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Full as a volume

Saturday, April 27, 2013

"I'm full as a volume!"

(After one tasted a parable of my younger son to him-do meal. Upon request from brother also confirmed for themselves. Everything away.)

Oilbamas thick end

Friday, August 27, 2010

Here you can read how super great by the oil spill really is. Also in this article . And here .

It says to a 22-mile underwater oil mixture tube in 1,100 meters Depth:

"The river of hydro carbons is currently headed southwest, towards Mexico's coastline. That Could cause a nasty international incident in a few months ... "

(The hydrocarbon flow is currently southwest, toward Mexico's coast. This could cause a nasty international incident in a few months ...)

Yes, it will be interesting: (more ...)

Vuvuzelische earache

Sunday, June 13, 2010

If two monkeys mate and you blow into the ear with a Vuvuzela them is even the monkeys mom ko, and when the baby is born, the baby has vuvuzelische earache.

Haldor Goeller, 9 years

Vuvuzela: fallen off the bike

Saturday, June 12, 2010

When I wanted to play with my friend, he took out his vuvuzela. I asked what it was. My friend said: "This is a vuvuzela. If I blow you with the Vuvuzela in his ear, you need immediately to the ear doctor. "

And as I rode bicycle with another friend, came at once two boys, they tröteten quite loudly in their Vuvuzelas.

My friend and I have fallen off the bike, because we have so frightened us badly.

Haldor Goeller, 9 years

Artist name

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

With my younger son (9) who wants to be an actor, I came yesterday evening to speak on the topic of artists' names, and he also go equally powerful and wrote within a few minutes, take the following as for him in question:

Sorokoni Bobon

Kiro Sosonbon

Joni Kasonnero Mibolen

Simon Rain

Fabio Hobertus

Tim Ronokio

Kaa Sinor

Pitt Baboso

Rock Rubobambole

Kisame Sibobon

Rogono Arinera

Mamamia Sonigo

Seiged Ronirominoraino

Vilino Karinarino

Sodelo Arikusus

Zelonel Karibigkini

Selo Kulikwasi

Hipototelrus Schlembake

Teim Sevekula

Bobobo Roninabo

Then he suddenly had no desire, because the famine was stronger than the desire for poetry.

Greedy as the Father.

We see, however, that even the Japanese comics fantasy smaller Germanic can stimulate quite.

The wrong book

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Since I can not write as well and must write off of a book, I had to find a book. But since I was not a book, I asked my dad.

He gave me by mistake a book in his hand, which was written with the old font. I should not understand it, I should write only correct.

When my dad saw the text because he noticed that the book was written in the old script. He said: "You must not show your teacher."

I asked: "Why not?" My dad said, "The book is in the old script."

I said to my dad, "Dad, the book nevertheless is so old that you see it that it is written in the old script. You've finally read themselves. "

Papa said, "I was not paying attention."

(Text, tags, and title of Haldor)

"Muslim and German rights" (F + M)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Yesterday I went with my two boys to Hammelburger indoor pool, and the disappointment of the offspring was great to us the access denied because of "Women's Day" was (I actually had no idea had, we probably had previously sought after in any assembly inlet.).

On the way back up Haldor (9) very excited and said, then it must surely fair to also give a "Men's Day"; he heard not to drill too, until I let myself be carried away to tell him that women have with us in many ways, just more rights than men, it was just like that.

At home he had then heard the following:

"You, Dad, actually it is so similar to the Muslims with us; us women have more rights than men, and where it is just the reverse. "

(The article title comes on demand, however, without my help from Haldor.)

The poem from son of fools

Monday, December 07, 2009

My son Haldor that tomorrow is nine years old and has long said he wanted time to be an actor (I joked occasionally if its Leutetotbabbelei he would get to the Eighteenth unceremoniously given a puppet theater and then could be so self make), just the following poem has written, if you will, a pig for climate:

There once was a pig

The also had four legs'

It gear on many festivals

And drank wine

It was so fine

As his own home

The pig also has two ears

And times goes lost one

Then gift 'him one of you

The pig is generally

Day after day

(The header text is also by him.)