Dirt capitalism

With the worst thing this dirty capitalism is that because of him also shall be always in a good mood. Kotz.

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76 Responses to "dirt capitalism"

  1. Dude says:

    Which boss? I'm in the points list forgot to mention that any hierarchical constructs should be abolished? :-P

    And whether you believe it or not, there are garbage men who do the job for the joy of a job!

    But yes, at some "unpleasant" work that must be done, you should split them fair to all members of society, or pay just the highest wages in those!

    Simple Shit! So saving you your pffff;-p

    "The main reason why people work is to secure their existence. Without work, no income. "

    Either you read very inaccurate, or begreiffst not know what a BGE. With a BGE is for each and every secured the material existence and livelihoods!

    "Not because of fun or joy, but because they want to enjoy the fruits of their labor. Work is a means to an end. Nothing more. "

    Your humanity is very questionable ... sad!

    "But that is not so often the case, I would assume."

    That this is not often the case in today's money unfair debt bondage slavery system, is obvious! But this overcomes my point plan almost incidentally!

    So put it out from your neobabylonischen ideology constructs. :-)

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas & Dude

    You fight me because yes a funny Pankration.

    Funny mainly because yes both in their nature are right.

    After all you have, dude, in my opinion, now something comprehensible and herewith, what wonderful, a sounder counter attack out than before.

    I wear my shit bucket for many years even more abundantly clear, although not always find amusing, however righteous.

    Let's see how well we succeed in doing this, with the Stuttgart Libertärsozialistischen manifesto. It may be that you will be able to agree on a joint text. But so often it starts.

    I promise you two armed taps are also promising solemnly that I only express release of the two of you back - will only make our meeting of the humblest, only held in the finest allusions report in world power - even the surprise guest.

    Could even enter the exceptional case that I stay times without verlautbarte own position. So only the moderators (alswelches lexeme perhaps not coincidentally ends on -toren), the Light, give the pieces.

    Funny is it for me really (I do not know who else the fun as noted), how close you stand you at the same time, and how far.

    We approach as that from which a literary agent may be.

    I'm simplifying a little bit now: Thomas is closer to reality, but the dude has the beautiful utopia in the belly store.

    You could also say, that have a small business and he tried to run a church.

  3. Thomas says:

    Magnus, now a slight grin that I read here? ,) But I think you underestimate the distance between Dude and me in economy philosophically.

    Dude, BGE can not work and I will tell you in Stuttgart, why this is so. Just kannste the bandwidth model kloppen in the bin as well as any other socialist system of coercion also.

    Funny, I find that all socialists say that socialism actually works; the former socialist systems that failed in the story that have hundreds of million people dead, were simply made poorly. But IHHHR makes it even better then ...
    Damn you! Every socialist system sounds good on paper! State your disciples only always see the nature of man and his desires. Socialism is death.

    Dakriegischplaque! > :(

  4. Dude says:


    You read really much too volatile, as evidenced alone is that you seriously think I was a Socialist!

    It's best to read again, if you really have time for that also, exactly.


    "My solution is if the dirt capitalism not entirely overcome (of course, not to replace it by a party communism!) Can be much further, and would - ideally - globally implement"

    As if I were not aware that, for example, a Hitler, was compared to a pig priest as Mao, a harmless schoolboy!

    See here -> http://www.epochtimes.de/neun-comments-about-the-communist-partei.html

    I am concerned with something that on this planet never was even close for at least 10,000 years - freedom for all and sundry in harmony and in strict respect of the cosmic laws, which makes any other law books obsolete!

    Ps. BGE That all works fine!
    See this thread in its entirety ->
    And see the wording of our initiative text!
    (You can also click on my name;-))


    Looks like you bekämest as the position of the referee * lol *;-)

    "Funny is it for me really (I do not know who else to enjoy as noted), how close you stand you at the same time, and how far."

    I notice this, as already mentioned, a long time, otherwise I would have never agreed to the meeting so because it would be useless, or at the most damage - in whatever form - wreaked.

    But I'm for sure that it will be a cheerful round, even if it is also definitely sometimes go quite heated to the point - but we're civilized. :-)

    Funny, best wishes to you both.

  5. Thomas says:

    Dude, I got the above link to Mysticalforum time already looked at and can now only shake his head over the receivables, the du / her is there. I suspect you'll find also the result of the French. Revolution well. If ego manage time to prepare the subject communism Light / socialism, you get me a exkusiven, 20 minute presentation about what you had to think and think to ask for right and sensible. (Is that even a real sentence me Is just too complicated?.)
    My goodness, the anticipated meeting degenerates yes already under stress from. Ik'm still me! : D

  6. Dude says:


  7. Dude says:


    It could be that it is here to Elmer.

  8. Dude says:

    Although quite aware that I you with almost too much feel (only seen by the workload ago), read the following times (at least from Title 3) if you have time you can free make for it, and not chase the money must, in order to survive ;-): http://www.streifzuege.org/2013/abschaffung-of-disposable

    It comes down to the divine principle of free giving, even if this formulation is found in this text clenched charge anywhere ...;)

    vaMagnus &Thomas

  9. Dude says:

    Ps. Incidentally, another good reason to Gassmann's bandwidth model as this nice-sounding but hollow construct to expose it represents. The droning of Franz Hörmann can also tilt the same together in the same trash bag in the trash ...;)

  10. Thomas says:

    I had skipped the contribution to the raids foresight in NetNewsFeed. Now I've flown over him with raised neck hairs. For more, I am not able. The author wants the GDR, only without the sentry guns and without Stasi.

    The problem is: If the DDR can not drive or they would have done it. As a result, logically, that the author's model would inevitably degenerate in the construction of the Wall. For this great and perfect man who thinks exclusively altruistic, it is not easy. And even if there were, the efficiency of this company would be lower by several factors, with similar consequences for the supply as in the GDR.

    Dude, you sometimes make me despair. ;)

    Again: We do not live in a capitalism (= free market economy). If so, I would have to stash neither bulbs nor would our administrative law more than 10 pages (we are now in many hundreds of books) to save, nor would states in the (emergency) situation, "systemically important" banks or even wars to lead. All the turmoil we are experiencing today now associate capitalism is one big fallacy with most fatal consequences for all of us.

    Stop dreaming!

    Man is born and begins in a division of labor society sometime to trade with other people. This trade must always be beneficial for both trading partners, otherwise they would not act viz. This is the natural basis of our society. This basis is disturbed, hindered or prevented entirely, breaking the society together. And the free MW is the only developing themselves and self-regulating "system" that we know. Maybe it's not the best - but the only one that works. The rest ended always been in poverty and death and will continue to have to end this way.

  11. Dude says:


    "Now I've flown over him with raised neck hairs."

    About the way they lined up to us, as Magnus had kindly read the monologue from Ann's Libertärismus novel? Op

    Do you have the two actually been released? :-D

    "The author wants the GDR, only without the sentry guns and without Stasi."

    If you say that, you have obviously not quite read or understand what he says, because he emphasizes yes, that he wants just not planned economy with a centralized government.

    In the naturalness according to the cosmic laws is the most sustainable and far-reaching efficiency for all living things!

    So if I already bring you to despair, what happens to you because with other contemporaries today? * Lol *;-)

    "We do not live in a capitalism (= free market economy)."

    I know that we live in a feudal-dominated, post-neoliberal, totalitarian plutocracy. - /

    "Man is born and begins in a division of labor in society at some point, to trade with other people. This trade must always beneficial for both trading partners to be ... "

    Only if this man were given up in favor of the naturalness of man-made concepts to already from childhood. See also here –> https://unzensiert.zeitgeist-online.de/2013/02/16/freie-energie-alle-erfinder-zu-blod-dateien-zu-verschicken/comment-page-1/#comment-161334

    "And the free MW is the only developing themselves and self-regulating" system "that we know."

    Yes, because we, or most, do not know the cosmic laws.

    "The rest has always ended in poverty and death ..."

    I'm not so sure as the Vedic culture has so and ended about 12,000 years ago ... so ... it goes much deeper ...

  12. Thomas says:

    Dude, I have not read accurately, the remains or not wishful thinking, cosmic laws. There are, strictly speaking, only a cosmic law: action = reaction. Without that you move, there's nothing in nature to bite.

    The with the quote I have not yet clarified with Magnus. For this we need good times several hours call. ,) Above all, he must again read in the fasting state and maybe even the reading from the beginning, so we have a good basis for discussion.

  13. Dude says:


    In addition to the law of causality still there the polarity, resonance, analogy, fractal-based, Zyklik- and some other laws. Unfortunately I do not have time to work out what, since I already hanging in too many projects.
    Habs but on my profile Allmy times summarized some time ago (click above on Dude).

    The law of causality has nothing to do with the Sterntaler principle. This is in fact a question of awareness. And I am also aware that the principle of free gift-giving because of the rampant brainwashing is illusory in this world, as I had made it clear already in the following comment string!

    Ps. I do not think the level is really relevant to the assessment of Ann's diabolical ramblings, but am looking forward to your reports as far as the subject. ;-)

  14. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    I was reading the passage in front of sober, which I've never done this, in fact, what you will smugly pointed out (after that I was probably still a little chatty, I laughed, as I recall, sometimes mischievous in its own presentation into), so it is not necessarily better.

    However: You will find the passage Ayn Rand immediately, at least easier than I, and it is well worth it, not only in advanced wines of mine once recited mediocre and is generally accepted as yet perhaps quite equal to one side of the horns.

    But we need the whole passage can either quote directly - perfectly legal - or so put a link there that would work well with this last resort.

    Schaunmermal. I remember in any case a passage of quite poetic force and not very meaningful power. This very subtle to comprehend as really clever and thoughtful, skilled propaganda, possibly in a negative sense.

    I remember a strong evocative prose, which, as it comes from the female icon of libertarians, could well be made the object more precisely, or even should.

  15. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    Do you see! (Dude's last comment before I not just seen.)

    "I do not think the level is really relevant to the assessment of Ann's diabolical ramblings, but am looking forward to your reports in terms of the subject."

    Hardly You pack from your small Ayn, and already schwafelt the Dude again by the devil and is also hot on the latest customer and March to do so.

    He has really got already feel like it, get excited. This is a healthy sign in a young man.

    (Sometime it is something with the Stuttgart Libertärsozialistischen manifesto.)

  16. Thomas says:

    Yes, Magnus, we make the Mani still hard. ;)

    Dude, of course, there is resonance and other stuff to satisfy. However, you overlook, like everyone else, the nature of man. You wish bring about a man who is far from his existent.
    And so stories like basic income and other lunacy introduce, without that people appreciate this by their own attitude, ends with high probability in the disaster.

  17. Dude says:


    The probability that our current, global financial circus ends in a total fiasco, however, is many times potentiated beat!

  18. Thomas says:

    Yes and no. The BGE accelerated the situation again immense.

    Again: the basic assumption that people want to do naturally only good and know no envy and suspicion is wrong. Only if that were the case, one would have the most important prerequisites for a Schenkerwelt. And it gets probably not be in 10,000 years.
    As long as these two essential conditions are not met, a system that the mass "is equal to" and is not ausgereichtet on the individual, not work.
    And at the end there's still problems associated with the efficiency. Here's a good example to illustrate this:

  19. Dude says:


    The BGE is precisely aligned fully to the free development of the individual, which is why it is also so eminent! But I think we two come Hiezu never on a green branch. ;-)

    Ps. Extremist is precise term for Hollande warmongers OF! See also the following ... http://www.mysticalforum.ch/viewtopic.php?f=25&t=21696&start=32 & ff.

  20. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Interestingly, your compendium Mali War.

  21. Dude says:

    In mysticalforum.ch still there many other extremely interesting things that I have set there over the years under the headings Allgmeines, news, and Mystic (on the edge) drugs.

  22. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I'm still just a satire on it.

    But we could certainly times a best collection of links, with brief introductory comments from me, set here.

    Some work, but the harm we know, not even the lazy ones.

  23. Dude says:


    Very fond of. Everything I have published since may - be used freely, if not used for commercial purposes - quoting the source.

    Ps. I'm ever on your satire. :-)

  24. Dude says:

    Detailed treatise on the dirt capitalism:
    https://dudeweblog.wordpress.com/2013/03/22/geld-ruled-the-world-dirt capitalism-part-i/

  25. Dude says:

    On consumer behavior, the consumer buzz and Plappermentalität the debt money slavery slaves - dirt capitalism Part II

    The three most crucial factors on which the main focus of most of today Earthlings is, are money, consumption and entertainment, is without, however, ever really figured out how the global monetary system actually works; by no means accidental.

    These critical of the system, society as a whole treatise examines the broad principles and mechanisms behind this madness that has become the norm.


  26. Dude says:


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