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(Almost) no text without Nazi comparison

Thursday, October 10, 2013

What drives this man?

Is this bad faith, or is possessed?

I'm talking about a prominent blogger who sometimes very perceptive, but partly also things under striking or recklessly omitting that belonged to the matter, in any case always very eloquent, ills of this world denounces it but apparently can not do without it, or can, with NS comparisons, attend.

To put it coarsens to say: Everyone who is now pushed by the rich in poverty, is like a Jew. Auschwitz lives. All over. All the time.

What is the purpose as a means of his approach?

He wants to shake up, shock, just attention?

He wants that whether the comparison no longer dares to contradict him?

He weighs his comparisons at all?

Does the one could against unscrupulous plutocrats only with the Nazi comparisons, no matter how obliquely sitting?

I am very suspicious in this case, because he this part completely warped mischief always very clever (for those needing it) in his otherwise long stretches well comprehensible incorporates considerations, the otherwise quite attest to some surveys.

I'm sorry: I'm suspicious when I see something.

If any tumber goal all the time and especially with Nazi shouting, therefore, so that's a long time nothing special anymore.

But someone builds virtually all text on this comparison and on him hinzielend on, after all, a prominent, very eloquent, but turned him well, so he loses to me in any case again and again credibility.

The man will be helped by me, at least not so quickly.

False is correct. And really is evil.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I have again my thoughts about the set forth by Jon Rappoport made ​​(German translation by me) destruction of logic. (For English speaking Jons original article directly here .)

Not only that, as he shows, an idea, an idea, a concept, therefore, sight unseen can be damn unchecked, because it originates from a disagreeable person: the matter goes further.

For example, have many animal rights activists and vegetarians, without even having personally insulted or attacked or invaded the stables ever a pig, must listen that Hitler had indeed been vegetarians.

Not only that, some was already insulted directly as a Nazi because Hitler as a vegetarian.

And: Can I now that I am not a vegetarian, possibly be a Nazi? (Why should this now be a stupid question?)

And: In fact, the National Socialists in 1933 passed the first animal protection law, campaigned for species conservation. Should we abolish welfare again why? As many types exterminate?

In the United States of "conservatives", also some "libertarians", often a line from German Natonalsozialismus drawn to animal and environmentalists ((see, so call themselves mostly) and those who do not undergo climate atrocity propaganda, only against nuclear power are or fracking, genetically modified seeds, etc.).

Should we then also against animal welfare be, for nuclear power, Monsanto maize, every day, eat three chips, to avoid being called a Nazi? (I am the way, none of it known, that would have been between 1933 and 1945 anyone except to the onset disaster of war, forced into Germany, to become a vegetarian. I do not even know of a great propaganda campaign, because of meat eating was "un-Aryan" . "un" or like it should have been but that, so I will of course correct this nachreichend here.)

Clear that environmentalists now - still crazy? Abuse supporter of Monsanto & Co called "Gennazis", people who reject climate alarmism, Al Gore & Co. as "Climate Nazis" -. (Monsanto has "national" not to do with the least, any more than the Klimakatastropheten On the contrary, international, it is hardly possible so far as they would if already -.. Although the appeal of something strange - as "Geninternazis" respectively "Air Inter Nazis" to . designate)

Clear (yes: CLEAR!) That the comparison of "climate deniers" (such as whether the presence of a climate-denying) with "Holocaust deniers" has been pulled and is often. (more ...)

The WHO is one of Germany?

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

"Islam belongs to Germany."

To Saudi Arabia, he obviously belongs; but to Mali he is no longer part really, at least not like there.

Sad-funny it gets, that those who reject Islam, contrary smashed, "" Islam did not exist yes. What the pöhse Diskriminateur and racist etc. fanatasiere there? If the religion of peace, however, should belong to Germany, then it exists with a "The".

You turn it around, as you need it straight. Islamists who do not want to kill all Christians and Jews alike (possibly the rest), do not say this in any event, the talk is of "moderate".

And so you need because, it seems as if at German schools and Islamic education, so instruction in religion, the one founded, is said to have taken his favorite wife 9 years. So one ... (more ...)

You Hitler! - Same Nazi!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

I just came across a site called

That's a pretty glaring case, because under "Shoah" means there obviously (there appear various professionally made products), what is currently happening with the Palestinians, and the corresponding Israeli villains "Zio-Nazi" because hot, or just merely " Nazis ", and the Jewish State" IsraHell ".

As to scratch, although the NS-Israel comparison in power not new, already on the head. What do these people expect from it? Are never came up with the idea that they could thus impair its pro-Palestinian cause more than they help?

Anyway, put a - though perhaps not quite sober - calculus behind. (more ...)

Better Killer?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Are there better killer?

Currently is spoken.

Not directly, but certainly indirectly.

He who has ears, let him hear.

I do not know any better killer. (more ...)

Germany is fun again!

Friday, September 30, 2011

I just may perceive again that thin skin on political power sites - now I do not mean that the time that is well known throughout the editorial practices at all debatable gun is - there is almost allfällig today: whether "left" or "right" because almost all the same.

The one turn through, because we're actually adding something Ungenehmes to Dresden firestorm, the other, as you do not German national in her pseudo-anonymous heroes scheme suits. Brief, the mechanisms are similar (more ...)

Lefts and rights in Abrahamic captivity

Sunday 04 September 2011

The embrace of Islam by wide sections of the left wearing the absurd.

It is a madness evidence this time. (more ...)

"Norwegian Psycho": Lichtmesz dissects the phenomenon Breivik

Sunday 04 September 2011

Just me was the light-giving products "Norwegian Psycho" by Martin Lichtmesz the importance of the Norwegian bomber Breivik - admittedly a little late - into the net.

Because here had long Manfred Kleine-Hartlage issued a READ COMMAND before me.

So read EVERYTHING, and not just the end!

What Lichtmesz convincingly demonstrate the manner in which the seed Breivik well absorbed through the evocation of more Autochtonenfeindlichkeit and Migrationsgutmenschentum whose calculus sums towards disaster with diabolical precision foot: (more ...)

What? You're a Breivikianer!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It actually seems to be working: Everything is hereby conservative, "right", is Breivik and thus inciting mass murder or prepares such.

I have not read Breivik's pamphlet, it will probably not do as it does not particularly interest me, but learned from several reliable sources that it is aimed against a total of multiculturalism etc..

This is now for Left (and the state terrorists NATO) each, of what is going on by many, is not thrilled, cheap rate a Breivikianer: words would be weapons, it is, each patriotism, not for NATO Rumbomben on half the world stands, is a Nazi mass murder mental preparation. (more ...)

Breivik: A Freemason as a "Manchurian Candidate"?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On the occasion of the massacre in Norway, I wonder for the umpteenth time, to what extent it is actually possible, "Manchurian Candidate" to breed, so bombers, the work at the required time, almost unconsciously, but with all the cleverness and determination as a button.

(The fact that it is very unlikely Breivik had made ​​the whole thing alone on the legs, Gerhard Wisnewski has already explained convincingly, including through a part of the text analysis behind by the attackers Manifesto .)

We all know that religious or other bigotry can encourage people to make any kind of atrocity, from the laborer to the statesman.

But: If a man really fully programmable? (more ...)

Terror in Norway: Sheep media selbstverschaft

Sunday, July 24, 2011


This Norwegian named Breivik, who is said to have up there now zugschlagen would best have been an Islamist, or at least a Nazi.

Now he should have been active in the Masons, a Knight Templar, a Muslim hater, Israel Friend, an ultra-nationalist anti-Nazi (). (more ...)

Everything is Nazi

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"Each of us has a little Nazi."

Thus Spoke's a filmmaker and gets the attention of the world.

And this saying he did not spontaneously excited from the stack, but well-calculated in the interview after the Cannes scandal, in which he - jokingly? - Had initially describes himself as a Nazi to be excluded from the festival.

What did he mean?

Did he ever say anything with it? (more ...)

False flag, world war mongers, jackal media

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

I just picked up a video that summarizes remarkable how the United States are medial prepared for a forthcoming Al Qaeda terrorist attack.

Now are "soft targets" in the crosshairs of terrorists be, public squares, stadiums, shopping malls, trains, and even museums which are easier to hit (duh), and it'll go only aim is to kill as many Americans.

Everywhere therefore more security was needed, everyone should every spy, essential parts of the civil rights remain abandoned or further limit.

In fact, this scenario only thing missing is a well-calculated real stop. (more ...)

Bin Laden helps save the climate

Wednesday 04 May 2011

I just read an otherwise very well-written articles on bin Laden's execution, but I will punish them with a named omission, because at the end of the comparison with the defeat of the Nazi regime is pulled back.

This ends again - yes it was a leftist who wrote there, but that is irrelevant - any "domination-free discourse", the brain engine is set to Pavlovian reflex that makes it impossible to open, deliberative speech.

What, still so much to please, has the terror group bin Laden with the Third Reich in common? (more ...)

Osbamas Coup: Where the show controls?

Wednesday 04 May 2011

The moral aspects of the execution of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan were already cut in the comment section of the previous post; it is now a geopolitical considerations.

The action is almost inevitably an extreme Verschlechtung the US-Pakistani relations.

Who wanted that, and at what Behuf?

What should be achieved with a consequent equally likely following further destabilization of Pakistan as a single state? (more ...)

Good is Green Death

Sunday, May 01, 2011

It is indeed the most grandiose obvious grenades Depp female asses, like the Greens were transformed by pacifists in the world rüdesten warriors, were transformed.

I am therefore totally care if nobody wants to hear, whether it sucks that I am raising this again and again in variations.

It is THE demonstrable example of brainwashing in Germany per se.

It is good to take for the banksters in the Third World War.

It is good that U.S. drones tear daily civilians to death.

It is good to use up uranium ammunition to irradiate the world.

It is good to destroy Germany. (more ...)


Sunday, May 01, 2011

NATO in Libya brings to children, to protect civilians.

The Greens do not mind.

Most of all she herself had been through.

Sapienti sat.

Project Third World War / SPON-bullshit of the day

Friday, March 25, 2011

"Never since the Second World War, the community of peace-loving peoples of the world as quickly and unanimously how to respond to the escalation in Libya -., And has never since been so warlike"

So it is today in all seriousness on Spiegel Online .

I beg your pardon?

Community of peace-loving people?

France, England, the United States does?

The two largest colonial powers of yore, and the largest of today, the latter with military bases around the world, currently in three (four if you Pakistan to count) open and several more or less covert wars standing, with dozens of smaller wars, or "interventions" since the Great Second the world having been blessed with their love of peace, to represent the community of peace-loving nations? (more ...)

Warmonger: Now even hunted

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I do not care, who's involved.

At my age, Schiller and Kleist were already dead.

It's about the paradigm shift.

We are now hunting the warmongers.

Otherwise I'll do it alone.

Perseverance, chin up!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

One of my best readers just said on the phone, the warmongers are currently in such a way on the "self-destruction trip" that it could no longer be long before they would have done himself. (more ...)

UFOs: What is it? (Art murder?)

Monday, February 28, 2011

In this article, once again speaks of a political heavyweight, we would have long extraterrestrial visit.

I would like to know more about it, argue for an official request to the German government in the Reichstag. (more ...)

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