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Of the poor astral projection

Friday, July 15, 2011

Meanwhile, I become clear that I am merely an astral projection.

As I've finally realized?

I suddenly realized that my body was only an illusion.

In reality it existed only in my imagination: hands, brain, ass, knuckles, all Geraffel.

Now I know, however, still do not like him finally get rid of. (more ...)

"Financial holocaust" was postponed one year

Monday, May 16, 2011

This article was published on 30. 5. 10 , and it is, as so often occurred not much on the type of destruction that predicted the analyst primarily based on chart analysis.

Well, on gold sites are almost every day of financial Armageddon, what else.

But as a title do not even have the Berufskatastropheten in the standard repertoire:

"The threat of financial Holocaust - is closer than we thought ..."

My dear swan. (more ...)

Just like that

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It does not always help: but sometimes it relieves especially physical pain a little, is just time to look at the idiot.

A Blödel peeps times and babbles

Saturday, March 20, 2010

That the basic financial criminal rabble no hair was curved, it may continue unhindered jackals and ruin us, says everything about our "democracy".

Technology, the dumbfounded (death leap through technology)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Although I own for a few years no car, had it before but managed personally and professionally conditioned, everything to get over twenty years without an accident pretty much once under her butt, which may be moved without the truck or bus driver's license, of the old Kastenente about pretty much all car brands and types of any size and engine, to the Methuselah 7.5-tonner, old, worn-out platform tubs, often with a trailer ... (my preferences I like to name them now, but this is not the place for advertising).

Which Mobile me, the famous wild horses not behind the wheel would bring, not even if the Pope next prayed for us, those are the modern luxury sedans that not only have power, cruise control, ABS and such useful facilities, but on an on-board computer, the GAS OR BRAKE IS WHEN HE (!) FOR THE CORRECT HOLDS!

Not since the death of Jörg Haider's (more ...)

Note stress

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bruised, shredded, run down, relieved of all its lightness, I suddenly reached today good March: The strictest of all my readers, of which I have customer, delighted me with a statement that had to indicate at least a Dreibisvier, so the clear path of the dislocation risk out; wofern thus not a kind of three-Plus should have been hinted at all, because I have developed myself but constantly striving hard.

"Satisfactory" is for itself in our time-strewn gender mines already a dangerous word; to do even a "Plus" seemed almost racist or at least a bit misogynistic, so I'd rather not venture to pursue the idea in more detail.

Alone, I can not help it, the mind is weak. (more ...)

So be it

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Gender inner directed me, I am a man.

Revelation Part II

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

There was once a climate crap that brought us the Antichrist.


Saturday, 06 February, 2010

Tonight I was abducted by seemingly benevolent aliens; they were generally nice to me and offered me a good Barolo, a corresponding Noir and a Riesling at Würzburg stone; Only on the question of why they did not just invited me to Umtrunke friendly, rather than to organize such a cinnabar, she stayed with me the answer.

Note: Pay attention not only on the quality of the wine but also the manners of your host.

Tough sanctions

Friday, February 05, 2010

The British Air Minister Miliband now has tough denier all covered with gag order; who fails to comply, it does not have to blow cold under six months.

Not so simple

Friday, February 05, 2010

I considered whether I should put on a yarmulke me to get upset sometimes unverfehmt about Burkaträgerinnen and brazen Muslims must.

I decided then but, just continue to shave me as a visible sign of my Teutonic stubbornness regularly.

The thought was tempting indeed, but I do not like sweating now times on the brain.

Bed warming

Friday, February 05, 2010

I thought about the climate in the night, so I am brought to the ice.

Ernst M. Pfitzler

Wednesday 04 November 2009

He could of course also Walter S. Borne hot or Kevin F. Meyer or Rüdiger L. Safransky or Holger V. Giacometti or ...

Now, every creature be Plaisierchen.

Who verschriftetermaßen a capital letter plus point gesprochenermaßen a "Emm" (after three joints maybe "Um"), "dining", "Eff", "Ell (s)" (as laughs Frenchman), "Vau", "Oh "or" woe "would like to have locates between his first call and his family name, I call the course:" It's a free country " (more ...)

How dangerous is magic

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Oman Manno!

Now it's esomagisch. No sooner had I the penultimate article "Magnus Goeller, the nasty troll" had set and ordered the universe, the one or the other of my kommentatorischen adversary may read it and recognize it, must be exactly this will be done, 'That would be now not surprising in itself but one of the Trollaustreiber the addressed page has now there actually unasked throughout my local post, where he previously did not forget again about penis length and time in order to write my problem insinuiertes teachings. (The bit infringement of copyright or usage rights to my text I let him first times go by, as long as he makes it no business or intolerable mischief thereby driving.) (more ...)

Magic for the extra Doofen

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Because of this Masonic novel by Dan Brown now goes again the talk of so-called "insiders" going on.

Do you know what: I'm one of them, because I know until the final, publicly be set forth rebuttal and good twenty years of experience that the entire Freemasonry represents a single, even third-rate scams, the only question turns, political control over mental manipulation exercise.

I hereby call on the highest Freemasons of the Scottish Rite in this way clearly out to see me also just 30 seconds into the eyes.

Do not worry about me or him: He will not compete.

Freemasonry is nothing more than an esoteric form extremely excessive hybrid, morbidly seduced male homosexuality, money underpinned by bankers for their lower purposes.

No real magician takes each one seriously Maurer.


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A climate scientist to another: "That damn sun messed me all computer simulations! I could shoot straight! "

Around 14,685 years whores

Thursday, June 18, 2009

If 134 billion dollar US government loan bonds, which has confiscated on June 3 at the Swiss border of Italian customs, should be genuine, Silvio Berlusconi is a Hans im Glück.

Two Japanese (which should perhaps be North Koreans ...), who were arrested with the papers in the suitcase, were already back at large (!!!) and, not surprisingly, has since disappeared, the FAZ writes today. Believe it or not A prosecutor should determine in the matter, was only reported in the media sheep, than hell broke loose in the blogs.

Two weeks after the seizure is allegedly still do not know whether the documents are authentic and who they belong to.

Wild conspiracy theories run wild.

Since I can only laugh. Who would even make since for a mere $ 134 billion today, the effort to foment a conspiracy, possibly a police guy in the children's hour. (more ...)

German network

Sunday, June 14, 2009

In recent times, it was found that I naturally started in business and personal telephone calls and electronic correspondence, instead of "Mailerei" to use the terms "Ebrief", "Epost", "e-mailbox" and "Epostkasten" and the other this page regularly not only was not weird, but the German terms at least to me very quickly took over himself.

Many, especially the educated and English quite powerful, are lucky if they can speak German, rather than to download a moderately idiot abmailen and need.

Do not trust me

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I organize here right now a guessing game: What do you think, what I would like to write, but do not dare to do this?

Katyn it is not about you now must tell the truth.

9/11 it is not, it's almost all is said, except in the media sheep.

The NPD it is not about the writing of the Constitution as protection enough about themselves.

Nicola Tesla, it is not, because I know too little about his inventions.

Neuschwabenland it is not, because as Altschwabe I know myself well there not.

The Bilderbergers are not, because I have already written about it.

The same applies to Freemasonry. (more ...)

Why rülpset and not furzet her?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Any Spökenkiekerfritzen occurred highly important to Bonn on the Rhine and have stated that in 2050, according to their calculations (!) 700 million people against droughts and floods and I do not know what would be even (perhaps too good weather?) Forced to flee when the with the Klimakillerei so on would.

These kinds Angstmachergesockse earned a lot of money and so it appears completely unsecured forecast to blow in the Fürchterlichkeitsanus prominently in the news, the human race.

In this case (see, for example, in network times the contributions by Klaus Eckart pulse) the whole CO2 greenhouse sauce is so questionable as ever, but this wind, drought and Rainmaker verspröttern undaunted their would-be disasters. (more ...)

Conspiracy theory of Pentecost

Monday, June 01, 2009

I grant me today, Whit Monday and once some relaxation and allow myself the luxury of a nice little conspiracy theory, because on some kind of debauchery I had long been keen.

Not that I necessarily believe in the following VST, but it is not the worst.

So: With its bombing of entire villages and wedding parties the USA are not intended to take about a few insurgents, shit, how many women and children are torn to shreds else here; they did not achieve with a murderous intimidation of the population, according to the motto "if the pond is dry, you can collect the fish"; but the US war in Afghanistan and the heat Pakistan so deliberately to, knowing that any action taken in such a way family swear revenge and the Taliban forces is fresh out. (more ...)

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