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From computer hatred

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Readers Armin has been restored to its page one article (the predecessor I want, as announced at him, even adequately acknowledge) that contains remarkable, which I now first quote a longer passage:

"No, actually I'm not a fan of computers, not a fan of mobile phones, simply not a fan of digital farts.

No, even worse, I hate them.

This, even worse, since my buns profession has from time to time to deal with them because I know them intimately since intimately long translucent years, explore, need, use, buy, dispose of, yes to me empathize even in mine, a strangely effective against intuition have developed them, often almost prophetically knows where it hurts them when they give up their spirit, meant to them to be able to talk.

But, I hate them. Where hatred is here meant no harm, but rather desperate. Because I hate my dependence on them, the social new standards, they evoke, the global dependence of the masses within the meaning of work, entertainment and communication, in the sense of lost friends, the Facebook friends glad, and perhaps even genuine were or now would be can.

I hate the domination of the computer. Computers dominate the economy, screens dominate the life to which our eyes are all square ... " /

... In the sense of lost friends, the Facebook friends hot and possibly times were real now or could have been. (!!!) (more ...)

Computer and wives

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Grade, there was a small Späßle.

Son got a new processor, longingly desires, to make his computer in heat even when playing the 33rd fun generation in 666facher sharpness.

Came he told me, his mentor gave him electric box means there must be some before mounting paste it emphasize best using a credit card ().

I replied that he should make up the with that, I understand how he but know pretty much a bit of everything, except of computers. "Oh, yes, and maybe tear from women; which I understand in fact not too much. "

He did not laugh, I just. (more ...)

From the electrical box slave

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The self-determined person is now the one who takes along a cell phone only in cases of necessity, a Schmerzphon even if only for business imperative.

Nietzsche once said that anyone who had to work more than four hours a day (he did not talk of creating wool) was a slave.

When I walk through the city in mind, I will not be partout angebrümmelt from anyone if any trifling or mood or postponement, and certainly not when I'm sitting in the pub or play chess in the park.

I will also not holding me up to date app, no signal of any SMS, no mental Beiständer. (more ...)

Without Schmerzphon

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I ask all readers to apologize that there were repeated technical problems in the last few days and this site was therefore temporarily unavailable.

I think that's true as well of the latest funny, but put very reason one better. (more ...)

From Buddha washer to Trilliardär

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

As I once again whether the exaggerated Computerdaddelei my older son was a little angry just now, I asked him whether he would want to compost his brain about alive himself.

The saying of course he did not care.

An hour later, but the unexpected happened.

On the way back from the required purchases we came namely a perhaps fifty years, very neat man, something Indian-looking, over, but in fact carefully in the middle of the street in the tanner's quarter, with a sponge and bucket, its 30 to 60 inches high Buddha statues washed, so reverently as thoroughly, and the thing also made sense, because the not yet washed Buddhas were in fact partly a little whitish cloudy anverfleckt (was The stone or cast from a dull dark blue-greyish tone), looked after them angediehenen body care already much better.

My defeat of having previously not yet recovered completely, I said, almost simultaneously, my son allda boldly matter if he did not, perhaps, be Buddha scrubber, the slightly surprised but still friendly responsive master whether he probably still a pen, er, would set an apprentice who could learn from him. (more ...)

World Network Boycott

Friday, February 17, 2012

It may be the time approached, as the world power is at least partially to boycott.

Certainly not by Daimler or Sony: but of all those who have something to say.

I know this message may sound alswie that of a dream dancer. So what.

It is time that not more algorithms shape our culture. But again the creators. (more ...)

Facebook corpses: I'm lying in the basement.

Monday, October 03, 2011

After it previously I failed by a reasonable effort to quit there, I hereby declare my least once before as Facebook corpse.

From the Technoten

Thursday, August 25, 2011

It seems to be coming back into fashion, to proclaim the Unmachbarkeit the things that stop and aimlessness, the Hinweggestrudeltwerden of individuals in the rapids of the times, alswelche, hardly barrel-, detectable, incomprehensible, our concepts and our understanding raptured.

These are all excuses.

Or self-descriptions or descriptions of particular groups, but by no means all. (more ...)

Gods word: Google to Goeller

Saturday 02 October 2010

In a significantly negative reader's letter to "FAZ-culture Chef: All societies insane" I found the following statement from a "finder result":

'What does that me and GOOGLE unknown word "verfinassiert" mean?'

After all, the reader has here written very small and very large Google. (more ...)

Fully vergoogelt

Sunday, September 26, 2010

I have Google Listen, Google Talk, Google olfactory, Google Look and installed Google me today free write on my Googlers: doing great!

Aphorism for computer-addicted young

Friday, July 16, 2010

Daddelt and toddles around on Deppendödel until you are derdümpelt to dollackticht dimwitted chub!

Correctly on the computer

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This page is now not of classical Ratgeberei á la "How I cook a borsch that the hardest Russian is weak? '.

But what computing is concerned, without warranty, liability and warranties, I recommend, especially if you work creatively, turn it off just five minutes.

Completely, finishing off.

Afterwards comes the new idea like as if a dolphin would jump happily out of the water.

I do not know why.

Moreover has proved its worth for many months from the dim light a candle next to the keyboard; maybe I'm crazy not alone (and would not care if it would help), and the light combination of modern and classic screen wick is very good and durable compatible for others.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

The stupidest anglicism who has reached the German media beings, especially in network forums lately is "thread".

The red thread, the thread of conversation, the thought train, you already said simply topic, subject, the question of the cause to naturally writes then also some netizens large Kasper in some ways particularly excellent way, namely as a "threat", thus threatening or threat.

But "thread" is just "cool", find the "download border", "user" the "community" "chilled" because "stalk" then really going on, "post" what the "Display" hergibt "scroll "is down one, so that the" feedback "I'm always hoping that the" webmaster "is sometimes quite easy Takete ...

But there are other, one of which is called Goeller.

PS: I bet a bottle of Star Castle-Pilsener, that most of these "posters" the word "thread" and not even able to pronounce correctly, because the English "r" after the initial "th" many Germans is particularly difficult.