Turkey threatens Israel with war

If you do not would read on such a page, you could not believe it: The Israeli army commander Uzi Dayan threatens Turkey with war.

Read for yourself: http://bbs.chinadaily.com.cn/viewthread.php?gid=2&tid=670394

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10 Responses to "Turkey threatens Israel with war"

  1. Hermann says:

    Since you do not have to go to China, with the elect, you can find it in the original:


  2. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Hermann

    Thank you, first hand, it becomes even clearer.

  3. otto says:

    Israel can not put anything up.
    the so-called alternative ship to gaza activists was known organized by Turkish Islamists with the involvement of the German left, as the ard has aired recently.

  4. totto says:

    LoL @ Otto was refuted everything again ... even on the official website of the Israel Defence Force is no longer any question of terrorists .... if in the tagesschau comes that the easter bunny and marry the santa claus Do you want to report determined as familiar tools .... poor land-poor world .... sad sad sad

  5. KainAerger says:


    You are me as a gasoline ...

    you have probably missed, should probably be glad "the world can not let Israel with everything"
    Seriously, you realize actually that Israel grade consistently controls us into WW3?
    Keep your eyes and mind open.

  6. SonsOfATA says:

    Israel has with this threat now completely isolated from its surroundings, but worse than that which they have done with the death threat against the Prime Minister Erdogan as a serious threat for Turkey to the new threat, the Turkish Armed Forces, thanks to the NATO Military very Trained well organized and equipped, and have considerable troop strength .and whom Israel a nuclear power is should the nuclear silos in Turkey do not forget to have been established for the protection of NATO countries, and with murder and war threats all credibility Israel is actually to want peace and stability also may have lost the Hamas and other radical groups with many bombs attacks on innocent people must finally stopped but with so many innocent people responsible but taken it enough, Israel and Hamas's warmongering because of so many children's lives also whom must be the Military

  7. Cement says:

    very surprising that the elect not even the Germans threaten war. Goods but also German MPs involved in the action. The Turks, they've already killed in action.

  8. Alkane says:

    erts I would like to take you alle.ich can only say the world is was and remains ungerecht.türkei is a very great harm wear them when it comes to war against israel. as we will know no eu indians or nato turkey beistehen.türkei depends not want to the Arab. world. because they realize what the west Operates get the mass murders based on the lie and yet they recognize that they have no allies. I think Israel should not only boycott but you must act should design against them sharp resolutions, if necessary interventieren.Es is only for peace or recovery come from relationships when the turkey would be kleinbei, thus erdogan would lose his face against the Turkish folk. I hope when it comes to (it shall come to pass) to a close east of the great conflict ami out sticks and israel is brought quickly back into reality. the turkey would have long since traded so I think if they knew that the US remains neutral and democratic. turkey is not a Gaza israel lebanon etc we suffer devastating losses when it comes to the relation will suffer the turks more losses but we are also 72 million. it is sad we are (mankind) in front of a big conflict I think Turkey should they be consistent with the russians tuhen together zuihren word not like turning the usa turn as they paragrafen make it take from geneva agreement zufoltern to people who make the deal abolish the one should quickly give take

  9. gudiga says:

    Which country has the courage to criticize Israel?
    Israel has money has hochmoderene weapons, but unfortunately this is not the solution. In the long term, Israel will beräuen it bitter. You have too many enemies, they have mainly into debt itself. as word peace is a foreign concept for managers. Their own people should finally time to react before it is too late. Stand up arogant and just want wrongly that they can save. Change is here. Gaza must be helped if nobody dares auser Turkey this conflict could trigger a world war. Respect for the Turks, who actually want by willingly through this stretch. Do not have an advantage in sooner you Schadn, but wenigtsens they do something good for the people who live in Gaza.

    Israel should rein to act against Turkey. There will be many deaths and for what ???

    Because Israel wants to prevent it, the people are helped.

    , Because talk of weapons smuggling everything. Gaza is a big prison without anything? Until now, the Israelis have this can indeed Also check good, but now is closing once and for!

    All Israelis think about the negative only no one has the courage possessed such a power to say something.

    Turks before the others being determined to follow suit.

    The Poltik Israel has for years is out long ago and broke the plans.

    Israel must finally 3 courses zürückschalten!

  10. Magnus Wolf Goller says:

    @ Gudiga

    Turkey wants to mess with Israel?

    Who is stronger?

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