What is the right synonym for "financial expert"?

Meanwhile, I wonder how the word "financial expert" actually defined.

Is that a synonym for highwayman?

Or because it sounds less illegal for entertainers?


Or public danger braggart?

Liar Liar?



Number Turner?


Money kisser?



Huber debt?







Gravel hole?

Powder atomizer?



Commission Baron?

Percent Reaver?

Basis points?



Borhood burner?



Exchange hustler?



Pounds eater?





I get it out simply not final.

The classical and comparative linguistics is not sufficient here.

Without a higher inspiration, it probably will not go.

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22 Responses to "What is the right synonym for" financial expert "?"

  1. Bookmark says:

    Well, I am a banker by profession. And now?

    Do I have to go in sackcloth and ashes, because I have the wrong job or not belong also to the other wrong, in your opinion unnecessary occupations from the neighboring Fred? I would - would it then went personally to me - like taken a completely different profession, but is also on your list or string would arrive there yet. Does this mean that I would have shot me, because I have no life right? Or else I would have had to take what is left of the dinner plate?

    Incidentally, I have long enough been sitting on the other side of the table and consultants here could tell a lot about customers, so just about those who so fond of claiming to be "upright". I can tell none more so quickly about the "good, simple Mosna". The there is just as little as there are the good old days. The only exists for those who are stuck.

    Magnus, I think you're exaggerating so slowly, or - in other words - it lacks viable counter-proposals will also find general acceptance. A pure sanctifying his own entanglement or pure Rundumschlag are not very productive in the long run. Apart from the fact that you are about to design the control state by people to do what you envision. Just ask your neighbors who see much completely different. The one you may still be right, the other no longer.

    I agree that mere bleating helps sometimes. One or the other times too strong "Schei ...."! But then it is also good and it is again on the earth.

    So counter-proposals on the table: who does what and who pays for it?


    the bookmark

  2. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmark

    1. Does me very sorry that you're Bänkerin in this system. You could certainly also something else.

    2. The above was satire, and I have not exaggerated.

    3. I understand now much better, which is why you have to defend it.

    4. I'll say it again: a bank per country ranges.

    5. This system is finished.

    6. You know that.

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmark

    Another thing.

    I do not exaggerate.

    I am much too mild at best.

    Man has constantly held up this bank shit.

    Tell me quietly that the little people have invented for themselves.

    Then I laugh only, and can hardly take you seriously anymore.

  4. Bookmark says:

    Oh Magnus,

    so I can not take you seriously because you actually are bidding no alternatives.

    The banking system, as it is currently being knitted, actually gotten out of hand. But various reasons and is partly due to the interest and compound interest system and with the uniform credit rating by the Euro, which has then led to a convergence of interest rates, which has made the so-called GIIPS countries easily into debt. Apart from the debt system in the United States with respect to the mortgage.

    I'll tell you times a magic word. The magic word on the jump all, ie tax shelter. Since all get a glazed look - also those who pay no taxes at all. This has always fascinated me. How this works, you have seen the many sunken investments in the East, where people have gone into debt for apartments or houses up to its neck, without these ever seen.

    I am not defending the people offering such a thing. I find this as reprehensible as if poisoned food offered. It is plain fraud. Even less but I understand people who buy something. At the same time those people would not even buy a pair of pants without trying them. But the word tax shelter associated with rental guarantee would be defeated by anything, even the mind. Kingdom will save by doing nothing and taxes.

    I can still remember very well how much earlier effective pieces were bought. We have then indeed always need to point out that the interest income must be taxed, whereupon always a grinning Jaja came to answer.

    That was then restricted so that, by the standard tax was introduced directly at the root.

    For each black worker has a black client.

    Even the super interest I can say something. In any posting I've told before. I am certainly not an Ackermann-friend, but in this case he was right. The same people who now have lost a lot of money in the gigantic speculations have previously earned a lot of money. As long as the ruble rolled, no one has complained, he would not understand the system. It has also not returned his winnings. But when the system crashed, all have cried.

    There is a crucial sentence in this social system: No one pays more than he needs. If he does then it does, then he must - if only to cover a risk.

    Each type of investment has its risk-free average interest rate. The times may vary a bit, times vary quarter or half a percent, but the direction is right. Everything about it is clear, covers risk. This is always so. On the loan side for that matter. The officer pays less than the small craftsmen, who must recover his money every month. So this means that an interest rate risk is always well above average because the financial system is not a charity event, but shrewd calculation.

    It is managed by the eternal dream of getting rich by doing nothing. Getting rich through interest income, getting rich through tax savings. Earn more by moonlighting etc. People are so, because everyone is intent on his advantage. As the saying goes: The good man thinks of himself first :).

    No, Magnus, at this collapse so have pretty much all been involved, as well as all roles to play in all job levels are destroyed. Behind every cheap product puts a cheap job and each is free to buy certain products or not. Pretty much every must be clear that one can produce under humane conditions no shoes for 5 euros, as found frequently in discount stores. But if I buy such products, then I promote the system. I take into account that it is doing other dirty. So I can not deliquesce in self-pity, even if it caught myself.

    So, how does he look like now, your radical state in which none is more needed. What do you do with the 40 million Germans superfluous in your country? Back to crops and livestock? Now everyone will get a shovel in his hand? Who can do then what and where is still the personal freedom? At the moment it looks more like communism in its purest form, because you've got the scepter in his hand and hold as desired times a thumbs up and then back down. You complain about regulation in the media and live a even more control.


    the bookmark

  5. Bookmark says:

    Good Morning,

    here's a supplement.

    You are of the opinion that a bank is enough?

    Well, if you prefer monopolies, then that may well be true. But it leads directly into a fatal dependence not only the country, but of the individual. Not only does this bank then decides weal and woe. She then all the threads in his hand to destroy completely human. In effect, that would be comparable with the abolition of cash. Anyone who is not acceptable, the livelihood is removed and thus it is destroyed. Where should he go then?

    Nowhere, because there is nothing or no one there. There are no alternatives. Who is likely to hold for such a power in your model state?

    No, competitors are required in the financial sector. The system also does not suffer from the presence of banks, but to their lack of definition. It must be clarified whether the financial sector is an economic sector. If yes, then it needs a product supervision as well as butter, milk and cheese. Is the financial sector merely an auxiliary economy for the so-called real economy, then it needs a product limitation.

    Interestingly, I found the Philosophical Quartet with Gunnar Heinsohn on this topic: Here's a compilation in three parts


    I give him in his estimates right.

    Furthermore, this lecture is worth seeing here by Hans Werner Sinn on the development of the Euro and why it is a myth that Germany as benefits of the single currency:


    He breaks down the very complex subject understandable and thus also the connections very clearly, particularly in the knowledge that Germany was primarily a capital exporter.

    Still, I'm looking forward to more detailed explanations to your desired radical state in which then all have to depend on your values.

    The bookmark has to work and wish you a nice day :)

  6. Infonautin says:

    Banks are criminal institutions, no doubt. But this does not have to mean that every banker in his heart is a criminal. Nevertheless, if someone is working with such a company and from there derives his income, he supported the machinery, he is part of that system that judges us based. Since there are no ifs and buts.

    The banking crisis, which leads all the economies and currencies now in the destruction, does not last the lethal dominance of Sesselpupser in the banks. Your s actual productive work force / power for our society, apart from the wealth management from (and in return were enough a few Hansele), is equal to zero.

    I therefore propose as synonyms for financial experts and economic parasites Gesellschaftsvernichter.

    Anyone have examples of the mafia driving the banks / bankers need, if you please: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bU4Vfg6aCP8 .

  7. Josef says:

    @ Bookmark

    "No, competitors are required in the financial sector."

    If you feel so connected and mammon even so frank shows (including their own career choices) and this system defends so vehemently, so a person can not be a true Christian.

    Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters; for either he will hate the one and love the other, or he will hold to the one and despise the other. You can not serve God and mammon.

  8. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmark

    "Each type of investment has its risk-free average interest rate."

    This is an illusion, and so the insanity begins already.

    Why should money be without power more?

    There is no good reason for it.

    The other day told me a highly esteemed by me man, he had an "expert" part - we found that both credible - that you belong interest-from about half a million euro assets to the winners of the system, and among them was one servant.

    So that's my opinion.

    I have never - never! - A good reason for it belongs, which is why one should multiply wealth by itself.

    Each interest rate that is higher than the rate of inflation, is a perversion.

    And now is a the general public, any cheap temporary workers, that the systems of interest profiteers not go through the chimney.

    This is not a market economy.

    This is fascist socialism for the rich.

    Expropriation of the many, poor, for the few wealthy.

    That you do not want to admit it, I can understand.

    But it is so.

    Since the mouse bites from any thread.

  9. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Infonautin

    "Economic parasites and Gesellschaftsvernichter"

  10. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Josef

    For Christianity, I'm probably not really responsible in this area - although I've already mixed it - not really competent.

    It occurs to me however not difficult to understand your thought process.

  11. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmark

    I think it's honest geagt crass already, as you the little people that otherwise a thrift store buy kik or socks or jackets that earn just seven euros an hour in a city like Stuttgart, hard as a temp in the Swabian metal industry working, always on the lower limit for plight mithauptverantwortlich doing while you hold the system still high.

    If such people also go only once a quarter for Breuninger or salamander, a decent jacket, trousers and a pair of shoes to buy, they can at least this time their children do not even buy you ice, buy them a new table tennis racket , or whatever.

    You live on another planet.

    Work hard every day and hardly come on Hartz level is now the reality of hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

    At the same time "systemically important" banks are fattened up, the money is wasted in each foreign, sunk, etc.

    I can not say in detail how a society should look like, which makes the madness behind you, in fact.

    But if you reproach me dictatorial tendencies, so I ask you: What is this but a dictatorship of the big money?

    If the people were to the Euro, the Lisbon Treaty (which you then immediately broke) to the whole "rescue packages" ever wonder?

    Pipe cap, you ask people a damn.

    One picture erber siege and denktankt you lie, lie, lie and cheat yet thirty-three times.

    That is the reality.

    You seem to live in cloud cuckoo land.

    And, the theme we already had, defend from there the Geldnomadentum the upper middle class.

    The Economist Aster.

    I know that 20-30 years ago, every worker could go drink a beer in the evening, without going into his current account. No more.

    In the meantime, the large private assets have doubled to tripled (real) wages in almost all euro area countries have increased (in real terms), except for us (often violently fallen in real terms).

    In years to come gushing corporate profits.

    That you can not seriously deny.

    But do you think it was all so, because people do not go to the Breuninger or salamander.

    I do not know how should I still take seriously.

    You argue like a stubborn child who does not want to admit that you can not hinuntbrezeln with 120 km / h the slope with the tricycle.

    I'm sorry to have to carry so harsh words, I appreciate you very much, your mind, your compassion, your humor, am grateful for all the good posts you've set here (hopefully will continue to set), this page crucial enriching.

    Let go.

    This form of capitalism is ultimately an all-destroying machine.

    She brings poverty, hunger, war, corruption, dictatorship.

    And of course, the general intellectual and moral degradation, cultural destruction, once in passing.

    Let go.

    And: If this is to be Christian, then I'm all the more glad I am not a Christian.

    Let go.

    If you want to catch something, you have to let go of it only.

    Says the Chinese.

    As a German I say: What we have learned, it does not contribute to difficult.



  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmark

    Another thing to Bedenk.

    Recently I read something (it was the FAZ or SZ, no matter), that I was almost sick.

    The new Greek-Papa was praised as a financial expert who can lead the country out of the crisis now, which has already darausher would prove how awesome he had formerly led Greece decisive in the euro.

    Yes, in a gigantic hoax, under active participants and strong abkassierenden Schackos of Goldman Sachs.

    So natural is lying there.

    And no one comes to court.

    No: For something there Karl prices for Aachen.

    Man craps people direktemang face.

    A single swamp, mud, trash, scum.

  13. Bookmark says:

    Hach, so here you go completely wild.

    For one, I do not think the system boots, but only clarify some common and very popular on errors.

    Magnus, you write:

    "I think it's honest geagt pretty wicked, as you, the little people, the other a thrift store buy kik or socks or jackets that earn just seven euros an hour in a city like Stuttgart, hard as a temp working in the Swabian metal industry, always at the lower limit, for the misery mithauptverantwortlich doing while you think the system is still high. "

    Dear Magnus, if only the poor people would shop at discounters, Aldi had the brothers not in the top 10 of the Forbes billionaire list. And when I look at the coaches me in the parking lots, then there buys a not poverty.

    The system works like this: You go into a store around the corner and leave detailed advice. Then you go to the Internet and buy the latest discount CD that educates about when that product is to be had on the cheap. Then you just wait and then only buy one, when the time comes. These are not isolated cases, which is common practice.

    Even if you close the eyes to the facts behind every cheap product at least put a cheap job and each consumer bears the system. He could also handle differently, such as shopping, where people get decent salaries. But there is then the product more expensive, because the employee must be paid. Everybody is responsible for what he does with his money.

    The same applies for baking plants, for Kik and Co, Tack and the rest of them. None of these stores would exist if the customer a functioning social system would actually mean something if they would mean something to her bread. You might as well go to other transhipment sites, the specialist bakery, the shoe store or the butcher who is resident there for generations. You do not want it because it is cheaper elsewhere.

    Well. I do not think so, I've never acted like that. For a long time I have my very own boycott list - both for products and for crushing job shops. Nevertheless, it is my experience that in general, the solidarity ends at own wallet.

    Very good by the way you have seen in the scrappage scheme. Since the German taxpayer paid for the demolition and the purchase of a new car money - and the winner was: Romania. People have then just bought a Opel or any other German car to save German jobs, but Dacia and any other French model whose name I just can not remember. That was just beautiful cheap. It does not matter whether German jobs it go. The main thing it is not mine.

    The average interest rate:

    The interest rate is actually a problem, because it leads over the compound interest means that there are some wannn a rental problem. This has also been recognized in many places. Whether one will change that, I can not say.

    With my objection I have just pointed out, as it currently runs in practice and why I can not understand people who resort to high-risk investments. But because the dollar signs in their eyes put out of your mind simply. Nevertheless, to date, the rule is that anything that the average interest rate exceeds risk cover. Usually when 3 percent for three-year facilities paid and suddenly pays a 7 or 8, then you have to ask questions. Who does not, is your own fault, if he flies on the nose. Mal ganz zu schweigen von dubiosen Internet-Anlagen bei Banken, die keiner kennt.

    Ist ganz einfach so.

    Ach ja, mein Christsein. Es war klar, dass das nun auch wieder kommen musste. Was es damit zu tun hat, will sich mir nicht erschließen. Ich kann es auch langsam nicht mehr hören. Aber scheinbar ist das so, wenn Argumente ausgehen…

    Magnus, du lieferst immer noch keine Alternativen. Es mag sein, dass du dich besser fühlst, indem du nun auf mich eindrischst, nur änderst du nichts an der Situation. An dem Niedergang des Systems haben alle mitgemischt, jeder für sich und manche zusammen. Der eine etwas mehr und der andere etwas weniger. Wenn dieses System nun einstürzen soll, dann ist es mir persönlich sehr recht, wenn das jetzt passiert und nicht erst in 15 oder 20 Jahren. Jetzt sind wir noch frisch genug, um uns selbst etwas neues zu bauen. Ob das in 20 Jahren gelingt, kann ich nicht sagen. Wenn nicht, würden mir mit vollem Gewicht unseren Kindern zur Last fallen und genau das will ich erst recht nicht.

    Ich will aber auch nicht die von dir gewünschte Monopolwirtschaft, in der ich jemanden um Erlaubnis bitten muss, diesen oder jenen Beruf zu ergreifen oder mein Leben auf diese oder jene Weise zu leben. Dann komme ich von einem Knast in den nächsten. Du magst ja durchaus ein netter Mensch sein, trotzdem möchte ich mir nicht von dir meine Lebensform aufdiktieren lassen.

    Vielleicht müssen wir uns damit abfinden, dass uns nie das perfekte System gelingen wird. Denke ich an meine Urgroßeltern, dann sehe ich einen großen Bauernhof ohne Strom und fließendes Wasser, an 16 lebende eigene Kinder plus zwei angenommene Kinder, an viele Totgeburten, Infektionen, an Schufterei von morgens bis abends und das berühmte Herzhäusschen auf dem Hof. Ich denke an einen 12-Stunden-Arbeitstag unter Tage, einen 2-stündigen Hin- und 2-stündigen Rückweg. Für Ewiggestrige ist das die gute alte Zeit, für mich ein Leben, das ich für mich nicht würde haben wollen. Da bevorzuge ich das Hier und Jetzt.

    Der Kapitalismus mag zerstörerische Kräfte haben, der Kommunismus hat sie erst recht. Die Lösung der sozialen Marktwirtschaft war durchaus der richtige Weg, der aber durch den globalen Wettbewerb ohne allgemeingültige Regeln außer Kraft gesetzt wurde. Da kämpft soziale Marktwirtschaft mit ihren Nebenkosten gegen gnadenlose Ausbeutung am Fließband. Der Verlierer dieses Kampfes muss feststehen.

    Griechenland ist unrettbar. Das ist einfach so.

    Auch dort sieht man ein schönes Beispiel der Solidarität: Das Land ist mit über 300 Milliarden verschuldet. In der letzten Zeit wurden über 600 Milliarden Privatvermögen aus dem Land geschafft. Man kauft übrigens gern Immobilien in Deutschland damit – schließlich bevorzugt man sichere Anlagen und man weiß ja nie…. Das ist an Ironie kaum noch zu überbieten und kann jedem vernünftigen Menschen nur noch die Lachtränen in die Augen treiben.

    Aber Menschen sind so, insbesondere seit dem DER Staat die dörfliche Gemeinschaft ersetzt hat. Im kleinen Rahmen fiel nämlich jemand auf, der aus der Reihe tanzte. Nun im größeren Rahmen ist das anonymisiert und es fällt dem einzelnen leichter, die Verantwortung und auch die Schuld für alles DEM Staat zu überlassen.

    Ja, Griechenland hat gelogen bezüglich des Euro-Beitrittes. Deutschland hat auch an den Regeln herumgebogen, ebenso wie andere Länder auch. Jeder ist eben auf seinen Vorteil bedacht. Das ein Gebäude auf solch wackeligem Fundament nicht funktionieren kann, dürfte nun auch dem letzten klar geworden sein.

    Warum auf korrupte Griechenland-Politpromis eindreschen? Bleib doch im eigenen Land. Es waren vorzugsweise die Landesbanken, die die Gelder versenkt haben. Das sind Banken, in denen die Landesfürsten bzw. deren Vertreter in den Aufsichtsgremien sitzen. Ist einer davon entlassen worden? Ich habe nichts davon mitbekommen. Soweit mir bekannt ist, schwimmen die alle wie Fettaugen oben auf der Suppe mit. Also lohnt es, erst einmal in eigenen Reihen aufzuräumen. Ein jeder kehre vor seiner eigenen Tür.

    It greets

    the bookmark

  14. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmark

    Well, we are probably not so easy to agree on this matter.

    But did I mention that those lying Greeks, was only a random sample.

    Only recently was the Schäuble off here.

    This is a baggage.

    You mean everyone has somehow contributed to it.

    This is partially true, but nonetheless a form of colossal displacement.

    They told the people that they should, everywhere touted it as alternative, ridiculed anyone as idiots, if not maligned, as enemy of the state, who did not join in.

    I criticize this for over twenty years and therefore knows about modest also from personal experience.

    Still, we are told, so is just human nature, such margins would now times before, better solutions than these predatory capitalism did not exist, all those fairy tales.

    The mechanisms for you, also regarding Wealthier, describe, are quite as outlined by you.

    Who but people conditioned so?

    Why, with what objectives?

    Who owns, especially in the beautiful USA, virtually all mass media? (I know the question I had not even allowed to ask, because they can be answered too easily and is thus actually, as a lawyer said, not "casual".)

    And rather monopolies (railways, water, electricity, Sraßen, military, police ...) in people hand, as virtually everything in that of a gang of irresponsible oligarchs.

    I will, as far as possible, a real market economy.

    We have but just not in banking, otherwise all would, except for a few small, now bankrupt (the word speaks for itself.)

    People who take everything at the wall, get millions of salaries, where it could also Liechen Müller for a thousand euros a month.

    It is all wrong.

    And that is intentional.

    There is enough literature to which was written not by paranoids, but of very reasonable people.

    No "conspiracy theories", but tough backed by facts treatises.

    I have long not even read, in fact.

    Because, as I said, I understood already past twenty years the game.

    It is the "game" of some less total lunatic.

    The work by all means, leave work.

    And I have not mentioned your faith, because my arguments were considered.

    But, because of appeals to love.

    So those have less on his hat, as that one aphid was doubting the infested plant from it.

    These people go through millions of corpses.

    They are the tip of the dollar pyramid.

    They will stop at nothing.

    Your plans are after all really handy not only since Albert Pike in the world, but since this particular philanthropists.

    You can also read Brzezinski, who even still alive.

    Or check out times those Erzschakalstrupp called Skull & Bones on.

    A single black magic club.

    But not from cleaning ladies.

    One of Yottabetriegern.

    Do you think about that make the whole coffin and Cochise Skull and Schwanzbändel and symbolic execution (what I remember) just for fun?

    These are hardcore Satanists.

    And, although I do not believe in Satan, Satanists are not I do not care.

    The sacrifice not only chickens.

    They are evil.

    Yes, evil.

    I could find not even casually, when it would take place only in a backyard mud layers of Sierra Leone.

    It will be held in highest Kreiesen.

    For those who spend the solutions here.

    In Bohemian Grove, the "temple" to Yale, everywhere in this insane Baphomet worshipers amid sexual perversion, sadism, Päderastentum, charging any kind of evil by deliberately steered cruelty.

    They're not John Doe or Heinz Huber, who although a BMW driving, buying at Aldi.

    They are the absolute human abyss, and is currently up!

    Fact! Fact! Fact!

    You can check out everything I have mentioned.

    There are many more.

    And if you can find one that you could be a doubt reasonable, so still would be the rest and, as I said, much more.

    In a quarter century of research succeeds even a limited with my spiritual gifts, to confirm some things.

    (The recent history I leave now I can get away above -. Still -. Say)

    I'm not a Satanist.

    To that effect, contrary to me in earnest probably not even Joseph.

    I think such people, these Satanists, with their gruesome rituals to the last version of psychological manipulation, systematically organized for the plague of the planet.

  15. Bookmark says:

    Magnus, you jump from one topic to another. Now we are at the Satanists. Also we can talk about it much. We were actually at the monopolies.

    I agree with you that a certain basic services (water, energy, roads, etc.) is in state hands. I was always against that rail privatization, especially as Mehdorn the thought. But this is something other than a bank. A bank does not belong in government hands and she needs competitors. This serves inter alia to fuse the individual. My example with the abolition of cash I've brought.

    We therefore have no banking market economy, because the currently valid business administration does not know a financial sector. I refer here again on the link above for shipment with Gunnar Heinsohn. This means that 80 Nobel Prizes were totally for naught in the economy, because significant portions of economic activity were simply hidden or simply not occurred. One hardly dares to mention this, because actually it's embarrassing.

    The financial sector is still not even defined, which means that de facto no one knows whether it is a separate industry or a type of auxiliary economy for the so-called real economy. That should clear up most times.

    Magnus, I suppress nothing. Exactly the opposite is the case. It just does not make sense to develop a social system that the human factor fades. And that's what you're doing. For you there is the evil up there and the innocents down there. If this were true, then it should give eg homeless shelters no thefts, but it takes a total unity, harmony and the spirit of sharing hover over everything.

    Stay times there.

    Unfortunately, namely accesses Here again the statistic that states that the proportion of good and evil equally distributed above and below.

    People are selfish and considered on their own best advantage. Without a reasonable unambiguous teaching and persuasion they had not even a moral and would make good and evil relative terms. This is want a society in which I would not live and I do not guess you also. So you have to start small. Will they forced bless no one has to convince and sometimes burn the mouth you. Not everyone will jump on your Meinungszug, but one or the other perhaps. Then it is not a huge victory that will fit on a title, but rather a small, personal triumph.

    Yes, and that's why me is the one that clearly exemplifies the love and preaches that requires me to love my enemies, who sets the bar so high that I can sometimes loosely fro among them, that is why it is so important to me , He is also so important to me because it takes me voluntarily and not brain-damaged me. This path has a price, but the "profit" of the inserted therein is accessible with nothing else in this world.

    But this only as a short trip.

    Yes, in the US there is a monopoly of opinion. This is very bad. Only I can not change from Europe, but would like to leave the Americans. Meanwhile, you can even take care of the media here in Europe, because there is plenty to do. So you have to make here grassroots work, start persuasion boycotts, write nasty comments and also not let deter censorship.

    The world turns, but it turns slowly. To developments in motion but others are changed or join, sometimes generations can be born and die again. This is ego-centered nature difficult to accept for us, we still like to live as if it would give us forever.

  16. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmark

    Ich springe nicht von einem Thema zum andern.

    Diese Satanisten sind das Wesen des Systems.

    Ich leiste in Europa die Arbeit, von der Du sprichst.

    Und ich weiß, dass es mich nicht ewig geben wird.

    Das brauche ich auch nicht, und es schreckt mich nicht.

    “Menschen sind Egoisten”

    Was für ein erbärmlicher Satz.

    Der gilt für Dich nicht, für mich nicht, nicht für Luther, Nietzsche, Leonidas.

    Menschen sind mehr als das.

    Ich weiß das.

  17. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Bookmark

    Mir scheint manchmal, wie eben auch zum wiederholten Male in einem anderen Gespräch erfahren, dass Du wie nochwelche glaubst, man könne ohne Glauben gar nicht vernünftig existieren.

    Dieser Glaube mag wohlfeil sein, entbehrt indes jeder Grundlage.

    Er ist lediglich ein Schutzglaube für den eigenen jeweiligen Glauben.

    Nothing more.

    Dass jeder, wahrscheinlich so ziemlich jeder, ausdrücklich einschließlich meiner selbst, seine schwachen, saumseligen, seelisch oder gesundheitlich darniederliegenden, schwachen Phasen durchlebt, spricht nicht dawider, sondern gerade erst recht dafür.

    Bin ich als Affe eines Gottes auf der Welt?

    Diese Frage allein beantwortet den Rest.

    Besser gut gestorben, denn bloß schlecht gelebt.

    Irgendwelche Satanisten mögen…

    Ich habe aber keine Angst vor denen.

    Ich weiß, wie sie heißen, wie sie handeln, wo sie sitzen.

    Und Häute hat man mir auch schon abgezogen.

    Teils zu meinem Guten.

    Man hat mich aber auch schon genug dazu belogen.

    Und Dir käme es gleichweis nicht schlecht an, Dir ebenfalls deren Namen zu merken.

    Bei allem scheinst Du noch nichts von der eigentlichen Qual zu wissen.

    Obzwar Du schon geboren hast.

  18. Bookmark says:

    Doch Magnus, du springst hin und her. Bleib doch einfach mal beim Thema.

    You write:

    ““Menschen sind Egoisten” – Was für ein erbärmlicher Satz.”

    Es ist nicht nur ein erbärmlicher Satz, sondern eine erbärmliche Wahrheit und sie zieht sich durch alle Gesellschaftsklassen.

    “Der gilt für Dich nicht, für mich nicht, nicht für Luther, Nietzsche, Leonidas.”

    Doch, es gilt auch für Dich und mich und auch alle anderen guten wie bösen Menschen. Es ist nicht das Problem, ob man Egoismus hat, sondern wie sehr man ihn im Griff hat. Dazu benötigt man eine entsprechende Sozilalisation. Die hast du bekommen, ich auch und viele anderen auch. Wir erhalten aber nicht alle die gleiche Sozialisation und so kommt es, dass da oder dort Gut und Böse eben doch relative Begriffe sind.

    Weiterhin schreibst du:

    “Mir scheint manchmal, wie eben auch zum wiederholten Male in einem anderen Gespräch erfahren, dass Du wie nochwelche glaubst, man könne ohne Glauben gar nicht vernünftig existieren.”

    Nein, das habe ich nie behauptet. Vielmehr das genaue Gegenteil ist der Fall. Ich habe sogar mehrfach darauf hingewiesen, dass das Interessanteste insbesondere am christlichen Glauben die Freiwilligkeit ist. Wenn man keinen Glauben hat, fehlt einem kein einziges Brötchen auf dem Frühstücksteller. Nichtglaube bedeutet keinerlei irdische Existenzgefährdung.

    “Bin ich als Affe eines Gottes auf der Welt?”

    Nein, denn wenn es so wäre, würdest du kaum an deinem Computer sitzen und im Netz bloggen. Du würdest dich vielmehr von Baum zu Baum schwingen und die nächsten Bananenstauden suchen.

    Wenn Gott hirnlose Menschen zu seinen Diensten hätte haben wollen, hätte er sie so geschaffen. Hat er aber nicht.

    Trotzdem war der / mein Glaube hier nicht das Thema. Ich möchte auch nicht, dass er es wird. Das Gegenteil ist der Fall, denn es nervt schon, dass er bei jeder passenden und unpassenden Gelegenheit wie ein Kaninchen aus dem Hut gezaubert wird, um daraus ein Gegenargument zu stricken.

    Und was die Satanisten betrifft, so gibt es da für mich nur die Erkenntnis, dass Macht zu Perversionen führen kann, wenn man eben keinen standfesten Glauben an ein eindeutig definiertes Gute hat. Da greifen dann diese Mechanismen, wenn Gut und Böse relative Begriffe sind. Je mehr das Gros der Menschen ausschließlich auf sich selbst bedacht ist, umso besser funktioniert das übrigens. Die Aufteilung der Gesellschaft in Individuen, das Locken mit der Selbstverwirklichung, das Predigen des Individualismus, materielle und moralische Vernichtung von Familienverbänden etc. – genau das führt dazu, dass mit steigendem Level die Kontrollmechanismen entweder versagen oder schlicht nicht vorhanden sind. Zu sehr ist jeder einzelne mit sich selbst beschäftigt, um diese Auswirkungen zu sehen. In einer Gesellschaft, die wirklich zusammenhalten würde, in der es eindeutig definierte Werte gäbe, hätten es solche Leute deutlich schwerer. Aber da sehe ich bis zum Horizont keinerlei Trend, dem entgegenzuwirken. Jeder ist sich da selbst der nächste und lebt auch so.

    Menschen sind eben doch Egoisten :) – und diese Erkenntnis birgt den allergrößten Nutzen für die, die so gern ohne Kontrolle regieren wollen und dies dann auch tun.


    the bookmark

  19. country dweller says:

    to bookmarks

    I'm sorry, but who relies on hein son and meaningful, the crawl is in my opinion the ruling "highly criminal elite" fully on the glue.

  20. Michelson says:

    Bookmark mistaken if he / she thinks are the most selfish and see only their own advantage. This way of thinking is but a prerequisite for what vorraussetzt Bookmark to argue.
    It temporarily to such "phenomena" comes is of course, if you take a look at the developments in the resale market. for example, if one assumes (fictitious) it once was 100 domestic manufacturers of apparel, and now only a small part. Without going into details you there yes even begin to look like something created and then who takes the book and its advantages in the hand. Furthermore, who through no fault on the line.

  21. Bookmark says:

    Affordable rural residents,

    ich habe mich nicht auf Sinn und Heinsohn “berufen”, sondern auf sie verwiesen, weil sie die aktuellen Zusammenhänge am besten erklären können – einschließlich der Fehler im System und genau darauf kommt es an.

    Sinn ist mir normalerweise zu schwerfällig in seiner Art. Aber es gibt einige Vorträge bzw. Zusammenschnitte von ihm, die sind wirklich schlüssig. Insbesondere dort, wo es um Deutschlands Kapitalexporte geht oder dort, wo er den sogenannten Exportüberschuss dem Importdefizit gegenüberstellt.

    Es geht nicht darum, ob mir eine Meinung gefällt oder nicht, sondern ob jemand mit dem, was er sagt, die Wahrheit sagt. Manchmal ist eine Wahrheit eben auch unangenehm.

    Es winkt

    the bookmark

  22. Franz Jung sagt:

    Finanzexperte =
    = Lumpen
    = Bezieher von Judaslohn und Schweigegeld für Hochverrat am deutschen Volk
    = Hochverräter

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