Soldiers without squalene (squalene)

The Bundeswehr has ordered another vaccine against swine flu, as was ordered for the rest of the population in Germany.

It was already known for a while. But now has come out, how this differs from the standard preparation: no adjuvants, additives so.

So no squalene as a potentiator here. But there is also talk that not even preservatives were accepted. It should in particular be the mercury compound thimerosal That the Bundeswehr their soldiers reasonably also do not want reintun.

Noteworthy is the fact - after now already is talk of perhaps to grant pregnant women and children squalene-free vaccine (with thimerosal?), You have already ordered - that it apparently is not only without squalene (which was already clear) but even without the highly toxic mercury.

Why do you use the stuff at all?

And the Bundeswehr is perhaps a little better informed than the rest?

After all, the deadly Gulf War syndrome among US veterans not attributed solely to Uranfeinststaub Missed on its own ammunition, but also in many cases on an anthrax vaccine, was used in the adjuvant squalene as ...

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4 Responses to "soldiers without squalene (squalene)"

  1. Soldiers without squalene, "the healer within says:

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  2. Riesch says:

    As to your question: "Is the Bundeswehr might infomiert better"
    I suspect no, this elite is probably needed to protect themselves from the mob sickened, at least before the mob remains after he was krankgepritzt and has still survived in order to decimate mankind. Our "Gesunds" care system holds unswervingly from authorizing, as dental filling material only amalgam as cash performance and this contains highly toxic mercury, lead, etc .. With so much ignorance and conscious application of inoculants, the highly toxic ingredients, but only for the "common people" included, I have no other explanation for me to answer your question.

  3. Como la artritis curar says:

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  4. Kopfstaendler says:

    Much of the information I've collected over the years and published in my blog.

    Squalene are Impfverstärker that destroy the envelopes of the nerves. Think of electric cables, which you destroyed the plastic casing. The copper wires are then fairly closely without isolation. The body is more complicated, but the picture with the cables fits quite well. Our pain is henceforth bigger and bigger, because the myelin sheaths are resolved by squalene.

    The Speaker of the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute at that time during the swine flu - information totally wrong probably against better judgment, the TV viewers. Agreed to have their well-paid officials of the Robert Koch Institute. If all this is what the have it, we could actually save us these "experts".

    The PEI spokeswoman dared - without regard to the vectors - olive oil (which by the stomach, the shares in squalenes of the natural oil makes harmless) equated with the squalene of the vaccine to be injected by the syringe directly into the body. This is VOLKSVERDUMMUNG on citizen costs and destroys the health of the people.

    The cross-reactions between the squalene, which manufactures the man himself and the very different kind of squalene vaccines and their different entry routes destroy the myelin sheaths and lead to even much other autoimmune reactions.

    Please advanced information or better IMPFORMATIONEN look in the comments with further links also.

    For about 15 years I fight against mandatory vaccination for children. They destroy the preservatives and still existing in nuclei of monkey kidney, eggs, etc., the still undeveloped immune system.

    Despite these Impfskepsis us abroad a doctor convinced that the new vaccines with squalene against seasonal flu have no side effects, especially for old people. So we left the first time in our lives vaccinated against the seasonal flu us.

    Half a year later my husband had developed incurable neuropathies, although he is not a diabetic. The Karolinska Institute of Sweden has outlawed the experiments on animals with squalenes for animal cruelty.

    For me with a diabetes II I had developed my own "Wheelchair syndrome" over the years. Whether that was excessively amplified in my case by Squalene, I do not know.

    Presumably we were guinea pigs in a field trial of a new vaccine, but no one told us that. Neither the physician nor the pharmacist!

    All other contaminants in the vaccine in the form of alien viruses are so opposed by the manufacturer only by formalin. It is known, however, that one can never fully kill. Formalin is used in anatomy, if you want to make corpses preserved for later analysis and dissection.

    NIH - National Institute of Health - in the USA -

    has described the side effects already in the PDF file in June 2000. In America it has so far been no mass vaccinations with Impfverstärkern!

    Only the soldiers who have to sign their death sentence in the interest of the state in joining the army and lose any right to the integrity of their bodies, have been confronted with serious side effects and even death.

    As I could see at that time the USA Today, which had only very belatedly granted the right to apply for a pension. But there were many dead.

    We were mad at ourselves, because we had not done our time to information.

    Greetings from



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