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Basic income with condition

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I just re-read in a just-started discussion about new control models, a modified economic system with unconditional basic income for all.

First: Who are "all"? Are "all" all foreigners who have managed somehow to Germany, or, lured them here somehow accomplish their put up tents? In all the discussions I've got so far in this respect to the face, this question was simply excluded. I feel not only as an indictment, but also as disingenuous, if not dishonest.

Furthermore, does not sting the argument that the people worked, if they had an unconditional basic security, then yes, all voluntarily, bravely and cheerfully. This contradicts all experience of life. Many times might work for a few hours black, to afford a new flat wedding can and otherwise just lounged on the couch and on the streets around. Or, if you introduce a very hard Monitoring State of undeclared work immediately punished with prison, filed just a few hours regularly.

Nor do I see who still diligently for hergäbe morning to clean four toilets at night to work on the highway in road construction, in the foundry, etc.

The to argument that that these people then just had to pay accordingly good, does not sting. This approach one considers only a little more detail, and you will readily recognize the hollowness.

Also all the bills on which the models, indicating that directories an unconditional basic income, considering the current social spending, would easily affordable, are milkmaid bills. Proceed namely all assume that the workers still achieved the same surplus that must now serve it. (more ...)