I will apply only vegans

I will of course apply carnivores and vegetarians. We are so tolerant.

What I have now heard of vegetarians but to mischief (not all talk like that or similar to, but not least), but the beats from the drum to the floor.

When asked how it was possible for providing their eggs and their cheese without having to operate animal breeding, which is because then the Althühnern, Altkühen, Altschafen and Altziegen (the number of young cocks, young animals, young goats in addition to devour only could they alive, the feed the hens, the grass so the cows away, and not just to start), whether one ought to Altersschwächetod should leave the pasture in order to then enter into the recycling bin, regularly comes just bubbling .

Even when I mention that millions of square kilometers of the earth shall be used only on livestock, often hardly to milk, but only for meat, leather and wool production, followed often a gibberish of account that in a corresponding world and each animal's could have a running, well managed, we only wrong, and so on.

Well, such a world may be approaching some point, have been built. But it is not there, not even half way foreseeable.

But what is already there (surcharge 'yes nothing), is a complacent spirit world (mind: not all "Veggies" think so), from which you schonmal all meat eaters as morally low, view themselves as superior, criticize, if not can even slander. The chicken eats the soup, that helped me put the eggs, still boiling soup from the bones of the cow that gave me the milk, is a pig. It's simple.

This is not the modern factory farming, the word will be spoken. But the reason.

I have nothing against it, if someone eats for health, religious, ethical or other reasons which no meat. Why should I?

From the basic, unfortunately, more and more popular Hinstellung of meat-eaters as spiritually (still) under-developed proto-humanoids, as a cruel, evil at all, but I have now deleted the channel completely.

And when I'm at it, I must also make a terrible suspicion, which - unfortunately - hardens steadily for years: Behind In reality however, often jealousy, envy.

The typical vegetarians in this country namely (in India, already so grown up like that to be different) has previously eaten meat, and it eventually sold. But mostly, because he no longer liked. But for ideological reasons.

In order to gain psychological compensation because of a dike to lamb cutlets in olive oil with butter and rosemary roasted until pink inside, not even allowed to dream more, the meat eaters are morally reprehensible as that abstinence own noble.

A bad joke is that many vegetarians are the ideological variety, especially as regards the so-called NWO, especially for full awareness and keep it too often does, but does not look to see, want, how they conduct themselves in such cattle just alswie , seems to have cleared up, do in fact act in a religious substitute, divided amongst themselves hard, against the majority of meat eaters.

And they often lack humor. Jokes about their zealotry they can not from.

And close it is, as already shown, rational arguments. Are easily offended. All signs of an unhealthy mind, at least for the religion.

Even Christians, what wonderful, are there. The Jesus fish is said to have distributed to thousands, Peter Fischer, seems not to bother. Even Jesus was probably mentally underdeveloped. Well, well, one would say probably not. Bad joke again, waswas?

But they know that Maasai, seeds, Yakuts, cashmere goat breeder in the Gobi, the Gauchos in the pampas, the gazelle fighter in the Namib desert, all the fishermen in this world today, including those whose fishing goods purchased eat, the Aborigine, the verkahlt a kangaroo the lama drivers in the Andes, the Tapirpirschindianer in the Amazon, especially, Bavarian veal fattening of course, all of them are against the mentally underdeveloped character.

Thus they their ethically correct Käspfannkuchen tastes even better.

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