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Trolls: FAZ only know of psychopaths - Press Council plans troll Code text

Sunday 09 March 2014

"Trolls, so people who swear on the internet for no apparent reason, insult, incite people against each other or just mindless things secrete (also on FAZ.NET, by the way), are driven by emotional coldness, self-righteousness and selfishness."

So the FAZ on Shrove Tuesday, on Canadian "scientist" Invoking.


Sadists, psychopaths are, the trolls. Although scum, scum, sediment is not there, probably for reasons of humanity or political correctness, but can be easily read out.

Completely suppressed and not dealt with here is that the most dangerous trolls just act not only from personal motives, also very cool, level-headed and focused.

They act voluntarily namely in terms of ideology (veganism, Islam, feminism ... You name it), or they work for money, out or even both together.

White the topic chosen for this FAZ editor Florian Siebeck not know that there are these people, not a few, whether bestallt of intelligence or of other stakeholders? (more ...)

2014 as in the coming Yottajahren

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Now even a minimal positive views of the year 2014th

For the horse-dealer in the network could crack a tough year.

I mean first not Facebook, Apple, Google, NSA & Cie.

There are paid submarine hacks in the forums, there are especially those "alternative" Pages that an increasingly adult audience confronted, the only right and still looks just the gift horse in the mouth.

Although more and more money is for the cyber armies, working with text and videos, with commentary and denigration, output, you do not sleep, refines the decomposition and disinformation methods, the disavowal of pages and authors, but it looks but not look, such as whether they made too much progress in this area. On the contrary.

Where to conduct its own pages, aims to provide an interactive communication, usually sinnigerweise must, therefore, allow comments, because you are exposed as a rule, at least by some success occurs through censorship made as soon as really critical questions arise.

And if you are now already great among the little ones, then speaks the already very fast around. Let's see who will earn the title himself in 2014 to be the "alternative TIME", as those publication that censored at three stupid test.

Censorship in "alternative" media comes of course from genuine ideological reasons masse before. Then there are but special religious and esoteric and somewhat sparkling sides, rather no major platforms.

A lot exposure as could take place without GPS Schmerzphonortung without account number along with fingerprint, simply by way of the called honesty. The youngest of all the virtues, as it identifies Nietzsche's Zarathustra.

A orderd Text is reported if not ordered in the sense that a Dostoijewski can keep his gambling addiction only by delivery of continuations of his story in the newspaper about viable to recognize very quickly as only one such. At least then a text string.

How many professional trolls will you probably employ worldwide?

No idea.

But the really good one has, depending on the quality scale, at most a few thousand.

The rest can usually not much more than those who simply beyond the normal programs, so practically by itself, work.

The problem for a top troll or its customer is that he must indeed deliver at some point results, orders may accept only after preliminary examination, rather declines when he knows that he here, even with a lot of hard work, even suddenly hard on the nose fall or even could be pushed to the brink of what happened, too negligently put his reputation on the line.

Indeed, it is quite so that experienced Mitforisten, nor do under the umbrellas of a skilled administrators from a troll in a class at the end of a relative buffoon, yet is without this previously noted its voltes and appeals to the best spice the debate beiziehend with Plaisir.

Who do you need, what you need, as a troll in a class?

Basically you need one, which it almost does not exist. He was supposed to be at best an apparent and an excellent scholar who knows more and so to pose as a bit goofy if necessary, on a linguistic as on the level of content that does not realize yet the Gewitzteste. Cervantes was something. He had, however, not only studied, but fencing also lost an arm against the Turks and then already learned as a young man in captivity in Algiers under the daily life danger. It does not matter. To my knowledge, it is so or not so available.

There are also 2014 not decide any case bits and bytes.

This applies anyway, at least, for the coming Yottajahre.

Feed the Trolls!

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Who wants to get rid of so-called trolls in the network, which is not the Lord by how widely distributed, they do not feed.


You have to give them the right food only.

This is usually by means of a well-dosed feed administration.

Only rarely need those two or three.

Comment lines: Readers learn German

Tuesday 04 September 2012

In Strange comment to " From locatable Handyoten "I wrote among other things:

'It is not easy for any newspaper, "conspiracy lovers" dismiss most of their commentators as "conspiracy theorists" or, Newspeak.'

The big sheep media sit in this regard now actually more often powerful in the ink.

On the one hand they are engaged to slander each independently thinking citizens capable than VSTler or VSLHler and reduce, on the other hand they are of precisely those their own oh-so-stupid readers, laughed more blatant and let down for it.

Self-censoring does not help much, since you can not just (in some cases) may censor four-fifths of the posts without having sometime is so notorious for his house policy in this regard, as the time.

The mirror is now with his articles frequently so down, especially those in which he behaves like a top warmongers medium of the Republic, that he reaps almost only scorn and ridicule it.

I think it is extremely important that people who find the time to do it (I have rarely nurmehr to annotate external), stay tuned here with all perseverance and reasonable mercilessness. (more ...)

FAZ: Don Alphonso backed by Nazi criticism insurance Trolls

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Again a well deserved praise (unfortunately with regrettable limitation, see below) for a FAZ article .

Since I have which threatened to downgrade to the half sheep medium, according to how young I run the pooch.

The author can be - obviously knowledgeable - about the Troll beings in comment strings from, humorous and confident. (more ...)