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From new beginning end

Saturday 05 April 2014

This blog is from this - last post serves only comment pointing - at least in the longer term.

This means that all contributions continue to be called, opened the comment, I will respond, where appropriate.

After more than five years and more than 4000 articles, it's time.

My special, heartfelt thanks to all who here manchesmal at great expense, often very suggestive, involved.

It may also well be that here - or anderwo, perhaps also in printed form - will eventually appear a compilation of my opinion most important published texts.

As everyone can imagine easily that knows me, I'll allzumal not set the literary creation.

Also, I will earnestly still supervise my zeitgeist-print column or write on the side something. (more ...)

I will depart from

Wednesday 02 April 2014

I break out.

Not clear.

Not from.

But on.

I see you.

Freedom grows.

Those who speak honestly?

Who embraces the world?

Where flying memorial and performing mental?

Once again Willi from Berlin ...

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Just called me at Willi from Berlin.

How exactly did he actually myself do not know why.

He had pressured speech but still.

And finally, he knew it.

Or I zuwenigst. (more ...)

Opposition, rather Jermain!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

When estimated Jermain foutre le Camp can find a nice list of quotes on writing and the writer.

Alone, the Goethe quote that he chose the title, is not my consent: "The state of the writer the true reader shares immediately with completely."

And it's not because I know how loyal readers, despite its undoubted skills and achievements, no sovereign admirer of Goethe am much do detest what he has done.

The set is from my own experience how other along my knowledge of literary creation just is not right. (more ...)

Dreamer Alphabet

Monday, March 24, 2014

Star anise, pear, carpaccio, sea bream, tarragon cream, Feigenjus, roast goose, cave cheese, ginger chicken, Casserole, crayfish tails gras, lamb lentil terrine, mango sorbet, nougat variations Ofenschmorschalotten, Pistazienciabatta, quince liqueur, beef thigh cold slices of roast meat, porcini mushroom risotto, Tintenfischknoblauchzitronenminzolivenölsalat, Ukimbabelemarinade, schiava kids, walnut vinaigrette, Xerxes, Ysopbutteromelett, goat ham.

From a good cynicism

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cynicism, where he did not have other flows, but on the speaker itself, is often at the bottom vain, begs nervigerweis recognition and compassion, but is often also an effective self-protection. And on top of that seems self-liberation.

Yesterday, an example, in cooking and at the same time talk about what is important by family, I asked my older on me to pick up my wine glass from the living room, so that I may not stick your tongue on the palate.

He took it without complaint, and lo and behold, it contained the juice of the grape might just four centilitres.

"What's that?" I asked, emptying it. "Why did not you also brought the bottle? Do you want your father died of thirst at the kitchen stove? "

So he also brought the bottle, and as I said, I nachgeußend, spontaneously: "If there is so much time that I'm happy with the serving of thimbles wine, then at least you know that you inherit soon."

He did not laugh, it was probably him just another one of the unnecessary obscenities, which his producer and provider at any time too many secretes, but I liked it, my spirits lifted. (more ...)

Erstschritt the precursor (First Steps unto At Ante Brain)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

'A goddam' fuckin 'son o' a bitch ha 'it fuckin' all 's time righ', fuck.

No, that is not enough for a decent aphorism.

Rather, it is a very streamlined, something unusual form of a table of contents.

One Synopsis addition, do not turn written to a written story, but on a typical state out here the process of the first, still primitive recognition.

(Especially greetings to this point, have the honor, gene Mountain View.)

Fuck three times, once or son of a bitch son of a bitch, always goddamn top of that, this, or at least too often, at the right time at the right anti Location: - Who could it be? (more ...)

Jane Austen: Love and understanding

Sunday 09 March 2014

It works like as if I had missed a Erfleischlichung.

Jane Austen died young, unmarried, childless by today's standards.

What a woman!

Had she not been quite different, for it is more than suspect, not only with the highest spiritual gifts, this having always refined, equipped, but also with a basic good nature, reinsinnigem humor, not to malodor exterior, but this does little to expect or even equal fear not averse in strict entirely mine, so I would have, by my faith, but perhaps once visited a rare byway, namely those of the truly innocent faithful first, try liable courtship.

Well certainly the danger that here would like to meet too much Sense and Sensibility: Probably I would getrippelt with the hooves after all, rather they sometimes swinging from the moment at least out.

Here you can learn what a clever woman to think and to put in the situation!

Oh man!

She pulls each Volte, each mendacity nor of the seemingly nicest dinner!

With THE I would also like to discuss times on literature! (more ...)

How to become again what it is

Sunday 09 March 2014

The recovery of lost pre gewähnten forces, this newly-aligned, is one of the most important tasks that provides us life.

I'm talking here again the least.

The exactly but one of them.

At least for me.

Non Clarified memory of lost courage like new WEATHERED testify.

A starting point.

Another: They lost between at least have a second time.

Is therefore already accustomed to.

Alswomit also itself may fade the fear of another times.

Timidity: Are you me? (more ...)

From the down-setters

Sunday 09 March 2014

Yes, I too have secrets.

The following, however, is hardly one.

The downconverter grin askance already equal, and if you just look them in the eyes, not long.

Usually they do not know what they for whom, against whom, why, where, especially against themselves, do.

The act consciously on behalf of that may be a little harder; but also keeps only from elf to läut '.

Most significant is her stupid laugh whenever they do not know what is.

View Weis or word-oriented, which is almost all the same.

DU !!!

That's enough to them already, that the facade is crumbling. (more ...)

New offer

Friday 07 March 2014

Training courses for bored high degree masons.

From drones and catch of the drones racists (II)

Sunday 02 March 2014

This time it went quickly.

The drones anti-discrimination law went through the Reichstag as a samurai sword by liquid english cheap margarine.

Although the AfD could not Mitjasagen, but was located in the surrounding Italians at Mahle public with the Greens and the Sozen and the rest in the arms, whose consequence fully praising.

Antidrohnismus, since it is agreed heard outlawed.

Antidrohnismus is not an opinion, Antidrohnismus is a crime. (more ...)

From drones and catch of the drones racists

Sunday 02 March 2014

I just wonder when the first precedents will come.

How close, in what amount, a private drone of a police station or barracks may come up that they can be shot down, condemned the invisible helmsman?

How close can a drone come to me, how deep fly over my garden until I can make it in the first case, since they film me without permission, photograph, could overhear, even threaten me alive, safely harmless, the latter perhaps only display report against unknown?

Do I have to call three times loudly, she wants to fuck off, until that I may resort to the trouble?

And if the drone has a speaker, is painted accordingly, says she is from the police or from the "constitutional protection", I have to believe her then, in accordance with the presumption of innocence?

From what I can defend myself against such a beast?

Cars drive also only meters past me, perhaps only half a meter, so I can bring them but no steel cables under the wheels, so the fun fly and the mobile stranded quickly.

Can I only set against a drone for defense if it has wantonly torn me an earlobe? (more ...)

Jane Austen: Wonderful!

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Jane Austen's prose can hardly be praised enough.

I have just read into me in "Sense and Sensibility", again surprised by the elegance of their handling of the English language, its narrative power and deep knowledge of human nature.

Here writes clearly, a woman: but what a!

With it I could maybe endure.

Should I reasonably undamaged meet their reincarnation in vivo, so I'll probably still back a little to do with the wooing me can hardly entschlagen.

So much sense, so much sense, in the finest paired with sensuality and human love!

What a ductus! What insights! What descriptions on knappstem space! (more ...)

My loyal readers

Saturday, March 01, 2014

I am neither faded, nor become even worse, accordingly, more fundamentally lazy even suddenly, it drives me no fear for that page is just not even hacked, so everything is fine, but just, among other projects, studying and I am evaluating currently the existing works, here the visible new creation the other habitual wessenthalben moment probably already like too much absent, understandably, however, entirely unfounded, lean besorghaft as seriously.

From the authentics and from Bohrschwurbeln

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yes, now I tend to age clemency.

Whether chopped me the computer how far even the orchestrated coup in Ukraine, I like often no more, not even obviously suspicious suspects yet to clearly condemn Convicted.

Of course, I do not tend to age clemency.

That was a blatant swindle small, if you like, so it was also an embarrassing flirtation.

In reality I befleißige me a completely different science, first and foremost.

It is extremely challenging.

Told you, it states that it is pragmalinguistics, so that would not fundamentally wrong, the usual understandings ago but considered quite problematic.

The task is, we want to let out, is not this time to find the idiot savant, but the dignified fool. (more ...)

Only serious please write!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I will probably be back soon play theater.

Open stage, ten to twelve minutes solo performance.

Neither should it be a performance in strokes seal, but still a completely serious.

Still I'm looking for the core issue.

Since I have already fried the NSA last time, should this time forth something different.

Maybe I just play the almost despairing teacher.

In it, I have experience.

With my face travesty? (more ...)

Bermuda Triangle of Vernünfte

Monday, February 10, 2014

"Bermuda Triangle of Vernünfte": the pun brought me earlier with a student.

He has him by his own admission of his German teacher, so related it to his students, as he was now probably ended up with them right there (it is uncertain whether he actually "the Vernünfte" said or not but "reason").

The brave schoolboy now transferred the nice discovery in his homework on the Schmerzphon and how it affects its users.

He took her in any case intuitively at hand, because I had to explain to him that "reason" is not normally pluralized, so I just quite liked the one with the Vernünften here.

Black Hole of healths.

Abyss of knowledge.

Schlingschlund the Arese and Aphrodite.

Maelstrom of the joint.

Grave pit of minds.

Tuition for Aliens: Na klar!

Thursday 06 February 2014

Not rumfurzenden aliens - I envy here - may actually.

German maximum due to student level but even still without the intuitive grasp of a good elementary school student.

Bad English anyone can.

Since you have probably dialed the wrong number in the number.

Spaceship Moderate control problems. Poor computer. All what we already know here. (more ...)

The Assassin

Tuesday 04 February 2014

It is not yet clear whether the assassins will ever occur.

If they do it but, as it is expected to be soon.

Mental at least they have some already more than partially brought into position.

The question is just almost only if they want to move the world stage right under their real names humanoelektromagnetische honest shock waves.

Who has tried LSD, it is back as a sedative wish. (more ...)

Alice in Goldmanland

Monday 03 February 2014

No, I think this rumor which could be tuned.

Namely, that Alice Schwarzer shortly woman officer at Goldman Sachs will.

For a long time the Bank suffers so at their macho image.

Black is now on sale.

Why should not slam the God improvement there?

Holds nor any of the stupid for that?

Rhetorical question.

The sympathy of the Bank will soon blow each measurement scale. (more ...)

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