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Gold? As long as the world power does not crash ...

Sunday 21 April 2013

As for the drop in prices of gold, slurs and lies a more stupid than the other. It's smooth laugh. (Follow links, quotes and factual discussion. Or not.)

So we make a joke of it only once. After all, there is no shortage of conspiracy to yes, such that all of these, since basically idiotic, refer to the realm of paranoia, while they themselves, the more likely not even noting that spread. This count wrong to overlook decisive or embezzled.

"How came gold to the highest value? - It always gives himself "(A not quite accurate, complete memory zuwenigst quote from Nietzsche's" Thus Spake Zarathustra "Hehe..).

Everything is as usual. The one puzzle, the other, even if they "know" the opposite (hähähehe!) have, until recently, all the top Sander analysts and investment recommenders (who always win, because it does not matter for what rubbish they collect their commissions), are again smarter than the rest (Maybe I'm not going to not be bothered with all the quotes, etc.. It's Sunday, and it will probably not even pay me only half-way decent for it.)

After all, I once again had the only right, as I predicted becoming the gold demise as occurring prior to the end of the world. (The search function at the top right takes you to the proof, unless the World Network also still crashes from. Bin Laden is alive.)

I would have done it as well as a jackal. Sell ​​at 1600 to 1300, when it goes well, by 1000 or even 800 bought again. From something you ultimately have to live with. (Opposite 10 000 Euronen advance they get here is a surefire investment advice, price subject to change.) (more ...)

News from Jackal Hausen

Thursday 04 April 2013

I do not think it funny that now these data have emerged about the clients of tax havens.

Who will save them all?

What have we saved the banks?

In order now to spoil which their business? (more ...)


Thursday 04 April 2013

The honor of having taught me the word "Blutgeldmoloch" to refer to the city of Zurich, dude deserves readers.

The term is in fact not nice; but considering how there money is made as homemade whose money made, also, that no normal Zurich can afford more to live in the city with his children, he is not only not coated, but accurate.

London, a city that also lives on the money from the money, is undoubtedly a Blutgeldmoloch, it is also widely unequal neglected, in the metropolitan area of ​​the British capital but also about ten times as many people live like in the largest city of Switzerland.

The countries have similar percentage focused much of their population living in their Blutgeldmolochregionen, Switzerland, about a fifth, take London for the UK, so it is a little less, where only for England, it coincides approximately.

Nevertheless, a collapse of the English Molocherei likely more devastating impact on the entire country, as in the Swiss case. Notwithstanding the fact that per capita in Zurich certainly more blood money is being implemented, as in London.

Aside from the giant mob that would cope if there first. Unlike the common Englishman, as far as the still, the common Swiss is not nearly as decadent as the former (more ...)

Goldman Sachsody

Monday 05 November 2012

Goldman Sachs clearly understands not only what the money.

As I read up that still current, their buildings to illuminate brightly, than in New York had around everything was dark.

So the gold men also have a very good rapport with the public utility.

Above all, they have "chutzpah". (Incidentally Draghi.)

One only wonders when the GS CEO of the U.S. public condom embarks on the head. (more ...)

EUR joke of the year: Karl award-worthy!

Thursday 20 September 2012

"Only a currency that continues, is stable."

That is the German ECB board member Joerg Asmussen have released all seriousness.

Recently, our bankers are therefore also comedian, comedians, but oblique aphorisms from.

The above magnificent set brings it actually finished, though no longer existing currencies implicitly unstable to call (which is not there, is not stabololobil), on the other hand, a persistent than staballodöns virtually automatically.

Yeah, a goat, which no longer exists, which is also not a goat. And when they can not give any more goat milk and bring no more seven kids to the world. Where there is nothing, even the Emperor is well known, lost his right.

In fact, the D-Mark, since it no longer exists, even more stable.

This banker looks through real sense. Our first important philosopher in Nietzsche. (more ...)

Libertarians - all just dreamers?

Thursday 20 September 2012

Under the title " libertarians: ring free "I recently called on this, or, better, I asked that but someone who is familiar with the matter, this time may bring a guest post.

The request was granted.

In the following, therefore, a first article on the topic.

(Affirmative, complementary, critical comments please, as usual, below in the comment string Set Who another, longer own Guest Post -. Pleased with partially or completely contrarian opinion - will deliver to may this either, marked as such, suggest there or me by can send e-mail. latter case, please point it either below or call short., other terms will, those who are interested about the above link.)


Libertarians - all just dreamers?

Thomas Steel

As a libertarian man you's not easy.
Many discussions begin after a short presentation of your own world view with the statement that everything would be much too idealistic, than that such a system could ever actually be implemented. Most still follows the obligatory question and the answer is almost always the same: "How old are you? - Oh, when I was so young, I also had such dreams. " My counter question is recently: "Oh! At what age did you resign? This age, I must mark me. "This encourages not uncommon for thought.

Most people have so much accustomed to our present system and adapted - or even existentially dependent on this system - that such a different sounding world view seems hard to imagine. It is so simple and clear ...

A quick run through the economy:

The libertarian idea is that man is born free, and that no one else has the right to his body but himself

Man determined about yourself

As a direct result of having a man who owns himself, the right to his own labor. Where a person from a piece of wood a utility object here, belongs should doubt him. This results in title to: I have created by my own power and something that belongs to me the result of my performance.
Now if another man sees my article of manufacture and would like to have it, then I have the choice to give him the item to borrow, swap, sell, or deny him my subject. Brings us to the market. (more ...)

In the Praeternachpostmoderne

Sunday 26 August 2012

The previous post " Not Seller "was once again a reason to question what one is not or to what extent could make such fun of.

This time it was not about the living dead to Fukushima or a shooting war, but to the global Finanzabranz.

Undoubtedly, it is always difficult to know at such things, where reasonably draw the line.

But I think we must defend the right of art, satire with verve.

One may soon make namely mean more simply jokes. Besides men, German, heterosexuals, Christians, carnivores, the FDP and a few people.

One can be slain, come to court and possibly to jail, or even ruining society. (more ...)

ESM financial war: Siegt the absolutist plutocracy?

Sunday 29 July 2012

What Professor Stefan Homburg here in the FAZ puts forward the ESM treaty, I think is the most important currently required reading at all.

It has, though I already knew a lot, again left me in fact breath.

The Board of Governors is absolute secrecy for ever obliged to completely and equally eternally immune to any outside control deprived of money can create and add them to almost any extent, displace hundreds of billions to banks, arbitrarily, without explanation, without making this only publicly: He is the junta because of me or the Politburo of the euro financial dictatorship.

This contract is now the coup to bring the governors, the counselors, to power.

The State Constitution and enemies who actively support this paper are, in fact in court. Because of treason and high treason, without question.

Homburg writes:

"Does the Federal Constitutional Court will pass the ESM treaty, it has red lines that it has taken in previous judgments, postpone again. That would be unfortunate, because as evidenced by the many thousands of constitutional complaints are not only younger people who are concerned in countless Internet forums, the threat of transformation of European democracies in an industry dominated by the financial plutocracy. Rather, the danger of changing the system consists entirely. "

Again the core: "Transformation of European democracies in an industry dominated by the financial plutocracy" (!)

Thank you, Professor Homburg. This misses the point precisely.

How should his conspiracy theory because if it is so open practice. (more ...)

EU banking Stan or Europe!

Tuesday 17 July 2012

I have just re-read as constantly already, Sayings of Oberwirtschaftsfuzzies that amount tenor after on nothing more than what one continually by our Recorder party politicians listen: Only "more Europe" (is to say, more Eurozentralismus, Euro bureaucracy, much less democracy ), more up sovereignty could help now, no alternative was what probably else

So if you have done something wrong, you have it exactly in the same direction only still make inverted, so that everything will be better.

Again cut off a piece, and still too short.

The methodology is completely transparent: First you knowingly controls into crises, ostensibly to ask for one solution which is still more then Governor and Commissioner dictatorship and enforce.

Who wants to tell me that skidded as all myself just inside that could not so different, that is dependent fate, for I have possibly even a tired smile: must not be politically sane well, a completely brainwashed by the Sheep Media spiritual existence result.

We are here German played on most vicious of all European nations tricked and on the wall - if need be, they threaten how those unspeakable Joschka Fischer, the Nazi club: if the Germans about Europe for the third time within a century to destruction wanted to overthrow? - And I am surprised but still at the naivety of the French, Spaniards, Italians, etc. in such a way that can seem to suggest significant parts, the evil German low-wage earners would only pay all their own early retirement, etc., and everything would be butter.

Because these once-proud nations will have to give up their national independence as well as we do, and if we, now, with the best will can not pay the whole thing, the end is in site.

Then Brussels saving commissioners will descend in these countries over everything they find, the national parliaments finally there too talking shops for good on remittances traitor, will the banks of the rest of what is available in new bailout, without which it simply does not have the stuffed throat. (more ...)

EU asylum

Wednesday 04 July 2012

The Goeller - uh, I - it probably would not load so knowledgeable and certainly harder, long-range, formulated (will also fix a little more so) than Holger Steltzner on does the EU ESM coup: but the Unschafsjournalist It says, for anyone who can read, with sufficient clarity, which is scheduled for a coup here.

So that every historian I can only advise you to burn this text to external data memory, and while that is still available or allowed.

"This is unbelievable."

Above is the only sentence I quote from it.

Total liability for all totally all total of all totalitarian bandits. ESM (more ...)

Of the money drivers and the spirit

Thursday 07 June 2012

Since the powers of money are so ridiculous and fragile, as the money itself, which they spend attained, the mind, alswelcher the natural contrast of interest, again its value.

Too early to cry, in fact, "Hurrah!" But we are all creators on the road to victory, if only because that insanity nowhere to hide more.

Everyone knows by now that this exercise only greedy perversion and madness. (more ...)

Sorry, no satire

Saturday 18 February 2012

Finally I know how to do it, would have gone at least that we do not (more) for the debts of other countries (such as prohibiting the Lisbon Treaty, but that is our politicians do not care), banks, speculators and derivatives gamblers adhere.

We just do it yourself for ourselves so much debt that we no longer can. (more ...)

Left or Right or A ...?

Sunday 25 December 2011

"Right" is evil, "Left" is good: That we already know.

Others say: "Right is right and left is wrong."

I have taken to this strange topics lately, once again, a few field studies.

Simply by I so provocative as properly citing that many Nazis certainly positioned themselves as left as socialists.

And as I asked if because Stalin and Mao now "left" or were just yet been "rights", as on the one hand clearly were indeed socialists, but were killed but millions, so soherum would have been "right". (more ...)

Hyper robbers? Teradiebe? Yottabetrüger? (II)

Tuesday 20 December 2011

We are now talking scientifically the effect substantially progressed, as the seller had to benamen trillion debt properly.

In addition to the border in the heading to perceive lexematic first tentative steps we have now, among other things - Cornel reader is thanks! - Using the ingenious word formation "hole seller". (As a dealer of not existing.)

It struck me then, along this inspiration, even "Nichtsvergeldler", "hole dealer", "punch", "hole Metz", "Lochlud" just "hole Meier" a. (For further discussion of terms, see my comment to Cornels in the first part.)

"Zerbänker" I like not bad.

Or "Abbänker" (where you "abbänken" in Steinmetz being among the simple shutting lifting a stone from the goats course)?



"Schuldatzer"? (more ...)

What is the right synonym for "financial expert"?

Thursday 15 December 2011

Meanwhile, I wonder how the word "financial expert" is actually defined.

Is that a synonym for Strauchdieb?

Or because it sounds less illegal for entertainers?


Or public danger braggart?

Liar Liar?


Bufo? (more ...)

Caution mantra trap!

Wednesday 14 December 2011

"It's the people still not bad enough!"

Above saying I hear again and again from different mouths, certainly not by stupid people when it comes to why no one against the pledge of national wealth, the task of sovereignty and democratic influence of commissioners and council wards, etc., stand up and his resentment carries at least on the road.

He comes like a mantra.

As a matter of course and all explanatory.

So basically something makes me suspicious. (more ...)

Vergriechenlandet FAZler

Tuesday 01 November 2011

Here you can take illuströs note of how a FAZler is pissed when he greece bonds itself is looking quite directly schuldenbeschnitten.

When the global financial dizziness hits him times not only as every other little jerk, through taxes, inflation or bankruptcy. (more ...)

To fünfundfünfzigeinhalb Milliärdchen easily verseckelt

Saturday 29 October 2011

Actually, all the money does not matter.

However, of course not, if you do not properly taxed 55,50 €.

Since the Treasury is very angry. (more ...)


Saturday 29 October 2011

All winners are Euroten

Merkel, Sarkozy: the Wortverbieger

The Germans sweat for all debts

Almost one hundred years of solitude

Always ready for submission

For squeezing bargain

Otherwise the ax falls

Endure, say nothing

Tolerate only

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