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Once again Willi from Berlin ...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just called me at Willi from Berlin.

How exactly did he actually myself do not know why.

He had pressured speech but still.

And finally, he knew it.

Or I zuwenigst. (more ...)

Erstschritt the precursor (First Steps unto At Ante Brain)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

'A goddam' fuckin 'son o' a bitch ha 'it fuckin' all 's time righ', fuck.

No, that is not enough for a decent aphorism.

Rather, it is a very streamlined, something unusual form of a table of contents.

One Synopsis addition, do not turn written to a written story, but on a typical state out here the process of the first, still primitive recognition.

(Especially greetings to this point, have the honor, gene Mountain View.)

Fuck three times, once or son of a bitch son of a bitch, always goddamn top of that, this, or at least too often, at the right time at the right anti Location: - Who could it be? (more ...)

Time executed a closer look

Friday, March 14, 2014

If you look even more closely, one can find different minimal: you messed run like chickens.

Still rips the Anglo-American vulture other Gimpel and ducks and geese somehow with his raids, but fits just less than nothing else.

But just think of one, half and quarter your snipe all: German We are not responsible for our current government. Namely, she works under occupation status for the vultures.

Think about would rather not know exactly about what the one day could even mean.

And I am also glad that we now only have a small Lesberarmee. (more ...)

Jane Austen: Love and understanding

Sunday 09 March 2014

It works like as if I had missed a Erfleischlichung.

Jane Austen died young, unmarried, childless by today's standards.

What a woman!

Had she not been quite different, for it is more than suspect, not only with the highest spiritual gifts, this having always refined, equipped, but also with a basic good nature, reinsinnigem humor, not to malodor exterior, but this does little to expect or even equal fear not averse in strict entirely mine, so I would have, by my faith, but perhaps once visited a rare byway, namely those of the truly innocent faithful first, try liable courtship.

Well certainly the danger that here would like to meet too much Sense and Sensibility: Probably I would getrippelt with the hooves after all, rather they sometimes swinging from the moment at least out.

Here you can learn what a clever woman to think and to put in the situation!

Oh man!

She pulls each Volte, each mendacity nor of the seemingly nicest dinner!

With THE I would also like to discuss times on literature! (more ...)

From the down-setters

Sunday 09 March 2014

Yes, I too have secrets.

The following, however, is hardly one.

The downconverter grin askance already equal, and if you just look them in the eyes, not long.

Usually they do not know what they for whom, against whom, why, where, especially against themselves, do.

The act consciously on behalf of that may be a little harder; but also keeps only from elf to läut '.

Most significant is her stupid laugh whenever they do not know what is.

View Weis or word-oriented, which is almost all the same.

DU !!!

That's enough to them already, that the facade is crumbling. (more ...)

Greetings conditions Mountain View

Monday 03 March 2014

If I only imagine I would be a Abhörmaschinennachgleichrichter, a half-educated highly paid network Stenz at Google or equal at NSA because I find ü, ä and ö soon no longer on my own Zerzasteratur.

Every evil than sift who still dares to wear a Gran mind with him, his conjecture that this is so, can be communicated even in a hurry.

What a pathetic fucking job.

Then, as though the self-humiliation as not already Genung, must make clear to the Department Manager on dislocations having to seek that as a particularly suspicious, potentially dangerous bird was tracked, although it does not even know how to burn a match, but with quite questionable words associated would.

How do you keep it longer than six weeks in such a Puff from?

Cocaine? Whiskey? Better both, and enough of it, and only the best? (more ...)

From drones and catch of the drones racists (II)

Sunday 02 March 2014

This time it went quickly.

The drones anti-discrimination law went through the Reichstag as a samurai sword by liquid english cheap margarine.

Although the AfD could not Mitjasagen, but was located in the surrounding Italians at Mahle public with the Greens and the Sozen and the rest in the arms, whose consequence fully praising.

Antidrohnismus, since it is agreed heard outlawed.

Antidrohnismus is not an opinion, Antidrohnismus is a crime. (more ...)

From drones and catch of the drones racists

Sunday 02 March 2014

I just wonder when the first precedents will come.

How close, in what amount, a private drone of a police station or barracks may come up that they can be shot down, condemned the invisible helmsman?

How close can a drone come to me, how deep fly over my garden until I can make it in the first case, since they film me without permission, photograph, could overhear, even threaten me alive, safely harmless, the latter perhaps only display report against unknown?

Do I have to call three times loudly, she wants to fuck off, until that I may resort to the trouble?

And if the drone has a speaker, is painted accordingly, says she is from the police or from the "constitutional protection", I have to believe her then, in accordance with the presumption of innocence?

From what I can defend myself against such a beast?

Cars drive also only meters past me, perhaps only half a meter, so I can bring them but no steel cables under the wheels, so the fun fly and the mobile stranded quickly.

Can I only set against a drone for defense if it has wantonly torn me an earlobe? (more ...)

From the authentics and from Bohrschwurbeln

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yes, now I tend to age clemency.

Whether chopped me the computer how far even the orchestrated coup in Ukraine, I like often no more, not even obviously suspicious suspects yet to clearly condemn Convicted.

Of course, I do not tend to age clemency.

That was a blatant swindle small, if you like, so it was also an embarrassing flirtation.

In reality I befleißige me a completely different science, first and foremost.

It is extremely challenging.

Told you, it states that it is pragmalinguistics, so that would not fundamentally wrong, the usual understandings ago but considered quite problematic.

The task is, we want to let out, is not this time to find the idiot savant, but the dignified fool. (more ...)

Google does not yet Allah

Saturday, February 15, 2014

By Google under my Image Search to Magnus Goeller still assigns a Hitler image, while the other search result is still more ridiculous and irrelevant, I was told very firmly that I should not be sitting on me, I should, no, I had the "Report inappropriate photo" in Google at least report the better send equal a juicy e-mail, even better, with lawyer threat.

I beg your pardon? What should I do?


At the company, the German free tutoring takes many years for me, me for me initially quite weighed (as I said, until recently was little to complain about in the classifieds), now treated as a Unterpariah of Netzsubprekariats?

Should I beg these wayward giant squid about? (more ...)

Only serious please write!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I will probably be back soon play theater.

Open stage, ten to twelve minutes solo performance.

Neither should it be a performance in strokes seal, but still a completely serious.

Still I'm looking for the core issue.

Since I have already fried the NSA last time, should this time forth something different.

Maybe I just play the almost despairing teacher.

In it, I have experience.

With my face travesty? (more ...)

Bermuda Triangle of Vernünfte

Monday, February 10, 2014

"Bermuda Triangle of Vernünfte": the pun brought me earlier with a student.

He has him by his own admission of his German teacher, so related it to his students, as he was now probably ended up with them right there (it is uncertain whether he actually "the Vernünfte" said or not but "reason").

The brave schoolboy now transferred the nice discovery in his homework on the Schmerzphon and how it affects its users.

He took her in any case intuitively at hand, because I had to explain to him that "reason" is not normally pluralized, so I just quite liked the one with the Vernünften here.

Black Hole of healths.

Abyss of knowledge.

Schlingschlund the Arese and Aphrodite.

Maelstrom of the joint.

Grave pit of minds.

Woman philosopher Hendricks trumps

Monday, February 10, 2014

"Powerful contain" will be the new German Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks (SPD) in the EU voting for the approval of GM maize variety 1507th

Berlin appendix sets of Goldman Sachs & Co. So still falls a more extra-fine bullshit.

Soon you will be powerful not drink glasses and in court when charged with failure to assist, simply say that you've been watching but powerful.

I'm just not in the best forces in doing something powerful, but still powerful öberste in idleness tip.

In doing nothing nothing remains undone: The already said Lao Tzu.

In this respect we have for this woman minister dealing with a bona fide philosopher.

The Denkmalmeißler should ever begin to conserve their tools powerful.

Matrix already half upturned

Thursday 06 February 2014

I belong to any secret society.

That may believe who wants.

In support of this statement, there is nothing but my speeches, which probably already spent about 10,000 on the web.

Enough of the preliminary exercise.

The "Matrix" wants me to talk.

But not so. (more ...)

The Assassin

Tuesday 04 February 2014

It is not yet clear whether the assassins will ever occur.

If they do it but, as it is expected to be soon.

Mental at least they have some already more than partially brought into position.

The question is just almost only if they want to move the world stage right under their real names humanoelektromagnetische honest shock waves.

Who has tried LSD, it is back as a sedative wish. (more ...)

Alice in Goldmanland

Monday 03 February 2014

No, I think this rumor which could be tuned.

Namely, that Alice Schwarzer shortly woman officer at Goldman Sachs will.

For a long time the Bank suffers so at their macho image.

Black is now on sale.

Why should not slam the God improvement there?

Holds nor any of the stupid for that?

Rhetorical question.

The sympathy of the Bank will soon blow each measurement scale. (more ...)

The Rufgemordete from the High School for Girls

Sunday 02 February 2014

Black woman poisoned because of "character assassination" because it has reported its tax evasion.

I do not, in fact, am not an expert lawyer, if you could that.

To write down the truth that she does not dispute yes, but never ever slander.

Or you can learn at a girls' school as German?

She does not realize what she's doing.

The did not even take the Bayern boss.

What a pompous Trine.

Character assassination, it would have been, had reported image, it drives it more with her dog than with their spouse. Truth offense.

My Lord. (more ...)

A Kerzelein for Goldman Sachs (II)

Sunday 02 February 2014

Now's the Bank zersachst.

In any event, not only do I see how it will have been be happening soon.

No, there was no flame.

It was eventually just that the last undead devouring itself.

So finally he died of indigestion.

Nice to look at was not.

And no friends wept for him, because he had so foolishly devoriert before.

After all the candles are cheap now. (more ...)

A Kerzelein for Goldman Sachs

Sunday 02 February 2014

"Why hate all Goldman Sachs?" - It is now called head lines pointing to

The whole thing runs more or less down to is that the man (we all, maybe except for those journalists who work at Springer or directly for NSA & Cie) needed was just a bit gaga and therefore a handy enemy image.

So you should present something Goldman Psycho.

Even where there are hardly any or no axes: everywhere paranoia and hatred.

Whether the WHO, which is well known not lazy is to certify new mental illness, soon the Goldmanitis or the Saxons phobia will start in their illustrious catalog?

Imagine a slap before that not only looks like a bank, but one is. (more ...)

Just look like an artist! (II)

Friday, January 31, 2014

How does an artist today?

I set times in case the delinquent would not be gay.

I continue to have faith in the event that he belonged to the lowest caste among the artists, so that the thought, speech, and penmanship.

How he would like because look like a least halfway interesting half winner?

Geneva bands and gowns wish him well not dress respectably.

Visible abgewatzte or well polished shoes?

Can he, because of Genderei, wear as a man nor a pair of pants? (more ...)

Just look like an artist!

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Last night I received good advice.

This was honestly and precisely even, well-intentioned.

In short, asking me to talk and act more as an artist, especially externally, in appearance, in terms of what today is called "outfit".

So it was a better marketing myself.

Allzuvorschnell I drew this a little ridiculous.

Whether I should than half, totally shaved monkey hinunt strutting the King Street because, to be better seen on the Vanity Fair? - About as I answered.

Whether I should make me so much more to Kasper, just as, just as if I would not of been and already would look like this? (more ...)

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