, Germans and "Judensäuen" calls. In one breath! (more ...)

Until the evil Putin came

Friday, March 14, 2014

For once, I refer here only now, resentful, yes, I am sometimes on a post of myself, the constant topicality's sake:

Arms Schafsschrappler!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The thing with Ukraine is a warning sign.

Or a clarion call.

The Brzezinski Doctrine in accordance with the violent encirclement of Russia, China, ultimately, operate, Putin called arsonists, the facts simply put on the head, seem to think that because they have equal-connected media, no notice.

Or they feel already so lie sure that they do not care how many remember that?

Meanwhile, irony of history, talk about certain people, for example, in the Forum of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, already of Putin as his fifth column, an armada installed in paid writers, and there are probably mass imbeciles, the lemming way went the Russian propaganda machine on the glue.

Alas! (more ...)

No right to speak for Schröder and Merkel

Thursday, March 13, 2014

"The European Parliament regrets the statements of former Chancellor Gerhard Schröder on the crisis in Ukraine, said that he should not make any public statements on issues related to Russia, since he, due to its relationship with the company Gazprom, which is one of the most important foreign policy instruments representing Russia, is in a unique conflict of interest. "

So a common Amendment by Conservatives and Greens.

Wonderful. Allow the pants down completely. Or take off your gloves. As you want.

Once you have prepared and supported the violent coup in Ukraine by all means, should now get a voice ban the former chancellor.

Well, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, alswelche in Kiev in association with Western services mitmischte strong, but is probably - as the latter are - somehow assign our Chancellor, they also alswomit is in a clear conflict of interest. So also for Ukraine should keep his mouth shut when it comes afterwards.

By the DC circuit of the sheep media - the media system - hardly ever so obvious as to the events in the Ukraine, as if that was not enough, censorship and self-censorship everywhere, even the.

Yes no notice, is not it? (more ...)

Majdan-sniper: On the lodges?

Wednesday 05 March 2014

Here you can see how people wake up in rows, which already for a strand comment now!

It is close to the liberators of Ukraine.

From drones and catch of racists drones

Sunday 02 March 2014

I just wonder when the first precedents will come.

How close, in what amount, a private drone of a police station or barracks may come up that they can be shot down, condemned the invisible helmsman?

How close can a drone come to me, how deep fly over my garden until I can make it in the former case, since they film me without permission, photograph, could eavesdrop, even threaten me alive, safely harmless, the latter may only display report against unknown?

Do I have to call three times loudly, she wants to fuck off, and that I may resort to the trouble?

And when the drone has a loudspeaker, is painted accordingly, says she is from the police or from the "constitutional protection", I have to believe her then, in accordance with the presumption of innocence?

From what I can defend myself against such a beast?

Cars drive also only meters past me, perhaps only half a meter, so I can bring them but no steel cables under the wheels, so that the fun fly and the mobile stranded quickly.

May I only set against a drone for defense if it has wantonly torn me an ear lobe? (more ...)

Welcome to the Black Empire

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Meanwhile - it is not quite so new - is increasingly being hawked, the German National Socialists had anticipated the EU, designed something like the EU, longed for and finally helped vigorously as they arise.

But they were obviously willing to lose on the back of their people the Second World War. Finally, there were socialists. Since the National is always advancing.

The Nazis have thus lost the Second World War in appearance only. You now gain via Brussels.

What a Konkokt!

The war came after six years.

If you want to us Germans now even more so the EU reindrehen behind your back, the Euro, the whole shite who served there?

Yeah, I hear it already trapsen, so after Scientologenmanier: German psychiatrists are to blame for everything.

And I always thought the Nazis were just trying to build flying disks, which never flew.

After all, but what falls for me. I am specifically when I put myself against the EU, but at least something similar to a noble Antifa.

You can not follow me?

Welcome to the Black Empire!

Because here is a Pike, there is crying Goethe's spirit around him, behind, because, in the shimmer, laughs an avatar of Aleister Crowley on the tomb of Coudenhove- Kalergi.

On the wall stick and Elohim, what's left of them, sometimes they hiss to mask the Aten. Always particularly like it when Isis does not delete it just is.

Gabriel meanwhile, drives it with all sorts of chimeras; the Saturnalia not a little; Jaguar in that there lies the spirit of Azkuatepetl.

And, behold, they all dance around small pyramids.

Except for me.

Therefore, I can guide you safely through the Black Empire.

Over there, they bet on it already, the friends of Pluto, how long to bet on the theory of relativity was still!

Here on the left you will see the players who put on aliens. An even looser rabble.

If any one gets on the mouth, then you know that he has cheated stupid.

Normal loser does not exist here.

Do not forget you are in Black Empire.

They wanted to see it.

Otherwise you would not have followed me this far.

I have shown you so far only a small part of it.


Monday, January 13, 2014

Oh before Freud 'woman'd sergeant free

As the Minist'rin ity also care for their child.

The Kita in the barracks

My happiness skirted way

Playpen and web

Yes, I like free

True Modern War!

Soldiering is finally human

From the little ones

Even the bath tub

So do not cry

Flagged with the State Pennant

The American Gimpel.

And the little Julie gently

The children assault rifle

She likes it very

Exercises and lifts off with eight.

Julie also wants to Somalia

With the real paraphernalia

Or in one of the Congo

For there to play like bongo.

To the Ninth's then a drone Children

Larissa and the other not long been without.

Although you may only inside

The carers

With all Unfuge in flight

At the playground times enlighten a sand castle

So that the commander did not complain.

But even white Rolf, Dolf from the Children's Village

That in each drone

An NSA program live.

From besondrem charm yet the game

Drumb's being played so much.

Elite SoladadatInnen made ​​in USA (II)

Friday 03 January 2014

When is born on the front the first Marin indoor baby?

Located in uranium ammunition steam?

She has simply not noticed, even by whom, the fight was just too hard.

And, lo and behold: It kömmet.

America is saved.

Against this film is not anstinken.

Instead chins deep shock breaths as she knows of labor, who was there.

What can the daughter probably be because a Marine?

Here the real Lara Croft is born. No Fake. It will even let her breasts.

Yes, all because of the equality.

I'm lovin 'it.

Elite SoladadatInnen made ​​in USA

Friday 03 January 2014

Erdogan "victims of Zionist conspiracy"?

Thursday, December 26, 2013

"Still sitting in Turkey thousands of journalists, intellectuals, opposition politicians in jail - often with no chance of due process." - Read So today on SPON .

But that seems even now, as in Turkey, an opaque power struggle within the Islamic new elite rages (the Gülen movement and Erdogan seem to compete against each other), do not seem to care or bother.

Erdogan sees himself - ie Turkey - now once again foreign conspiratorial powers suspended, and he probably believes that not only itself, but is also more than a grain of truth in it. Without condoning the West, at least the US, Gülen is living there, well connected, his troops have hardly set against the "Sultan" in transition. Toleration can of course quite likely with the approval, support, yes even a view as semantically hardly distinguish behalf action.

Why now but that?

Turkey has under Erdogan - many say the boom of recent years is purely debt-financed, based on a construction and property bubble - but lately a lot of the dirty work in attacking Syria made, in the spirit of the United States, Britain, France, Saudi Arabia and Qatar: What has the now evil perpetrated at once?

I do not think it really is about the most massive corruption and taking advantage of the ACP-squad, because that was certainly not only rumored lately.

That it now but probably not really about this, helps Erdogan also not much should a significant proportion of allegations agree collected. He is under tremendous pressure, trying with great effort to crack down.

Puzzling me is how several hundred specialists shall have determined so secret even against Prime sons and other Untouchables, without timely Erdogan got wind of it and was able to intervene.

"Just as this applies to Zionism, anti-Semitism and fascism, it is essential to consider Islamophobia as a crime against humanity." - So Erdogan at a UN conference to promote dialogue between religions and peoples in February in Vienna. The outrage was great.

And in November 2012, he had referred to Israel as a terrorist state who carries out ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

Something not to say even now times when Sultan prefer. Remarkably well the chutzpah to presuppose that Zionism will considered as a crime against humanity, fascism (so einbegreifend in the international standard diction even and especially Nazism) for comparisons zoom pulling, and even anti-Semitism, then, to ask the Islamophobia next door ,

Yes, outraged, shocked they all were. But they did not quite know what to say. You could Erdogan's not consign equal in the loony bin or to show trial in the Hague.

No, Mr. Erdogan, you were some time useful, but not something you do. It helps nothing, that your statement is logically inconsistent abundant in itself. First, will you not lead the people in this case, rather before our eyes, and secondly, the Zionists, leave of their grace the Prime Minister, to a considerable extent in the first place on the post he holds, such insubordination already not go on principle because there could indeed soon everyone come.

Extent, therefore, Erdogan also influential Jewish circles behind its current problems - as well as those already with the Gezi Park - suspected he may thus have quite right.

But it will not contribute MSM medium of the West so easily into the game, because AIPAC referred Although even as the most influential political lobby in the United States, but not every Tom, Dick and Harry must also say that, especially not on special occasions.

Yes, I'm afraid, Mr. Erdogan, as you face "to the world", "the world community" fighting a losing battle.

In our example in Germany. B., in whole Springer press, there is no job or a contract conditional dismissal for people who not stand up for Israel and of course the Zionist ideology. Since you have ever expected no sympathy or understanding.

It has even raised the issue of Iran / embargo break / money laundering in connection with acceptance of advantages into play. The US intelligence and the Mossad will know what went. The only question is what they deliver. If the want is what they want on the same day on Reuters, dpa, etc.

Maybe it is supposed to be only a violent fillip, and we will let you continue to govern, you wofern be properly cleansed in the important things behave.

You can treat you and your people then continued generous forms of bribes, that's not a particular problem.

Yes. Or is it just really is crunch time for you. Then you have, in my opinion, as far as I can tell from the outside, bad cards.


Redsamen evening, happy night!

Monday, December 23, 2013

I now placing them all in a pot and greetings at least until the New Year and no longer wish also no more anything, unless I should go over to a degree irritate it.

What not to say, that I will not otherwise meantime maybe lose a few words.

So: Happy all, merry celebrations all, except of course the evil. The few.

Again the next round in charity.

Since we now have a center-left government (as it's called, I think) that abuts only on left-wing opposition, we know already where the journey goes next year.

Germany will be so politically correct, as never before. You will at least try.

The left one has been before the mummy was of the Seven Little Goats defense minister, where especially in the war, she says, the man is one, made it clear that they must agree to wars of aggression in future, if ever something to be with the part in the government. (I think it was also a pretty blonde girl that the best I said, only slightly younger and of the SPD. Maybe I just think a little too much before Christmas.)

As far as I know, we even have a Innenminster. At least it means that again. Of course, he works for the same people, the Americans, like its predecessor, this perfect bankrupt.

"Steinmeier kicks off immediately and watscht Russia from": This headline, 17. 12. I was just about the new old foreign minister in one of those noticeable'd seed newspapers in the world, where you sign the contract of employment that you exclusively in Germany for Israel and the United States is engaged.

But Gentiles also. Now the German Foreign Minister has equal times abgewatscht Russia. Where is it difficult to determine the jaw hurt, back there in the dark cold east.

Sovereignty aspirations will be no fear of this government in any case so quickly. With all that has crawled the Ami out of your ass, Russia anstinken. In the middle of Europe is nothing new.

Oh yes, a gold Saxony we have now in the Ministry of Labour, which makes sure that the Nahles makes no shit.

Gabriel is very sturdy, almost too robust. If he now starts the galling frustration among the Mummy, the first he would not feel comfortable, then he bursts probably at some time before the scheduled time.

There was someone in the Cabinet? The Schäuble there is certainly still the ish clear.

Yes, the more talk of freedom to the more slavish one acts to the more freedom and self-determination is taken to the people. The president is in the undisputed role model: as it should be.

Yes, this baggage we got were, even at Christmas. But also itches me not much. Otherwise we would just presents another boot lickers.

The French suffered their Hollande finally, and the English their Cameron; when I think of these shady scoundrels, I already feel ashamed after all, not so much for Merkel. The would possibly even more able to lead a less corrupt government, wofern that would allow, as those other humplichten high bricklayers from the hypocritical form. (Do not worry about me, if our Germania from Templin reaps a Viertelslob of me here, allzumal an unquestionably poisoned.)

How do I get really on the policy and the weak Maten involved ours, but where I paid a kind of edifying Christmas Greeting actually made at my desk?

A delusion? A faith do?

No, that will not do. We need ornaments and tinsel and candles and gifts and a roast and the tree and best wine Genung and children's laughter and songs and happy guests.

The only to himself sometimes a bit of laughing malice, which is also a Zigarettchen and a Konjäckchen granted to a second, later festive stroll through local hall.

Angel I have this year, however, probably with some reason not available. Your fact they gave me all stolen or borrowed. So get along with those who you have.

Since I know only 24 Angelic Realms called, I sometimes go out even the angels. I ask for your indulgence.

As my gift from my Angel takers to me.

Who now for Christmas still needs a devil, so that's really tingles, I can hardly serve for free, for where it applies to contradict gods, because I ask myself a mite.

At Christmas Mephistopheles sits but anyway just cowered under the trap door under the banquet table, hopes of a moment, because Grämliches, schwappe him to the hatch verhelfend, in glass and speech.

Maybe I tease him even a little, this year, because he is lame again, the clubfoot, to spoil me the year as it would please him.

Oh, and who wants that also say that Jesus Christ, I do not know from which I indeed already the legends the ranked him suspiciously, a nice greeting from me, because finally I can not rule out that he lived, nor even, that he was a dear broadly.

Redsamen evening, happy night.

2013: The year of inner liberation

Sunday, December 22, 2013

We had some already here in Forum: The Brzezinski Plan NWO cabal running out of air.

As you Libya meal ended, because you could feel the last time quite large. What you win with it, you can see now from Mali on the Niger to Central Africa.

We also wanted to scrap Syria. It has also produced many deaths, much ruined, but is unsuccessful. Better to have a predictable, all ethnic groups and denominations protective autocrat, as thousands of jihadist bandits and mercenaries and smugglers and each variety vermin from around the world: It's become clear to the Syrians well.

And behind the scenes, Russia has expressed not only a serious warning about Syria, but is also assumed that it has made clear, together with China, that Iran is not invaded. The fifth US Fleet is in Bahrain selbsteingekesselt quickly at the bottom of the Persian Gulf.

In Germany later this year, many who still somehow, propaganda controlled, to something like a sovereignty of the Federal Republic of Germany believer, if not totally blind and deaf, woke up, found that they still only in a besatzten vassal state, if required also UN-enemy state, may as US quasi-colony, live.

Even many on the left find the, to use a modern expression, suboptimal.

Western Europe is to hold out much longer in the EU prison. The people want to belong again myself. You do not need Commissariat monster to know that it is Europeans and to act accordingly.

The downright delusional plans to repressive, violent enforcement of "tolerance", tolerance of EU-reading, planned most senior are to understand as the last, already delirious convulsions of the delusional system.

Even though the historical joke that about 30 trillion, so at least the theoretical potential value of all liabilities of the world's states, to "offshore" accounts are floating around, have some already understood.

The FED is, if I really know it, tomorrow hundred. The hundred it creates probably.

"It has been achieved an enormous amount": If our new defense minister, grade I hear on the radio, and have said to Afghanistan, so of course you do not completely depart, give up everything again.

Anyone who believes such a shite yet? Who?

Which the lie itself invented?

Even more especially young women wake up, realize that today's feminism robbed women womanhood.

So take more and more the main and Subagenden always clear before the wall, and still more assurances, you have only transitional problems, do not do better.

It has even, and as long as you felt amazingly safe, the issue of racism messed up. It has anti-white racism encouraged so bold so far that the noticed more and more people. Since the cork is already out of the bottle. Dumm lied, went foolish.

It has also long been known as widely monitored electronically, then, caught, so damn stupid the unsuspecting, the full idiots play that also was not lost on anyone allzumal when nothing substantially new learned in view of the "revelations" of Snowden, As a layman, like me, having only heard what supposed experts told a long time.

Yet another saudummer dizziness.

Even with the legalization of voluntary boys mutilating the genitals has not covered itself with glory. Just looking quickly durchgebimst a basically untenable and even completely unclear law. A Schandblatt.

Oh. We breathe times by a bit.

Since we just between parked in Germany: Our language developed in many places again very creative and free-spirited; this sets free forces; Knowledge is not only a joke.

Of all the countries that were at the front and stand in the Kabale - I leave now Israel as a special case left out - are the ones who were always at the forefront, the US and the UK, now inwardly rotten, as most others, the much less prey made.

The industries of these countries are not expected to the financial industry appropriately enough as an industry, conceived either barely present or in other descents from a few areas, the infrastructure rotted and on.

So now speaks already in Britain and in the USA around nice that you ended up not come off as well as the champion and spearhead the NWO, as a promise that, in some places the whole roast is also smelled.

I mean: 2013 was the year of inner liberation.


Putin Hass: The plutocrats are down for the count

Friday, December 20, 2013

My Lord, what has the Schafsjournaille for foaming at the mouth, where ever it comes to Putin.

That the Russian president, who has saved his people from the Sale, now, the cold calculating evil, amnestied about 25,000 prisoners, nor imputed no horns, is everything.

Virtually no journalist of sheep media dares even, especially considering the fact that the US, the EU, our friends in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Turkey drive to deliver a reasonably complex picture.

Instigate wars, invade countries, equip Islamist terror squads and swarm can break international treaties to taste, pledge national wealth, imprison journalists ...: Yes, our people, these are the good guys.

No, I will not link to the article I just read on a main sheep medium to Putin and Russia, where finally, dumber It's always, is even made fun of the fact that the country probably would be one of the Rising Star of the 21st Century and again to play on the international stage, but what will certainly not make it so.

I do not know what the man does in the tea, but it can hardly be clean vodka.

Russia IS already the former Newcomer of the 21st century, and in world politics and for years again a dominant force.

The German foreign minister is said to have demonstrated in Kiev on the part of the opposition, the brave warrior. Man stelle sich vor, der Kreml unterstützte in Deutschland eine offen antiamerikanische Anti-Euro-Partei, mittels über dunkle Kanäle, über Tarnorganisationen fließenden Geldes, einer Presse, die die Bösen nur auf der anderen Seite fände, und der russische Außenminister marschierte gemeinsam mit der Masse zum Reichstag.

Ja, dieser Putin ist schon ein übler Geselle. Er verrät sein Volk nicht. So ein Schwein.

You really must also accuse hard that he did not continuously falls other countries or they can fall over or there herumbombt, like a good western democrat him. Or plutocrat to be conceptually accurate.

It is of course plenty of naughty that Putin will not manage besatzte US colony, as Merkel Deutsche happy glow Republic.

Yes, damned if you had the Russians yet fully got to eat, would be the ultimate goal, namely the complete encirclement and finally defeat China, already brought closer.

Instead, time is running one of them now, but cursed also.

Russia as a great wage slaves mine, then let a few hundred million Chinese starve the rest in the cheap factories. The plan was so beautiful.

Until the evil Putin came.

Nobel Peace Prize 2013: My Favorites

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Who will get to Obama and the EU the Nobel Peace Prize?

Frankenstein? Count Dracula's clan?

Monsanto? Goldman Sachs?

George Soros? The Emir of Qatar?

Skull & Bones? B'nai B'rith?

The NATO? The High Council aliens?

Kunduz: 10 Jahre lang deutsche Landser sinnlos verheizt

Sonntag, 06. Oktober 2013

Die Überschrift ist hierzu schon der ganze Artikel.

John Kerry: Terrorchef & Bonesman

Sonntag, 06. Oktober 2013

“Wir werden im Kampf gegen den Terror nie nachlassen.”

Das soll der Bonesman mit dem Silberblick, John Kerry, gesagt haben.

Der Satz ist aus dem Deutschen leicht ins Deutsche übersetzt.

“Wir werden so lange Terror ausüben, weltweit, Terroristen ausbilden, finanzieren und decken, bis wir das nicht mehr können.”

Zugegeben: Die Übersetzung ist etwas lang.

Man möge mir das bitte verzeihen.

“As der Schwerter”: Bemerkenswertes zu 9/11 und zur Konspiratiologie

Friday, September 13, 2013

Nun habe ich doch noch einen Artikel zum vorgestrigen 12. 9/11-Jahrestag gefunden, der nicht nur erwähnenswert ist, sondern in seiner stringenten Analyse der mit 9/11 zusammenhängenden psychischen Massenmanipulation brilliant.

Der Autor, der, selbst dem Islam ablehnend gegenüberstehend, die offizielle Version zu 9/11 für klar widerlegt hält, zeigt schonungslos auf, wie auch sogenannte “Islamkritiker” sich regelhaft selbst in die Tasche lügen, ihren Teil der Matrix wie gewünscht erfüllen.

Ein bemerkenswertes Stück.

The dreadful joke of the day

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Die CIA habe jetzt “begonnen”, Waffen an die syrischen “Rebellen” zu liefern. Das ist der grause Witz des Tages.

USA & Cie: Décadents among themselves

Mittwoch, 11. September 2013

Whether we have to do in world politics with a paradigm shift by the United States may be more or less angezwungen a more restrained pace through various control losses and their opponents?

The losses in the battle for public opinion are certainly significant, not to say disastrous.

Jeder weiß inzwischen, selbst der es anlässlich Libyens immer noch nicht wissen wollte, dass die USA über die türkische und die Saudi-Qatar-Connection und auch unmittelbar mit radikalmoslemischen Terroristen kooperieren, diese ausbilden, ihnen Rückzugsräume bieten, Waffen, Logistik, was sie brauchen. Übelste Schlächter und Banditen, die demonstrativen Spaß am Massakrieren von wem auch immer haben, in Richtung Gottesstaat.

Man stelle sich nur vor, die verfolgten und gemeuchelten Christen (Alawiten und andere) wären Juden. Da stiege längst der Teufel selbst aus der Hölle. (weiterlesen…)

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