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Tanja Krienen praises the AfD

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dear Tanja,

I had just, as I cared for Martin Lichtmesz 'recent article for AfD, of course, in the occiput, how shabby it happened to you with this club.

As I looked again after your and came across this wonderful video of you:

I was especially pleased at just the Erstschau also your happiness with the lecture of not just any smooth text.

Gave me even a friend for a beer mug birthday, on which stood (blue, cheesy illustrated old German Zecher them): "He who drinks long, live long!"

Now, who's battling long lives not necessarily shorter.

Only your courage for such a wonderfully oblique presentation is to praise.

Who of all the floppy sacks format and Traute for something?

My appreciation and my best friendly greetings!


Here are two interviews to the point:

Modern Prangerpest: guilty even with acquittal

Tuesday 05 July 2011

The cases tile man, Assange, Strauss-Kahn have made it clear that men have become a public fair game for sexual accusations by women.

Medial running the gauntlet of course.

Presumption of innocence nil.

Even if eventually acquitted, they are socially and professionally as good as done.

Against this modern Prangerpest the part a little bit indelicate following video directed.

It is enough.

Confucius is not talking about magic

Monday, June 27, 2011

Bangert's passing

The Master never spoke about magic powers and unnatural demons.

(Richard Wilhelm translation)

Confucius is sour

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Yes, even a Confucius could be upset for good reason.

Why, see and hear here:

Bilderberg 2011: Today On the Outgoing swore

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Today they are finally allowed home, raving in their areas, the Bilderbergers, to bring the poor, geschmäheten, merry March thereat to invade which country next to murdered hundreds of thousands to expropriate what people next, wes which Totimpferei.

In the canton of little ones in Germany, then, the bleating Schafsschrapsler no obligation facing large that their upper shepherd ever met, circled about St. Moritz, behind bars, of lunatics.

A spell even the "masters of the world":

Greed and murder by treachery in the lap married.

My video here Thanks again added:

Bilderberg 2011: I love you!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Love Bilderbergers,

I got you so lib because I finnde you so cool.

For Besipiel how have you now resist made with Gaddafi.

After Vohr recently he was your besster speci still and his son with the Rothschilds the pupen has let it get now by A on the Sck.

I know one of the sums is as cool as her. If the mid-circuit a girlfriend makes it easy texting her over she is a stupid Schlambe.

He erzält dan all other and of course eating it anyway and the ne in bed Niede. (more ...)