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Circumcision of boys: Breeding a sick, steerable warrior caste

Thursday 06 February 2014

"Otherwise, the baby roar because of lack of or no anesthesia performed mutilation not worth mentioning to the fact that the thus maimed for life are deprived of a part of your sexuality and punished with partial insensibility."

The just wrote earlier the laudable loyal reader and commentator "Anonymous" to the circumcision of boys, in the pre-Range commenting.


He mentioned the topic of censorship.

This is because, of course, of course.

We're not even to get to that we say to all mankind the truth about such a big part of themselves!

Not an idiot would think not from something. Odder? (more ...)

Absolute double-talk (II)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

A case of absolute Doublespeak we find also in the context of religions and the words "respect" and "tolerance".

I do not want that male children may be mutilated in Germany legally on the genitals, so desfalls willful and serious injury may be done to protect minors commanded, so I am "intolerant", I show lack of respect for two "world religions". Some then lay still the accusation of "racism" "to Judaism although lineage bound only conditionally, Islam at all.

I once had the police at the door, was that of a caring neighbor summoned the officer and the officer lay my two boys a little grin bringing to the threshold, apparently unharmed, just keep them from entering without a search warrant in my apartment, because it indeed, but only when the two were fighting without end, had come to vociferous references from my side.

That obviously nothing was out of the roar of my hand, happen, did not change the fact that I got missed with two children, a forced appointment at the Youth Office, regulation, the two officials, my crab thought seeing by both the meantime laugh had, achwas, all fours, just not me, I woselbst fortunately on an understanding lady came, but, again rule had to hold a year on a kind Watchlist me.

If I had my boys mutilated genitals, the Indicating the hinwiederum would have been no problem, a master Disrespectful-intolerant. A Muslim haters and anti-Semite.

Ebensoso: No one should be discriminated against because of his race, etc., says the Basic Law. Boys should be blended, girls do not. Women and migrants with or without a German passport are already set preferred in many cases. Who but a job ad on, in which he (and it was that he was not paying attention only in the formulation) a man, a German who seeks to fall quickly into severe water. The so-called family ministry called exactly: "Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth" ("and against men" is, in fact, at least not explicitly here).

Freedom of speech is propagated. However, at the University of Cologne already awake a whole Guardian about the fact that "gender neutral" Newspeak is enforced everywhere.

The woman officer of the City of Stuttgart (not just this lousy Swabia nest) is also the Equality Officer. Under the heading "Men Supervisor (s)" you will find only those Zürcher, who was ousted quickly.

Too bad, Lady Before Zuger interior that not only is your gender speaking lousy, but you can not make it in the literature as desired to bring women seriously in the forehand.

This will you, as long as men left no prohibition on writing, in five hundred years of "Girls' Days" and sponsored by the Family Ministry creative writing classes for women, single award prizes, no matter what frippery, not create them.

You do not even notice that your damaged much more with all this shite your wards than those against whom ye rise. (more ...)

"From the foreskin from the term"

Monday, December 31, 2012

Somehow I had the last few days the feeling again to say something to Knabenverstümmlungserlaubnisgesetz this year.

Now is a green parliamentary candidate in the end because it was written by a poem which, although stylistically not necessarily upper class, but irrefutable content hits the spot.

So it begins:

"Sharpen the knife, sings a song
Off the foreskin of the limb.
Children can not defend themselves,
therefore they must honor us. "

And ends (you can find the whole poem here ):

"Are you for an intact limb,
so you're the same anti-Semite. "

So much freedom of expression, even difficult to deny in its statement may gooder a party rather than beetles protect children, of course not let go.

One can ask how a man with his own opinion and compassion for children could ever get lost in these mendacious mucus Schlecker store actually only.

After all, Mr. Dark is now known as a poet overnight throughout the country.

But from the poetic side he must have still a lot to learn, so it is something with the new career. (more ...)

Arno Frank: Tolerance Grand Master of SPON

Tuesday 04 December 2012

On the occasion of this polemical article of the notorious (see below) Arno Frank on SPON against all who are facing reserved only one adoption rights for gay couples, I wonder if it really is everyone that he, like two "fair Hart to" be charged conservative Catholics, says.

Hard to imagine namely, that he had against Muslims, which generally are in their rejection of homosexuality is much more radical than even conservative Catholics, just pulled the leather.

Would it be something else gaaaaanz, because you have to respect their religious and cultural tradition yes?

Something else gaaaaaanz if their tradition dictates, maim children on the genitals?

And, in this respect, even, riseth this avenger of all minority claimants against the Jews, the commandment to circumcise depending even a word? (more ...)

FAZ "check facts" to be circumcised: confusion

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The FAZ has now launched a very confused blissful project just started on the subject of circumcision, in which everything, methodologically speaking Anglo-Saxon inspired, what else, somehow durcheinanderschwurbelt between different graphs and comment threads. An input into the labyrinth see here .

The whole trading as "facts check" and "research with readers' and is funded by the Robert Bosch Foundation.

What this is all about, she will not reveal to me so far. (more ...)

Circumcision consistently

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Consequently, belonged to every male MPs who vote for the announced Knabenverstümmlungserlaubnisgesetz and everything dranhat, so afterwards without being asked - to a child's well-it's all certainly not more - as betäubungslos curtailed public, then, so that the whole electorate can see him as he still whimpers of that citizen determined by lot to like this, licked his still bleeding remaining part.

It is in addition to the justice of democracy also about transparency.

Or? (more ...)

1631d corresponds to 16 times 31 times stupid

Thursday 04 October 2012

16 times 31 is the 496th

In the Bundestag sit 598 plus x (overhang mandates) deputies.

It should therefore, as not all agreed with the need for a Knabenverstümmlungserlaubnisgesetz, the Kabbalistic encryption not bad go.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fresh sucked, slipped the mohel.

Circumcision of boys: What else is "normal"?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I've been thinking for some time whether I should what follows, especially the core sentence, write down here could.

Frank Schirrmacher me then but by his just from me on the subject commented "acceptance speech" convinced to do it.

By yesterday evening - before knowledge of Schirrmachers speech - again discussed the impossibility of a - for several reasons - cobble together even remotely viable, grundgesetz compliant Knabenverstümmlungserlaubnisgesetz, I had eingebacht that I like to be at the Federal Ministry of Justice mice when the appropriate specialist lawyers have, at last, begun in the umpteenth debate is no longer just the coffee, but even when cognac, mutually insulting as jerks, etc., was also arisen that I recently explained here wanting to do about circumcision satire not only because of some no longer funny could find, placed my opponent Tucholsky into the game, who said Satire should everything, so why not ?, the ramifications of the Cologne judgment discussed again, the other finally said: "Maybe yes sits a large part of the brain in the foreskin, and it must therefore from. " (more ...)

Writes Frank Schirrmacher (FAZ) right story?

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Frank Schirrmacher, editor of the FAZ, the Josef Neuberger Medal of the Jewish community Dusseldorf got bestowed his response attempts remarkable to say what is it partly succeeded.

Following "double the pain" the title is what the sub-heading on faz.net equally powerful to the point:

"What is the inversion? If a Nobel Prize winner, the Jews declared a danger. When the German Justice accuses the Jews injury. "

Schirrmacher then talk in detail about Jews, whom he has known and familiar, documented in the literary and historical references, the rhetorical figure of inversion or reversal, this one looks especially in anti-Jewish sense everywhere, Günter Grass gets because of his notorious critical of Israel poem in spring, giving him deserves his opinion it as a perfidious Oberverdreher what I do not want to further discuss here, but really comes inversely to the point.

It was, he writes (so that the inversion of subheading regarding German Law, Jews and Körperverletztung präzisierend):

"Inversion when an age-old practices like circumcision by German courts than in 2012" injury "is condemned and in Germany a debate begins, the" brings Judaism "and" injury "in a legal and semantic context that leaves you speechless in which Jewish parents allegedly violating their own sons, where it would have a been enough once when the judiciary, which now feels responsible for millennia, had then felt responsible only for twelve years, as German and their helpers not only injury operated on Jews but murder and manslaughter. "

Again the core: "... where Jewish parents allegedly violating their own sons ..."

Aha. (more ...)

Pierced ears against foreskins

Monday 03 September 2012

I know it sucks slowly. Sometimes, however, there is no other way.

So circumcision is something like ear piercing.

Good: Then I'm good for two members of the Bundestag.

I take my right and left ear hole puncture, without anesthesia and public, and can be divided according blend their corners.

So I undergo two harmless procedures, and every one.

Should we say a, that it was from my side not fair. (more ...)

"German Ethics Council"

Monday 03 September 2012

Here, first, what the "German Ethics Council" set to his uncanny side to circumcision of boys:

"Ethics Council recommends legal and technical standards for circumcision
Berlin, 23 August 2012
Great public and media monitoring the Ethics Council has employed this Thursday at a public plenary session with the circumcision of underage boys for religious and ideological reasons.

The Chair Christiane Woopen stressed in her introduction that the Ethics Council's public debate would contribute to the objectification of discourse.

Based on the discussion of the Ethics Council were speeches by members of Leo Latasch, Ilhan Ilkilic, Reinhard Merkel, tungsten courtier and Peter Dabrock for medical, religious, cultural, criminal and constitutional and ethical aspects of circumcision.

Despite profound differences in fundamental questions of ethics committee unanimously recommends to establish legal standards for circumcision of underage boys for religious or philosophical reasons and thereby implement the following minimum requirements:

1. comprehensive information and consent of the guardian
2. Qualified pain treatment
3. Proper implementation of surgery and
4. Recognition of a development-dependent of the affected boys veto.

In addition, the Ethics Council calls for the development and evaluation of professional standards for the conduct of circumcision participation of relevant stakeholders and the groups involved. "

"Despite profound differences on substance recommends the Ethics Council unanimously ..."

Soso. The German High ethicists suggest, then, by basically extremely disagree, unanimously, that ...

Adult (more ...)

Cowardice in front sick "God"

Sunday 02 September 2012

In view of the whole Beschneiderei and their apologists I wonder again why I should have respect for what.

I respect every human being first principle.

This does not mean that I have to respect his religion, if I can not help in this kind of serious rules, mad to keep perverse, gray.

Cowardly puppet meetings as our so-called satire leaves like unto themselves out to mock Christianity and the Pope. They do that which they calculate a promotional, harmless little scandal, but since little or nothing, where they actually had they would have to look at mandatorily required an ass in the pants.

Tab Christians send up that you dare, even if comparatively trifles. Dorten but you circumcise himself to his pen as it were voluntary.

This kind of satire leaves are therefore merely a satire of itself. (more ...)

Foreskin from the same basic law from

Sunday 02 September 2012

This thing here , a process to a millimeter wayward toddlers ear piercing is so curious that I have to pick it up.

The whole report would read like a bare satire, would not be the question of the child's best interests in space.

And were it not for the reference to the circumcision of boys.

As I announced it, which ensures that the cause for the Berlin Knabenverstümmlerdurchwinker will be plenty more complicated than the first thought in their unconsciousness, now builds up, and there will be more, in advance of this case before them.

Here is the speech that, with pierceverhunztem father wanted him as a role model for birthdays a double ear piercing, which is then not the ideas of that very father corresponded to what this led against the negligent engraver in court by the "consent" of a three-year-old girl.

The judge was analogous to Cologne circumcision judgment, where the attending physician was acquitted due to a mistake of law, also assume that the through binoculars no punishment could be meted out for assault.

In this case, yet.

If circumcision of boys "regulated", that means allowed, so we did what children intentional injury and mutilation is concerned, expect a ritual Wild West.

Or is it about before, Muslims and Jews to put in their Kinderqüalrechten all other citizens and its relevant religious preference?

Yes, of course you did before that.

Alone, it lacks any justification that is comprehensible. (more ...)

Circumcision Debate: foreskins in the face?

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

My face.

But here sometimes literally.

If the medicine at that time was already so far as here, at least in the Medical Journal in 2005 , one would have possibly dahinverpflanzt me by my fire accidents forty years ago, further breeding products from cut Babyvorhäuten.

In this forum, a participant expressed this as follows:

"Foreskin as a skin graft., 30 Mar. 2010 11:14

Doctors have found the foreskin is a very good quality and very elastic skin. Actually too good to be ensorgt after circumcision as hospital waste.
What do you think, to ask foreskins as skin transplantation available?

The only problem could have the thing. How will react if used after a serious accident and need for skin grafting, just a foreskin as a skin transplant a circumcised for religious reasons, man? "

Another there:

"In the US, it is common practice that expectant mothers the foreskin of her unborn baby in advance already at the hospital where the child will be born to sell."

That's nice. (Whether this is true with the US? Here 's a link to it. There is also talk of purely cosmetic purposes.)

I would really saupeinlich if I were circumcised and you would have fabric torn from other people Dödelchen without anesthesia and runtergesäbelt, then just set the face later. (more ...)

Zurich men Officer: That's it

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Since the canton of Zurich has actually verwagt a "Representative Men" set, the first of Switzerland, and now had to have three weeks to plunk down the begging.

Core quote from the NZZ to report :

"Get the headlines

Theunert and the club had maenner.ch mid-July provided in a report in the Sunday press headlines. The Association requests that, in the context of an upcoming revision of the Criminal Code parents and trained professionals are not punishable if "they make with clear educational objectives within a carefully selected and well-defined settings pornographic performances under 16 year olds accessible." "

It was not particularly skilled. Especially as was to be expected that this would be understood as a request from the Boulevard. Since it did not help that Markus Theunert to explained that the self-determination of young people should be respected in all cases.

Decriminalization, we know this by now, want the majority of politicians in Switzerland and Germany see the boys circumcision for religious reasons, where the self-determination of the children should not play a role: And allow such claims does not have any that I know of, its state lost place. (more ...)

Legal boys mutilation debate goes into second round

Sunday, July 22, 2012

I bring the following links to circumcision debate now aware in advance separately here, rather than just in a previous comment strand:






The train has again recorded strong momentum. I especially recommend reading the open letter to Chancellor, ministers and members of parliament and the commentary by Volker Zastrow (needed more pain ").

More and more people realize that it does not rotate here around a small, harmless Ritz in a small, almost sentient incompetent Pimmelchen that complications and long-term damage to physical as mental kind are not uncommon, even in "expert" medical version of mutilating surgery under the best anesthetic.

Incidentally, I do not think the current surveys, see the Germans as to the admissibility of the circumcision of boys as a draw.

The Magengummeln in SPD and the Greens seem to be considerably far largely behind the scenes, but. The Union is silent around Meanwhile, the "Kasperkram" (that is Zastrow in his commentary, the power of the Chancellor of the word "nation comedian" to), so does what she does best.

It looming both well justifiable complaints of those who "performed responsible," a female circumcision make on an equal footing proposition, as the other part of that, the politicians (as well as doctors, lawyers, publicists) promoting, aiding, tolerance, acceptance of violent crimes against children and the failure to render assistance, the manipulation of law and unconstitutional behavior will accuse.

This thing is far from being eaten.

The Bundestag has ushered in the second round on Thursday. (more ...)

New era of humor

Monday, July 16, 2012

We have entered into a new era of humor. A comedian is recorded in our Empress now one of extreme cruelty, ritual mutilation, ordered from parents to their own children, is not funny.

Dr. Knabenverstümmlerschützerin Merkel,

Monday, July 16, 2012

Germany would, it was against the genitals mutilation of boys, a "comedian nation."

This, we are told, should you have said Chancellor, in all seriousness.

So for you is a comedian who finds the amputation of one of the most sensitive parts of the body of male children for religious, ritual reasons witty, but reprehensible.

Ridiculous it is for you, then, to want to protect children from cruel and archaic customs.

Has anyone taught this kind of humor idea in your parents' parsonage?

Or have they learned from the FDJ?

Or, later, acquired as a scientist, as a physicist?

Or do you have only become so cynical as Chancellor?

Or did you as dictated this cipher?

Children guards were comedian? (more ...)

Jürgen Kaube against circumcision of boys!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Customs, which engage in physical integrity are abolished." - So Jürgen chewing on the practice of circumcision of boys today on faz.net

Finally dares a journalist of a German conductive medium to raise his voice for the mass serious permanent injury ritual of defenseless children in our country unique.

Ultimately, he also says that religious communities can face on the general law not arbitrary, just until then, maim people.

Kaube knows very well that he the Central Council of Jews plus all sorts of Muslim societies, who knows with this opinion, which Green Interior, has on the cheek.

Therefore, since from these forces, pulling even at a Strange that this, almost everyone is different, his courage is to praise unreservedly. (more ...)