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Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (XII)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Steinbrück against Merkel only the chance that the wegkracht the FDP and he must perform his Bilderberger job B or C with the Left Party. An outside chance.

Not only that he is intellectually not up to her, her voice, for all phrases that they, too, threshing, the better.

Steinbrück has perhaps really set up only to lose, want him in the event of a grand coalition even as Vice-Chancellor under Merkel.

Diction default, it tries the large chain saw, but it's just one, with which one can ablummeln 1500 Watt, Chinese lollipops from the discounters, a few pine boughs.

As I said, I'm not for Merkel. Maybe better if this prevented Savings Bank Director drankommt, the truck shorter rather than longer painful moves to a necessary new ending. In it, he wants to be even superior to Merkel.

So I'm still not even for Steinbrück. How should I also only have a better idea which US-Satrap is the bottom line cause less damage?

The SPD is, like other parties also, now so nothing like moslem friendly as gay, so feminist and militarily interventionist, because of some Which just aufrechtzuerhaltender or protective rights. Saubande.

About the Greens I speak so well known as not. I was but the other day by an attentive reader pointed out, and he sought it out, I had been reminded about, I believed him simply, it was already late, that I have to those indicated times, you may not offend the rabble, by including it expects.

The FDP is irgendsoein Witzmichwasichweißnichtbiswohin wobbles just as much as possible around for the one that just comes.

The Union is already amazing; it has almost all conservatives and patriots systematically stripped, but there is comparatively good. The AfD has bestowed in no time as Punch event, faster even than the Piratioten.

The Left Party is a kind of modern FDP; one has violently anticlerical and gay and lesbian and feminist and secular weltallgleichmacherisch set forces umseiert simultaneously but Islam, in opposition to Christianity.

What bandits.

There is still the NPD. The Protection of the Constitution Party. Unfortunately, I have to doubt very much entitled to it, that the constitutional protection for true patriots and conservatives and liberals and libertarians and even real total socially responsible Sentient have much left. Each expertise speaks against it.

I will now times German and clear: "THIS is but a Scheißpuff!"

Everywhere on a clear preponderance of sycophants and traitors!

NO MATTER who you choose of which: They will sell you.

None of these parties also announces just what would do naturally in a federal election in their way any serious, namely stand up for Germany.

As I said, I do not expect the NPD now. The Constitution is the so-called protection.

The rest does not even have a donated hair from a ass crack in his pants. Freedom? Was not that Schiller, who knew how to spell the word yet?

And, no, I choose no chance to loose small party pointless protests.

I stand by my call to active boycott of the election.

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (XI)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The opportunities to praise something that appears on SPON, are so rare that I do not always use, but now it is almost a must, because what Sascha Lobo for wiretapping scandal, especially to our political pipes in this connection, performs here is both very diverse and clearly in its scarcity.


Lobo exemplifies that we of loud (even erzschlechten!) Liars and failures are governed, that this democracy is a potjemkinsches village.

He also crystallizes those dumbest of all sentences that can be heard to as such out: "I have nothing to hide!"

I'm really not a fan of psychiatrists, but here it is but the idea that one who so seriously makes a statement, no longer marketable, almost constitutes a public danger threat, should be treated.

What a self-surrender! What an idiocy! How far this brainwashing has taken!


No vote these traitors!


Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (X)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

"Alfhasolis" has done the job properly, made files for an election boycott leaflet graphically as textually clean into the net.


My thanks and my respect for this.

His idea, choosing, where there is no choice to compare with the greetings of Gessler hat, is as easy as pie.

Download, link, distribute, print to print, distribute en masse, sing everywhere!

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (IX)

Monday, July 22, 2013

We need a real poet and thinker competition.

The winner will be rewarded with the honor of having submitted the catchiest slogan.

The graphic artist who submits the best leaflet is the greatest.

Splatter videos are needed.

The pain Phone youth must glow of our ideas.

Porn? What is Porn? Active boycott is horny.

Revolt of the Checker!

Urns are coffins!

Controlled by rotating!

Ballot? Ass card!

Select is impale himself!

Not a piece of paper for that!

The dials themselves torments!

Choose? Am I stupid?

You go choose? You is not going to help.

Select is self-abasement.

You choose THE rabble?

You choose THIS weak Maten?

You choose your own sale?

You choose air money?

You choose drone murder and FEMA Camps?


You choose Bilderbergers pack?

You WANT to be of which still reigns?

Are you the Bundesnachrichtenundienst?

As you lie you vote?

You go back even voluntarily, to loud smelly fish?

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (VIII)

Monday, July 22, 2013

The tons of ash I ever sprinkle on my head: I have still not finished graphic design for a flyer to active boycott.

But at least basic ideas to five awards. (More can be found in the Vorartikeln want as already exist or modified are good. Traps me extra one, they come in a supplement. Readers are invited to participate, to create more.)

The flower of choice of not voting is the chicory.

This I see, with her enchanted blue, top left.

The background of the front could be pale yellow, the spells do not come in to dark purple.

Who chooses, do not know what he's doing!

Select is submission!

Who chooses, selects NSA and murder!

Select is anti-German!

Who chooses, expropriated itself!

On the back I imagine, from black to orange, the following text.

Germany has no constitution, no peace treaty is still besatzt, UN-enemy state. No party with a realistic chance of moving into the Bundestag will be against it. Thus, this choice is none. And thus legitimized everyone who comes to choose, this perverse situation. Who wants that the people will be heard again, does not choose, and the loud and active. The voting weight of Germany in the EU is that of Malta. In the European Parliament a Maltese vote counts as much as thirteen German. DAS should be democracy? The Treaty of Lisbon was broken, the Germans again, how to Maastricht, not asked, almost as soon as the ink dry. Who chooses, selects his submission.

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections: Who chooses, selects against himself!

Thursday 04 July 2013

I hereby unequivocally call for a boycott of parliamentary elections.

At the same time, I call on boycotting all this, choosing to boycott active.

What this means is that you may other, ask in person, by means of leaflets and posters, in the network, via advertisements, comments, until the demonstrations and the appearance before the polling stations with signs etc. to every means within the law, also to boycott the election, as this was the only reasonable step to show the corrupt Recorder parties, where the people are.

ALL parties in the Bundestag namely working AGAINST German interests.

Germany's UN-enemy state, has no peace treaty, no makeup, no self-determination.

In contrast, none of the parties desires to, not even the AfD or pirates, and as long as that's the case, just not for us is German, is not selectable, any such election no real choice.

To show that we have understood that all these parties only agents of foreign interests, especially the United States, we German in this respect not even such let us continue nasführen to find those legitimacy, all set against the country's welfare and working , active, open abstention is now the way.

Who chooses, selects against himself!

Who chooses, selects slavery!

Who chooses, selects ESM, EU Commissioners and the NSA!

Who chooses, selects the treason!

Who chooses, elects liars and cowards!

Who selects proves his stupidity!

Who chooses, can not know what he's doing!

Who chooses, selects his sellout to the banks!

Who chooses, selects global killer program of USA!

Who chooses, selects submission!

And: Who selects open and loud and not justified, chooses not right!

Because he chooses not out of laziness or frustration not, but as a clear protest vote in the non-election! Get up!

He just chooses not therefore BECAUSE he is politically interested and informed!

He's the one who likes to have a real choice, except the non-election!

But he will not participate in any election that is no!

He will not make the supporting Hampelmann a choice that a complete farce!

None of these parties is "only" for freedom of expression and against the sexual organ mutilation of defenseless boy!


A non-voters have yours safe!


The above text is in the public domain unchanged and stating "unzensiert.zeitgeist-online.de" and "Magnus Wolf Goeller" as the source and author.