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Goldman Sachs and I

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Goldman Sachs and I want the grand coalition comes.

Both, in peaceful, because of the so broadly structured overall responsibility for the expropriation to the German people.

So she comes.

Thank you, Goldman Sachs!

So also the rest is corrupt can not make excuses when dawns the real payday for him as well as for your company here.

Monday Mommy Stan

Monday, September 23, 2013

Now finally my mustard on the election results.

The most surprising thing is not that the turnout has not only maintained, but even increased slightly. They had seven parties in the conversation, what people mobilized. To what extent the massive abstention abuse has taken, remains speculative.

No, the big surprise is the poor performance of the left for me. I saw almost all the parameters to be favorable for the left, met here in my Stuttgart biotope many who wanted to vote. Instead of the countryside. Or the SPD. The only Sachwalterin of the social, the only (supposed) opposition continued (perhaps the slogan "100% socially" was nevertheless some socially). Or that they would choose to be at least went to the polls, or simply to wegzuhaben the Merkel.

The Left and the Greens together lost 5.5%, only half of them also gained the SPD. Well, if you include more than pirates Left Party, its 0.2% growth make here the carbon nevertheless still not fat. The Left lost a quarter of their constituents, and I had seen it at least stable, more clearly growing half head. Just now also because Green voters disappointed and SPD voters would still fall like overripe fruit into their lap. And pirate wrecks anyway. Pipe Cover.

Counting now all "left-wing parties" together, so come on these about 45%, all the "right parties" (NPD and other not included) to about 51%.

The leftists have now but since it went better miraculous, so to speak, to comfort, the majority of seats in the Reichstag. What they, however, also could redound to more curse than blessing, hehe. (The AfD was over three hours at 4.9%, while all the others I have by now and have fluctuated since, that must have been a real stress for the followers, never seen anything like it.)

Merkel had lost by the FDP, now just lucky that she does not have to govern alone. It almost would have caught it. With an absolute majority of seats they could have made difficult to understand why she should get the SPD or the Greens on board. You would have to answer the sellout of the country suddenly alone. This woman has not only skill, it has also still in need fortunes.

She has the left-wing parties (including their own) quite on the winding. If the try it alone and messing things together, what they should not be difficult, they rolled over the naughty gravity at early elections as a Panzerin.

And when a coalesced with her, is the one responsible for everything, niederkoaliert in good Merkel manner. At least the plan.

Let us surprise us.

Half glorious weather on non-election Sunday, a sign?

Sunday, September 22, 2013

What a sunshine makers because at work?

How many UFOs took the?

Goods it ships from reptilian or of Reich Germans or of mantids?

Mocks us, or is that a reward?

A reward for whom, and for what?

If we only realize that it does not scratch the sun when under it a tragedy is organized?

In all the clouds, who sought us to shade sol light, I saw magic signs and world formulas, everything was cosmic code.

Ogott. Ojessas. As Timur Lenk and Nebuchadnezzar hovered in a boat, tried me with desperate rowing movements and call attempts that swallowed up by the ether in a pulsating buzzing noise to come closer to what they are but obvious that stern garish green angel refused, the small vehicle rocking, amid laughter, alswie's him popular.

However, Schemhamphorasch and Saviour bag but too!

An invisible voice rose - she sounded a little castrato, but that may have been the atmospheric conditions or interference from the many Tachyonenantriebe - and cut through all the turmoil, up there, the still described only in its infancy: "Magnus, we are all just projections of your soul on the inside of your skull! Do not believe what you see and hear. "

"Pah," I replied, "that'll tell everyone. Charlatans like you I know right out. But may also be that you're especially jealous, I do not begrudge this whole show higher. Killjoy there are always a few. This will be no different with you. "

It only followed a first loud, then quickly Dying hiss in response.

Meanwhile rang about NNE forth a mighty roar and bellow: Mighty knight on siebenbeinigen Rossen clashed against one another, swords, halberds, maces, Steitäxte, and even giant hammers from titanite drove to the wildest pranks, some staggered sometimes by infernal bats, but, bang, these guys really got along a lot, so that none fell.

Where does this power struggle might stir? Oh, lo and behold, something dimly in the background is stretched a grandstand, woselbst the - well, let's call them ladies - amused themselves in their lodges, which probably waiting, what would be left of the brave sword for them. At gems, tiaras and gold-embroidered clothes they lacked at least not now.

'Heilandsbimbam!', I thought to myself, 'the hit each other but actually because of a few Edelnutten on the head, that the juice runs out, what do these idiots when one invents the shooting gun?' (more ...)

What choice will have been good for

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sunday, September 22, 2013

From tonight 18 clock banks be saved before their forced customers at last.

All the other Gesülch shifted to those who either deliberately or accidentally find themselves in the apparent opposition.

We will have to save that which keeps the stuff only. Each becomes the savior.

We will have to save the whole world. Out of sheer gratitude.

Yeah, the demands are high. Finally, we have benefited so much from the euro that now goes with us every time workers Porsche.

But with the "bankrupt states" is indeed characterized already irrelevant, that we are supposedly not broke, but do not have a state of their own, so to save banks likely to remain our exquisite Us disposed business.

Maybe we get from the Yanks also all of a sudden the offer that they leave peacefully if we assume their sovereign debt. That was very generous, considering what you've done selflessly soon seventy years for us.

Whether Israel a few donated dolphins for its nuclear-tipped cruise missiles wants?

What is payable for the Syria-war, including refugee hosting?

How much we pay for exemption brand jihad?

How much finance terrorist scum we really?


You see, in the last question, all previous almost forgotten.

Does not matter.

This election night can be just funny.

Anyway, for people with vision.

As the last of its kind of the Besatzerdienern.


This item IS also only completed on 22 September at this, not my bug, the shift in the witching hour struck.

Occupiers got rid of: Europe is not destroyed!

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Just a day before the election or non-election I will even throw out the view over the Sunday.

We are, no matter how they zusammenkoaliert to get a besatzertreue government.

The so-called opposition will be besatzertreu with the partial exception of the Left. It does not matter whether a coalition breaks.

What are the challenges ahead?

We must tirelessly to demand national sovereignty. (Already a peculiar irony of the story: Only the socialist Jew Gregor Gysi has my knowledge of all prominent German politicians to do that so far dared.)

Since we still face a difficult path. Last night showed me a friend clear out that now, as more and more people have realized that it is not a "right-wing" talk, the FRG to designate as not sovereign (even Schäuble has indeed now done once), of "Links "about" the middle "to" right ", soon expected to be present trouble with the occupiers. Really bad trouble if we are not careful.

To him I owe the title of this post, the motto: "got rid occupiers: Europe not devastated"

It has actually made it to the reunion, long the effect of deceiving the vast majority of Germans over twenty years, they lived in their own state. Every madman or to just stamp right-wing radicals who claimed otherwise, though this was always detectable. A mature propagandistic power, indeed. A really fat lie you have in there turned to the people. (more ...)

Federal election boycott: A delicious piece of Fund shortly before nearly

Friday, September 20, 2013

For Bundestag non-election I found just on the blog "Ace of Swords" under the title "BTW 2013" the following article showing that not voting in a manner as mentally-emancipatory act against the modern choice of religion, as I have been anywhere else - also here not - found.

It even raises the - quite serious - question on how high the turnout would be, you would offer 20 euro each or a non-election Pizza along with a bottle of non-voters Red for waiving the submission ritual.

Very good is also explained why and how the non-voters is constantly denounced, as though just the order for the country to extradite all possible cheaters, usurpers, in every variety rabble rabble is so even.

The total is also illustrated nicely: I like best the thumbnail, on the one preserved left on appealing a covered tables a delicious pizza in front of a red wine bottle, right a parliamentary ballot, now in the spirit actually has the choice of what you would prefer: Food and drink fill it out and throw it away or the ugly list.


I commented there earlier as follows:

"Prima psychological analysis of the election religion I (previously 13) did not work out so clean in all my efforts of directly calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections, as found here.
(Erstartikel: )
And the terrific simple idea with twenty euros and pizza along with ordinary Reds never came to me. If I bake the pizza yourself (I get so only 20 euros, the pizza but must also extend to twofold adolescent offspring), rich five euros (well, many prawns I can not it throw then, no Büffelmilchmozarella), so I am me Sunday evening can let two bottles of non-voters Red depending 7:50 or even just a - hopefully - improved by 15.
Vote buying is officially prohibited. But non-voters buying? Forty million voters per twenty euros, 800 million, which is the bad banks but in the petty cash.
20 Euros per nose I cook for five adults a whole (guaranteed nichtveganes) Nichtwählermenu, Genung wine with the moderate price range.
The glass of champagne in front of non-voters or to the cold appetizers is drunk to item 18 clock. Now no one can still commit treason. The non-voters party begin. "

Wahldag en Schduegerd (Rond d'om Leonhardskirchplatz)

Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Emil on the Karle Ap pen on Sehmschdich Obed em Schiller but noh mächdig oin naiglassa on dreffed be derwäga the Wedd on andera Middag Vorra sellichdem polling station.

"Jo, Karle, you HOSCH geschdern em Schiller dia dreadful Gosha khet, since de noh unit ajedara, where the mer mid emma Schubkarra no fordbrengd to Heiradsohdrag machsch when se mere ed en dui Wahlbaiz naigohd."

"Doh was i abber bsoffa."

"Des ish but no matter, the wara mer boide."

"Ond due HOSCH gmoind, you weddeschd dohanda middema Blagadohzuag derherladscha where druffschdohd: 'En dr Leonhardsdroß geit's gnuag Hura, wa ganged noh you do nai s the bleda Puff?'"

"Maybe hammering em Schiller's geschdern z'ernschd gmoind, mid dera Daggel. Gugg se the amol oh, dia wia do nairenned. Dia sen meh wia merely bsoffa. "

"Rechd HOSCH. Wemmer is the Drauerspiel ohguggd, the kohsch faschd ed mai wegspieala. Abber trogga sellene verschrombelde women ond quarter selbschdwichdiche guys ohgugga, dees miassa mer drodsdem beschdemmd ed at half Dag long verdraga. "

Karl and Emil were in it ever fast one.

"Em Amadeus, doh bediened quite ohsehnliche Mädle, brenged on as long as se ons a beer, kenned se au noh ed wähla ganga," Emil said finally.

Karl was immediately satisfied because of this compelling argument.

(Addendum 09/10/14)

Only just realized that I wrote Leonhardt church, etc.; it says Leonhard Church. Please forgive the embarrassing error.

Martin Lichtmesz makes clear the AfD

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Who past scars here and still illusions regarding the "Alternative for Germany" maintains to this article, written by Martin Lichtmesz should not be withheld.

Lichtmesz 'pleadings but also for all those interested who want to know how political character assassination works today. Namely under zealous aid of scattered power in the world slanders. Even by itself accordingly from the same side slandered. (!) (!) (!)

And again there are people who are indeed the complain, but "at least" a little anti-euro party would like to see in the Bundestag, a palace coup after the election to bring about longing, so that even those "dull Islam enemies" lists the party leader Lucke, afterwards to be honest, could mutate respected party members, in a powerful new structured party.

O sancta simplicitas! (O delirium sanctum?)

Weakness, thy name is not woman, no, you only have camouflaged you, you're usually male, whose real name is wannabes, either Illusionist.

"Non-voters are assholes!"

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shamelessly, intellectually, politics contemptuous, young, poor, lazy, frustrated, arrogant, prominent, uneducated, sick joke figures: So we harm hazardous non-voters, is to read and see, the poor democracy. We, the priest warns to have already once playful.

No, I'm going to buy a mirror to read the cover story of this week's resist the evil, stupid, unbearable non-voters. New is not as drinstehen. (If a reader but find something, even and especially exhilarating, so I'm looking forward to a hint.)

With pleasure I see how the establishment has got the tails swish. (more ...)

From the AfD, PI pseudo patriots, "Islam-haters" doublethink, idiocy, Erdogan's chutzpah and Meschuggenen

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The "alternative for Germany" has become so clearly defined against "law" and against "dull Islam haters" that even the fan base that salvation-Israel blogs called "Politically Incorrect" begins to choke on their sympathies for the pile. We laugh about the PI Seppel, these would-sandbox pseudo patriots, in this context, gloating a branch.

Hooray Islam and please, please just no law: If the AfD the same placarded, the PI-Kita inmates and many others would not surprise now rub the eyes.

But: If you open a conservative-liberal party, which will be an alternative for Germany, as one should not expect because that "rights" could be attracted, whoever he is, too?

So you have to know from the outset that you will either have to take and it can kill medial or sharp action against them and marginalize them.

In this respect the AfD from the beginning is on, a name already, been a sham, only the next sow after those pirates, in which freedom of expression long sunk behind Usedom in the Baltic Sea, driven through the political village. (more ...)

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (XIII)

Monday, September 16, 2013

This may be your last chance.

For it may well be that this is to this election, the remaining of me in front of her to her residual meaningless.

There does not exist a party with opportunities also come to only about two percent, which clearly represents the interests of the majority of Germans. (more ...)

Minor democratic vandalism

Monday, September 16, 2013

Too much campaign you do not notice in Stuttgart.

Save on and on posters that are defaced and destroyed.

In the - except me - quite civil to be named district, where we reside, and where I'm around elsewhere in the city, is easily spread to medium poster vandalism.

Interestingly, it seems to take all the stock in approximately similar hard. Even as a pirate fig I saw near my dwelling quite softened lie in the autumn rain mush.

Well, because, as I read earlier criminal charges were dismissed as minor damage due poster areas in the state, probably dare brave conservatives now, the Cem turn away the face or to send the pirates to swimming exercises.

The poor AfD lands there, where they announced just in the poster voters favor on the pavement. And for Swabian conditions is not cleared up quickly. Maybe I should ask the clerk's office, why all the crap that remains for days, if not for it unless Responsible.

One here, you simply content with the probaten black tooth gaps, he always seems to bring the same device, it distributes at least fair to all parties recorder.

Well, except the only very partially formed, temporary mess (rats eat no pressboard with Hackfresse), created yes no special damage, and I must admit that I was not allowed to approve from the bottom of her committed property damage me but always back again catch, as I pass with satisfaction at such a poster corpse. (more ...)

The peer it stinks very: The After-Chancellor is needed!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Berthold Kohler of the FAZ presented under the heading "The voice commentary" Exquisite again, this time it is called "The Style Gloss," the finger of the SPD chancellor candidate adequately appreciating.

After all, the mentally somewhat modest knitted Peer to think about the calculus one already want to mislead you, but it still managed to be perceived before the election the people to ascend to the Untermain whether sympathetic gesture. What he had done in the United States once and for all, this will in Beutschland After Chancellor. So probably the plan.

But I think that the peer is sometimes stopped again halfway; he would be possible to push the thick Gabriel a turnip in the anus, or a finger, live in the Berlin U-Bahn, so would not indeed been new in the modern performance art, but a much clearer sign that he which is of Popp culture understands and you do not have in the basement laugh.

I wonder the same time, what will make jetzo state school teachers and police officers, if they show a the finger. He can say yes, he makes just campaign for the peer and the SPD.

A Chancellor for all. Especially for the youth. A youthful, stinkfingriger Fuck-You-Anuskanzler, erzmodern, just 66, made by Bilderberg.

"100 percent socially": Here comes the Jackal

Thursday 05 September 2013

In the heading "100 percent socially" I have no more desire to read the program of the Left. It could be to find a point in it, which I agree.

What is a person who 100 percent socially?

Belongs to the 100% the other, or the other are 100% him, or it is the same?

A society that is made of 100% social Ichlosen, there is still someone who can think for themselves? Can? Also only 10%?

It is the title of the whole program. So probably at least not intentional, at least not intentionally recognizable joke.

Do you want 100% socialism? (more ...)

Jesus remained, hanging the pirate remains

Thursday 05 September 2013

The Pirates have just as' nen saying (just about). A young girl says: "What I'm hanging here? You go anyway not choose. "

On a lamppost. Comparisons with Jesus forbid themselves for reasons of piety, of course, actually.

But: Had the Jews Jesus elected its leader, would certainly us both Christianity and Islam might have been spared.

Unfortunately, they left him hanging.

This pageant has cost the planet quadrillion.

If, as some do, also sees socialism as a result of this pageant, there are again quadrillion. (more ...)

Jesus chooses well but neither left nor PdV

Monday 02 September 2013

I know now, who would have given his voice almost 22 Jesus. Maybe if I had not told him so sobering ...

No, it is not the Left Party, which has the Sahra versiebt, nor the CDU, and not the party of Bilbeltreuen Christians.

There is, even if this may at first glance seem a bit surprising, the party of reason.

"About 5,000 years obscurantism are enough!" He said this morning during his Frühstückstofu.

"In addition, these Ösi gurus are pretty dusty from the libertarians; in desperation, because she knows no one, do'm sorry. The need my support, Magnus. "

"Do you mean that you believe that you are serious? Those who believe not answer the pity, because a simple voluntarily, out of pure kindness, something gives. They'll insinuate unfair intentions. "

"That's paranoid."

"What? I fear that are so paranoid, or that they are you might actually not be trusted on the road? "

"I do not think that really so paranoid."

"Do you know it? I understand that not a few conspiracy theorists frolicking in their ranks, people who think that our money system is no good, with intention, a pure Beutelschneiderei. "

"Like that idea? Such a beautiful invention, the libertärste depending how that can lend a button, at good interest rates, which it has not, want not recognize? Then there is all the time that I those which cough. Those are hopeless romantics social. Where will the money come from for all the beautiful? You know, that work does not pay. "

"Yes, that's precisely what the nerves. The think that this is wrong, should be different. The even believe that it worked. "

"What kind of weirdo. Then they need my help all the more. Such poor confused souls need my help. Not that the devil still brings with it the obvious unknowingly in league. "

"It's worse."

"What, worse?"

"Yes, it is even patriots have crept into the party. Some say it is undermined to a considerable extent. "

"PATRIOTS? And then also plutokratophobe? Infernal! "

"Yes, that is at least a two-front auxiliary use. Indeed, it is even worse. "

"Worse? Is that possible? " (more ...)

Sahra Wagenknecht is as the wife of Jesus Chancellor

Sunday, September 01, 2013

I just read it. From actually not Christian appearing spring. Jesus, when here, chose simplified the left, since the non-national, which he did not endure, for 100% socially, what he liked. Whether it is a (involuntary?) Satire comes, one may not even be so sure.

If everything else fails: Jesus ask. At least the Jesus, as you would like them to be. And it was a godless, socialist Jesus who makes the Sahra Wagenknecht.

So a lean, sinewy Jesus, tall, proud, long mane, as Lover and Beau anseit of Sahra, yes, that would be the lame campaign swing. (more ...)

Plutocratic fascism planetary

Friday, August 30, 2013

Yesterday I wrote a blog article that revolved around the general election, especially the subject of "the lesser evil", at the end of my out of me not erfindlichen reasons (so far) unpublished comment:

'This democracy goods offer is not even pathetic: It only acquires different colored packaging, yes, a leaflet is still in it: "Thank you for a very trusted party of plutocratic planetary fascism' have chosen. You are welcome to re-vote. ''

Well, zuwenigst this part of the comment I wanted to get here anyway also, what I also advised a weighted reader last night following a verbal presentation.

Is the concept of planetary plutocratic fascism 'now far too nasty, as applicable, or if it is accompanied, as on account of which component, or, where ie that does not fit to the combination?

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (XII)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Steinbrück against Merkel only the chance that the wegkracht the FDP and he must perform his job Bilderbergers B or C with the Left Party. An outside chance.

Not only that he is intellectually not up to her, her voice, for all phrases that they, too, threshing, the better.

Steinbrück has perhaps really set up only to lose, want him in the case of a grand coalition even as Vice-Chancellor under Merkel.

Diction default, it tries the large chainsaw, but it's just one, with which one can ablummeln 1500 Watt, Chinese lollipop at the discount, a few pine boughs.

As I said, I'm not for Merkel. Maybe better if this prevented Savings Bank Director drankommt, the truck shorter rather than longer painful moves to a necessary new ending. In it, he wants to be even superior to Merkel.

That's why I'm still not for Steinbrück. How should I also only have a better idea which US satrap will cause less damage to the bottom line?

The SPD is, like other parties also, now so nothing like moslem friendly as gay, so feminist as militarily interventionist, because of some Which just aufrechtzuerhaltender or protective rights. Saubande.

About the Greens I speak so well known as not. I was however recently by an alert reader pointed out, and he sought it out, I had been reminded about, I believed him simply, it was already late, that I have to those stated times, you may not offend the rabble, by including it expects.

The FDP is irgendsoein Witzmichwasichweißnichtbiswohin wobbles just as much as possible around for the one that just comes.

The Union is already amazing; it has almost all conservatives and patriots systematically discards, but there is comparatively good. The AFD has bestowed in no time as Punch event, faster even than the Piratioten.

The Left Party is a kind of modern FDP; one has violently anticlerical and gay and lesbian and feminist and secular forces weltallgleichmacherisch set, umseiert simultaneously but Islam, in opposition to Christianity.

What bandits.

There is still the NPD. The Protection of the Constitution Party. Unfortunately, I have to doubt very entitled because of the constitutional protection for true patriots and conservatives and liberals and libertarians and even real total of socially responsible Sentient have much left. Each expertise speaks against it.

I will now times German and clear: "THIS is but a Scheißpuff!"

Everywhere on a clear preponderance of sycophants and traitors!

NO MATTER who you choose of which: you will sell you.

None of these parties also announces just what would do naturally in a federal election in their way any serious, namely stand up for Germany.

As I said, I do not expect the NPD now. The so-called constitution is protection.

The rest does not even have a donated hair from a ass crack in his pants. Freedom? Was not Schiller, who knew how to spell the word yet?

And, no, I choose no chance to loose small party pointless protests.

I stand by my call to active boycott of the election.

Open Letter to Chancellor Merkel on the Prism: Are the 32 signatories so stupid?

Friday, July 26, 2013

32 writers are calling on the Chancellor Enlightenment in the "Prism affair".

I have "Prism Affair" deliberately placed in quotation marks because the term actually deviated here twice. Because it rotates in the core is neither a computer program nor to an affair.

These heroes German language neither throw the question regarding real German sovereignty, nor that after 9/11, no statement is made desbezüglich that the whole rigmarole Terror is a pure pretext.

Recently, some practice in the art to represent our leaders than just about shooting people, in their minds, the illusion of counter-terrorism have something very nested too. Nothing further is the truth.

Who still does not dare to call a spade a spade - writers should to be with such a simple and clear facts, at least linguistically able - I can not pay attention, I may have to, at least in the broad sense, as part of the Cabal consider.

Es hätte sich normalerweise wenigstens bis zu einem der Unterzeichner herumgesprochen haben müssen, dass sich die Verfassungsfrage stellt, und zwar nicht allein jene nach der Aushebelung des Grundgesetzes, unserer behaupteten Scheinverfassung, sondern die eigentliche Verfassungsfrage.

At the surf but this so-called intelligence simply convenient times over. Why? Sind die so blöd? (weiterlesen…)

Calling for a boycott of parliamentary elections (XI)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The opportunities to praise something that appears on SPON, are so rare that I do not always use, but now it is almost a must, because what Sascha Lobo for wiretapping scandal, especially to our political pipes in this connection, performs here is both very diverse and clearly in its scarcity.

Lobo zeigt beispielhaft, dass wir von lauter (auch noch erzschlechten!) Lügnern und Versagern regiert werden, dass diese Demokratie ein potjemkinsches Dorf ist.

He also crystallized those stupidest of all sets that can be heard to as such out: "I have nothing to hide!"

Ich bin ja wirklich kein Freund von Psychiatern, aber hier kommt man doch auf die Idee, dass einer, der so eine Aussage im Ernst tätigt, nicht mehr verkehrsfähig, fast schon eine gemeingefährliche Bedrohung darstellt, therapiert werden müsste.

What a self-surrender! What an idiocy! How far this brainwashing has taken!


No vote these traitors!


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