From one of the worst "educational" lies

It is customary to always tell young people that it is "bring something" who strip very good, outstanding, even unique.

That's a lie, one of the most common, most common lies that are dished out the Nachwuchse. I call only the name of Heinrich von Kleist and Vincent van Gogh.

The basic motivation for this "educational Lie" is clear: The young man should exert themselves, believe in success through persistent work. Herewith also the justice and beneficence orderliness of society.

Only: Be still meant this lie so benevolent and noble, begs the question whether it was justified.

Especially many of the most gifted are in fact not determine long that they where they only contribute beyond, quite speedy progress, on the other hand just with the non wherein they particularly gifted and ambitious.

They can then easily doubt the value of their work, even despair of the society, the circumstances.

Of course, it looks quite downright subversive to many people, is said to adolescents: "You have to expect that you specify, the largest stones puts you on that field where you are doing out of the ordinary in the way, urges you mercilessly to the side, fought , slandered, for Spinner, declared a failure, ignored you, makes you so silenced, can be explained mad, an instructor in a mental hospital or a regular prison, perhaps even kill. "

Although a true and verifiable statement often, but initially not very encouraging; Moreover, the talented young man asks especially like the so speaking, other, instantly, at any rate, as soon as he checked the regard to its validity, which is why so unless: whether this human society since at least partially constructed meadow spirit hostile. A resounding yes arises as a response soon. Unless it displaces the reality hides the reality out of his perception.

Even in the latter case but hopes to get there over time, that reality no longer be dismissed out of hand as too personally experienced real.

"What am I supposed to practice day and night, learn to make my creative powers to itself in the unlikely event that I bring it to true mastery, so to must expect, as a spinner, a parasite even to stand, of the have most of his life wasted in vain "-: So is the logical follow-up question of adolescents.

Before this question many parents have subconsciously or consciously above fear; again probably because they have the courage not want the young people take, on the other hand, because they and or only seek to him, him to suggest that the world was already on the whole, especially for the power willing, in order, no revolutionary zoom breed want; or they simply do not know any answer to the simple of the hand-setting question. All these aspects can of course come into play in various hybrid forms.

Here, only those educators are now taken into account, the not cold smiling lying.

As well, we put the case, we would not be based on a lie, but to truth in such a fundamental question our upbringing, was a good, honest answer?

I'll try: "Man is generally a creature of habit, so that the Old to the New can already stand by itself with great power in the way. Also grown interests and power structures specifically. Moreover, a large part of humanity does not really has its own trained judgment; the ground is good or bad, what is said to her that she should find good or bad. Without, therefore, that this meant you do not want to listen to criticism, not reasons for success hereby failure so, by which Syndicate wägend. Ultimately, however, leads to two things, unless, may be yes, everything is going well - and even then these two points are to beachten- advisable legally, no way around. First, you must learn the thing that you prescribe you to do their own sake. You must have an intrinsic value for your life, you can be taken by anyone, not mockers, not Tinker, not Mughal emperor still becket. Second, you must learn the value of your creative work, your art, even to judge, no matter what anyone says just this. No matter who. "

So like I've many young people poured pure wine in my 15 years of teaching; what the question according to whether I think this is to do wrong on principle, implicitly answered.

There is in my view in the pedagogy Although things you can only respond and execute from a respective stage of development, so must, but no justification for a lie of such scope. No. (Unless you realize that the protege, at least provisionally, whether his temperament or other circumstances, especially dictatorial, nor necessarily hold up to a certain maturity somewhat in the dark, was just forced to protect such.)

Who as educators, trainers, teachers from other reasons, it is appropriateness, cowardice, ignorance, the Nachwuchse this "saves" the truth, even just lying, has to be sought in such professions in my opinion, nothing.

Indeed, it is one of the Hauptbehufe any educational activity to teach life skills along the given reality; the ability for a long time to cross bravely before the wind.

For this purpose, the performance is good lie not now times. On the contrary.

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8 Responses to "From one of the worst" educational "lies"

  1. Dude says:

    Wise words!

  2. Thomas says:

    Yes, I can only agree.

    In overbred power will destroy the poet and thinker. Power will come by itself when the motivation and knowledge of the accuracy Selbiger from their own creativity, their own volition arises.

    This requires the courage to liberty, which also simultaneously daunting courage to risk one can take requires.

    But just in the state of the world today that freedom is difficult or even impossible. Wanted. It takes today on top not only courage but almost a bit of luck.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Because something happened. During the Belle Epoque, and even after the First World War, the Germans Nobel Prizes pocketed, by and large, they brought perhaps not the best, but good people "forward". Tempi passati, not only in Germany.

    It starts that any Nobodys Steve Jobs have thrown out of his company, because everyone agreed is outstanding good and therefore must go! 30 years ago, I once read a message from the lens Tamron company that you had changed management and the old ousted Chief Actuary (Japanese name) would have set back and now wants to able to return to previous successes. Someone told once by a television broadcast in Switzerland that Mr. Vasella of Novartis (merger of Ciba Geigy and Sandoz) approved, hundreds of millions of bonuses and the pharmacist that with which one is generating means 75% of the company's profit was banished to a cupboard and must count every day with his sacking.

    I myself have seen a German production director, who was simply illiterate and has made three large, well-known German Stock Corporations his career. That was not a mistake, that was just the trick that the really was nothing at all. The holding all others throughout the day from work because he convened a conference after the other, because he did not know how else he should pass the time itself. That was the most blatant example that I've experienced in my immediate surroundings. Capacity and willingness to perform are not only not required, but on the contrary lead to eviction. Or as Martin Wehrle put it, "Absolute incapacity is often the only criterion for recruitment."

    We all notice it, since 1992-93 is everyone living standards decline Worldwide on and probably is the current economic crisis only an outgrowth of it, if there are fewer each year, the distribution fights are harder than times where there was any more years.

    The causes of this disaster are not even brought into the discussion! When I was a small child, the most important thing for a company that made profits. The shares of large companies were in free float and pensioners snipped coupons and could spend the distributions, now and then, the capital was increased and there were five old shares a new, fixed capital multiplied by itself, so to speak. Tempi passati!

    The yield, yield stocks today, nobody cares anymore because negligibly small on the share price. Today, companies are no longer judged by the accrued profit, but according to "Root" as the nominal return on capital employed, revenue per employee etc. How doctored these figures, all know one sold fixed assets and rents the back and buy from the Money's own shares from the market, thus the return on nominal capital employed increases enormously. It dismisses employees and provides a temporary personnel to ensure that the revenue per employee is rising. In this system, performance and innovation are fallen by the wayside, Finanzfuzzis not need and want that also do not have to disturb only.

    Reminds me of the Wipperer and Kipperer of the Middle Ages, who put a cut of the coins minted the overflowing edge off and made from the precious metal thus obtained more coins (it no longer, so the edge gets an embossing) and the other precious metals content decreased and made more coins from them. Eventually, the copper content of the silver coins was so high that the were already coppery. Then the copper etched front embossing of the surface and again had silver coins, after some time in circulation, the copper color came through again.
    The modern Wipperer and Kipperer buy companies and sell the hidden reserves, company housing for the workers, extension plots etc. (analog cut to edge) and sell the company further. Successor to sell the assets of the company and rent everything back (precious metal content lower)

    How could this happen? Today, between the actual donors and the company built a wall, fund called this wall. The savers have your shares can wheedle and it fobbed fund shares and now the banks have the funds the shots, which release 3.2 of the company's profits as bonuses and mutually stuck in the pockets and the investors get nothing. The remedy is banal, the state is called upon to make this fund mischief and other "financial products" with taxes, more taxes, special taxes, additional taxes, fund taxes, taxes financial products, financial products, income taxes easily broken. Only that will not happen as long as the crumbs that fall tables participate of the (financial) Men our politicians.

  4. Thomas says:

    This is due to our fault augmentable any money that the states that actually even had a monopoly on it (!), Can have create the nose ring of the banksters. Guilt is also the Verwaltungswust generated by incompetent bureaucrats and all of us gradually crushed. And blame is the All-In vain mentality that develops from our great welfare state, which assumes more and more the Nanny-function and more and more people stop to think for themselves in two dimensions.

  5. Anonymous says:

    The Texan father says to his son:

    "What do you want from a university? Either you know how to make money and then you do not need to go there or you do not know how to make money and then you will certainly not learn it at university! "

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Anonymus

    Jaja: Money "make" ...

  7. Dude says:

    All about the fuckin 'blood money ... bumboclaat.

  8. Rights says:

    Learning is important, work is equally important. We need a system in which the fittest have the final say. Only those who are something, and something can, is to roll up the society and the state is capable of!

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