Densities Sapphorismen lesbians?

Competition until the end of the world according to Mayan calendar here.

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77 Responses to "Lesbian Sapphorismen densities?"

  1. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    "So 'the word she had not really mind."

    Datt poor child, lesbian in dirndl thing.
    Therefore clear:

    Vampiros Lesbos, it seems the lesbian with the darkest soul to be. It does, however, the only way, because it would be insanely happy once impaled.

    Appointment here on the spot.

    No, now that was not slippery. I'm just always very helpful when it comes to poor lost souls saved.

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Christ gives us is the most dangerous man

    Whether the well is long?

    He is so close to us lesbians

    Makes us like no other in

    We did take the time already

    Us tame-looking female horde

    Until that whine

    Small sore on his brush

    Reach the lofty

    Women's organization did teach

    Underneath, we do not do it

    Above the Lord's duty

  3. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    @ Magnus Aphoristus

    Really nice, sealed datt I praise the (lesbian) people here and me, and yes even you and all for Jesus Christ. Lord we thank you! Also for the force that lies within us men, and afterwards please give me back my bread, I need to eat but also something else. Jesus loves me very much because I'm always behind the lesbians ago. For if I can ever befall a man nothing. :)

    Whether the well is long?

    With full emphasis in this case I have to say: YES

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Josephus Sapphoristus

    You verzerrst gradually with your Christian behalf competition.

    She says.

    You scare innocent infidel SapphoristikerInnen.

    She says.

    Our Genderbauftragte now has a full rage.

    They even mentioned the meantime, I pursued a clandestine Lesbenbekehrkupplerei here.

    Afterwards, she still wants to percentages.

  5. Aphoristus vs. Josephus. Sapphoristus says:

    @ Magnus Aphoristus

    "Our Genderbauftragte"

    I've already told you, you shall send it to me once aunt.
    Also they have something nice. For me it is time for each to stuff my socks or me to cook the food.

    If the most beautiful, I always want to stop, the doctor said. Of me at times he can.

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Josephus Abgreifus

    Our gender officer is being treated for impotence. Smelling salts, I have not had since. She released another blasphemous and antimaskulinistischen curse that can not be reported here, before they collapsed. I am horrified but still before her successor.

    In short, they wanted your socks and your meat cheese sake do not give up their senior and respected position: fill my mouth and pull the meat off the plate, it appears the more lucrative.

    So I fear even more that it returns itself.

  7. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    @ @ Magnus and successor of your gender officer

    It was even said that "densities Sapphorismen lesbians?" Contest runs until the end of 2012. Coped well because of the memory?

    Sent me a lesbian,
    I want someone here to read the riot act.
    Funny, Gay's has one, but never be lonely is the lesbian.
    I saw a woman who collected the remains of one man.
    The thin lesbian because that had I liked.
    Why, they never want my lesbian Seh'n Otto?
    The John comes later in the turn lesbian.
    Lesbian suicide for all!
    Despite all the Levites were read, I fortgeh'n now alone again.

    Had I almost forgot:

    I have at home two women. The one I do the budget and other work for me I let go. Anyone who knows me, knows I am not lying. Now I am still a lesbian, that makes other women in Kaffeeteilchenbeschleuniger love for me. For I must continue so tight lesbians.

    Incoming lesbians I please myself weiterzuverleiten Magnus. Please be so good, yes?

    Lesbians give the love of life, without really creating a new life - just lesbians!

    Now, now the lip of lesbians. Of them lying around, I have some in stock.
    But first the question of Magnus if he can still cope with a second officer slumped gender and whether the competition was far comments may deteriorate even more.
    If I receive permission - but otherwise do it anyway, then I'll go with the lip of lesbians back here.
    Whether in single or collected comments, I leave Magnus. Definitely would be a shame drum.

    I beg answers.

    Love, JA

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Josephus Aphoristus

    Maybe I branches of the incoming lesbians times from one if they are industrious, the rest I manage to continue naturally to you.

    Gender Officer is now our turn, transforms like: me to tell you that you it all their lives - but strictly platonic, bad luck for you - will be grateful.

    Through your delicate unverleichlich Sapphorismen You have awakened the lesbian love in her on furious, she had never dared to admit, and apparently she has already begun in the hospital so strong.

    If she is not available, call the Mona Lisa and Linda, and now rows at me: it has become a real nuisance.

    Among us: it is one for years prevented from sex monsters, which makes now from morning to night, what makes a lesbian Sun

    So I also think that it deserves its own Sapphorismus, because in the art of love as it may be an ace, but the densities it is less:

    She was the guardian of the gender
    With the final and without
    Now it is nice to one side
    Without taking all finished with the bed

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Josephus Aphoristus

    Help! Help! -: Now she wants to prove to me a course in Sapphoristik! Here, the horn of the poetic gift is from somewhere between walrus and tapir to settle, was their first rehearsal alsda work:

    Where a wet step
    Since I'm always with
    Not need no stiffeners
    To equal access to all Roeck

    Mind you, that emerged after the fifth readjustment on my part: the "not a hard on," did they not go away can be cast out, said I was on this finding just jealous that she was thus also flown a thousand miles over that which previously sapphoristische poetry meant.

    I know the time being does not know how to teach her that the contribution of the unknown lesbian who hired the Tanja Kriener kindly, holding the cup to offset against their machinations now firmly in their hands.

    I think that turns me through.

    Therefore, I will, master of the estimated Sapphoristik, if you're willing to relieve me from this ordeal, from the affair in such a move to recommend to you as her lyrical teacher and disciplinarian.

    Could succeed, and the besieged Hammelburg shock: for I will assure her that you much more sapphic about love than I do, and because they intend (hopefully forever) to specialize at first in this field of poetry, I hope they So to convince.

    (It seals of course only relevant with ulterior motive: She remembers the love of poetry and of literature professors, yet chaste Obermuslimas unilaterally as a special trophy, Madeleine Albright because of the political charisma get hold etc. etc..)

  10. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    Magnus @ @ Tanya and I care, the weeping

    So, what also: Uncensored lesbian show even openly in public.

    My brother has asked me today whether Gabriel is the head of the SPD. No stopping, the question was different: He asked me if the Gabriel of the SPD and a syringe. Since I gave my brother the answer, what the Gabriel is to start with a syringe. As my brother said: Well, something like the Westerwelle. I explained to my brother then to complete: lesbians are perhaps yellow or black, but that will never be red in the face. You are right, my brother says, the Gabriel may say what he wants, but red in the face of it became ever. You see, I told him and nodded approvingly at it, the Gabriel is just simply sprinkle on top ... .. of words.

    I also want a gender officer for myself alone have!
    Especially now I need when I made our own blog badly in public. This may not only pus, no, that must be so cheerful.

  11. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    @ Tanja Kriener

    Tanya, but please Krische nit. The cup is yours YES!

    The enlightened Cologne knows Kriesche is cry and cry comes after Abstammelungslehre Kriener of.

    I'm not a Cologne and Tanya but certainly not, right?

    Lesbians waiting for me, I kooooommme!

  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Josephus Aphoristus

    Had to hold back your other comment I sapphoristischen first, because not all minors.

    If you want to edit a sentence please.

  13. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    @ Magnus

    I see you are still trying to think if my other comment is free circuit inoperable.

  14. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    @ Magnus

    You have really given you much trouble, I answered my answers nicely.

    But to me it would be enough, as if a lesbian says to another: "Will you go with me it receives finger hide in the woods, I will then let you go no longer about croak"

    And as a response comes back: "YES!"

    ZEITGEIST.UNZENSIERT ONLINE.DE-CENSORED BUT! The blog author is not so refined, to let me do it myself. Josephus Aphoristus from 18 clock, then in my home.

    By the way: "Tanya Kriener kindly stopped the trophy previously counted against their machinations firmly in your hands."

    I think that's somewhat unfair, because I've been a lot more effort than the Tanya. I think I need to talk with the times is a ridiculous word. The plays on the ball so the gender officer. Esu jet datt nit ever!

    In the lesbian world, doa gibbet nit's no sin, koa wonder, doa's gibbet nua cooling '.
    (The Bavarians like me please forgive my bad German.)

    Well, then at the end of 2012. If I'm so on, then I might, if my end is near, even become a lesbian. By Order of the gender crap all over the world to spread, even if it gives even less then more. The New Earth is definitely a lesbian. And I will be their king. King of Lesbos, sounds good, I think.

    Oh, I give the trophy Tanya. Because I already know no longer where to put all that stuff. I mean, I could even sell it to lesbians. The stick is everything you want in the ears in, I've had to tell me.

    So now I must make conclusion but for now, I must impute lesbians. Ne, was a plumber was not a profession for me. Everything always wet so when the pipes burst.

    Greetings, JA

    Nu well is Magnus?

  15. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    "If you want to edit a sentence please."

    @ Magnus

    I even have more than one edit.

  16. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    @ Magnus

    And I thought the store would be here already so completely vergoogelt that I can afford it.

  17. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    @ Magnus

    I would leave the other comment yes to deter Sun Or to compare for different victims or something. For perverts would also.

  18. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    @ TanjaKrienen

    "By the way:" Tanya Kriener kindly stopped, the trophy has been counted against their machinations firmly in their hands. "

    You should be a little looser TanjaKrienen woman - I mean I know it was not so long - but so far you seem to me a little bit stiff.

    I'm famous for me to sit still in the nettles, and yet it never did me later regretted having done it. Only with honesty and the truth will be continued at the end. And even in the truest sense of the word.

    God bless you,

    (I guess my real name is well known to you, as a good friend of Magnus)

  19. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    Contact a lesbian way

    A lesbian was sitting on my windowsill.
    At first it seemed like they would be pretty bold.
    As they peered even on my freshly made bed.
    Well I took a closer look, my god was this nice lesbian.
    Then they also asked for admittance.
    No wonder, because outside it was badly wet.
    You got into my room one, oh, that was crass.
    Would 'touch me even then, no, I said, the lass!
    I saw her skin, she was pretty smooth.
    She purred in his ear to me: I want on your mat '
    I would have said yes, that would mean stalemate.
    But no, now I was finally fed up's.
    I screamed, she left.
    As he left, she began to cry.
    Out of compassion I still gave her a ring.
    In response, did you silly thing.

  20. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    Lesbian Rap

    Purely gynecological considered, I must be very happy.
    From a purely psychological, but I can only understand another lesbian.
    From a purely biological, I'm a normal woman.
    In purely technical terms, I am a genius love.
    From a purely divine, I've been living in paradise.
    From a purely revolutionary, I find myself constantly in opposition to men.
    Purely social point of view, I feel a little disrespected.
    From a purely material, I am not to live well.
    From a purely statistically, I am very likely.
    Seen purely from the outside, inside I'm different.
    From a purely psychological, I teach Freud and suffering.
    From a purely fashionable, I seem to like-minded women very attractive.
    From a purely male, I generate unrealizable desires.
    From a purely imaginative, I am absolutely crazy.
    From a purely diabolical, I am a Seelenfängerin.
    In purely diplomatic, I have full immunity in relation to men.
    In purely mathematical, a man comes to me at any satisfactory result.
    From a purely aphoristic, I'm always waiting for fulfillment.
    From a purely hygienic, kissing me, only the right thing.
    In purely military, I do not exist at all.
    In purely cabaret, I often play the puppet for another woman.
    From a purely medical, I'm completely healthy.
    Purely chemical point of view, I smell sweet as a lesbian.
    From a purely criminological, I'm always suspicious of men.
    From a purely physical, I am an unpredictable degree.
    From a purely childish, I am perhaps a little naive.
    From a purely professional, I have received unusual positions.
    From a purely acrobatic, I'm a love artist.
    In purely visionary, I have bad prospects.
    From a purely secular, man does not need me.
    In purely religious, I seduce other women to sin.
    Intuitively, I work even on expanding awareness of men.
    From a purely artistic, I represent the whole of creation.
    From a purely cooperative, I'm an angel.
    From a purely muscular, I'm very strong.
    In purely fortünisch, I bring good fortune.
    In purely temporal, the peers can almost deal with me forever.
    From a purely biblical, I'm possessed by the devil.
    From a purely feminine, I am totally harmless.
    From a purely poetic, I'm like unzerknitterbares Cylophan.
    From a purely anatomical, maybe I'm such a darling.
    From a purely lesbian, I am pure gold.

  21. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Josephus Aphoristus

    Lesbian weather thunder!

  22. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Josephus Aphoristus

    You should open an academy for lesbian poetry: the money and lesbians would be satisfied.

  23. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    @ Magnus

    "Thunder Lesbian weather!"

    Thank you Magnus!

    I have to sit in my brain probably also have a little lesbian.
    No, not now what you might think, I do not need to drink to dense. 'm Always sober in all things. I can not think that simply thus. Mostly in the morning shortly after waking up.

    I am even more in terms of lesbians, then comes Piecewise soon. That is, if desired.

    "You should open an academy for lesbian poetry"

    I thought that we'd both done it here. ;)

    Love, yes - always!!

  24. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Josephus

    We appreciate your sapphic poems, from writing to you that all the fingers stiff and good for the little lesbian in your head.

    It is a free forum.

    I simply must weigh any youth-endangering passages: I Turn those without it, it was also me.

  25. Aphoristus Josephus says:

    @ Magnus

    "I have to weigh only passages possibly harmful to young people:"

    Yes, yes, talk to others instead of laths and classify myself as harmful to minors, as I turn right on red-green lesbian.

    "Turn to those without it, it was also me."

    Not know how else I could do from here.
    But I am also on Blogbevollmächtiger elsewhere. So know what it's like having to take responsibility for others. For mch even I reject any and all responsibility from. Would be even nicer if I would censor themselves, would, should. I should really do it twice with a lesbian and a movie. I hope I get a offer bal dmal Also one of. I somewhat live further away from Hammelburg, then straight ahead, left, left again, turn left, turn left, then a distribution list for lesbian and then it is equal to the second inferiority complex in the middle or you can call right away, I'll be right. No, that's not quite right so I'd rather wait for my happiness at home.
    See you soon! Schucki.
    Said that now the natural course lesbian.

    God in greeting, JA

  26. Karl-Josef says Malo:

    @ Magnus

    I am just looking for the

    «Older (s) comments ... ..

    from that of Charles Dexter Ward. Think they are not.
    Since there was only just in my error - 404

    Have you, then there is really nothing for me Junior?
    Best of human flesh, which would not necessarily need to bleed.

    But whenever the

    "More advanced (n)

    here are, then I let 's probably better. ;)

    Must go now, unfortunately, but also the error in my thinking and looking further at home.

    Best wishes and see you soon,


  27. Joseph of Aphoris says:

    Lesbian Exitus!

    At the crossroads, stood ne lesbian
    It galled them even too much to share,
    sure would look funny from Les-be,
    they stay, to linger.

    So they hung around so
    laughed at once to a girlfriend
    one they had not been totally stupid
    oh shock, the girlfriend turned out to be a man

    The instructions dusted,
    Gender vs. guidelines. Lesbian guidelines
    There's something auf'm office
    Luckily it was under the shady pine trees.

    The first rule is, Lesbians, deal man
    But she read what she wanted to read rather
    first rule would be, by moving man
    the man came not only to what the questions should be.

    Alone again,
    The clouds cast a weird shadow,
    Man, what the world is common,
    God, why do women get no slats?

    The answer from on high was not long in coming,
    first as a shadow they could see it then,
    they had a hard-
    could barely walk.

    She wanted to stay anyway,
    it seemed like at the Crossroads nailed,
    what they had left was now a prominent chin,
    the man gave her a lesbian lust then the rest

    Just at the moment
    there came by with a great eye,
    hey girl, you know I want to know?
    stupid guy, you are no good!

    Alone again, alone, cheated the desire
    so felt man is still a lesbian,
    Mainstream gender is so hypocritical,
    because they still stung by a wasp.

    She fell, was in fact allergic to
    lay at the Crossroads Center,
    genuinely tragic
    it had erundsie think of a great tit.

    Please, God willing, be back all woman,
    wants the blessing of children and NEN richt'gen man
    will not be alone anymore,
    Take away from me the evil spell.

    Suddenly it was raining hammers and nails,
    The Crossroads was suddenly vertical,
    Fast in her back arched in the female hill
    it was made just a disobedient servant.

    Their call echoes to the sky,
    I am not your servant,
    I also had a short time ... Simmel.
    this is my right.

    You worthless little woman,
    do not even know what you want,
    Now you get a completely different body,
    as a person you no longer gills.

    She was turned to stone,
    The sun was beating down on them,
    they looked only to the north,
    but no one knows about this lesbian grave.

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