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From new beginning end

Saturday 05 April 2014

This blog is from this - last post serves only comment pointing - at least in the longer term.

This means that all contributions continue to be called, opened the comment, I will respond, where appropriate.

After more than five years and more than 4000 articles, it's time.

My special, heartfelt thanks to all who here manchesmal at great expense, often very suggestive, involved.

It may also well be that here - or anderwo, perhaps also in printed form - will eventually appear a compilation of my opinion most important published texts.

As everyone can imagine easily that knows me, I'll allzumal not set the literary creation.

Also, I will earnestly still supervise my zeitgeist-print column or write on the side something. (more ...)

From my philosophical taste

Sunday, March 30, 2014

I have - as Oscar Wilde in eating and drinking - in philosophy a very simple tastes: I want only the best of everything.

Osho: Just decadent as UG Krishnamurti

Sunday, March 30, 2014

I am reading a little Osho. In Spanish. So I bit them back at least learn again.

Already on the first pages was clear to me where the fascination stirred his philosophy.

Alleged absolute freedom and self-determination.

A philosophy but that has no children, so they these as - front hires free - yet.

Ultimately, an individual monastery philosophy.

Socrates, as a shining example, let drank the hemlock, also could mention either staying in Athens, or go into exile.

This he did, not shrinking from death, not this lighthouse human freedom and self-determination.

Yes, without responsibility for children. So ultimately the transmission of life.

So, as well as Osho. (more ...)

Opposition, rather Jermain!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

When estimated Jermain foutre le Camp can find a nice list of quotes on writing and the writer.

Alone, the Goethe quote that he chose the title, is not my consent: "The state of the writer the true reader shares immediately with completely."

And it's not because I know how loyal readers, despite its undoubted skills and achievements, no sovereign admirer of Goethe am much do detest what he has done.

The set is from my own experience how other along my knowledge of literary creation just is not right. (more ...)

From a good cynicism

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Cynicism, where he did not have other flows, but on the speaker itself, is often at the bottom vain, begs nervigerweis recognition and compassion, but is often also an effective self-protection. And on top of that seems self-liberation.

Yesterday, an example, in cooking and at the same time talk about what is important by family, I asked my older on me to pick up my wine glass from the living room, so that I may not stick your tongue on the palate.

He took it without complaint, and lo and behold, it contained the juice of the grape might just four centilitres.

"What's that?" I asked, emptying it. "Why did not you also brought the bottle? Do you want your father died of thirst at the kitchen stove? "

So he also brought the bottle, and as I said, I nachgeußend, spontaneously: "If there is so much time that I'm happy with the serving of thimbles wine, then at least you know that you inherit soon."

He did not laugh, it was probably him just another one of the unnecessary obscenities, which his producer and provider at any time too many secretes, but I liked it, my spirits lifted. (more ...)

At the right time declare victory

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The above stratagem is now experiencing neither more nor atomic number declaration.

It is very complex, it's late, and therefore it is here just only in its four basic concepts.

No stratagem.?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Threat and, if appropriate consummation of retreat.

Let others dance around the rest of the thing.

This withering tree and the Narrensaum around it, I look no longer.

I vernutze me not in the present, bad driving.

Hold on to all your experts that will help you determine as good as they can or want to.

You are in good hands with your counselors and doctors and generals, what do you need me?

So many of them I appear perishable; how should I as yet can carry your well?

Yes, I'm also hold them not too, and they know it, and that makes it not better.

That's why I now prefer.

To your relief as to my.

From the down-setters

Sunday 09 March 2014

Yes, I too have secrets.

The following, however, is hardly one.

The downconverter grin askance already equal, and if you just look them in the eyes, not long.

Usually they do not know what they for whom, against whom, why, where, especially against themselves, do.

The act consciously on behalf of that may be a little harder; but also keeps only from elf to läut '.

Most significant is her stupid laugh whenever they do not know what is.

View Weis or word-oriented, which is almost all the same.

DU !!!

That's enough to them already, that the facade is crumbling. (more ...)

From the authentics and from Bohrschwurbeln

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Yes, now I tend to age clemency.

Whether chopped me the computer how far even the orchestrated coup in Ukraine, I like often no more, not even obviously suspicious suspects yet to clearly condemn Convicted.

Of course, I do not tend to age clemency.

That was a blatant swindle small, if you like, so it was also an embarrassing flirtation.

In reality I befleißige me a completely different science, first and foremost.

It is extremely challenging.

Told you, it states that it is pragmalinguistics, so that would not fundamentally wrong, the usual understandings ago but considered quite problematic.

The task is, we want to let out, is not this time to find the idiot savant, but the dignified fool. (more ...)

Mental space

Monday, February 10, 2014

Yesterday evening came in friendly talks once again the topic of "morphic fields" on.

I know for certain phenomena simply no better term, I meant.

Against it: The is but one part, established common, not inaccurate, at best it might lie in finding a German. (The one knows exactly how to appeal to me.)

"Form fields"? - Sounds a bit hampered, as the youth politically incorrect well commented.

"Formative fields" I like a little better, but I'm satisfied with it either.

Let us finally in the singular; that alone helps sometimes.

Perhaps the word is already rethinking "field" here. (more ...)

Of Kenaz, Google and the rest

Sunday 02 February 2014

Looking at it runic, once again, so that no one will understand what I'm saying (great camouflage what?), So just fight one aspect of Kenaz against the other.

Namely the knowledge against art.

It seems like as if the knowledge would be completely overpowering; but this is deceptive; the art is in fact more agile.

Also have the most far too narrow and flat heads to begin with all the knowledge as well reasonable and beautiful. If anything, it makes them empty, impotent.

Everywhere there is around, grinning cheekily at, all too often useless.

The Art hinwiedrum drilled to clearly behind the pain Phone.

Hello! Haaalloo! Hey man! (more ...)


Thursday, January 16, 2014

I have, though often pointed out to me on the way, prompted even, long resisted against it, even to also make a call for donations to support my work.

I hereby therefore jump to the effect on my shadow.

Under the Dotted will continue to stand with every post, what you see now.


"Never donation to an organization that lives in a bigger house than you yourself." (AC)

The three of us live on 81 square - for the classroom actually nine less.

Do you have more than 24?

Magnus Goeller - Volksbank Stuttgart - BLZ 600 901 00 - 580 280 13 Kto.

I stand by my Unspiris

Sunday 05 January 2014

Yesterday I spoke at length with one that certainly has reasons to pursue quite inexplicably in my view, to feel.

The "cui bono"? canvassing, he came out to speak, that it probably just give people who delektierten out to torment others.

The course is well known to me.

There are even people who believe that there are (extraterrestrial) beings, the energy principle from the suffering of others lived.

I do not know if there is such a thing.

However, there is some evidence at least to some extent for it.

When I look alone, not only since I run this blog, but for decades before that, how wild are some people when I spit them in their pseudo-spiritual soup, which indicated at least in this direction.

They are angry, threatening and waving. Sometimes they converse only, seemingly less dangerous hung up because they think that is elegant, just more effective. Or do not want to expend much.

Most of them believe experience has shown, determined at a full reincarnation of the individual. Those who do not believe in it (or any other belief), so long as he does not do too much, a sucker. If it is to the effect but naughty, so we identified him, the more one, the other less than a kind of enemy.

Like as if he were dessenthalben the worst.

I have the faith anyway never understood: How can the only so shaken, as can so easily go overboard all noble Liebheit goals, just because a non mitglaubt?

And since you told me that I was too weak in faith.

Hopefully I'm already like so weak that I spared the exercise just described.

Even the differentiation that not believing in something does not mean to exclude it slips regular way of their thinking ability.

Often they do not pull at Nietzsche (Osho and the other bring it alone is not sufficient, as it seems).

On whose work I will presume no authority to interpret me now really.

But who, if not Nietzsche, each clearly warned before the faith?

Also said: "THE way, THE does not exist!" -?

Yes, the Friedrich Gummelt them already hard in the stomach, the Spiris.

At Crowley they usually dare ran certainly not at the Class-A fonts anyway. Even "Little Essays Toward Truth" would be rather too much.

So they gather around cheaper, "channeled" material, after all, in the "original" also mostly English.

Somewhere in the ether kömmt since her higher consciousness, schwurbelischwurbela.

It is initiated and that the rind cracks, the enlightened buzz and buzz, there you hardly get on.

True spiritual development as they ever actually possible in the expansion of perception prefers to play as not so important.

It is also rather work-shy. Where it is easy to inflate the cheeks, as it is naturally fond of pointing. But longer and more accurate over and over again to deal seriously with an object, no, that does not bring the Spirispaß so right.

Confucius they dislike most. The spoke so often so clearly about the importance of lifelong learning is that they probably just the crucial pass to the biscuit. Sooo much work! Lifelong! A very bad Unspiri. At some point there must be good times, with the enlightenment.

Confucius knew, that's still bad, not even real magic degrees. He estimated his disciples indeed, but such a fuss he not moved on. He encouraged each according to its kind.

Again saumäßig unspiri. Without rank or title but everything is nothing.

What have understood least of all the Spiris, is that you have to gain his rank to himself. Find Him, recognize, represent him.

Clear judgment, clear speech. That is the first.

In Nietzsche and Confucius.

In Cervantes, there is also a special game.

I stand by my Unspiris.

Literature, now sometimes serious

Friday 03 January 2014

You have some games to determine in peace that the people on the great works of world literature towards not especially en masse, at least, are crazy, so how did they do that in the religious, so minden works of world literature, at any time and do to this day.

Evil intentionally bad literature makes people just not healthy, but it does to their already existing weakness like still strong so.

The patient still poison.

The sufferer grade in the sack.

I know you.

The Big Georg Christoph Lichtenberg

Friday 03 January 2014

Lichtenberg said that he will never get bored, because he look in doubt, just in people's faces.

At that time there was still no power, only the people on the street.

Their faces may have been more expressive than those of people today. I dont know.

Maybe I have it too easy.

I just need SPON open, and it is almost guaranteed that I perceive grandiose nonsense, often so strong that it really lights up the boredom, even longer than a quarter of an hour.

It is also similar to the aphorism, or observations that Lichtenberg from the window of his house made in winter, as people do in a strange behavior the morning with fresh snow square cross diagonally until after Voreingewöhnung, then obediently.

He sees already, repeatedly astonished thereat, how little reasonable man yet. Especially in the herd.

And with what people love and benevolence but all he sees!

He is the stupidity of people not angry. You only surprised him, and he does his expression.

One of our Great, when the still sprout from the time of every German angle.

Eso is everywhere

Thursday 02 January 2014

In my reincarnation as long reincarnate only ones until there are no more evil.

Unfortunately, no one believes in my teaching. I now no longer. It is probably too bloodless.

She sounds so also, as though the Lidl sold already. After all, my favorite deli.

Einsneunundsechzig for the perfect reincarnation. I pack in, I let my taste.

Since I do not even have yet to buy a joke. Fair offer. Correct price.

I also read the Brigitte today.

This resulted from chance, a reason that does not explain here, too, as he irrelevant for the following.

There is really so much drinne esoteric chatter, not even poorly prepared that you should not be surprised, therefore, the Uresoverlage so badly off inger.

You just stole them the business. Eso is everywhere.

Even with the partnership as separate accounts.

I have not even read all the others. Fortunately not enough time. But I'm sure that man - woman - now already for the euro gets, at each Loddl what you have long had to rummage eifrigsam twenty years ago at the Frankfurt Mess'.

Eso is strunz cheap now.

And my wonderful gooder idea that flourishes not so pretty. Not even in a women's magazine.

Still, obviously, people would rather that other idiot estates were true.

Oh well. This fate may have taken some philosophers, who thought it too good to humanity.

Seen are all also reincarnated matter.

Wistful from the Tintenmeisterei

Thursday 02 January 2014

It may well be that the schwächlichste all suggestion to write an article that consists in wanting to actually refer only to another, not even their own, but even on those of another, who wrote in about what you yourself like would have said so well, which is why I now only just quite do it:

The contribution of Jermain encounters in me the memory of those brave strange bird of perhaps sixty years, I really alone in the local fiction sometimes together with Konstantin Eulenspiegel, as the guest of me in Stuttgart, in a more or less notorious local encountered.

I even remember what his name is, probably better, ie what already mention in my underground name memory itself: The first syllable of two-syllable name also speaks exactly like those of Jermain. Nice coincidence.

In any case, it was this fellow who once recited an impressive longer poem, a private, I asked afterwards whether he was also something else, write and whether it probably would be something to read.

He only compose poetry. Never else. And to read there was nothing. Only a few selected people, which I had not previously. Why? He had always lived in the shadow.

At least times be marketing worked perfectly: I was reading love to his poems. And finally Constantine himself was very impressed by the sovereign nature of the men in black.

I also feel just quite personally approached by what Jermain there are the best by it crystallizes the contrast between self-referentiality and Verhangensein outdoors, at the hacks.

He's so right, that you do not want to know usually.

On the other hand, I'll probably still at least for the foreseeable future not so hold as the black-clad, just yet outwardly as bear appearance to inside and from there again even External Affairs over the outside.

Hopefully Jermain keeps it as well.

Collapses refinement

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

"Exquisiteness! I kollabiere! "


Heard many years ago, exactly, and seen from a standing still.

But still a find on Decision

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

'His failures against all that is spiritual, perhaps coming from a deep longing for exactly this. Who Nietzsche so admired, as he can not really be "unspiritual" ... Well, ultimately everything is spirit ... '

This assessment of my work - from two years ago - I was just randomly here:

A character?

After all, there's something before that friendly mention. Thanks at this point for it.

But back to the quote.

Due from all that is spiritual. The me. I probably had not told enough of Crowley, runes, numerology, and various other little about my spiritual hobby-horses. Or you took everything as camouflage it?

Oh yes, this deep longing. After such a beautiful rack of lamb with green beans and small, quite browned buttered potatoes. Given a strong Sancerre. Yes, because if I just think of my campfire at my cape on the Baltic Sea, red Bouteille right, alone with sand and rock and fire, and the sea view under full moons: I want the same way again.

Or fly again in a dream about Japan, Amur, bathe in the most wonderful lakes and rivers, feel the Überspültsein on the Strand, really, again, for a beach runner days, whether right in the dunes of Ameland clouds and spray the North Sea, salt air, red Bouteille .

The longings for spiritual I know of myself, in fact, not a few.

Sometimes I long even after it, even to write something spiritual.

But then again I dare not, or it missrät even pathetic.

Of love, inalsoweit can be spiritual, I also do not understand much; I beigerammelt only times two boys.

This respect is almost unfortunate that ultimately, well, everything is spirit.

So spiritually. Thus myself.

I almost feel a little consternation.

No: THAT is so not fair! (I am Libra.)

And I must say here clearly now. (Leo Ascendant.)

And if it becomes a failure. (Pluto-Uranus conjunction in the first house.)

If I'm just yet spiritually soherum already, how could I still have so much longing as often as possible to be something similar to spiritually?

Moreover, Nietzsche was not spiritual. He thought it better to thinking. He was just because thinking principle can not be spiritual, not spiritual.

But I adore him so so much. (Crowley was not stupid, but considering Nietzsche but an egomaniac and a charlatan.)

I worship Confucius. He was also very unspiritual. So he spoke neither about God nor about magic. (There is a small video of me.)

Also as a pleasant little spiritual I guess Heinrich von Kleist, the hard-hitting stories, syntactically incomparable, with a pace knew that against it not only difficult paralyzes some Scripture to tell, in such unspiritual German, that when reading or paper at the sound of brit tent.

Jaja. My Unspiris.

Almost my favorite, worst Unspiri, it was here already several times mentioned (how Kleist and Konfzius also), Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra.

He has quite simply a story of Zween idiot tells someone who considered himself spiri, but only in his imagination was (or actually does it?), And one whose spirituality is similar to mine, on sufficiently Käs and wine and good quarters for the night first taught.

No wonder, then, that he won not too important place in the world of Spiribewunderungsliteratur; the profundity of the unspiritual is just often not easily comprehended by Spiris and even understood.

It abounds in the Quijote only seems like - imaginary - cursed magicians and magic Ebennichtzufällen, and there is no lack of some other ingredient that wants the Spiri fallen well.

Alone: ​​The story is too funny. That may be the Spiri now does not mean that you do not want aufbilden humorless not even the highest Spiri. A non sequitur. A sacrilege.

Where was I?

Yes, exactly. When injustice.

It is truly unfair to genuine Spiris just because all mind is to throw me in a pot.

I will also not accept uncontradicted 2014.

The Michel is not a German (II)

Sunday, November 24, 2013

I do not want more of the various functions of the Archangel Michael, as they were assigned to it by Judaism, Christianity and Islam, kidney expediency here.

At least most of them have with the German national character, it wofern one is seen from the outside at least, it is permitted to see one from the inside at least one negative to do little to nothing.

Just look at trying out phrases to the vernacular.

"I'm not the Michel!"

"Want me to make your Michel?"

"Find yourself another that makes you the Michel!"

The Michel is therefore a good-natured Depp, one which can be exploited exorbitantly, a relish getriezter servant or slave.

Dozy, always a little confused, helpless, stupid.

Nationals even incapable of thought.

Well: Be this image sunk until today.

It is also not altogether inaccurate. Aspects are permitted.

But since only show the negative aspects.

Not only the spirit of invention is lacking, and the desire for freedom, the creative joy, the philosophy, the courage and bravery. The fracturing, the weigher as the adventuring. And more.

Therefore, I will break even this.

I do not know exactly how, along which name.

Perhaps there are three names, or else it is none, rather than Michel.

Who wants to continue Micheln that will do that.

For me it has ausgemichelt itself.

Anyway, for a long time now but again very different.


Of course I know that so does not break a picture overnight.

Anyway, usually: if not done quite extraordinary.

Somewhere out there is but one, perhaps even some who understand what I posit why I accreting it.

And if not first, so I'll just continue alone.

Moment: Jochen seems to have understood me already in the first article, at least to a considerable extent.

Again, a church, a Crawl

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The whole esoteric and magical theories, of which I have heard, read, with whom I came in contact, have a hook.

I'm not talking about the notorious craving for the respective "spiritual" leaders who Geheimhalterei and Lügerei outward, the whole useless paraphernalia, the clamped crude Initatiationspraktiken and such more questionable.

No, it comes that everyone at all times very different "function" can, as specified by any doctrine. And so well that the respective "Master" rather no longer compete.

And no matter whether these masters only a shaman in the central African bush, or whether he was the Chief of Skull & Bones, Skull with Cochise in hand.

Learning is now times more valuable than praying and speechify.

Self to itself is stronger than any retreat.

Yes, I also had masters, as a stonemason and as a linguist.

But those were not magic Fritzen. They could their stuff.

There are other - for me - undoubtedly spiritual energy fields that our exact observation and description elude so far.

However, this also under the control of any wannabes, and may they have practiced so long and hard up halbbeinige whole phalanxes of their disciples for it.

Consider only the literary mind awareness of the works that are presented by this kind of people.

What we see since, typically?

First, an overload of texts with any relevant terms that never quite defined, thereby exalted above all, untouchable.

Then bad style. Insonderheit in the sense that not only the redundancy too much, but that also stands out besides the obvious Sultry Right, the omission of significant, at least in contexts substantial, striking.

Had I, for example, an Indian guru before the shotgun. A very untypical existentialist pessimism (UGKrishnamurti).

United recorded. Some good observation. He was not even a cult around himself.


Nowhere the art.

So again a loser. Ultimately, even a chatterbox.

I mean now that the question of the concept of art a kind of litmus test for every religion, philosophy, esoteric Assembly and so on.

Since all the fun with the whole Döns and listen to drivel that is very fast.

As it is, their true colors.

Since it is important to show what kind of person you are.

As soon debunked merely swollen breasts, Western postmodernism are eastern divan esque Metaästhetiken not long ohngeistig hand.

There were no priests, who built the magnificent Gothic domes, but these were stonemasons. Understood the obvious more of the golden ratio and other essential principles, as the Bible garbled Laber Sacks, awarded the contracts.

Bach's music is not Christian. No Japanese is because Christian Bach.

Otherwise: Although one God, but to a lot of Archangel, the Mother of God, djinn, devils, lots of irrelevant and somehow hinwiederum but very important accompanying rabble. Highly important. Ugh Deibel.

Yes, I did not see all this nonsense for a long time, so I might have to Speiben.

No wonder, when you look at the, reason that many gifted refuge in a rationalism that is not significantly better.

Now there is suddenly nothing more, except the already explicable.

Again, a church, a Crawl.

Perhaps the defining aliens are really reptilian.

That fit.

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