The hardest rebuked me, that I cried my sons sake publicly some time ago, is now dead.

It was not nice when he saw this weakness purely rubbed me relentlessly.

But he was not Tuschler.

And I am glad of it, that I now got the Genackschlag to my embarrassing, but usually preventable derailment just from him.

Friendship is based just much too hard in openness.

And as he said to me: "I han the jo dohanda plärra Seha" (I've seen you cry there) - he gave me in full force the embarrassment of my appearance back, but also the opportunity to my no longer in I held weilandigen despair something to say. So he was my friend more than ever.

Yes, it initially swung even contempt in it, and I was ashamed also powerful, because that would have me should not happen, that will not do, yes, normally: but afterwards we had the best speech.

Now he is gone, that was hard honest with me. Waiting for an opportunity, there's nothing, at most little, wanted for themselves. The only expressed his contempt for it that you get so soft against other without shock: what you should not.

Almost like as if he would have been ashamed for me, since I regularly sat with him. Course. Besides me, I may well also usually not men, which just so the tears streaming from his face in front of people.

After the interesting. After hard complaint, I told myself. That my behavior impossible, was absolutely unseemly, I did not deny; I pleaded solely on weakness, that here, I, since it is no longer a I, my despair was just unfortunately this time become as visible as possible to my sons, nor of knowing how I could protect them from hazards of the worst kind.

Gentleness, understanding entered. However, I had also made it clear we knew each other long enough that I'm not going to leave me in my situation nevertheless questionable unlimited give more kicks, otherwise maybe not even cull back, but I only remove valid. I told my hand hard.

In our friendship became even closer. Simply put: He knew of no Lost, even Mitleidsheischer is, I know that he will not judge me permanently at a cheap rate offered weakness.

My dear James evil!

Five, no ichweißnichtwieviele years had it but still can be!

How many more times would have been mocking me Your encouragement and refreshment!

Starbst as the Röckle also, just go away!

If I could keep you, as we have just written down but all your stories?

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93 Responses to "Friendship"

  1. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Your differences are that, but obviously essential not only what interested Thomas.

    Me especially.

    Since no wife nor loaded Salafist, we are able to maintain a civility.

  2. Dude says:

    Where You're right, you're right! :-)

  3. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I have just "friendship (III)" written. (The link from you I look at yet, but it's just how the sub Franke said, "drunt un drü"; some call of duty first.)

    Why I shall go again but really: How can you say that You have a real and repeated Netten not do that to you, you wilt spare her, so to speak?

    It is almost a kind of sin (even though I usually can not do much with the term).

    At least, yes, that fits better, a sacrilege against the Holy Spirit of Life!

    Sackzefix! Saviour bag! Do you have a full bird?

    If it has format (yes, "goddesses" and so), then they will surely know, or at least find out who they gets involved there!

    Do you want to incapacitate them about?

    You mean, wilt thou a barge WEATHERED Noble from themselves, so first of all before you, protect separately?

    Wat'n Unfuch since said the hamburger.

    How many inflated Vielfränklifricken will probably have to endure every day?

    And YOU want, ncht only moldy at DEM offer only in the angele tual niceness itself, but, worse still, leave the moldy Holde?

    No, no. This will not do.

    At least moderately setting.

    Let her have played with you, You have to get out quickly.

    Then a Schwäre is also analogous, as I wrote just in new products, at least pulled a splinter from his foot, entschwert.

  4. Thomas says:

    @ Magnus: Will you stop immediately! At the end Dude gets caught with the Holden, flying on cloud nine and can burst our appointment! )

    Back to Serious:
    I must correct, helps think my last.
    Objectivism will be good and last end in Nachwuchse.

  5. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    I think (the way it was one where you just insertion test it, just as a side note, very important, because a substantiated verb) after all that thinking CAN help. (If you can not correct, it also helps mostly little.)

    And, now, when I should have just beaten to the Duder his Holden, so that no longer lets him out of the pasture, then we will stop lecturing alone.

    But now here relatively secondary importance and joking aside.

    "Objectivism will be good and last end in Nachwuchse."

    This time not a sentence that I just as convinced as "Happiness is not negotiable", but always provocative, interesting.

    Because of objectivism, as I now know - especially of Ayn Rand ago - plays a major role in the libertarian Gednkengut, I also like to put this here for discussion.

    Certainly not an error if on my side - These kinds emerges - not necessarily every day, but more often on quality.

    (I have again asked the search engine, and it is probably original steel. Respect. I will here certainly open no one-sided platform for libertarians or even the PdV, but for good maxims, of which I am not imagining me to have homemade which, standing at . me getting all the doors open way, yet: If no response comes, it does not mean that no one would have thought about many best texts - which I value so - remained and remain uncommented with me Where no gold nor Jesus as feel.. often not a lot of excited myself to say anything.)

  6. Dude says:


    Yes, bi ming gaht's degree Drunder au-turvy, wi dä Schwiizer since, and no bifüegt: "Chume to nüüt!":-)

    So you let time, it runs away not so. :-)

    As for your question, I will extend the response is not public, but Thomas has confirmed to me that my proposed appointment goes out in January (please confirm shortly, then I'll get the tickets tomorrow night), and I will you then best tell live.
    But it play various reasons together, so much very much in advance.

    Greetings from Dude

    Ps. The three I read now after yet.

  7. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Thomas has ventured to a telephone this morning (CHF are now times born hero) and put me in knowledge. Bingo.

  8. Dude says:

    Yes, he did that before, I knew thanks to the nimble francs yesterday evening. Went in the best manner and still ruckizuckier than telephone easily and free of charge by Epost. ;-P

    (Sorry, the could I not verkneiffen me now * grin *)

    So I'm looking forward to the end of January! This is terrific in different ways. In what I am not looking forward to the few days expected delirium are then, especially since I almost suspect somehow that it will be more or less ne free night.

    Bingo! * Lol *

  9. Thomas says:

    Magnus: Objectivism is probably one of the cornerstones of all logical thinking. The ATS is based on it, sure - but also any technical achievement and each building are based on objective findings.
    Because to believe that a 300m high skyscraper will hold, is a veeery bad basis. )

    Thanks for the correction, the small letter, during the Great known to me, tore free from my cerebral Rechtscheibprüfgedingsel.

  10. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    Yes, but there is no real objectivity.

    In addition I do something soon.

    I just got me different things halfway so excited that my objectivity could suffer over the measure.

  11. Thomas says:

    Mangnus, I give you right of course. Objectivity can (almost) never be achieved as long as you are part of the system - or subject. But a definition of objectivity makes my opinion (and it is definitely just my opinion, I dealt with the topic of philosophical side largely unaddressed) anyway only makes sense in the area of ​​the material. And after I get my statements. Objectivism can only "coarse-material" and touchable be usefully applied and refined in the best case proportional to technical progress to the "Subtle". On the humanities level can not and will never exist genuine objectivity. At least I do not know how.

    "I just got me different things halfway so excited that my objectivity could suffer over the measure."
    The solution, as always, in word and your set brings the same word with: Dimension (beer) and you'll be fine!

  12. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    You have things so clear for objectivity, that I may have nothing more to say.

    Here is the measured strength of a structural steel just absolutely inseparable from spiritual things.

    As far as I have understood it so far, had been in the Austrian School, Ayn Rand had still not grasped quite unhappy or mixed levels.

    If all libertarians clarity, because not only shines through with you ...

    Unfortunately, I do not see that yet. So far, I see many of those to the Totalitarian least one cross-border ideology that not aufhilft of reason, but just contradicts.

    After all, it goes again, I am now the second glass of wine.

    Today inflated vultures and otherwise Reckless are just too many collapsed on me, or, I have the effect still challenged, so I am not going to complain.

    We have Swabia tomorrow's doomsday way, already canceled, because we consider it to be too expensive and not feel like it, have to have cleared the rubbish then created alone.

    Very likely we will be right once again with this avarice.

  13. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    Just to be safe: The previous comment was still at 20.12. written.

    It is only the Netzuhr that pushed minutes in the canceled by us Weltuntergangstag him thirteen (!). Dirt Suhr.

  14. Thomas says:

    Without the objectivism we would all sit in the jungle and suggest an overpowering essence behind every creaking and rumbling. We would, if we had not used the power of logical thinking, no longer mentioned as a wooden shelter our home. All progress is based ultimately on it. And only in this way we reached the (outdoor) time, well-being and the security that you need in order to be able to mentally deal with "higher things". Objectivism is, in a way also the basis for philosophy and the basis for ethics and complex theology. Logical thinking (with a capital D!) Is the foundation par excellence.

  15. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Thomas

    So how do you define objectivism, as a necessary and goal-oriented reasoning, I have, as I said, no problems with it.

    In order not to unnecessarily repeat myself: Alan Greenspan is with Ayn Rand (ie the verdigris with the Rosenbaum) have been close friends, of course, since edge died in 1982, before the time when the former got the Gelegenhheit, the world in ruin to . drive

    This is already quite dark.

    As German is for me the freedom of course with the highest good.

    Including myself but not vestehe the freedom of the few to build a Zinsklavenherrschaft.

    And every niederzukartätschen who stands against it.

  16. Thomas says:

    Verdigris is one of those that I could describe as the biggest liar of our time. He knows the ATS and is now not in vain pay in gold when he gives a talk somewhere.

    In his early years he has written and honest this:

  17. Dude says:


    *** Offtopic (do not remember where that was)

    Did seem right about Uhupardo.

    The guy has degree censored NEN comment, and then still refused to abschätzigster way it give ne a reasonable explanation, even though I had asked him about it friendly.

    All Boycotted UHUPARDO!

  18. Thomas says:

    Uhu is simply a Spanish journalist - godlike mind you - and does not need to answer or not to tolerate your opinion ... chop off and allow yourself now and then a joke. For more taugts not.

  19. Dude says:


    On what we had discussed, I would now like to come back. Can I send you an email? It is worth it!

  20. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude


  21. Dude says:


    Thank you.

    You've Got Mail! :-)

  22. Dude says:


    Since I have not received a receipt to the question whether you have received the mail.

    I'll tell you right now the latest version again send (so forget the first).

  23. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Is there, my turn.

  24. Dude says:


    Thank you!

    Ps. I did not promise too much, hmm? ;-)

  25. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Answer is out grade. I then come animals with you.

  26. Dude says:


    Much obliged.

    Send some notes and comments Have you before publication shortly.

    If you think too, so it can get out, then follows the publication before midnight. ;-)

    Best regards

    Ps Can. You are way then very happy to take over here, but no problem if that is not possible because of lack of clear name.
    Pps. If you would like, I (incl. Reference to your weblog) call you at the end or with the appropriate thanks to the lecturer.

  27. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    I'll probably finally use the opportunity time to mention your blog with me hauptbeiträglich, perhaps for the "baiting" quote also from the new article a little, but otherwise link, so people read where the hits belong. Can like to call me as a reader. (As I said in my Ebrief: Should I even notice what, I share it with you.)

  28. Dude says:


    Thank you! :-)

  29. Dude says:

    Magnus (Actually ne info / question for / to you, but can also unlock him like - just as you liked)

    What do you think of it?

  30. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    This seems to me to be a nonsense. What are some ten cubic water, you then also have to make electrolytically drinkable, at the expense?
    Probably better to load the cows their hay barn there on the hump and hanging them great Saufeimer around the neck. Hay's in the Allgäu, water also on the Swiss side of Lake Constance.

  31. Dude says:


    Thank you.

    If the technology funzt, and does not eat too much power and could possibly be operated with solar energy, that would be a clever implementation (ie without advertising and with the highest possible Effizenz or no effort) but certainly very useful depending on the ...

  32. Dude says:

    Estimated friend

    If you still think I would not have my things together - now; the offer I had already made you. A peep from you, and you have the ability to keep time to the many light something contrary. :-)

    And no offense's that I have popped it still a degree, but you have really forced me - also my essay is in my opinion very well done ...;-)

    Lieben Gruss

  33. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Thanks again for the offer. I'm happy to betimes back on it. Currently I understand this size - so to speak - "corporate policy" not so pretty.
    I do not want hierherverlagern a possible further discussion to but.
    The part, if any, on your side.
    Otherwise I was very happy about an early telephone or direct oral interview.

  34. Dude says:


    In July, August. Aug. Weissteiner 'yes, what I think of the Telephonaniererei ;-)

  35. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    A good thing.

  36. Dude says:


    A test.
    Two questions.
    1. Who is the author / the author of the following?
    2. What do you say to the content?

    "Your question is: Can you say something about the art itself to nurture with love? So there is not an art, because it takes nothing to do. Love is food. But humanity has been confused by their leaders so that no one knows the innermost reaches of his own nature more. Love itself is food. The more you love, the more unspoiled spaces are open, in which love does not stop, like an aura to pour out to you.

    But no culture has allowed this kind of love. You have the love in a very small tunnel forced: You can love your wife, your wife can love you, you love your children, you can love your parents, you can love your friends. And two things they have very deep planted in every human being: One is that love is very limited - friends, family, children, husband, wife. And the second is, they have emphasized that there are different kinds of love. Your husband or your wife you love in a way that your children you need some other way to love, and your parents, your family, your teacher, you must love one another again and then your friends different.

    But the truth is, love can not catalog, like the rest of humanity's history has done it. They had their reasons, but their reasons are ugly and inhuman, because with this cataloging they killed the love ...

    The reason why all cultures have insisted to catalog the love is that they have very much afraid of love. If there namely existential love, it knows no boundaries - then you can not afford Hindus against Muslims, then you can not afford to Catholics Protestants. Then you can not draw the line and say you can not love this person, because she is a Jew, Chinese.

    The leaders of the world wanted to share the world, but to share to the world, they need to make a fundamental division, that of love.


    The problem is that the institutions we have created to keep the humanity of it, to wreak havoc, have become so powerful that they will not give you more freedom to develop yourself. Because if you were able to grow, to be awake and conscious individuals, then all these people would no longer be needed. They would lose their jobs, and with their work, they would also lose their prestige, their power, their leadership, their priests, their papacy - all this would be gone.


    You want that your lover or your lover will still be available tomorrow. It was beautiful today and you worry about tomorrow. From the institution of marriage was created. It comes from only the fear that your lover or your lover might leave you tomorrow - so you make a contract before society and before the law from ...

    From love to make a contract means that it is the law of love; it means that it is the collective mass about your individuality and that you take the support of the judiciary, the army, the police, the judges claim in order and make your bondage certainly completely safe.


    Love is not a relationship. Two people can be very affectionate with each other. The more loving you are, the less is the possibility of a relationship. The more love between them, the more freedom exists between them. The more love they cherish one another, the lower the possibility of claims dominion expectations. And then of course there is no frustration ...

    If I trust my love, why should I get married then? Already married to the idea alone is a sign of mistrust. And something that arises out of mistrust will not help your love to be deeper and higher. It will destroy them. So love, but not destroyed your love by something artificial - by marriage or by any other kind of relationship.

    Love is only authentic if it gives freedom.


    In humans, there are three layers: Its physiology, the body, its psychology, the soul, and his being, his eternal self.

    Love can exist at these three levels, but their quality will be different in each case. On the physiological level, the body, it is easy sexuality. You can call it love. Because the word love sounds poetic, beautiful. And ninety-nine percent of people call their sex love. Sex is biologically, physiologically. Your body chemistry, your hormones - all material is included ...

    Only one percent of humanity knows something that goes a little deeper. Poets, painters, musicians, dancers, singers have a sensibility that can perceive something beyond the body. You can feel the beauty of the mind, the sensitivity of the heart, for they live even at this level ...

    A musician, a painter, a poet lives on this other level. He does not think he feels. And since he lives in his heart, he can feel the heart of the other. This is called interest will usually love. It is rare. I say only one per cent, and only now and then.

    Why do not more people move to this second level, if she is so beautiful? Since there is a problem: Everything is beautiful, is also delicate. It is not made of iron, it is very breakable glass. And if a mirror is down once fallen and broken, then you can no longer compose it. People are afraid to get involved so deep that they penetrate to the delicate layers of love, for love in these layers is tremendously beautiful, but also incredibly vulnerable. Emotions are no stones, they are like rose petals ...

    We know of poets, you know of artists that they almost every day ver-love. Your love is like a rose petal. If it has flourished, it smells so much, she is so alive, she dances in the wind, in the rain, in the sun, she offers is her beauty. But in the evening they may be faded, and nothing you can do to get it to prevent. The deeper love of the heart is like a breeze that blows in your room, its freshness, its coolness brings, and then is gone. You can not hold the wind in your fist. Few people are so brave, to live a life from moment to moment, a life that is constantly changing. That is why they have chosen to love, to which they can rely.

    I do not know what love do you know -. Probably the first kind, perhaps the second kind And you're afraid, when you reach your being, then what happens with your love?

    Of course it will be over - but you will not be a loser. A new love will arise, a love that might befall a man among millions. This love can be called mercy.


    We begin with one of the most profound Sutras of Gautam Buddha: Love yourself ... '

    The opposite has been taught you from all traditions of the world, from all civilizations, all cultures, all the churches. They say, love the other, not love yourself. ' And behind their doctrine puts a certain cunning strategy.

    Love is food for the soul. How food is food for the body, so love is food for the soul. Without food, the body is weak, without love the soul is weak. And no state, no church, no interest group ever wanted people with a strong soul, as a spiritual person is simply rebellious.

    Love makes you rebellious, revolutionary. Love gives you wings, so that you can rise high in the air. Love gives you insight into things, so that no one can cheat you, can exploit, can suppress. And the priests and politicians survive only with your blood - they survive only through exploitation. All priests and politicians are parasites.

    To weaken you spiritually, they have a certain doctrine found a hundred percent sure, and that is not to love yourself. If a man can not love himself, he can also love another. This doctrine is very tricky. They say, love the other, 'because they know if you can not love yourself, can not love you. But they say it again and again, love the other love, humanity, love God, love nature, love your wife, your husband, your children, your parents, but do not love you selbst'- because that's how they say , selfish.

    They condemn self-love like nothing else - and they have their method seem very logical. They say, 'If you love yourself, you will become a selfish, if you love yourself, you'll narcissistic'. That's not true. A man who loves himself, is no ego in yourself. The ego arises when we love others without loving yourself if you try to love others.

    The missionaries, social reformers, social workers have the biggest egos in the world - of course, because they think themselves superior. They are not ordinary people, because ordinary people love yourself. But you love others, they love big ideals, they love God. And all their love is wrong, because all their love has no roots.

    A man who loves himself, takes the first step to true love. "

  37. Dude says:

    Ps. Please do not cheat. Search engines are prohibited. ;-)

  38. Dude says:

    Feed at the fish ...


  39. Dude says:

    If you'd like to once again pour coupled with deep content of what in your stunted in the shadow world of matter-spirit, I recommend you dringends my just published, very detailed commentary on yokes (of some grandiose considerations has proven over the strand):

  40. Dude says:

    . By the way, I take off my Ps - by the way - just that - piece by piece - the audio book of Zarathustra pure; So even if I do you currently consider as Obergranatenerzarschloch (this being probably legitimately based on reciprocity), I address some of your wise teachings to deepen this very quite and still. ;-)

    Said the protégé to the mentor, in the hope that the mentor would finally realize that he gets sometimes essential from the protégé administered learn.

  41. Dude says:

    Pps. How profound the wisdom of Uncle Friedrich are also, and so instructive; Unfortunately he converts self to a certain level, the wrong path; although it may not seem so from a purely materialistic (or deist, monistic) out perspective.

  42. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    You may like to consider myself a "Obergranatenerzarschloch". Have the honor. But I will not see that you repeat this kind here permanently. And I freely switch again. Otherwise there is the last Schlunz it, you could permanently drive everything here with me. Refrain something now in this strand.

  43. Magnus Wolf Goeller says:

    @ Dude

    Now you've set me to another strand also praised a link to the call to revolution in Germany. I do not publish the comment. Have before You to bring me before a West German court? (The content of the text that you praisest is, moreover, since filed a brief skimming, accompanied stupid babble.)
    It is not to trust you. Because you know the law sufficiently with us. Meanwhile, you smell like Agent Provocateur, and worse.
    Will you continue with this kind of crap, so I intentionally or grossly negligently endangering, I took care not only once on, I will not enable these without notice. And it is here then full lock for you. For at least three months.
    Ride purifies whom you want. With me it you will not succeed.
    And you are at home with me from now no longer welcome, I do not see a permanent change.
    I did not think that you will be so vicious. Or even stupid. But that is now all the same to me first.
    Thee is no longer to be trusted. Not more.
    As the other also.
    You'll know who I mean.
    A botmäßige to one hundred percent of excuse is.
    Without it sets the full-lock, so, too mild, I was back up, warned is enough now.


    Yes, and there the Wolf Magnus Goeller really reached completely, the long-suffering before any Lord, offered the apology has to be done under real names. With full address details.

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