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Magnus' children side (II)

Tuesday, 09 July 2013

Hugindor sings and paints

Hugindor was a real tomboy. He hopped and sang.

This did not please everyone.

For jumping and singing were no school subject. So it sometimes even blamed his dad that he should do but what the teacher wanted from him.

Finally Hugindor, began more seriously to paint. He could not indeed Alleweil. During class in his school, as his deceased mom had done, when there were good schools, but at least Mr. Krumm nail, his history teacher

Mr. Krumm nail was anyway a remarkable teacher. He said namely ever, that not a word should just believe him so, but always check yourself, read and think.

And they should especially not simply believe what stands in books and in the world network.

One day Hugindor painted a strange picture of the crooked nail.

The teacher had a bright red face it, the hair was purple, lemon yellow shirt, and it spilled out a speech bubble from his mouth: "You will not believe"

Crooked nail discovered the concoction. He stood silent. He did not know what to do.

After the lesson he took Hugindor aside and said to him kindly: "Hugindor, such images You can with me in the hour but not paint!"

"Why not?" Hugindor said wonderingly. "It will anyway see any of my pictures."

Crooked nail sighed. "You're right, Hugindor!"

"But you say but that I should not believe you!" Replied Hugindor. "And I've just roughly painted."

"I say this, Hugindor" replied crooked nail, "but it is not also write nor where."

"What should it be so bad if you also writing down what is said something?" Asked Hugindor.

"From there, it is proved that you said it. And besides, you've already doubted so publicly as a child. It is good if you doubt, but it is dangerous if you hinschreibst it. It could read one. "

"Can I go to jail for it?" Asked Hugindor.

"No, of course not, but when you grow up, you have to really watch out."

Hugindor went home, and his dad praised him for the beautiful picture, but he also said that the teachers crooked nail'm right.

"But why daddy?"

"I can tell you how the Lord Krumm nail also not explain in detail. Believe me, please, Hugindor that many adults even before the questions children have so much fear that it may not get well the children they represent. Unfortunately, we live in a country where there is even forbidden questions. I'll say this now. "

Hugindor was not satisfied with that answer his dad. He was even pissed off. Again, the adults gave themselves only wise and all-knowing. He could endure last.

Magnus' Children page

Sunday, 07 July 2013

Yesterday I heard for the umpteenth time, I would like to write something for children. I promised to try it at least.

Too little clever and funny stories you tell you children today, said my companion. So I should make it myself.

So now comes the first story. Wish me fingers crossed that I manage it to some extent, and further still.


Sabine finds all people's stuff

Sabine was no Sachensucherin like Pippi Longstocking, the well known searched everywhere useful things, but they always sought their own, as they were scattered.

She had only the mom because the dad was with another away in the Philippines, and the mom had in an office of very important people a lot of work, and she herself pretty thing seeking driven, so that they not able to help much Sabine.

Sabine had already spoken with her little darling dino that might help her cause Search; they had already tried, always good clean up.

But whenever she tried bravely to clean up, which they also stopped the mom again, she was certainly less of their stuff.

Sometimes Sabine was very sad, because they do not know as other girls, so clean up her things that she found it then.

Sometime Sabine noted, however, that they, if this seemed any lost, things took much better than others.

Wherever there was something missing in the school or in the tennis club of the mom, because she found it under a shirt, bat cover, or back under locker.

Although Sabine still had trouble with the class teacher, because their books were not neat, and it also a bit naughty, at least sometimes, but soon everyone knew in turn, that she was a selected object finder.

At the latest, when she found the rector sacred little notebook in the paper bin at school, it became clear that they had their gift not only get paid, but developed.

Meanwhile, Sabine nineteen, and she teaches other finding lost objects: even finding things that were never lost.

Even for the mom she has found a new man, the Rolf, love a whole, the first had not dared to speak to the mom at all. Unfortunately, until now, where they do not so badly needs a new dad.

But the mum, very pleased.