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Soft wax prevented mass murderer?

Thursday 07 April 2011

This is quite strange how the saublöde should be "thugs" Gaddafi that they mass contempt mighty woman, around her run after more or less freely and can conduct interviews with CNN about it.

After all, that, as far as one wants to tell me those monsters against which one must anbomben, to keep them from mass murder of its own people. (more ...)

Clear name perpetrators?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The malice, the counter suggested to me by a reader, as I close that told seriously for the first time, to an article - "German and clear? (The world warmongers ...) " - unlock no comments under aliases, hatred even, who spoke from the lines, I had thus become the perpetrators have not particularly surprised me, but it gave me to think.

If you put actually something of a fascist attitude to the day when you said that you wanted to unlock a special contribution times only real roll-call comments?

Is this a "threat"? (more ...)

World War II Driver

Monday, February 28, 2011

Once again, the link to the world warmongers the Springer press:

If a prosecutor read this, is hereby expressly stated that he maintained a public complaint of a Offizial offense.

I have indeed no Dr. jur. swindled, as our defense minister, but knows very well that the request for a criminal offense is itself a criminal offense. (more ...)

The actual Depp

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm starting to get the impression that people fear less the guillotine, because to be called "conspiracy theorists".

The word seems to disable all thinking on head pressure. (more ...)

Google Goeller: a Christianity and Muselfischer

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The following is my master Google today (20.9 19h.) Programmed in advertising:

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for Evangelism & Mission Annual or short Schools & Seminars

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Faithful Muslim women
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Exciting: (more ...)

Merkel II

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Merkel, about splat I only recently wrote a not very flattering article here Concerning ago opportunistic mindset, Seems now Suddenly to have become a bravely dangerous "anti-New Deal" German trickster, putting up a bulwark against The Further global spending spree Obama and Brown Had set as Their agenda for the G-20 summit, or so at least some irate Anglo-Saxons say.

Others have started to glorify her as the Sane One, the politician who stands at the forefront of the fight of survival against sensitive hyperspending, ran thus hyperinflation. (more ...)

Deed for deed

Saturday, February 21, 2009

The idea is simple: Every household in which children are raised and works in which at least one parent, it is socially insured or self-employed, will receive a key to be drawn up to 50,000 euros annual income linearly decreasing a time credits.

That is, the respective household is entitled to ancillary activities in the home, in child care, waste management, in the garden, in purchasing, etc. by Hartz IV recipients in a certain extent of hours per week.

No winner targeted activities (office, production, etc.) can be accessed here. Who does not want to cash in his hours to complete can sell this for z. B. four euros per hour to interested parties. We start the program with childless, 30-year-old among beneficiaries.

Nobody sees a more why there are now low earning are millions of end of work with children who do not receive any relief by unemployed beneficiaries. (more ...)