DM-2: Systematic disinformation?

Without that we would have to be assessed in turn paranoid conspiracy theorist or a passionate, is now pretty close to the idea, very specifically interested scattered rumors regarding a sudden, imminent introduction of a DM-2.

Cui bono?

In this case, the standard question of the possible motives of the crime scene after Desinformanten is easy to answer: all those who speculate against the euro may benefit in this way, just like the gold-and silver-people.

The latter, often little people with little expertise, put the long on precious metals, are involved, of course, only too happy to as "passive Desinformanten", ie, they disseminate professional disinformation more compliant, one hand under conscious of the advantage because, on the other hand, but also because they are obvious as not to be wrongly located, as bona fide Donkeys stand, to the prejudice still exposed to ridicule, but if it is different: the equivalent, even if often irrational, the human, all too human psychology.

Who sent it hires the right relevant channels, which have "trust" purchased, uses cunning has, therefore, a powerful lever may, by a few well-sown seeds, barely traceable, the fast-growing financial giant hogweed, which, once absorbed, almost ineradicable, highly toxic nightmare of every gardener, a plague spreading like to bring, to grow.

In addition, this course also desired the effect of self-fulfilling prophecy occur when people buy gold and silver as the idiot ...

For me, a lot of evidence that it runs just the same way.

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32 Responses to "DM-2: Systematic disinformation"

  1. mutton butcher says:

    A hypothesis is a statement that the validity is assumed, but which is not proven or verified. For hypotheses, it is customary that the conditions are given under which they are to be valid.

    In positivist philosophy of science, the currents hypothesis is a precursor of a theory to which it can be verified by observations. Critical-rational approaches take the view, theory, speculation and hypothesis are the same because no assumptions could be justified nor verified.

    An assertion or a guiding principle that should be proved by scientific evidence or refuted ...

    mutton = paranoid symptoms are very varied and are joined by many underlying illnesses, including neuroses, psychoses, such as schizophrenia, personality disorders, and some many degenerative diseases. The course forms are different in each case. They are also symptoms of people suffering from real or perceived long persecution had, but not actually psychotic or personality are disturbed. Paranoid symptoms may also occur as a result of other somatic, neurological and / or psychiatric disorders ...

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Prefer mutton butchers,

    First time I want to thank you - I go back to the times you after you first thought I had your - that you sense in the upper and lower case and use it to write the reader now so how it should be.

    Their little lecture "sheep" with respect and their possible mental turmoil is quite nice, but really killed me because I feel not. Yawn.

    Otherwise it would be just as meaningful due, if you ever eizugehen on the contents of the article you were inclined, and such as these, perhaps even on a different level or style, appreciated.

    Even so, you would meet the readers.

  3. mutton butcher says:

    stylistically ...? .. hmm .. soso ..
    <lat.> the expression relating
    a) in the literature: see the essay is good, bad, properly, a scientific text is characterized by objectivity s.
    b) in the field of fine art: the work is not uniform s.
    ... Nachgerade one knows the stylistic subtleties of Russian ...
    ... Problem. The novel is stylistically remarkably, the language ...
    ... Pointed out other grammatical and stylistic ugliness. An ...
    ... 1906). In acute, stylistically brilliant presentation ...
    ... About hinwegzuhelfen that it is not in his style ...
    ... Deep, and stylistically impeccable analysis of the ...
    ... And reveals a stylistic inclinations at all needs clarification. ... ... Is used by experts of his stylistic achievements this assertion with ... ... with a - at least stylistically very appealing - Ahasuerus - testifies ... ... but of unusual stylistic audacity, but ... sorted ... in its factual and stylistic contexts and ... ... lacking, with dignity and stylistic sensibility. The sold-out ...?
    But the theme =)?
    An assertion that 'assertoric sentence' called a sentence with a specific meaning .. can claim is correct (or true) or false. It is therefore reasonable to deny claims to doubt, to confirm to confirm, to prove to refute, etc.
    therefore .. The application of the concept of relativity must therefore distinguish between each meaning, valuation and existential dependencies .... see monetary policy time ..
    .. .. This form Epistemological relativity: the dependence of the findings of the mode of production and the nature of their claim to validity or .. but ..? Aesthetic Relativity: the dependence of sensual perception of the perspective of experience ...
    and why ..
    The personality has a right to be wrong. The Philistines may erroneously be right ... or ..
    From one who believes that money can accomplish anything, one can rightly assume that he is capable of anything for money ...

  4. Rudi says:

    And again were those who had money ripped.
    The gold dealers are sold out.
    The trash is brought to the people.
    There is no gold standard anymore.
    No government guarantees the exchange of money.
    Gold is the most unnecessary element that exists.

    Where it is needed?
    Only jewelry, teeth, and luxury.
    The industry needs it.
    The advertising does matter.
    You absolutely must have it!
    As with the iPhone or iPad!
    Buy no ifs slipping the price bounds.
    The protection of BIB's gold is in fact no longer possible.

    Have times compared with the stock of physical gold, the world's gross domestic product in 2008. Accordingly, the gold would be worth over $ 100,000 / oz have.
    That was in the 17th 18th and perhaps partly in the 19th Century still possible.
    But in today's goods and commodities to hedge portfolio in gold is no longer possible.

    Gold is virtually worthless.
    The value arises only when it is bought by many.
    The awakening comes when it is trying to sell.
    Nobody wants to have it.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Rudi

    "Cover" Just the idea of ​​the value of the little gold today would have, I have also been made elsewhere (although no actual numbers), so I drew a gold cover in the realm of fantasy ...

    Thank you!

  6. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Mutton schlachter

    I think so, you just kill yourself

  7. mutton butcher says:

    We have no money, the money has given us.

  8. Rudi says:

    Anyone who still says that we ought to return to the gold standard has not understood anything.
    The need in the 16th Century, the evolutionary shift missed.
    The participants at Bretton Woods, on 15 August 1971, then already recognized that the gold standard only hindered the development.
    Even then it was not enough gold available to cover everything that can be.
    They were smart enough back then to think about what they should do with the worthless stuff now.
    For they were indeed on thousands of tons of this stuff that nobody needs.
    You have now done!
    Create crisis, stir the drum for solid gold and sell it expensive to the people.
    The awakening comes when it wants to buy any.

  9. mutton butcher says:

    Here rolled gold, gold here, I played with -
    in fact, gold has played with me - I was rolling!
    Nietzsche * =)

  10. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Rudi

    Gold is already beautiful and extremely durable, not only as jewelry, also gold-plated contacts (technical or social) are not to be despised.

    I any case, the small clumps but now has become too expensive.

    I think there is just really driven only a sow through the global village.

  11. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Mutton schlachter

    "How came gold to the highest value? - It always gives himself. "

    Approximate or even exact Gedächtnistitat from Nietzsche's Zarathustra.

  12. mutton butcher says:

    My everything! said the gold;
    My everything! said the steel.
    Everything I buy! said the gold;
    Everything I take! ... said the steel.
    .. Or ...
    The gold at the neck of the winner is the secret weapon in the know ...

  13. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Mutton schlachter

    Very kind of you, that you are from the lyrical and metaphorical theorizing again, Beautiful again, herewith very essence of what the gold arrives, "run down".

    Gold of course has an inalienable, own, incomparable value.

    He, however, built as it is now, no viable substitute for weight on vital goods.

  14. mutton butcher says:

    I have a feeling .. that these aphorisms of great thinkers .. apparently inspire?
    Long live .. does not mean a lot to survive, loved, hated, indifferent people, kingdoms, capitals, even forests and trees that we planted and sown teen. We recognize ourselves and survive quite grateful, if we remain only a few gifts of body and mind left .. Survival is even or future?
    .. I think-yes-
    I laugh at all the materialists .. caught up in themselves and their savings ..
    all hesitation and trembling as she ..

  15. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Mutton schlachter

    Now you kill even the money instead of sheep ...

    Have you ever seen me as a materialist, because I comment on money and gold?

  16. Beetle says:

    Stupid stupid scrap items.
    What do you imagine a young mind can not - so can not happen - muahaha.

  17. mutton butcher says:

    Hmm .. =) .. If you say you despise the money, of course, you always think other people's money ... and ..
    .. Too much money as puzzled by how little money ...
    .. And .. he, he ...
    We promise to God in distress often much, but make it like that trader who crossed the lake and, when a great storm arose, called out to God: Dear God, if you save me, I promise you eighty wethers! The son, who heard it said: But Father, are we so poor! - Be quiet, 'replied the father, if we are over there - no claw! - How often is something in our background Dishonest ... .=)

  18. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    Dear Beetle,

    I can imagine a lot, even the most theoretically with the DM-launch weekend.

    It sounds like anything but what was said about it and brought highly implausible.

    If you still believe in it, I like to invite you to the one on the side of my colleagues already offered Röttcher bet is valid until tomorrow evening 18.00.

  19. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Mutton schlachter

    Have I said that I despise the money?

    After all, you are now eighty wethers ...

  20. Escape from Germany says:

    Everyone should take a liking what he likes.

    Some like gold or silver, the other is just called a piece of paper with a promise of money on it.

    The one trusts the government gives the promise of this and the other familiar gold and silver.

    Oh yes, one has to pay the debt.

    Either the flock of bleating sheep or a wolf pack.

    Gentlemen paymaster!
    I'm looking forward to the next battle hard!

    Friendly greetings from the Far East

  21. Escape from Germany says:

    Oh yes,

    here is my IP address, finally I'm in Asia! Or?

  22. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Out of Germany

    Now looking forward to my return a slaughter ...

    Greetings gene Far East!

  23. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Out of Germany
    @ Mutton schlachter
    @ Others who I saw in other forums, including here

    So slowly it seems to me the malice, the malice, the fugitive or already packed bags sitting on the left behind the - certainly not just me - all the evil, destruction, hope, but something strange.

    If you worry about that one could regret his decision at the end and in Thailand or the U.S. might even faster and even very moldy, while the people in Germany berappeln just yet?

    For me, this malicious attitude is far to explain that way.

    Anyone who knows me better exculpation of this attitude, the reporting here quickly.

  24. Hermann says:

    Gold is now as useless as 5000 years ago. It almost did anyway and wants to have any, so had it since we can think of its value. And it will keep a value, as long as there are people who think in categories of material security (apart from the chain).

    Of course, it may be that today is "expensive" resurrected precious tomorrow, tomorrow, or else when one - perhaps considerable - "value loss": For the price of an ounce of gold can I get today, many bags of potatoes, pasta or rice, which I deposits, sometime can even swap. Only the one day, even with the best service, way, if the supply fails. For the next ounces I get maybe just a bag of Something, after all, but the.

    More likely, however, is that we have invented the euro, the money that we have in 1000 years ... - go well, and all precious metals lists bite into her expensive gold - eh determines much longer.

    A small hope remains even speculators that gold is now as useless as 5000 years ago. I, however, are also known elements, which until 30 years ago a lot of useless - if that is - and who are highly in demand today (no one wanted that necklace for it).

  25. Escape from Germany says:

    Sorry, but bleating sheep was nothing personal, just a term for the mass of the people who are indifferent and are not willing to change.

    What had happened to the Euro zone I described last year in my blog very concrete way.

    There will be a bailout for ALL, and then a currency reform.
    I see very good business opportunities for Germany in the future.

    It is beautiful, like the other Greeks to help!
    Let us not forget:
    The hand is what stands higher than the hand that takes.

    Germany will play a leading role in Europe. The Americans have given it their approval.

    This is the reason why France is so nervous.

    Do not worry, the currency reform is not coming yet.
    I see also more likely that the national currencies come back, but this is fixedly coupled to a supra-national currency.

    On that occasion, namely, some countries could be another
    Miss the "good haircut". Is to say, the wages must be in the conversion again.

    So the green light for Germany and each has his own fortune.
    Who is passive and not adapt to life, the mutton legs gets pulled long.

    That was always like that.
    Money has always ruled the world.
    Even the kings and emperors for hundreds of years have danced to the tune of the bankers and the money.

    This trade merchants and bankers were people like the FUGGER.

    History repeats itself.

    My advice:
    Avoid going to where the mass goes.
    These qualities are always the paymaster.

    If you see a banker jump out the window,
    jump immediately afterwards.

    There's definitely a good profit making!

    Friendly Greetings from Phnom Penh

  26. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Hermann

    Yes, here on earth, lanthanides and actinides ...

    Osmium, iridium, palladium ...

    But you're right that a lump of gold, if it is not thrown in aqua regia, lasts longer than a sack of potatoes ...

    And then it's still not rotted away or ...

  27. Peter Reh says:

    Part 1:

    Part 2:

    Part 3:

    Password: call4fx

    The Bilderbergers come with time on everyone's lips.

    One more video

    Greetings from New Ulm
    Peter Deer

  28. Critics say:

    I postulate: "Conspiracy theorists of all countries, unite! (... To a Metaverschwörung) "

    Otherwise, simply read the times, "Foucault's Pendulum" by Umberto Eco.

  29. Sil says:

    @ Peter Reh

    "The Bilderbergers come with time on everyone's lips."

    Do you want to know where the Bilderbergers really come?

    There once was a bunch of lazy, worthless rich, in a country where the light was not simply one Hinsch. For it was somewhere between Po and Nile Delta. So she painted a picture of it and crafted a story to lure the light in her kingdom ... # = v = onepage & q & f = false

    THE light of the mind ... for this gravedigger was not enough and so they fixed the traditional sun a second time in the firmament of the stages within a hierarchy (pyramid) and made it a company: the all seeing screen heritage, the Herberger.

    To put it very briefly freizumauern:

    "When Seth wanted to show in front of the gods, for taking the Horus" was Unterlegenere "and told them of his actions, shouted at them and spat at Horus. However, all of them laughed and said that Seth the "underdog" is. Thoth then called on the seed of Seth, get out at Horus. But when nothing happened, he called on the seed of Horus, come out with Seth. The Horus seeds there answered him, came out of the head of Seth and became a golden sun. The humiliated Seth wanted to then seize the disk, but Thoth took this and put it as the crown of Horus on the head. "

    What do you do with seeds, and everything was incredible.

    Thus, a mother, something like that is selling for money, was also there. Knowing today also known as soap operas.

    "Groove is in the Egyptian mythology, the goddess of the sky." It is even considered one of the Urgöttinnen part of the creation myth of the Herberger Heritage image. This groove (te) is called the "sow that eats her piglets". "In spite of this epithet, the goddess was viewed as very positive."

    Yes we know they want to make that the Bilderbergers are very positive and something special.

    "Nut was a goddess of death. In the Pyramid Texts it is mounted as healing [- salvation, healing, healing, Hit represented ....] cow ".

    The wonders of the cow with me at all now.

    "Some Egyptologists argue that the goddess Nut, the band of the Milky Way have symbolized."

    Now you have to be the mother tongue (had) more than just imagine milk-producing cow, suckling at which a few image Herberger heritage, so as to gain the power to be able to keep other humans as slaves.

    And already we have arrived in the real world.

  30. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Peter Reh
    @ Sil

    I do not forget your contributions, however, am just very busy, see new products of today ...

  31. m.gatzke says:

    Well, yes take into the mouth quite full.
    So much about blasphemy gold watch watch-or is that the argument of gold lots - come too late responding - not departing on the
    Gold Train jumped?
    And about the currency EURO as the debt should you pay for these times nachdenken.n No one can ever owe. So, what do you do? Emphasize devalue-inflate-or single-currency monetary reform, cut or whatever. Only it must be adjusted .-
    A little story about that you should know as well. Everything else is clever dairy and ignorance.

  32. top says:

    ... Gold and silver rush?


    ... Not even 1%, just 0.4-0.7% of total assets (consisting of stocks, bonds, etc.) are invested in gold and silver, of a "noise" can be no question here.

    Moreover, it is not advertised in the MEDIA SYSTEM FOR THE PURCHASE, the newspaper published by the "BIG LETTERS" recently an article on how the precious metals can be sold well.

    ... There also is no asset class more in the can go a reasonably security-oriented investors, government bonds (MOTHER OF ALL BUBBLES!) For virtually bankrupt states probably do not provide a "pillow" behind "shares" usually are not "property" (all rented or leased) and also these are overpriced, even without considering the lack of tangible assets.

    There remain therefore only the precious metals.

    The series of reasons "FOR" is endless.

    So who better to trust deposits, life insurance or government bonds, pray tell, is the great howling then come ...

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