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The theoretical wife

Sunday, December 29, 2013

If I remember correctly, I have in my life just a little real love poem, a quatrain in Spanish, which I have after almost 25 years already forgotten written.

Already merktümlich. I was in love more often in younger years, I wrote many times already, but still no love poems.

What held me back? Was I the genre as such too slippery, too embarrassing? I dare not, or would I'd rather not see in a funhouse mirror of myself as well as the beloved?

Lust, an inner drive, I felt sometimes on, be alone, so to say overpowering confusion at least something; but then I probably had too much fear of bombast, of the once suspected me that he would arise almost unabdingar, I would begin my task, no matter how ensthaft.

Yes, such a unfeiwillige drawn satire of my confused state of mind itself, to have to bear the result manfully that startled me most from effective.

However, I did not even get the idea to write a love poem purely theoretical. Nevertheless, clearly based on woman, not a rushing fir forest in autumn storm.

But now the theoretical woman looks? What qualities in him are particularly praise and praise? Establishments not, willy-nilly, in turn, a kind of deification, alswelche here, on closer inspection, not only further outside any reasonable, but even actually tolerable speech?

And ultimately a love poem to the theoretical woman would be even a lot unbilligerer wet dream, because one thing that turned to a real Dulcinea.

A lot of anything worse mirage, a single, ideal projection.

Now the theoretical wife a few mistakes where you tried to avoid this, there would be now up to tight, which is either inevitable or even essential to Glaubwürdigkeitsmachung the image.

So, it sucks for examples, already sometimes that the theoretically-almost-ideal wife now and then or even something longer resentful, moody, but of course that pales everything from what it otherwise all createth and verströmet out of sheer love.

One could easily make it a contest: the Kuglifizierung of the cube.

I now give a Lockzeile to:

Even when she was so cash

In the shoots of their blows abundance of love


However, most

Was not long before true

From the autumn and the art of cold forging

Thursday, October 17, 2013

It struck me as unusual as this year.

From the day before yesterday to yesterday so many leaves on the road.

Time when motorcyclists hineinzubremsen not too hard into the corner.

Even the pretty Sahra from the left, I saw, somewhat crumpled, yesterday, where in Stuttgart the magical West Begins, lie in a municipal flower beds, even pathetic.

The ESM discount, so to speak.

Maybe even a Verfassungslosigkeitsrabatt?

As one might think but a little of our Till whistling a tune uphill, in the autumn, so to speak, while downhill, of Spring perceiving, three looks rather glum.

Other, I knew a student who swore on it, he fall in love is always in the autumn (a Bohemian, who, strangely enough, was not based this on the seasonal better or worse quality of beer), drives the joy of ascents probably somewhat less philosophical than they think . He at least had no explanation for why this was so reliable at him so.

Where to take an example I guess now but not the only reason anyone.

Sure, give one a while Lidl in April a smile, as may be as in the dawn of the second half of October the effective weaker. Where the hormones already weaken, the brain - even that which his stomach - to the more zealous compensations.

Just anverlieben against the menacing Schwarzgalligkeit. In itself is not fundamentally stupid idea. Only a saublöde.

The pitch just drive out with the sulfur. Show the old iron again, that it was just once but only forged to know not only for lying around and little communication.

Yes, now would be the developed wealthy history restores once the time to say something about singing iron. Of iron, who remember who they were before. The are only what they always wanted to be. The whole story of the forging.

The singing with the iron concepts in this context, but probably even more so three more times hardly the smith still allzumal, so that this consideration of vibration conditions, employed catchy, may need to be postponed until a full moon after the winter solstice not Steinmetz.

Cold to forge nunmal best with good cold.

Embrace of beauty and love

Saturday, July 13, 2013

I want time to Japan and to China for years.

However, I lack nothing because I can not do that now.

I just fly in my dreams there.

The costly 'a penny, and I have not so far away let alone my children.

I may likely be right back one week to my Baltic Sea.

When I again find there a dead tree that reaches up to the morning for the campfire, I will probably happy, scold a fool that I ever wanted to fly to Japan and China. And if not, I'll at least try it.

The water, the rocks, the fire, even a sip of red wine, dräuendes storms, being alone, the vastness of the world.

The world is infinitely beautiful.

The love of nature is not even with that really comparable to a wife or their own children or the arts.

Not that it would be important, estimable higher. Not at all.

It covers a simply different.

They passed through a certain in a way only unconditional. A man alone with everything.

They talk up themselves. Man is just there. It sits between the five elements in them and it just is.

Grows by a then still not too much sadness, so that love can lead to big wide leading force.

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (V)

Friday 05 July 2013

So now was in the previous parts a little bit what processed and sorted.

The time now is therefore on the creative part. Professionals please think along exactly.

Who takes pictures, logos, campaigns?

Who, besides me, Sayings?

Who is doing the same project from a book, a major report?

Who has the best idea for the T-shirts and Apps?

Where are the comedians?

The boycott rock bands?

Who makes the best leaflets?

Where are the network videos?

Who makes the documentary?

Guys, I do not want to be insubordinate, but if I everything above that which already is far from everything hip look at me, I have to tell you that you should now swing times the hooves then even if your you understand me, myself do something, and not left to me, what I'm not able to afford alone.

So you are invited allerhöflichst, more experienced and more intelligent and resourceful and courageous especially for the better, to displace you once in an optimal trot.


This text is in the public domain in accordance with the conditions I-IV.

No Dulcinea please!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Grade I saw myself (just to see if I could then leave the house, or I'm doing this for good reasons, except when shaving, only very rarely) in the mirror and thought spontaneously: 'My God, look at you the, at least a shave and a little more Contenance could not hurt. '

How it brings a, but the night before drunk two bottles of no absinthe, finished, yet in the afternoon to look like that? (I really would not - I am a woman - to see in this stupid mirror.)

First I had the idea that thinking the beauty (even the very relative) not befördere, these rejected but then, zuwenigst of defiance.

To make the mirror responsible, I rejected even faster.

Then I had the idea that it lacked me pleasure.

That did not explain the matter but. It likes me not infrequently lacking the desire to wash, clean and tidy, but in principle I do not suffer from false desire.

I may be older now from yesterday to today hardly toes years, me no fouler than the usual hardships was in this period given, it can almost only be because I (apart from the to be trimmed beard hair) too bad, too pessimistic looking.

No too bad dreams, Mephistopheles, which I precisely, the fist-explanatory, again more am working as well with him dear, did not dare let alone approached me to become even more of my ridicule einzuhandeln, which normally would only be another reasonable explanation , namely those that I was unhappy (or at all) in love.

But this I know nothing.

Am I in love already in one, without that I would have noticed that?

On closer inspection, you will probably have to admit that this kind idiotic-tragic cases were probably already own.

Aid me now to find out what her name?

Usually it harms the recovery, at least the doctor, who also wants to live on something, not knowing what the patient is suffering. Should I be but actually in love, so I would me not so sure.

Would it namely so, it would most likely better, I would forget just what much heavier would fall, I knew in what particular Dulcinea.

Well, I do not know and will also prefer not to know.

Everything was only a momentary mental stress disorder, I go to Lidl later, shaved, like as if nothing had ever been.

Zenzi is now my boss (how fast it goes something like that)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Matters into German-Südschwitz be as fast almost tragic and can be sensibly resolved at last.

Zenzi told me that I was indeed a "quite competent headmaster," "no net so unbuschig", finally (oh, how I hear poisoned half flattery of full erbuschten Niederbayer Inside!), They've also remains nothing against me (ie, women woman, almost everything), they consider it but for educationally inappropriate that they continue to live barely one square away from me, because that would lead too much on rumors that it might do, to accept employment in Freiberg, it brings Although hardly have the heart it does not go on, however, that, as deputy head of its authority and that therefore the lose the phony cheap concubine of the rector's.

Before I knew to counter even a word, she burst into tears, wild, but this just as quickly wipe defiant, said angrily: "If it must at least be so!"

Des I could now not be assigned. For the moment I had ever dared to look too friendly, their undoubted charms sake, addressed beyond the philological, more than one official coffee to put her under to catch me. Now this. I could lose almost exclusively.

She looked at me that is not that how well stammered as if a declaration of love on my part could help now somewhere beyond or even -hin. While I understand some of linguistics, but on this particular part of the same areas I felt never particularly erstudiert or even safe. So I decided it was probably an inspiration, spontaneously, as never done before, now once zuammenzubrechen on the spot. First of all. I broke down hard.

My face was, as I let it be ashen and special simultaneously with small red spots number übersäete, the chin slightly trembling with despair, her eyes osmiumkalt, otherworldly hard granitic; more horror, naked terror, at the same time final determination in final desperation, saw no woman ever. (more ...)

From my love and a beautiful

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I have now, no Oh, also magic, Kabbalah, even still studying runes, at zero Kelvin.

The result of this awful deceit is on the one hand not spectacular, so difficult to recognize the fact that there are still a few more popular web pages as this, on the other hand, but significant, zuwenigst remarkable.

About this study, which paid off as seen, I have every Spirituality gradually mercilessly exclusionary, namely the spirit, and, what is much more than those found to my beloved German.

It itzlicht and hops and ersondert, it asks me even now that I should attend to their. It's almost something like a faithful wife.

I also only a tiniest spiritual impulse, also only flashes a Winzstrahl faith in me, so it warns me as the 'no would be able Rottweiler or Doberman or one in the left nostril gekrochne Ameis. It takes care of me, day and night.

It does not even say: "Magnus, you're not about ..."

It is sufficient to "M", or none that I can hear the warning call.

It is so kind to me, that's why I sometimes still cry, though I know with what loving fervor it is nourished in my bosom.

Again and again, very noble soul, it warns me, especially when my old truck, my exaggerated mildness and philanthropy, me to fall back Looming: It denied me simply a sound when it gets really bad, even a syllable or word . Yes, it can also be tough, and I am eternally grateful to him for that.


Last night I had some strange experiences. Those with the stupid Englishman, the nice police officer, those who behave in this city, like as if they their masters, the nebichten musician, my friend R., further, that I leave off now.

I came namely with a mischievous young beauty this week. Not for long, and she complained to me her sorrow. All the men just wanted her to bed, it was unbearable for me, so they talk so extensively with me (she had a friend there who was an obvious asshole, his shabby luck also short with me, unsuccessfully, tried), cherish after all, they suspect that those evil examination not anstehe within the first minutes toes at least.

My sympathy was naturally almost limitless.

So I assured her truthfully (at least I was in the moment convinced) that I, even they wofern me now were to offer the best intercourse of my life immediately, though could end up being soft, but the thing, though nächtig and angebiert something first even at rest, whether adoption capable überdächte, on the one hand the non ungewichtigen age difference sake, but also, no, probably not disappointing because of impotence, but whether what probably not the old bones me, but perhaps to that of grace (she also still teacher, the matter thus particularly dangerous) it could grow to too expensive paid Gefühlsunbill from such a sweet short steps.

The miracle - well, let's not exaggerate, so that sufficiently important - which then brings me to chronistifizieren this true story here is that they caught me, just almost speechless, almost more to believe it, because I myself .

Something I call a successful erotic adventure. Allzumal I got afterwards issued a vodka, which I was not really sharp, but I'm polite and friendly stumbling half but then obediently vertrank.

Oman Manno! It is already quite vulnerable when they no longer 24 and such beautiful women one of their hardships such report.

Almost I am afraid of this woman. She is not stupid, her other charms is described. What should I do (with cops I know myself, regarding how one should behave then, somewhat off) when it focuses, I meet them again, remove me from the site?

Fortunately, this will probably not happen. You will have probably by now sober, I do not do this cruel challenge. But you never know; Stuttgart is, at least as regards certain quarters, almost a village ...

Will we once again something factual, sober.

I was even ever demand than today, but that drove me the women almost allnimmersatt over the place and every speech that I have not yet happened.

It was understandable, believable, not sound paranoid or vain put what she said.

Especially touched me that they basically said that all the jerks do not care what they say.

While it cares about my life many jerks not until today, what I say, but the case is still fundamentally different.

Never was, to me stands in the way of my beauty.

(I give you herewith a breathy, careful and delicate kiss on the cheek from a distance. A real I had yesterday may perhaps verwagen, perhaps even should, but I changed my mind, but probably correctly, otherwise.)

From Scherbenzertreter

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Yesterday I had to take harsh criticism.

For over a year I went too much with the cleaver around, very often three hitting on poor religions, allzumal my aphorisms to be partly underground.

Hardly once I wrote Beautiful, edifying, Hinanführendes. And if it vorkomme once, let the cynicism and sarcasm in all those around it under, so that one hardly even perceive. I would occur only shards, which there are already enough even smaller, alswelches a vain, useless, especially as inexpensive art.

My objection to the effect that I mean to make a necessary work to do, since I did not see that it would so adequately done elsewhere, helped little. Even small shards Treads give it Genung.

Now I feel honored least to the effect (you have to make the best out of everything), that the hauptbehuflichen Scherbenzertreter but apparently trusts, to something else. Otherwise I would have probably not prompted to do so.

In fact, however, the criticism contains truth; on religious and esoteric fuss I have been so often, so hard, redundant (I confess myself in pedagogy quite shamelessly to the principle of repetition, although here also must exercise a measure), hergemacht that I will take care reduces this area. (I had prior to the sharp criticism even have the feeling that there are now so once long. Insofar wore my critics, as he likes to call it, legs of lamb to Hammelburg.)

It is also clear that, at least if one proceeds as I understand these things constantly Picking up personal feelings hurt; for each like to do that in a text or another set this effect; and if not in that text, so in another. So that almost only this particular sentence or a partial execution is perceived, the rest around it hardly. Man turns away. (more ...)

Erotic for Subtle

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I almost here just set a strong presumptive sexual fantasy woman. (Set A corresponding male fantasy, I do not trust me at least equally good reasons anyway.)

How would it lyrically to rewrite that everything said and at the same time but, as it should be, nothing? (more ...)

Art, freedom, joy

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I see now that I have the last few days brought me written quite a lot of negative karma. Not a story in which the sky is full of violins hung because of Rolf finally got the Pitt, Elli and Lilly were married by Pastor Detlev in order afterwards to spend honeymooners looking at the Ararat incomparably steep nights.

Justin still sits in the loony bin, and Constantine did not appear for days from Munich. Whether it probably encountered even in the blackest night a Jesuit in the Isar? Not even from German-Südschwitz there are clear merry March Only the rumor reached me that the separatists there pushed forward the demand for a referendum on withdrawal from the euro very persistent.

Obama's teleprompter was not meanwhile stolen, the PR of our Big Brother so still works, donate to me because only very little consolation. Nor that we are no longer pope.

I do not even trust myself to my landlady. The question that is sometimes how I was doing. And I lie in this light not only therefore never, because that would be pointless.

After all, however, is opening on Sunday. Vector by Gunter Grass. In the Uhlberghalle in Filderstadt. My friend Roland has put on the legs. And this is now my happy Ernst:

Also, I'm going on 31 for Dude to Zurich. And the, and his young network side, there is also proven: (more ...)

(Do not read Dear!) Not a nice story

Monday, March 18, 2013

From the regularly purchasable, not just love for sale I wrote yesterday:

Now it is a different version of it.

Everywhere here in Stuttgart - it is in Düdo, Minga, Hamburch, Leiptsch and Koelle same thing - I see the professionally successful straight people between 25 and 40, as they sneak around each other. While most of them know how their sex organs function, they probably still try earnestly twosome then whether it technically still is, but kids do with it no. You have absolutely terrified of them that someday such a socially and financially ruinous Blag could entgegenpurzeln. The worst social and professional disaster.

Life they couple looking together, the three-room apartment kost 'bottom line' nen Tausi, everyone brings home two to three Tausis, so they can afford vacations in Dailond, the Dürgei, Bali, even in Mali, if not exactly where the French Foreign Legion special things makes. You can always eat out, have fun in fancy bars, it is enough convenient for everything but still the private helicopter and yacht in Portofino. So far you have it then usually but not yet accomplished.

Although this is a bit unfair, but manageable. So jealous you are not taxed. We are assured each other in Brusttone the belief that you really do not need that now. Sometimes that's true even.

But it gnaws. It creates like a Dubbel, and any savings bank director or even Steinbrück makes ten times as much ash, although also can not more than you own. So towards the end of the Thirty realize that you may never ascend to such a sovereign Abschakalen. Now it begins to annoy properly. What you will but admit under any circumstances. Now certainly not. (more ...)

Never played the harlot thinks no ...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

In the night from Friday to Saturday, I was with a good friend go seriously, and it showed once again that the speech on prostitution and therefore the men and their ratio fell to.

In the course of it came again to the fact that I protested sincerely to be never been with a whore. But what I experience, no woman think she so probably not. She pretended finally, they believe me, the very exceptional. Or she believed it to me even. Who knows. Miracle to happen yes.

I have out in this repeated honest Anlaufe - here me no one will probably believe - learned that this kind assertion is not only pointless, but makes almost suspicious. Only the worst fornicator and swindlers can tell my age this kind ridiculous fairy tale.

In order to tell in future, I'm going for thirty years, at least three times a day for Hur ', I get rid of this thing probably are not able to contact. Either way, no woman seems a man to believe that the never had sex for money nachsuchte. Whether that says more about women than about men, is now anyone's guess.

One, at least, I believe that he never 'was in Hur, told me a funny story of how he once more tipsy, just because vorbeischrappte by a now times very well liked. (more ...)

Minne Half sacrificed mind

Monday, March 11, 2013

He who sacrifices a woman Minne sake of his mind, is not even the coarsest block Berta worth.

It may be a hug, a kiss be willing to die; although this may not just appear wise and appropriate: But where a man gives his mind to the courtly love, all is lost.

It is never good requited him: He drives so only straight to hell.

No, not even so graus life can be, straight: In a long, agonizing meanders he slips down into the stinkfeuerlichen sulfur. (more ...)

Failed miserably again in front of wife

Thursday 07 March 2013

But also cursed.

I am determined some time ago, must dig no matter how fine woman more often than two times: it from there, with disinterest, be good to have it.

Not a bad idea. Has some time very well. (more ...)

Have I runterkanalt

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

At the Vorartikel to the wives jealousy thinking, it occurred to me just that I still know a few places altmagische. How enchanted they are there, and there are apparently only taverns.

One should there be kind to women, kind, make them compliments, fawn, sometimes scatter a slippery joke, and it is amazing, but not as sexist, macho, libertine (well, the latter word not know the gender of a city usually eh ), chauvinist, misogynist, fascist, wanker, disgusting windbag worst pickup line, pervert or more designated this kind.

Since then I think sometimes that everything still could be good in this world. (more ...)

From the wives jealousy

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Funny is it not always, but sometimes, when women are even unduly jealous.

I kennne a P. (first letter of security and confidentiality reasons, I changed), the V immediately on hundred eighty when he only pronounce the name of the infamous others, oh what if only one word with the first letter of her name starts, one in Germans are not rare initial letter, as you probably already adrenaline rises by 200 percent.

Although V. patent and otherwise very intelligent, she has somehow not noticed that her age has long been a deliberate, almost always unerring fun of it, something to do in those mentioned. (Yes, men can also be mischievous and sometimes almost cruel.) (more ...)

"Love" aliens? Because I laugh sometimes.

Saturday 09 February 2013

I spoke under the title " aliens? Scum, scum, scum! "them (I ask those interested to observe the local comment line), that all may hierseienden aliens only" sneaky scum, low rabble, cowardly rabble "might be, and cried, not necessarily expecting that many participants would find , by inciting to fathom it were a little competition, which is why I come to this harsh judgments.

(Readers Thomas's question whether will apply in the NWO-hell-market economy or socialism, the latter as inmates cheaper einschätzend, tipped the scales, so to speak, that game end, crossed the finish line.)

So we put the case that, as claimed by believers commonly, various varieties aliens buzzing around here, more physical, maybe that is to say, at least in fashion, and "trans-dimensional". And it (but it is irrelevant for this discussion, whether "trans-dimensional" case) give it quite a few very maliciously evil, just wanted to reprogram the human race (possibly also genetically), exploit, make a slave armies, to which Behufe However, other hinwiederum, which are quite right dear.

Those loved ones who - often argued about as by reader Lisa and readers Dude - activities only intervene want to at least reveal / can / may, if "humanity", after all, sufficient humanity, so well developed that it would make sense because, to put it bluntly: Blödel should be allowed to be Blödel until they are no longer of itself.

Speak against this common line of argument at least two important things. (more ...)

From wine Smurf

Sunday 03 February 2013

The wine Smurf is a very dear.

He recently got as far as I know, this rightful nickname.

He laughed, rejoiced thereat in his inimitable style.

Before maybe one year I said one, who no longer lives now, the C.'ve previously done away with even twelve Trollinger, now he creates only eight.

The other day I saw the wine Smurf but again, he said, today it is nevertheless already genung for him, which he, as always, calm, laughing, friendly, his rough leather bag took them the way to the subway home.

He had ten Trollinger. (more ...)

La nature, c'est moi!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

"La nature, c'est moi!"

(So ​​reader Lisa's saying.)

Ums Eck am schnellsten ins Ziel

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Ich habe mir eben im Netz ein Video angeschaut, in dem eine tapfere Frau unerschütterlich Lügen aufdeckt und die damit verbundenen Methoden realer wie mentaler (ja, die ist auch real, ich weiß) Unterdrückung erklärt.

Ich verlinke jetzt aber nicht dorthin, weil ich gerade auf etwas (nicht ganz) anderes hinauswill.

Namely that side of self-empowerment. (more ...)

Finger scan, iris scan: Is a Rotten Apple?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Apple will continue to incorporate a fingerprint reader into its devices, has already purchased an appropriate specialist company with man and mouse for it.

So who is too stupid or too lazy to enter a code in its electrical box having it in the future very easy going.

And Apple and CIA & Cie come without its problems, as well as expenses and free, the fingerprints of all fellow Apple idiots zoom.

A "win-win" situation so.

Ideal for idiots identification. A smart criminal or opposition (which often makes no significant difference in two ways) works anyway as little as possible with a cell phone provided (only has to be inconspicuous soherum, one, but does it only insignificant private calls), and certainly not with one of Apple . The dopey recognized by the fact that they even use the new function.

And: Buy now so a new Fon, but does not use this great tool, it arouses suspicion. Why will this oblique type us their not give fingerprint?

One could also install a Iriserkenner that automatically activates. So then all would capture that take the Schmerzfon their girlfriend or their acquaintances times in the hand or stare at it.

Bestimmt gibt es bald eine App, mittels derer der findige Don Juan, indem er an der Bar mit seinem E-Helferlein spielt, mal kurz das hübsche Gesichtlein der Nachbarin aufnimmt, so dass er nach ihrer Telefonnummer gar nicht mehr fragen muss. Jedenfalls, wenn die Tante so doof ist, dass sie selber ein Apple-Schmerzfon besitzt oder schonmal irgendwie abgeglichenermaßen in eines reingegrinst hat (andere Hersteller werden bald nachziehen, so dass auch Meister Android rauskriegt, wann die Androidin geboren ist, wo sie gemeldet ist, was für eine E-Adresse sie hat usw.).

Mit den feineren Apps kriegt Mann dann in den meisten Fällen auch gleich raus, ob die mit den prallen Möpsen Hauptwachtmeisterin ist oder eine Prostituierte oder eine vorbestrafte Heiratsschwindlerin oder eine alleinstehende Hartzi mit drei Blagen. (weiterlesen…)

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