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Cowardice, thy name is man

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Several times already, just again, I heard the complaint that women are so much less against the world financial madness, the warmongering, the technotronic indoctrination of children, and what to madness and evil left in the world, presented as men.

Although the observation as such is certainly true; but the action is totally inappropriate, even naive.

I can think of this quite widespread complaints, sometimes whining of men who women would take so very little, only sponges with the stream, but the explanation is that this, even if they reject the Geschlechtergleichmacherei otherwise, just that propaganda unnoticed just yet to a considerable extent have been misled.

How to get (here: man) to expect from women a comparable risk-taking and leadership, alswie of men?

A similar ability to clear, persuasive speech? (Yes: Women can talk well, especially since much is known how many really are capable speakers.?)

How many Hildegard there was in the story, how many victorious armies Amazon?

Women on the front, or what?

And then the men do for the wounded inside the ambulance brothers? (more ...)

Feminasmus: cone Stump Fichter Gender swamp

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Last night I met for the Urlaubsendabsacker in an original Stuttgart specialists pub still on a somewhat corpulent, but quite distinctive her mid-thirties, of mightily impressed painter, fully by studying, thereby permanently solubilizing gender saddle pad out of a picture book of recent spiritual lift of.

Immediately I learned because that male thinking exists only in "Faster, higher, further", while women always were thinking to the whole and constructive, workable solutions.

So far nothing special under our new AD 2012 rather anverdunkelten sun.

By now but I afterward inquired as to where all the important male artists had come here, I was related to my ignorance and hastily disposed of straight ahead. Twenty percent of the men, it was proved biologically reasonable doubt had a female brain, and for this fifth were recruited anyone who approaches, brought something sensible and entail. Clear glass. What else.

On my next laughter towards reacted the proud diva, who had previously treated me because of my talk show insubordination quite rude, with one or the other vulgarism, not a stupid man want to like me talk clearly doing what here but nothing substantial to thing does.

Who only, as only has this pitiful creature knotted such nonsense in their convolutions? (By the way you meant it, ten percent of the women had a male ticking head Kastl. Unfortunately, we were not to discuss the implications of such a deplorable state. I suspect that they, therefore, classified all women who dare you to disagree openly.) ( read more ...)

Wünschis, Machis, macho men and the woman question

Friday, April 20, 2012

Now it's out: When the pirates there are two currents, the Wünschis and the Machis.

Since the Machis not even bring as much realism as the Greens, the fundamentalists, the Wünschi have to imagine that anything so despised, as the reason to be a creature.

They have partially already begun, but I see coming that will come up as a vulgarity, like they have not seen this republic.

Namely, while the fundamentalists of the Greens were well integrated socially in anti-fascist Teekreisen and Shared Assemblies, the Wünschi sitting alone at home on the computer and fires, when the time comes, as Lone Gunman Loose Wutbürgersalven into the world network, devoid of any control.

The most open to represent an escalation currently seems, since you're as good as no program has, less the debate about right-wing extremists, but the woman question.

Many pirates were so long at sea, that they either never knew what a woman is, or have forgotten it, or, they have not noticed what a woman should be today or to speak like a man of you, or However, they have aware of the gills full of it, what else can I blow and hence to rebellion.

"Sexist image of women": The battle cry has already fallen, with the pirates there Übele Machos.

Since scratching of the rest, half gay, even at the codpiece, asks under what shady mob you may be out there; and all ships Looming the next Shit Storm. (more ...)

Wins feminism zutode itself?

Monday 04 July 2011

Dominique Strauss-Kahn must soon, if he is expected to release from the beautiful USA, in the next round, or rather, this has already begun by now a French journalist has announced his show because of a rape trial nine years ago.

Since they did not report him because they did not mess with a powerful politicians want.

The bad joke of the matter is, in turn, that there is probably no witnesses, the circumstances hardly can be clarified yet enlightening (except, perhaps, that there is a interview date actually was), which might cum covered laundry should be washed now often enough ( but also when fresh could be a result of masturbation or consensual sex), will most likely simply be just his word against hers again.

This time not by a black Muslim Asylbetrügerhure, but from a 31 still almost virgin acting, sweet little Marie-France in jeans with knee holes, which looks as if she had not even ever have a dull Fußwaschwässerchen. (more ...)

Feminist reality

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The feminists of today lose their happiness for the less powerful men Agenda.