Strauss-Kahn raped sheep medial

"The former head of the International Monetary Fund should have tried to have raped a maid in a New York hotel suite."

This is the kind of linguistic content, care that the sheep Media flagship mirrors can manage to trap Strauss-Kahn now.

Now very likely - While the man from the international Hochfinanz- "Elite", which my sympathies certainly not over the extent to fly, had to run the gauntlet in camera flashes, all feminists knew immediately humble, what a ruthless men pig of whether the identity was unmasked liar - still not revealed: it applies even until finally it no longer works, as the victim.

The case was perfectly obvious from the outset plenty dubious.

All independent heads saw it that way.

Nevertheless, the media sheep chase, police and prosecutorial prejudice, by those politicians, pillory in the Middle Ages.

The cases tile man and Assange are greeting.

Suck all.

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73 Responses to "Strauss-Kahn sheep medial raped"

  1. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ TanjaKrienen

    The slave trade was organized my knowledge within Africa itself materially from blacks, Arabs and Jews. The definition of "goods" then respective resold until they finally, if they did not land at Arabs, to English, French, etc. were sold.

    I have since - not partake of my knowledge - at least in this incarnation, blah.

    That a culture can be superior to the other, even then, if she is pretty much dominated by greed and interest, you may now outside of China, of course, not so easily say, without being so portrayed as evil nationalist, racist.

    The situation in Africa in any case are long gone to the slave trade, colonialism, racism due (by whites).

    DSK seemed certain people get in the way too.

    For the wheel to hold alone to maintain for weeks, inconsistencies lot from the beginning (telephone, time of the crime, sequence of events, etc., etc..), So that the star afterwards writes (lachmichtot), only any conspiracy theorist (ie those idiots like you and me ) would have believed in DSKs innocence, I do not trust a small asylum fibber simply not to.

    'm Curious, when Alice Schwarzer apologized to DSK.

    And the rest of prejudicial HundsfötterInnen same time.

    Well, more crashes in the sun, Venus, for that to happen.

  2. Bookmark says:

    Magnus, you write:

    "But I also like anyone even vaguely condemn the the little" looser "sees."

    I do not either. I'm only address previous arguments and have them out of my - considered view of things - absolutely subjective. So when people get together, have the same view and the same sentiments, then it's ok for the. It would be nothing for me, but that is in this context then but not up for debate.

    Stupid it is only when people come together who have different views elemental in these things.

    Wishes you a nice week

    the bookmark :)

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmarks

    Quite agree.

    I'm also not the Oberhedonist

    If - especially those without children - see things a bit looser, please.

    In fact, they should but then both or Dreide or vierde draufsein accordingly.

    Otherwise, there is appointed a programmed disaster or at least the trouble.

    You also have a good time.

    (Some women, even some men, leave their Respective rather more often unfaithful times than to lose completely. Their choice. I scars after all, not my great love mercilessly away because something has happened. A became margined colleague praised years ago when we talked about such things, his later married woman expressly for that - both were no longer twenty -., that they never kontolliere him, let him all the freedom he then just certainly did not want to exploit or even must)

  4. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    According to this report the poor girl has equal weitergehurt, Logie at government expense.

  5. Föhnix says:

    @ Magnus

    Fine fruits.

    @ TanjaKrienen

    My concern is not even so much about the historical slave trade. Today, the methods are different, but the African continent is further exploited (mineral resources, starvation wages), poisoned (hazardous waste, oil production) and made war (Libya, Somalia, etc.). Who approves this, I hot XXXselbstzensurXXX.

    There are a variety of factors, among which one can judge peoples, genders, races, religions, etc.. I prefer to make no prejudice as possible, but just as I reject (which I have mentioned here before often) victims from myths, which I consider just as counterproductive and antiemanzipatorisch.

    If we let even the short-lived social, political and cultural aspects aside, a biological-genetic reality remains, according to which the black African native population is the greatest treasure that humanity has. Genetic diversity - and of which Africa has many times throughout the rest of the world - is soberly considered long-term biological strength and superiority.

  6. Föhnix says:


  7. TanjaKrienen says:

    "If - especially those without children -. Seen things a bit looser, if you please"

    My husband is a four-time grandfather. It does not matter. It's not about throwing qualities, but to the fact that there is NO prominent case is where the eminence had come true. In my examples will not be discussed. Regarding the feminists I agree with the Bertolt Brecht song from the class enemy:

    The word is not found,
    the two of us ever united!
    And I told my relatives:
    Thus saith the sexes enemy!
    When speaking of good times,
    is meant time.
    The rain can not upwards,
    because he suddenly means well's with us.
    What he can, that is, he can t stop,
    namely when the sun shines.

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ TanjaKrienen

    What examples have not been addressed?

    After all, I doubt the whole story from the beginning. (See various critical articles from 16th to 20th of May, at the very beginning of the affair DSK.)

    Also to tile man and - repeatedly - to Assange have I gotten myself clear.

    Maybe not as much as you do.

    But well, rather badly: you should go on the sauce in France.

    A journalist wants DSK when he home, show for an attempted rape nine years ago.

    They did not allegedly wanted to show, so as not to mess with a politician ...

    Attention is her safe, forensic eh nothing more to do, there is again no witnesses, their story can certainly sell well, the opposite can not even prove they are rehabilitated, he will not get rid of the stain.

    It is really a plague.

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Föhnix

    At least here not too many cross on who approve the raid on Libya etc..

    The using of genetic diversity in Africa has long been known and may eventually be useful for survival (perhaps there is the Radioaktivitätsresistenzgen ...).

    Otherwise, I think the popular science a word.

    We, like the Chinese, are not bleached Negroes.

    The oldest artifact ever (32,000 years old) was found in a cave in the Swabian Alb.

    Civilizations in sub-Saharan Africa?

    Somewhere on the Niger there were probably times something like that.

    But please, everyone can be happy in his kraal, women since pre-Islamic times genitalverstümmeln (from Egypt Nile everywhere usual) and what other people kindnesses more.

    Anyway, it's absurd to say for me a joke that blacks anywhere in the world so badly off eien, because they would get no chances.

    In the beautiful United States they are privileged by affirmative action targeted towards Asians, and then bring it anyway now times more.

    But that's actually not our core issue here, and I ask that the matter should not tilt in a race debate.

    The Schwedenschlurpen, the hinhängten Assange, seen at least from the little negrid.

    And the District Attorney of New York either.

    And the rabble from the star probably dates from about wiedend Blankenese or Buxtehude.

    That the victims of racial factor in the case DSK but very well put, who would deny that.

    And you may say that Alice Schwarzer, a black delinquent had been demonstrated comparable as DSK, RACISM !!! would have shouted - in addition to their usual shit - that even the President had personally apologized to her for the American justice system.

    It is really a plague.

  10. Dude says:

    I see how it rumbles here, you might possibly be interested in this here ... short and very amusing ...

    Until the day,
    no question

    Brief greetings :)

  11. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Well, so it will have been.

    Out of sheer terror the Berutschte forgot well, just once hearty American to bite into the hot dog.

  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Of course, also possible that DSK still nackert pennend lay on the bed and she fully caught him by a particularly unfortunate tripping over the mop bucket.

    Some people and some have been wondering how it happened and her.

  13. Dude says:

    MG :)

    Oh, but they are also scatterbrained sometimes .. here he just wanted to be comfortable to sleep in delirium, and as such comes ne Olle and can not watch where she has been wiped, and what pfff 'has caressed the back of energy, so to the millions of small DSK's nobody thinks again, tsss ^^

  14. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Well, the FBI worried wannabe terrorists idiots ever bombs and missiles dummies: Maybe they have since a weak motorized rubber doll purely sent, and DSK has not noticed in his hack that only remote controlled latex with battery fell upon him.

    (Actually, it is already in question would be whether one should tear such obscenities., But given the "case" Assange as well as the fact that you still can not leave DSK, I'm sometimes a little bit less restrained than usual. I always wait nor that except the brave Tanja finally get up other women against such intolerable crap, realize that you, your kids, your humanity so doing them any favors.

    Nevertheless, I still maintain that as old-fashioned macho me go men who do not rise up against this kind, still more on the laces.

    Not to mention, as I already mentioned elsewhere that the whole femoral and gender fucking with security at least Freemason, so männergeheimbündische released has, he wofern therefore is not significantly supported, of which one must proceed.

    But: Educated believe we all know everything: )

  15. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    Meanwhile, Udo Ulfkotte the matter adopted.

    Unfortunately, not everything is free to read. (What I wanted to complain in any way.)

    "No one is lying fine": The headline is of fine irony.

    It has, in fact, black skin, asylum, persecution, rape by soldiers bands, sublime pious Muslim, poor single parents, exploited maid, so pretty much everything is all about, thrown together to make this person sacrosanct.

    Would not it be such a far-reaching scandal, one could only laugh.

    But: If Had a satirist thought, who knows if he would get for it not to do so in some countries, even with the prosecutor and / or militant feminists.

    Now DSK is probably not for 75 years have to go to jail, that is until his 138sten age, but he is ruined anyway, the IMF has the head of his adversary, it has so no matter how, ultimately works.

    A legendary robber pistol.

    No wonder that in Dan Brown of the wayward son of the above-rich upper Freemason Solomon himself rather just abzwackt the balls to be up to the task.

    Toll House Terra.

    Especially, I found this:

    "Strauss-Kahn is, whether guilty or not, destroyed as a politician. In addition, it weeks, if not likely take months until the accusations are clarified. So much time is not of the left in the nomination of their top candidates.
    A pipe dream at the end: After the presumption of innocence was a hollow phrase in the first case, they should apply for real this time ".

    So: Either way at the end.

    But this time Let us pray for a bit of presumption of innocence.

    Here the asylum scammer is even compared to Albert Einstein:

    "The fact that migrants but their fate, they are looking to escape into a more secure and prosperous land of promise, often drawing particularly inspiring compassion, is as old as the history of modern runaways and their official credentials. Even Albert Einstein, the most famous asylum seekers and US-new citizens of the 20th century could sing a song about it. "

    Is it not actually God?

    After all, they should have an influential Jews laid flat ...

  16. TanjaKrienen says:

    She has prostituted itself - so the spots. My job was that of a girl's room, but they left the many offers of a lucrative job Incidentally think. In this case, she then realized that more is inside. To fit around it.

  17. Josef von Aphoris says:

    Yesterday I heard from a young woman in the context of the case to a sexual harassment in the workplace, among other things, the following sentence (it was about exact details of what the male culprit has done everything): "He has seen me on the legs".

    So if it is already understood as sexual harassment of women when men look at their legs, then it will not be long until probably a genetic modification on the male genetic material is made so that all men are born blind to the world. Hands cut off for small boys, should probably be also explained from the perspective of women more the norm, because it is so later is always the danger that the hands of men sometimes go hiking, where women could feel it as harassment, and if it only the shoe fitting in the shoe shop is where man operated.

    The Poesen, Poesen men, who apparently really only one thing in mind: looking and, the facts.

    We men should deny us generally all women total times finally. Only at times to see what happens then.

  18. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Josef von. A.

    The whole thing is out of control.

    Yesterday I went with my Great through the city, alswo Hundreds of females walk carrying their more or less present stimuli in skimpy dress, and I wondered between the occasion of this discussion seriously, when will the already hingucken will potentially punishable.

    This poisoning of gender relations has method, and it is getting worse.

    And I ask myself and all repeats, which is why the vast majority of women who are neither internal nor insane villain, not against these Mache less.

    The accusation abuse is becoming more open floodgates to every supervisor, every boss is blackmailed.

    It would actually think a little about a boycott.

    However, it does not get added already in the professional world, because then you simply flies out.

    And otherwise made not sufficiently well with men.

    Well, still.

    Eventually you have to go against the wall this thing anyway.

    Maybe I turn today a video about this, in which I make my full intention to complete monkeys (affair comes etymologically from monkey off).

    I am angry as a man who, although never was a womanizer, but had the good fortune some very educated and intelligent women (usually not sexually) kennenzulenen closer, slowly but surely more and more about the fact that you now have all good reason, always to be paranoid, if you can even come in the near women.

    A little digging, a little flirting, maybe someday even take a hand, sometimes a compliment about the well-cut dress, a nice little jokes, in short, everything that healthy women may, if they like one, can easily refer if they did not like, is a soured over the mass psych logical level, the potential consequences piece by piece.

    I bet that most do not even notice it, will not admit, for it is a gradual process.

    Should one about the future always have a form here that you can sign in front of witnesses on which the potential queen of hearts - or even just one, which one merely wants to express his sympathy - certifies that one should her stroke very briefly once her hair ?

    And would be the Prokurieren prepared this document does not even have "sexual harassment"?

    We land in the middle of Absurdistan.

    And must never forget that that is exactly as intended.

    Unfortunately, the mother of my children no longer living.

    Would have drawn in the face of these states from leather that Alice Schwarzer with choking should have been admitted.

    We need to verbally take off the gloves.

    It is enough.

  19. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ All

    The first video to be there now.

    You'll forgive the somewhat too many "AEHS".

  20. Josef von Aphoris says:

    I have two articles, one of which I mean that they broadly fit the theme.

    Especially women should read this once and then think again, if all this is really really getting how man is made the last march of the nation or has been made (or to be made again?).

  21. Justice says:

    As they read only times my book, I am Harz IV recipients, have but times geblogt politically, what the "German propaganda to veramlasste me internationally as" animal fuckers "to denounce, mcih to" mentally to make the disabled ", for years myself with brain damage decomposing psychotropic drugs, wheelchair should follow to traumatize my kids, and most recently to denounce me as a "sex offender" internationally, only to dei danger of me "would" can expect to eliminate in advance. For fifteen years, I am absolutely alone through the area, and when I meet people, they are already prepared by the "German" propaganda. I have "zero" points in my police Führungszeugniß !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

  22. Justice says:

    Oh by the way, it was the "German Left", which went to eat the German rights. So I wanted to kill the German Left and my family has tortured on behalf of rights, while the rights played the innocent angel. So they see that you absolutely trust nor can the German left, as the rights or otherwise of any of that land. Then tried the left, then to denounce the "mentally handicapped" as "Hitler" and made their lousy campaigns. An interesting reaction is the following:
    I am blinded by the way in the "mirror", even though coverage was promised report offered Also, heard nothing more. So my mouth was still glued to the pavement. Only denunciation, I have no words.

  23. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Justice

    I can not judge your story so far.

    If they but hold water, you have here a way to bring them to the least reached of this blog part of public.

    If you wish, you call me.

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